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  1. Pureblood

    The Official Cricket Thread

    Pureblood: 4 overs 0 maidens 10 runs 2 wickets. Both bowled middle peg, including their danger man.
  2. Pureblood


    I think that concludes the questions and a pleasant day all round. Thanks for having me today and maybe one day our paths will cross again, who knows? I'll leave you with a song.
  3. Pureblood


    As a pureblood I've never felt better. I haven't been assessed for any mental illness. Everyone is a bit of a cunt sometimes, it's what makes the world go around. I wouldn't rule out being a cunt or mentally ill, put it that way.
  4. Pureblood


    Some good questions coming in, time for one more I think.
  5. Pureblood


    Still taking questions on the floor. Any topic answered, even Darwin Nunez.
  6. Pureblood


    I'm going to stop posting here at midnight. Mogwai rules apply. You've got me for half an hour. Any questions?
  7. Pureblood


    How about you lot go off to the loon thread and I get to stay here? It's only fair, given that most of the stuff our side predicted turned out to be true and all the mainstream stuff turned out to be bollocks.
  8. Pureblood


    Who else is excited to be getting the new Covid "Super Jab" coming out of Australia? Lifelong protection! https://7news.com.au/sunrise/aussie-researchers-developing-super-jab-to-protect-against-new-covid-19-variants-c-7554856 Aussie researchers developing ‘super jab’ to protect against new COVID-19 variants Australian researchers are racing for a vaccine to protect against future variants - so will it be enough to protect you for the rest of your life? What we are looking at doing is combining some key features of existing variants that we have seen as well as looking at viruses that circulate in nature and working out a way to combine those into a single component,” she said. “Then that will go into a vaccine and be able to train your immune system to recognise and fight all of these different variants, and therefore hopefully protect us against any future variants that emerge.”
  9. Pureblood


    Nice move! I counter with:- *SPINNING BIRD KICK*
  10. Pureblood


    That's fighting talk that is. *HADOUKEN*
  11. Pureblood


    More of an orange creme guy?
  12. Pureblood


    How about if I post for the rest of tonight and fuck off tomorrow? We can have some sort of plea bargain.
  13. Pureblood


    Sorry, that was a new low even for me. I meant toffee.
  14. Pureblood


    Coffee cream revel.
  15. Pureblood


    @Nelly-Matip a dark day...