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  1. Id love it if we were the only English team left in Europe by the end of the week, love it.
  2. Not for me, she looks the type to have skids.
  3. If I remember correctly, my stand outs were the scene with Harry Bellafonte and any scene with Laura Harrier
  4. I think his days of being an elite wide forward are done. His goal/assist numbers are still good but overall play is well down from his peak. There have been times this season he has looked like he could be an elite chance creator., with his vision and ability to pick a pass surprising me. The new manager will have a big decision on his hands in terms of what he does with him.
  5. Found out a moment ago that its 'I went to the animal fair, the birds and the beats were there' and had to rush here to find a suitable thread. Always thought it was birds and the bees
  6. He has managed to get himself on the pitch for a total of 107 mins, across 5 appearances, this season. Him and Leipzig really did pull our pants down on that one.
  7. Just when I thought I was out, Dave's glimmer of hope pulls me back in. Also good to see Dave and Goldbridges love affair continues, with another shout out.
  8. It's taken me a week longer than some, but I have to concede, the league isn't looking likely.
  9. After all those years waiting to be ahead of City in the run in, this isnt what I thought we were waiting for. Big decisions to be made by the club in the summer. Do we pull the plug and go to Liverpool 3.0 right away.
  10. We are getting in the positions to miss them though, right??
  11. Hopefully half time is the point in this documentary where all hope is lost, Klopp gives a team talk for the ages and they come out eating lightning and shitting thunder.
  12. My wife brought several gallons of water after COVID. I have mocked her ever since, yet it looks like she will have the last laugh. Enjoy drinking your own piss you plebs.
  13. My wife makes a good apple crumble. Trifle is always very nice.
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