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  1. John102

    The Athletics Thread

    Did anyone see Noah Lyles break the 200m world record? 18.9, Only to be ruled out for only actually running 185m
  2. John102

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I do wonder if teams like Espanyol, sit there wondering why nobody is arsed about them, whilst everyone is interested in their more successful city neighbours? Surely the team that prides itself on only having fans born within the sound of the Brick's last order bell, cannot be surprised that the city wants to, in some part, market itself to all the silly out of towners that the blues put on the bus to Wallasey. Maybe try achieving something deserving of a mural. You cant keep falling back on the undersoil heating and world cup semi final. Perhaps foster a culture whereby visitors to the city and your club arent treated as social pariahs to be laughed at. Maybe then the people responsible for these murals will lash one up. You cant deride kopite behaviour, then cry when you want a piece of the pie.
  3. John102

    Manager Draft - Final

    Ardja's back 5 is superb. He gets that vote. Alex takes the midfield 3 for me, Pjanic and Vidal are good pro's but i dont rate them higher than that. Similar for Callaghan, however, probably a bit of Liverpool bias there in mitigation. Alex takes the from 3 comfortably. Alex gets my vote. Probably 1 goal in it. Has Ardja tried to pick Sheringham in a few drafts now? Is he rated highly? I always thought he was decent but never top class.
  4. John102

    Manager Draft - Group A

    Ma and No2 ahead of the curve.
  5. John102

    Manager Draft - Group B

    Fine margins isnt it. I think Sanchez has a shout for being as high as 5 in the list, though having not watched him live its hard to judge. Where would people placed Lewandowski? He was my alternative to Sanchez. I didnt pick him as i think current players are undervalued (I had people criticising M'Bappe once), however, i think he stacks up against anyone 5 and below there.
  6. John102

    Manager Draft - Group B

    I think it's been discussed before but there is a sweet spot for players in these drafts. I personally think some players who played in Italy during the 90s are criminally overrated, largely due to most of us being relatively young lads watching them on a Sunday eating our Sunday dinners. I think a good 90s pro, say Batistuta, carries well more weight than players like Keegan, Simonsen, Blokhin, Rossi, Belanov and Rummenigger who all won a balon d'or.
  7. John102

    Manager Draft - Group A

    Stigs gone full bluenose fume.
  8. John102

    Manager Draft - Group B

    Nobody does mate, dont worry. Give it 25 years.
  9. John102

    Manager Draft - Group B

    Definitely agree with that.
  10. Might have a watch. I've watched 3 or 4 episodes of it and they have all been dreadful.
  11. John102

    Manager Draft - Group B

    Went with Alex. Sugar Ape - I did like this team quite a bit. It has wing backs for a start, the midfield and attack is superb too. Ultimately though, in this competition, Carra, Walker and (Mostly) Petrescu, meant i had to discount this side. They dont have the quality of the others and, for me at least, part of the skill in these drafts is the planning to avoid getting any dudds towards the end. Lee- Your pick of Kroll really hampered my plans. That and my own pick of Nedved. No obvious weakness for me. Like the balance again from the fullbacks. Good combination of physicality and class in the midfield too. Back to my earlier point though, the GK sticks out as a weak link to me. Really was a toss up between this and Alex though. Came down to the GK
  12. John102

    Manager Draft - Interest Thread

    Too one paced
  13. John102

    Manager Draft - Interest Thread

    My attack has me comfortably in the lead, but some excellent teams battling for second.
  14. John102

    Manager Draft - Interest Thread

    I mean, there is that.
  15. John102

    Manager Draft - Interest Thread

    2 World Cups and 6 European Cups in my defence. Maybe youre right though. Maybe i should have gone with Des Walker and Dan Petrescu