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  1. John102

    LFC Draft Semi-final 1

    Harsh. All my midfield 3 are industrious destroyers. Momo isnt an attacking midfielder. He just presses slightly further forward than the other 2. I agree with those who say my team lacks creativity. We are designed to grind teams down and not conced, hit them on the break with a toshack to salah flick on. Kuyt to hit in any parry from keeper.
  2. John102

    New Draft Ideas

    Some interesting formations and player positions so far
  3. John102

    New Draft Ideas

    Youre up. Ive gone with an industrious midfield really. My team are set up to not lose. Grind out a one nil. Defensively stability and grinding out wins took us to the top of the league last season. Remember that...
  4. John102

    LFC draft - Rules and selection thread

    aRdja  1. Steven Gerrard 2. Phil Coutinho 3. Raheem Sterling 4. Nicolas Anelka 5. Fabio Aurelio 6. Trent Alexander-Arnold 7. Joel Matip 8. Dejan Lovren 9. Sammy Lee 10. Elisha Scott 11. Emre Can  Alex_K  1. Graeme Souness 2. Michael Owen 3. Alan Hansen  4. Andy Robertson 5. Ron Yeats 6. James Milner 7. Harry Kewell 8. Jordan Henderson 9. Robbie Keane 10. Jerzy Dudek 11. Maxi Rodriguez  Dimreaper  1. Kenny Dalglish 2. Sadio Mané 3. Sami Hyypia 4. Steve McMahon 5. Steve McManaman 6. Karl-Heinz Riedle 7. Kolo Toure 8. Glen Johnson 9. Nuri Sahin  10. David James 11. Stig Inge Bjornebye  Sugar Ape  1. Luis Suarez 2. Pepe Reina 3. Steve Nicol 4. Roberto Firmino 5. Jari Litmanen 6. Fabinho 7. Mark Wright 8. Steve Staunton 9. Larry Lloyd 10. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 11. Naby Keita  Dynamite  1. John Barnes 2. Billy Liddell 3. Emlyn Hughes 4. Tommy Lawrence 5. Peter Beardsley 6. Gary Gillespie 7. Rob Jones 8. John Wark 9. Gerry Byrne 10. Peter Thompson 11. Kevin Sheedy  John102  1. M. Salah 2. A. Becker 3. P. Neal 4. A. Kennedy 5. T. Smith 6. J. Toshack 7. P. Ince 8. D. Kuyt 9. M. Pellegrino 10. Momo 11. B. Hall  Elite  1. Virgil Van Dijk 2. Fernando Torres 3. Bruce Grobbelaar 4. Didi Hamann 5. Fernando Morientes 6. Markus Babbel 7. Alvaro Arbeloa 8. Jamie Redknapp 9. Joe Cole 10. Luis Garcia 11.   Tony Moanero  1. Ian Rush 2. Ray Kennedy 3. Javier Mascherano 4. Mark Lawrenson 5. Ronnie Whelan 6. Stan Collymore 7. Chris Lawler 8. Joe Gomez 9. Alec Lindsay 10. Steve Ogrizovic 11.   Lee  1. Terry McDermott 2. Ray Clemence  3. Roger Hunt 4. Steve Heighway 5. Daniel Agger 6. Daniel Sturridge 7. Steve Finnan 8. John Arne Riise 9. Martin Škrtel 10. Craig Johnstone 11.   Stig of the dump  1. Jan Molby  2. Robbie Fowler  3. Ian Callaghan  4. Jimmy Case  5. Ian St John  6. Patrik Berger  7. Stephane Henchoz 8. Gary Ablett 9. Brad Friedel 10. John Scales 11.   No2  1. Xabi Alonso 2. Kevin Keegan 3. Phil Thompson  4. Jamie Carragher 5. Gary McAllister  6. John Aldridge  7. Gini Wjinaldum 8. Ray Houghton  9. Jason McAteer 10. Christian Ziege 11.
  5. John102

    New Draft Ideas

    Oh aye yeah. Thats one vote in the bag. Nice one.
  6. John102

    New Draft Ideas

    Decent enough??? He won something like 10 championships in Argentina, then came to Spain to break the dominance of Madrid and Barca, winning titles in Spain and also reaching back to back european cup finals. He is probably top 10 cb in this draft. Edit. Just checked. He is 10th best, bang on.
  7. John102

    New Draft Ideas

    Does everyone remember how good Pellegrino was for Valencia?
  8. John102

    Boxing 2019

    Good little scrap this. Dubois looks like he was made to gas. Be interesting to see how it develops
  9. John102

    Boxing 2019

    Hed struggle against Billy Dib. Imagine Joyce vs H. Fury. Stuff of nightmares.
  10. John102

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    They are an irrefutable marker of what we accept to be biologically male and female. There is an incredible amount of genetic diversity within this that you allude to with Phelps and Bolt, though this is diversity within the category that both men and women accept when they compete. Otherwise why split men and women at all. For me, if you are going to split the sexes and compete on that basis, you have to split them on the basis of what fundamentally makes them male and female and that is at a chromosomal level. Not what they look like, whether they wear make up or want to use the female toilets.
  11. John102

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    One is a swimmer and one is a runner? One is has XY chromosomes and competes against other XY athletes, whilst one is XY athlete who competes against XX athletes. To use your argument earlier, all 3 medalists in 800 metres were XY and competed against XX women. Is it at this point that you said the authrities should step in?
  12. John102

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    That is quite frankly a ridiculous argument. As i say, if you have access to evidence that backs up your view that trans people are actually at a disadvantage i would happily read it. I would say nobody would dispute that men have physical advantages over women. Its not really up for debate is it. Where is this evidence that it disappears when men transition?
  13. John102

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    I think its important to distinguish between trans, which Semenya isnt i dont believe, and intersex, which she is. I think its part of the same issue facing womens sport, but still. All 3 800m womens medalists in Rio where intersex i believe.