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  1. Yeah injured/coming back from injury
  2. The games against Arsenal and Man Utd will be ones for the ages.
  3. For anyone who didnt see it, they are claiming the word was Digga, which is apparently akin to 'Dude' in German.
  4. Yeah, the kid was awful but so was Stallone. Shame that ugly kid didn't fill in when he lost the arm wrestle.
  5. Sad to see the Mere Scribler in Streatham has closed. Was my local. Good food and drink and always friendly enough crowd for footy.
  6. Watching the he last series of Cobra Kai. Not sure if they have done a shorter series or if it's split, as only saw 5 episodes listed. Either way, its been pretty dreadful up to episode 4. Also, not sure if i missed it at some point but im still none the wiser how Kreese has gone from sound young lad to the fella he is now. Even in the flashbacks ive seen in the last series, he is a nice fella.
  7. John102


    Some of you are ore exotic in your tastes. Warbutons with salad cream was my go to butty growing up and was delicious.
  8. Fuck off with a load of fellas on the international break to play footy, or get a few days off with whatever WAG you have on your arm at the time, to anywhere in the world, with your vast wealth. Difficult choice.
  9. To be fair that's 2020. We have had a load of boats arrive since then.
  10. I saw van de Berg in town a few years back. Crossing over the lights by where 5 Guys is.
  11. I don't mind Khan. Fond memories of watching him against Kindelan while eating my Sunday dinner. Can only imagine some of you used to steal from corner shops when you were little too, little racists.
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