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  1. John102

    Music Tournament Winners - The FINAL

    Only got black stuff sorry.
  2. John102

    Music Tournament Winners - The FINAL

    Anyone recommend any decent Ethio Jazz?
  3. John102

    Music Tournament Winners - The FINAL

    Absolutely. These votes have shown up the strong South American bias alright...
  4. John102

    Music Tournament Winners - The FINAL

    Kate Bush now finding it difficult on the other side of the table, coming up against male privelege.
  5. John102

    Music Tournament Winners - The FINAL

    Stig didnt feel their music was white enough.
  6. The GF has long since demonstrated its complete lack of all musical taste. That ship sailed long ago. Its just a shame for AC/DC that Kraftwerk were also white and not black men from Detroit.
  7. And this is why I keep coming back to this forum after all these years.
  8. That's one way of extending our goalless run.
  9. John102

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I do wonder if the absence of fans has galvanized them in their approach (I appreciate they would likely have done the same anyway). I wonder if there would be any unrest from the fans if there were fans in the ground and we were playing 2 midfielders against Man Utd.
  10. John102

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I do think we have probably seen the best of the front 3 already and i would freshen it up in the summer(I know we already have Jota). This is the first time they have had to play without a recognised centre half though and it shows. Nobody is saying a centre back has to be Van Dijk but a centre half who is better than Henderson, who allows Henderson to get back into midfield shouldnt be beyond us.
  11. John102

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I think others have made the point already that the whole team dynamic has changed due to the centre half crisis. The full backs cant take as many risks in case Henderson or Fabinho get exposed. The midfielders are thinking about whats going on behind them instead of being as proactive. The issues stem from the CB position. This change in system had made the attackers lives harder which now appears to have led to them all being woefully low of confidence, making it even worse.
  12. John102

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Just had a quick look at it now and he doubles down when challenged, saying he thinks Klopp gets what Klopp wants. Its truly baffling to me that some people can still believe this.
  13. John102

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Yeah, i appreciate that nothing has changed in our approach. Its just depressing to now hear it from the manager again.
  14. John102

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    On this season's battle for the top four... I knew it always. That's always clear. In the season when we came second, the day when I started really thinking about the title race was the day when it was clear that we are in the Champions League. I know my job and I know what I have to do. The most important thing is to qualify for the Champions League and I know how difficult it is. Yes, you are right. This season will be a tough race for the top four. True.