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  1. John102

    Youth Team/Cup

    Whoo is danish lad?
  2. John102

    FPL Draft Game

    I hadnt really looked at it since draft night, until a few days ago. My holy trinity if sanchez, batshuayi and giroud werent doing it for me, so tried to sub in James from united. Is there a retire button like in football manager?
  3. I think of him in the same way as players like Agger and Arbeloa. Feels like he is from a different team/regime.
  4. John102

    Peak Torres or Peak Suarez

    Rightly or wrongly, there was talk of Suarez being our greatest every player at his best. Dont think anyone would consider Torres in the top 10. Possibly 20 players. Torres was boss, but Suarez at his best was at least a couple of levels better.
  5. John102

    Boxing 2019

    If you can listen to Mike Tyson for more than 2 mins, youre a better man than me.
  6. John102


    Who are John Curtis and Ronnie Wallwork?
  7. John102


    I remember him being better in the seasons before he won it too. Think he benefited largely due to the fact he was the star player, certainly from the media's point of view, for a team that had just won 5 trophies, including a European one. Think that season was his most prolific at international level too. I also seem to remember him starting the following season quite well, though not sure when voting took place. I think he is a bad bore, and cant particularly warm to him with the Man U and Madrid thing. Ultimately he ended up being one one of the most talented 16-18 year olds in football, who was a a good, if not exceptional striker throughout the rest of his career. In same way as Fowler, could have been so much more but for injuries.
  8. John102


    I used to be boss at whipping kids up in school. Unfortunately it was before this UFC came out, otherwise i could have been a great
  9. John102


    He is a bad fucking Ted
  10. John102

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Knew he was a wrongun from the Watford game in the youth cup.
  11. John102

    Good footie apps/widgets/podcasts

    These are also my podcasts of choice, with a bit of 'The Blue Room' if the Merseyside Billionaires have lost that weekend.
  12. John102

    Boxing 2019

    Im looking forward to THE Charlie Edwards fight. Think it will be a good scrap. Buatsi is always nice to watch too. Anyone who watches the Fury fight is a braver man than me.
  13. John102

    Chocolate - past and present

    Starbar is the premier chocolate bar on the market at the minute. I did used to love a Spira back in the 80s. Mint Crisp was also something i used to enjoy, though not as much recently.