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  1. John102

    Euro 2020 (21) The Final - Please Vote

    Gone with Stig.
  2. Mark Kennedy always holds a special place in my heart. I have mentioned it before but when we signed him, the echo ran a story saying something like 'Liverpool sign Lion Mark'. Being the div that i am, i went out in the front that night playing football, pretending to be liverpool's new signing Leon Mark. I thought it was just a funny spelling. Luckily nobody had a clue what i was on about.
  3. John102

    Greatest 10's Film - Round 2 - Group 2

    I thought Inception would walk this whole thing. How wrong i was. I bet some of you cheered when Mol jumped out the window.
  4. John102

    Euro 2020 (21) discussion thread

    @Bjornebye Back with you
  5. John102

    Euro 2020 (21) Rules & Selection Thread

    Colin David Alaba   Alex Kylian Mbappe  No2 Andy Robertson   Elite Robert Lewandowski (Poland)  MegadriveMan Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) Lee Luca Modric(Croatia)  Stig Kieran Tierney (Scotland) John Kante Kroos     
  6. John102

    Tokyo Olympics 2020 (21)

    I cant wait. There are so many fanatastic athletes about and some amazing match ups. Im hoping it wont be as shot as the football was but i appreciate thats probably optimistic.
  7. John102

    New Draft Ideas

    Yeah go on
  8. John102

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Yeah i thought that Fairbrass was good in this. A lot of his roles are pretty similar but their was a bit more nuance to this role. I thought the orgy was hilarious. Just a collection of weirdos enjoying their weekend.
  9. John102

    Liverpool's Hidden Gems

    Bomb-out church????
  10. John102

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Reading that and realising M'Bappe 2022 is happening.