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  1. Ezekiel 25:17

    Revenge Neggers.

    The Neg system became null and void when Nick Leeson stopped posting/Negging.
  2. Ezekiel 25:17

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    I couldn't think of anything worse, I hate almost everyone, everything annoys me so it should be ideal but I'd just be bored, and miss the pub.
  3. Ezekiel 25:17

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    When you try to exit an app or something and your second click takes you back into the app, far too lazy to switch over the cursor and inevitably end up back in the app.
  4. Ezekiel 25:17

    TLW members on Twitter

    I can't be doing with it, Instagram slightly worse but got no time for it at all.
  5. Ezekiel 25:17

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Hats off to anyone who can follow the brexit situation because I legit have not got a fucking clue.
  6. Ezekiel 25:17

    Late night snacks

    There's always one. the answer is toast or crumpets with Kerrygold irish butter.
  7. Ezekiel 25:17

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Specifically my mate I live with, if I pass him my phone to look at anything I guarantee he'll instantly press something on the phone and go off it.
  8. Ezekiel 25:17

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Friends who you can't show a meme or picture on your phone to without them ordering 6 pizzas and deleting your phoenbook at the same time.
  9. Ezekiel 25:17

    Simon Green - Who Am I?

    Me;Dave paid you off din't he ?? Simon: yes, quite a LOT of money. Me; you wasted most of it Simon- I didn't waste it. Me;- Tell them what you spent it on. Simon; I released my own movie, if that's a waste. Me- It didn't even get in the top 100 imdb! Simon: Good. Didn't want it to. Next? Me; How much did it cost? Simon: ''Cost'' is a bit misleading because I paid for everything. Studio time, pasties, PR costs. Me:- Roughly, how much did you spend? - Simon Roughly? £42,000. But that's all outgoings. That's not taking into account the money I made from the dvds sold. Me; - How much did you make? - Simon; I had my own label, ''clear and Squeasant danger productions''. Um, I was taking the lion's share, so I made a clear £1 profit for every DVD sold. Me; How many DVDs did you sell? Simon; - overall.......150. me;- That was mainly to Turdseye and family.
  10. Ezekiel 25:17

    Simon Green - Who Am I?

    The washing machine had Purplepteluar motion.
  11. Ezekiel 25:17

    Simon Green - Who Am I?

    His walks for Mencap.
  12. Ezekiel 25:17

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Really taking the piss now mate, not nice.
  13. Ezekiel 25:17

    Divorce - pros & cons?

    Some strange cunts on here.
  14. Dressing up as a Minstrel has historical context, dressing up as Jules Winnfield does not.
  15. Ezekiel 25:17


    Fucking hell, yer can't wear yer bills for more than one day, and as for ironing them, get a fucking grip.