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  1. I find it to be a completely myth that 'scousers ' feel the need to defend the Beatles because they're from Liverpool. If people defend them it's likely because they're the most successful band ever. You ironically claim this when defending Taylor Swift in the exact same manner because you're a parent with a child who idolises her terrible music. Being the biggest artist in the world right now tell you nothing more than there's not much competition for that mantle.
  2. Bob said she was 'as big as the Beatles' and currently more successful than they ever were. He brought them up and then said it was " important for people to say they're better than her in a thread fuck all about the Beatles " despite him being the one who mentioned them, which was interesting.
  3. It seems strange to me to continually refer to someone's 'scouseness' like that's an issue for you when you're posting on a liverpool forum.
  4. The Beatles don't need to be better than 'all other things' to be better than a woman who makes songs about broken relationships and drinking smirnoff ice in a taxi.
  5. My fucking word. This thread is a disaster, a fucking bean pole who makes music for hysterical children being lauded and compared to the Beatles. The worst thread we've ever had bar none.
  6. I know this is written strictly with a GF tone but I think it sums up perfectly what a cruel animal Depression is, 90% of the population will only ever dream of inheriting a major cash sum, some can only ever dream of having a child, but it all adds up to fuck all when you're depressed, getting a grip is the hardest thing in the world.
  7. I cannot emphasise enough how much you will benefit long term from doing that, it's a huge testament of your character to others but most importantly yourself, be very proud of yourself mate, it won't be pleasant but the misery will get some appeasement from knowing you've stepped up.
  8. A Close friend suffers with it and seems an endless cycle of minor symptoms that could obviously and inevitably escalate, he's finally taking medication now after resisting for a while but yeah, awful thing.
  9. Ray Winstone rules yer jerks, Sexy Beast is brilliant, albeit mostly down to Kingsley.
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