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  1. The Belgian decision is isn't a decision at all but rather a recommendation. UEFA have basically just thrown a "think long hard curve ball" at them before making any decision. They're right too, all european league's need to be on the same page and there isn't a rush to make any decision. What difference is calling a league off in April make compared to calling it May?
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    A certificate that allows you return to normal will only encourage people to get the virus so they can shake it off and return to work. That is herd mentality on steroids.
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    It goes deeper than that, I'm in telecommunications and the tree huggers have been beating the 5g drum for a couple of years. It wasn't even in the country and they were claiming it was killing people and causing all sorts of other terrible illnesses, it was nothing to do with the US or China unless they infiltrated the hippy communes a couple of years back.
  4. No2

    Alcohol consumption during lockdown

    I had a bad cough for a week so I didn't touch any booze while I waited for a test that never happened. Being making it up for Saturday, so much so I got my days mixed up yesterday and thought it was Tuesday and missed a work conference call.
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    Trivia question

    Is he shit and plays Centre back for Everton?
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    The figures in Ireland point to a flattening of the curve. We are a good week ahead of the UK in actual terms and appear to be a country mile ahead in terms of adapting to social distancing.
  7. Miguel Delaney on Second Captains said the clubs will have to pay back around £790m to the broadcasters and lose a further £500m in marketing revenue if the league doesn't finish. If it continues behind closed doors the hit will be around £196m. Somewhere between £196m figure and £1.29bn is Karen Brady's change of heart.
  8. Null and void means we take last season's standings as the final positioning. The league needs 14 teams to agree on any decision. We would vote against it for sure, so would Leicester and Man Utd (sponsorship reasons alone of no CL football). After that I'm struggling to see who would 100% vote against, Sheff Utd and Wolves you would guess still fancy getting 4th or 5th, Burnley were among the 8 teams that wrote to CAS for City to be banned so you would think they still think 5th is possible. Arsenal would get CL football if City are banned and Everton would get EL if they needed any extra incentive. Looks like we be more reliant on Sky and BT than we will be on the other clubs. Fuck me after everything we have achieved our 2 greatest allies look like Man Utd and Sky.
  9. That is hilarious, he knew it would cost him a couple of weeks wages but cracked on anyway the mad cunt.
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    But it's not part of a conspiracy, I don't think anyway. Maybe time will prove other wise but I would take this figures at face value give or take 10%.
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    I'm sorry to hear that story and I'm sure there are thousands more like it, just like the police will have used every trick in the book at times to.massage their figures. However you're comparing apples with oranges here. A live person arriving in a hospital and leaving via the morgue is a death, its neither here nor there to the hospital how they ended up there, the end result is the same and no one pats them on the back or provides more funding because they died from x rather than y.
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    I don't believe in the conspiracy theory but doctors wouldn't need to be in on it for it to work. If 500 hospitals all report 2 deaths each but the figure released is 800 then the doctors haven't been part of anything.
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    Other Football - 2019/20

    John Giles just done is best Liverpool XI from 1960 to now. Clemence Smith VVD Hansen Robertson Gerrard Souness Barnes Kenny Rush Keegan Edit: for anyone having withdrawal symptoms newstalk.com will be discussing the 5 nil against Forest from 1988 in depth after 9.
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    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/mar/26/germany-champions-league-clubs-create-20m-fund-for-struggling-clubs-dortmund-bayern-leipzig-leverkusen-bundesliga The 4 German teams in the CL have created a fund from the TV money for struggling clubs to use.
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    Unfortunately he isn't talking about the NHS. The efficiency he describes should tell you part of the world he's in.