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  1. No2

    Attackers Draft.

    Mr Holliday - Erling Haaland Bruce - M'Bappe Istvan Kuntstain - Lewandowski Stig - Mo Salah No2 - Messi @rb14 EEL Street Preacher Pidge SD Lee909 CT Sir Rog Scott_M aRdja John102 Skidders Dynamite Karl_B Alex_K
  2. No2

    VAR Thoughts?

    This weekend Utd use their call on the handball, Sheff Utd use one for Trents cross, Brighton or WBA use theirs for the free depending on what way fatso is thinking at that moment. So nothing really changes, the magnifying glass still comes out just a maximum of twice in a game. That's about the average anyway and I assume you get another one if you're correct?
  3. No2

    VAR Thoughts?

    How many instances in the last 2 years has there been where someone would have gotten away with a shocker but for VAR? I don't recall many, Chelsea got a penalty at Sheff Utd was a diabolical non-call, Manè scored at Brighton where the lino shouldn't have missed that. Can't think of many more but I could tell you 50 were they they got involved in miniscule events and made drama out of them. It has to go, the negatives far outweigh the positives. If it must stay then only for missed serious foul play or over ruling a dive for a penalty. This handball yesterday was technically a penalty but thats not football, stopping a game for 2 minutes for a nothing situation.
  4. No2

    Other football - 2020/21

    The interviewer should have shown them the penalty they got in their last match and asked him how he could possibly feel hard done by?
  5. No2

    VAR Thoughts?

    How is this any different than lasts week peno against Everton? 20210228_225208.mp4
  6. Play like again and we will win easy. Adrian scares the shit out of me, 2 parries I would have caught and the OG is his ball all day long.
  7. Going to try sync the radio with the TV. That or mute.
  8. We've a championship keeper and defence but they have an entire championship team. Get out and do your jobs.
  9. No2

    Rangers/Stevie Gerrard 2020/21

    Where does he go next? His job is done up there now, Newcastle look a good fit if they stay up. More rabid fans with unrealistic expectations, if he can win the league with Newcastle Klopp would be under pressure.
  10. No2

    Other football - 2020/21

    Leicester lose Barnes and Evans, following on from Maddison. This is the strain that leads to collapses. We can catch these if we get our shit together. With Chelsea I just think they have too many players for this scenario to affect them that badly and their squad is built with much of a muchness. Ask 10 people Chelsea's most important player and you probably get 7 or 8 different answers. For this season I'd like them to win, they will win enough matches to qualify the CL. Man Utd have played the same team all year, the dominoes could easily topple over for the them in the way it has for us. Just a pulled muscle or 2 away from the Ole out brigade clearing their throats and dusting down the Norwich scarves.
  11. No2

    Other football - 2020/21

    If Arsenal pass us then we have bigger problems than Arsenal passing us. I've a feeling the table will look a lot healthier for us at COB tonight.
  12. No2

    Other football - 2020/21

    Of course its VAR fault. VAR turned from a goal ruled out to a goal still ruled out in farcical circumstances 2 minutes later. Without the VAR a competent ref can quickly explain his error away and move on. A whistle has been blown a million times before and then instantly blown again to signify an error in the first whistle.
  13. No2

    Other football - 2020/21

    Told on a second, do you know bookers that take credit?
  14. No2

    Divock Origi

    We had a MotD video from the 70s, there was a Wolves player who just retired because he felt he could hurt someone and he couldn't live with that. Young lad too, may have become a Jehova Witness. That is our Div, soft and gentle, getting paid to do his hobbie but would prefer to do his profession which is something different altogether.