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  1. No2

    Serious Incident in Sheffield.

    Definitely one for the serious things you shouldn't laugh at.
  2. No2

    VAR shit show 19/20

    Of course we would want it, doesn't mean you're getting it. That handball at Villa for example, 99% of people thought it was handball, I didn't, again I thought it was too close and too fast.
  3. No2

    Winners Medal Draft

    stig elite dynamite virdjil alex k No2
  4. No2

    VAR shit show 19/20

    In real time the ricochet is in the blink of an eye. Trent was 8 yards away, if he was facing a winger about to cross then 8 yards is fair game for the ref to a give a penalty. But with a ricochet, especially from a hand and at speed, 8 yards is nothing. It's just not a penalty.
  5. No2

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Robbo pulled out of Scotland squad, Salah being regularly rested by Egypt, peno decisions going our way, everyone hates us, we look unbeatable, we come out of PR exercise between Gomez and Sterling smelling of roses, rival manager losing the head, every referee and official wants us to win the league, reigning European Champions, last minute winners. The list goes on, hate to say it but we have a feel of peek Man Utd about us right now.
  6. No2

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    He had at least 5 petulant reactions to decisions he didn't get. Another ref would have booked him no doubt for one of those, the tackle on Virgil at the end was a yellow too although he may not have made it had he been booked all ready. When the crowd where calling him a greedy bastarf after Trent have him a help in hand you could see he was dying to give some back.
  7. No2

    VAR shit show 19/20

    If you look at that still you see can 4 players excluding Bernardo. All 4 have their right arm in the exact same position, thats a natural position for anyone suddenly having to halt their running direction due to an unexpected ricochet of an arm. It's 100% not a penalty. The only controversy is whether Trent's handball created a goal scoring opportunity for us. 95 yards from City's goal would suggest it didn't but a simple pass later and Mane running 40 yards and suddenly it is.
  8. No2

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I've said on here many times I KNOW of one who is bent. I even wrote to the managers of clubs involved in his decisions. They got back and said they also knew. Referees earn about €8000 per match in the CL, something similar for internationals. Point being if you're good at what you're paid to do you can make yourself very rich without giving the red shite every decision.
  9. You probably just couldn't see it, bet you didn't miss David Silva drop kicking Gomez when he was warming up?
  10. To talk about a nonsense handball is disrespectful to the lads that were immense. And every one of them was. Bernardo Silva and Sterling played really well, it's the best I have ever seen Sterling play yet we held firm and killed them on the break. We were beasts out there, every apart from Alisson who is was just a cool mother fucker.
  11. No2

    Man City - the new bitters?

    2 dozen eggs is fair game.
  12. No2

    Rivalries Draft: Group B

    I loved Baresi, him, Maldini and Paul McGrath were my favourite players back then. But he's not mentioned when people talk about the best of all time, that might not be fair but it's true. Btw I voted for you ungrateful cunt.
  13. No2

    Rivalries Draft: Group A

    Stig, no pace and fuck all width. John 102 again lacks width and pace. viRdjil good side, third best in the group. Dynamite, Centre of the pitch including Koeman lack mobilty but the rest of the team more than make a up for it. Serious side.
  14. No2

    Rivalries Draft: Group B

    Life time Fan 1st, doesn't have a GOAT in there but it looks the best balanced side out of all of them. Could easily see it functioning really well. Megadrive has 2 cunts as full backs, neither that good either. Alex K, love the full backs, my favourite 2 of all time. Can't see past your all left foot midfield and poor keeper. Sugar Ape and Elite are the toss of a coin, Redondo on the right is careless so Sugar Ape takes it.
  15. No2

    New Draft Ideas

    Henrik Larsson was left to rot as well. I wanted him but went alternatives due to lack of options from the Argies in midfield.