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  1. Bellingham is a gut thing and I always trust my gut. Rice is a cunt of the highest order. Constantly speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He acts like Mother Teresa but he's just a twat.
  2. Rice and Bellingham will in time, become more hated than any previous England player. Two of the most disingenuous cunts you will ever come across.
  3. No2

    Golf 2024

    I've been where Rory was, missing two 3 footers in 3 holes. It's not nice.
  4. He's a cunt, always has been. Now we can get on with the football after the justice for the 96 chants against Arsenal was an insight into the man. When Robertson first signed and couldn't get in the team he speculated on Irish radio that there could be something up with Robbos new born baby, it was the only reason he could think off to explain his lack of action.
  5. The old Abu Dabhi trips coming in handy for Spain. Clearest red you will ever see. Keeper looked off his line as well.
  6. That Adam lad is available for £800k. Be great watching him for 15 minutes every 3 months.
  7. We'll be in for a shock when he tells us he's not working weekends.
  8. They're contractors rather than employees. Not many other gigs you would get away telling your employee we have no work for you this weekend.
  9. I hate him. Klopp would have stayed if he got a holiday this long.
  10. I'd say he's the most hated man in Boston. Seems like that sell on clause has been close to materialising every year for about a decade.
  11. I've softened on this. It's more the clubs than the players that instigate this shit. He was probably been told you're only hope to get away from Hodgson and come play for the greatest side ever assembled is to act the cunt. It's not nice but its now how the sport works. As Klopp said about Sadio, I won't forget the million good things he's done because he done 1 bad thing. Mascherano gave 100% every time he was on the pitch, there are plenty of ex reds much more welcome back than him that can't say the same thing.
  12. I'll refer you back to your original tweet and the image accompanying it. It would be a miracle to find anyone left in Gaza that doesn't want to wipe out Israel at this stage, I include doctors and journalists in that statement. Secondly a place in Gaza that isn't surrounded by civilians doesn't exist. Any type of action to rescue them will result in death tallies we seen yesterday. The Democratically elected government in Israel and their army accepted 100/200/300 civilian deaths is a price worth paying. That makes them every bit as a bad as Hamas.
  13. What a fucking day. 4 freed hostages, a dead journalist, a dead doctor and a shit load of kids. IDF bingo right there. Congrats.
  14. Bluemoon has gone past 6000 pages on one their various cheating charges. No matter the outcome the lingering smell of Lance Armstrong hangs over them.
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