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  1. I fairness to Maguire his manager has thrown him under the bus just like he did when he made Rashford play with a broken back. Maguire was out for a month and played after 1 days training I believe. Klopp wouldn't do that in a million years.
  2. Gnasher it was a genuine question and you have resorted to insults. Disappointed in you, enjoy your fish fingers for Christmas.
  3. Are they referring to iPhones or food?
  4. No2

    Keir Starmer

    Biden pretty much won his election by staying stum and letting Trump destroy himself. Johnson is doing a fantastic job of destroying himself its just nobody is noticing. Starmer is to clever to be this stupid, he has to have a plan and my guess is its the above. Let Brexit and Johnson's mouth/dick destroy themselves and be there to pick up the pieces. Landing punches now are worthless in the overall scheme of things.
  5. No2

    Fixtures, Draws & Results.

    I've never played Football Manager and don't own a laptop and I'm generally considered the best player in the game.
  6. No2

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    If you're a Tory MP I could well imagine that some face to face meeting are scary occasions. You know why? Because desperate people can do desperate things and they must be facing thousands of people who's lives are truly shit because of the actions of this government. Events like today will never not be tragic but they will become more common place when you have millions relying on food banks and the JRM types coining it and not paying any taxes.
  7. That the same Curtis Jones they wouldn't risk against Andorra?
  8. It should be a midfield 2. This is the greatest ever yet its going with a formation only used for about 5% of the clubs history.
  9. No2

    Replace the front three

    I don't even like Halaand but I think he makes things easier for us. Instead of trying to find two high scoring wingers you can go with a Chiesa or Raphina type that are brilliant but won't replace the 50 goals Mo and Sadio get between them.
  10. No2

    Replace the front three

    Chiesa €70m Carvalho €0.25m Halaand €150m Keep the change.
  11. No2

    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    This shit is out of control, melted together trollops like her are everywhere, good looking girls ruining themselves to look like a knockoff barbie doll.
  12. Cold play. Anything by U2 after 1990. Red Hot Chilli Peppers The Killers Bruce Springsteen
  13. No2

    Fantasy Manager Comp

    @Daisy @BeefStroganoff instead of wasting your time moaning about FSG waste your time on this. @Gnasherinstead of wasting your time chatting shit on Brexit waste it in here. @AngryOfTuebrook instead of wasting your time with Gnasher waste it in here.
  14. No2

    Boris Johnson

    Same with the stupid socks and shoes last week. Ah look at him, loveable rogue.