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  1. Tony Moanero

    Neil Diamond

    Diamond is boss.
  2. Tony Moanero

    Euro 96

    I watched a lot of the games but barely remember anything about this tournament. Always much preferred the World Cup.
  3. Happy Days. Arthur Fonzarelli is one of the greatest characters of all time.
  4. The Sony Channel is showing episodes of M*A*S*H.
  5. Thank you, kind sir. Needed cheering up.
  6. Happy Days - it’s one of my top 5 favourite American sitcoms. No idea what Rules of Engagement is.
  7. Curb Your Enthusiam. Hands down. Never felt compelled to watch an entire episode of Friends, and probably haven’t even seen the odd five or ten minutes here and there since the nineties.
  8. I’m not a fan of The Golden Girls or The Mary Tyler Moore Show myself, but both regularly make best Americans sitcoms lists.
  9. I mentioned it on page one of this thread, you bastard.
  10. I’ve never bothered with The Office US on account of not liking the British version. Perhaps this is because I’ve never had an office job, but then again, I love Fawlty Towers despite never having worked in a hotel.
  11. In my opinion, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Golden Girls, Taxi, Happy Days, The Adams Family and The Munsters also deserve to be included.
  12. Cheers. No contest. I’m not a huge fan of Cheers, but am not into The Big Bang Theory at all.