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  1. Tony Moanero

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I bought a Topper Brazil shirt in a little shop that was in St John’s. Can’t remember what it was called. This one This one was better, though, and is in my top 100 footy kits of all time.
  2. Tony Moanero

    Cancel Culture

    Cunt culture.
  3. Nah, no exclusions, just include everyone.
  4. Tony Moanero

    Great Music Photos

    Debbie Harry and the Buzzcocks.
  5. Nah, they’re American/English, same goes for Fleetwood Mac, The Jimi Hendrix Experience.
  6. Tony Moanero

    The GF Marmite Thread

    Fucking hell, I don’t believe it! I’ve been using Marmite as a Fragrance for years, knew I should have gone on Dragons’ Den. Shower, shave, splash of Hai Karate and smear the bollocks with Marmite.
  7. I think this tournament should be much bigger than 64. Yet to read the thread, so imagine all of these have been mentioned. They should all be in it, in my opinion. Alice Cooper The Allman Brothers Areosmith America Beastie Boys The Beach Boys Blondie Buddy Holly & The Crickets The Byrds Creedence Clearwater Revival Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young The Doors Eagles The Four Tops The Isley Brothers Jefferson Airplane KISS Nirvana Public Enemy R.E.M. Santana Simon and Garfunkel Sly and the Family Stone Smokey Robison and The Miracles The Supremes The Temptations Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers The Velvet Underground ZZ Top N.W.A.
  8. I’ll flounce if Nicks isn’t in it.
  9. Tony Moanero

    Top 10 most annoying famous people

    I can’t picture them as a couple. Tony Hart was a god amongst men. Mister Maker can get to fuck.
  10. Tony Moanero

    Top 10 most annoying famous people

    Tony Hart was great, you bastard.
  11. Tony Moanero

    Rate the last film you watched...

    One of my favourite films. Warren Beatty was a handsome bastard, too.
  12. Repped. The Superstars accident was before the annual (1977?) though, wasn’t it?