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  1. Tony Moanero

    Hated LFC players

    Nick Tanner comes across as a sound fella and doesn’t seem at all cuntish.
  2. Tony Moanero

    Who was your best and worst transfer call?

    Best - Gary McAllister, a decade before we signed him. I also wanted Ian Wright when he was at Crystal Palace. Worst - Not a transfer call, but circa the very early 90s, I thought Brian Deane was a better striker than Alan Shearer.
  3. Tony Moanero

    One From Each Nation Draft

    Denis Irwin is Irish.
  4. Tony Moanero

    Hated LFC players

  5. Tony Moanero

    Hated LFC players

    Now, now, Stacksy, lad. We can’t all be as knowledgeable about footy as you. You ought to change your username to ‘Andy Townsend and his tactics truck’.
  6. Tony Moanero

    Leather jackets

    It is nice. Pre weight loss, I had one in turd brown.
  7. Tony Moanero


    Vans are turd.
  8. Tony Moanero

    Hated LFC players

    Cisse and his shit for brains used to annoy me.
  9. Tony Moanero

    Leather jackets

    Suede jacket.
  10. Tony Moanero


    Ha ha, great minds, Howie. I was about to post these bastards.