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  1. Pudns

    Crystal Palace 0 Liverpool 7 (Dec 19 2020)

    Brilliant report as per usual Dave,I think it was hendos goal against Brighton last season maybe....
  2. Pudns

    Brighton 1 Liverpool 3 (Jul 8 2020)

    Oh I want them to beat city's record......because they deserve it and to shove it up Silvas arse.The prick.The disrespectful prick. I'd like to think that some of the players are thinking the same,just to shove it up his hole. Prick.
  3. Pudns

    Norwich City 0 Liverpool 1 (Feb 15 2020)

    Brilliant as usual. Fucking love these reports.Keita reminds me of Garcia.....always looking for the ball.
  4. Pudns

    Liverpool 1 Shrewsbury Town 0 (Feb 4 2020)

    cracking report, love reading these reports.
  5. Pudns

    Liverpool 2 Sheffield United 0 (Jan 2 2020)

    Excellent report Dave as usual. I think Salah went for shot though for second goal instead of pass.....
  6. Pudns

    Napoli 2 Liverpool 0 (Sep 17 2019)

    Excellent report as per usual Dave,I agree with you on the VAR.... but what if as was suggested (by someone!)that captains are given 3 chances to question the decision (tennis & cricket)... works fine there & doesn't take long & everyone knows what the fuck is happening at least!
  7. Pudns

    Liverpool 2 FC Porto 0 (April 9 2019)

    Cracking report as usual Dave,I also think Gini will start on Sunday (famous last words)...Gini so strong, still think Naby gives ball away too much& a couple of times too slow and only for the crowd "man on" would have been caught on a couple of more occasion's.His confidence is growing though, hopefully all bodes well.C'mon redmen.
  8. Great report as usual Dave,I agree with @goose point also,Hendo could have been a bit more aware instead of turning his back straight away when free kick was given,he should have argued decision whilst standing over ball or backed away from ball slowly and remove the option for slobbery arse to take free kick (good delivery though) Instead he just turned away & had a little jump for himself!! Anyone else notice this..... that if Salah overuns ball or makes bad pass/decision...he has a little skip for himself!!-He has been doing a lot of it lately!!!
  9. Pudns

    Everton 0 Liverpool 0 (March 3 2019)

    Great report, Henderson shudv put his laces through it with the chance he had also instead of trying to place it!
  10. Pudns

    Tottenham 1 Liverpool 2 (Sep 15 2018)

    I love reading Dave's reports in "my space &my time" over a glass of the red stuff. A brilliant report as always.
  11. Pudns

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 3-5 2018)

    Fucking brilliant report.
  12. Pudns

    Liverpool 2 Newcastle 0 (Mar 3 2018)

    Excellent stuff again Dave, great report
  13. Pudns

    Porto 0 Liverpool 5 (Feb 14 2018)

    Cracking report.
  14. Brilliant report as always.