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  1. Street Preacher

    Everton (A) - Wed 1st December 2021 (8:15pm)

    Love Rafa, always will. For what he did for us as our manager and what he did and does for this city. He's a good man. I get why he took the Everton job although it was doomed from the start if we are being honest. I don't have a problem with what he said in the interview, like Boss said he is just highlighting the fact he's had fuck all to spend.
  2. Street Preacher

    Everton (A) - Wed 1st December 2021 (8:15pm)

    Haha Mo expected that scrote to make a mistake. Gotta love him.
  3. Street Preacher

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Yeah I kept reading that in the Echo. They said the investment wouldn't give us any extra transfer funds but would allow us to carry on as normal. But then they would go on to say how hard up we were and thats why we didn't have much money for signings.
  4. Street Preacher

    Geordie Arabia

    Give it Giggsy till the end of the decade.
  5. Street Preacher

    Fixtures, Draws & Results.

    That's a shame, was looking forward to fighting for that second from bottom place.
  6. Street Preacher

    Fixtures, Draws & Results.

    Go on then, sounds fun.
  7. Street Preacher


    I used to be a bit anti-Merson but I think he's a decent fella who's had a few ups and downs and he does chat a load of shit but then so do 99% of pundits. He was good player too.
  8. Street Preacher

    Three at the back

    I liked John Scales. Shame that he fell out of favour and then suffered a lot of injuries. The less said about the other two the better.
  9. Street Preacher

    January 2022 Transfer Thread

    I think Barcelona have an option to extend Pedri's contract for a year which they will obviously do. He does look a player though.
  10. Street Preacher

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I've only seen him play one match but I'm all in on Vlahovic. Big bastard that scores goals. Not sure how it would work with Mane/Jota and Salah either side of him and whether he can press enough etc but he continues to get goals and seems physically imposing. Would brining someone in like that impinge of Mo's goal output or is there a way to tinker with the system without fucking everything up?
  11. Street Preacher

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    There's definitely players who can challenge to get into the front three. Firmino has been iffy over over last couple of seasons and Mane hasn't been the same for a while(still scoring though). Jota has come in and down really well. Ox is terrible up front, Minamino has it all to prove and the less said about Origi the better. I have a feeling that we've seen the best of Bobby so it would be interesting if we went out and got a forward who would score more goals. Not sure if this would impact of the goalscoring of Mo and Sadio though.
  12. Street Preacher

    Joel Matip

    Second best centre back in the league I reckon. So underrated outside of the club but will mostly be because of the injuries I guess.
  13. Street Preacher

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    See above.
  14. Street Preacher

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Just commenting to help us get off this page so I don't have to see Tumble Dick again.
  15. Street Preacher

    Nike deal

    Sounds about right.