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  1. What they both did was take musical influences from a previous era and 'repackage' them. They both had a stage presence. They both had a style and moves that have become synonymous with them. There's a reason why they are referred to as the King of Rock 'n' Roll and the King of Pop respectively. What Jackson did was have a much larger involvement with the production side. With the advent of the music video, he also harnessed that to boost the appeal of his records. Presley couldn't have done that in his era anyway because it simply wasn't a thing back then.
  2. Trumo

    New European super league?

    Takes some doing that.
  3. Trumo

    Other football - 2020/21

    Has anyone ever seen him and the actress Elizabeth Moss (West Wing, Mad Men, Handmaid's Tale etc) in the same room?
  4. Trumo

    Serious things you shouldn't laugh at

    I still think he's looks like Graham Kelly putting the hoover on too high a setting.
  5. Trumo

    Donald Trump

    Be great if they fuck about with his mic like DX did with Vince McMahon.
  6. You're so middle class you haven't been on a bus recently.
  7. Trumo

    Happy Birthday Champ!

    (Sorry I ran out of candles!)
  8. Trumo

    New European super league?

    I think Liverpool and the Mancs knew that Project Big Picture would be met with scepticism and dissent, so this has leaked as their next salvo to get the PL, FA and EFL to talk about the future of the domestic game properly. The two club have by far the biggest pull of any English sides, and they know the PL and the FA need them. In any case, the trouble with a competition where the big European sides play each other every week is that it will quickly lose its lustre, because the very fixtures that are currently so attractive and draw all the interest will become so much more mundane. In the current CL format, the bigger sides are quite likely to meet every year, but there are a lot of games against teams who don't have that same pull. For competitive interest, the balance is necessary.
  9. Trumo

    VAR Thoughts?

    I still think VAR is a very useful tool, but the goons in charge of using it are the biggest problem in combination with rules that complicate matters needlessly. When England didn't have a single official at the last World Cup, that should have told the authorities that refereeing at the highest level in this country needed a shake-up because we had a whole raft of Mike Rileys, with one or two trying to be the new Howard Webb. The examples in rugby and cricket often get cited for how well they work. I'm sure it's not foolproof and 100% accurate in those sports, but there can't be too many instances of the officials getting the decision-making spectacularly wrong when they've had the use of technology, purely because they use the technology to try and inprove their decision-making. As difficult as it might be for them, it really needs for former players to be more involved in the refereeing process because all the current perspectives come from officials sat in a committee room somewhere, many of whom have never even played the game, and some of whom that have administrative experience but no really affinity for the sport. If these former players can really understand the laws of the game as they currently are, then they can provide some input based on their experiences as to where changes could be made.
  10. Trumo

    VAR Thoughts?

    That Jon Moss one STILL drives me mad, and PGMOL only made matters worse with their piss-poor attempt to explain it away.
  11. Trumo

    Other football - 2020/21

    Just noticed West Brom and Burnley played out a predictably tedious goalless draw - the first goalless draw in the PL this season. They are lucky the PL clubs have collecting bargaining for domestic rights so each club gets an equal proportion of a certain amount of the domestic TV money. The rest is paid based on the number of times a club is shown live, and their final league position. If all the games went on a PPV basis or if clubs had their own TV rights, not even the fans of these clubs would pay to watch them on TV.
  12. Trumo

    The Foodie thread

    Gochugaru. You need it, or at least something similar, because the gochujang paste you get here in the supermarkets - while nice - is so mild, it's basically like miso paste that's red.
  13. Trumo

    Other football - 2020/21

    David Coote is in charge of tonight's game. I'm calling it now. He will send off a player for something far less dangerous than Pickford's out-of-control lunge at Big Virg. And the VAR numpty will further fudge things by deeming a player to be onside for exactly the reasons Coote deemed Mane to be offside on Saturday. And then PGMOL will say everyone did their job perfectly.
  14. As with Dale Winton, it was anything but a shock.
  15. It's Cooke for me, although Beck has done a few decent tunes.
  16. It's a simple equation for me. I like more of Otis' stuff than Cash's stuff.
  17. Trumo

    Bobby Robson

    Exactly this. He was an affable north-easterner like Sir Bob Paisley, and got a lot of shit off the red tops in particular when he was England boss. His treatment at Barcelona was shit too, where large sections of the local media were still pro-Cruyff (who'd been sacked as manager the season before) and against the Barcelona president Nunez, and saw Robson as Nunez's guy and second rate.
  18. Trumo

    Joel Matip

    A telescope would be more useful there.
  19. Trumo

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The fans that ring up are worse.
  20. Trumo

    The MLB Thread

    It will be Tampa Bay Rays vs LA Dodgers in the World Series. It's been a truncated season and the play-offs have been organised in a similar way to last season's Champions League knockouts, using a few stadiums to minimise travel. All the World Series games will take place at Texas Rangers' stadium in Arlington. Rays have been a surprise package this season. They put out the Houston Astros in the ALCS which went all the way in a best-of-7. The Astros have been the AL's most consistent team over the past few years but the Rays had the best record in the AL this season. The Dodgers also came through a best-of-7 against the Atlanta Braves in the NLCS. The Dodgers have been the most consistent team in the NL over the past few seasons and have lost the World Series twice in that time. They've had the best record in MLB this season and need to finally make it count by winning the big one.
  21. Trumo

    Middle Class Generalisation Thread

    They take the family down the park to watch kiddie-fiddlers play with their radio-controlled planes.
  22. Trumo

    Virgil Van Dijk

    He doesn't, though. The French were runners-up in 2016.
  23. Trumo

    Everton 2 Liverpool 2 (Oct 17 2020)

    I was going to reply with something about Richarlison's permanent face like a slapped arse until I read it in the report. It's the perfect description. There are a few occasions I can think of where I was massively pissed off after the game, to the point where it still bothered me days or weeks later. One of them is the 'Respect The Ref' campaign which began and ended with Mascherano at Old Trafford in March 2008. Another is Sterling being flagged offside at City when he was at least 3 yards onside (!) in December 2013. Yet another is Fat Jon Moss and his shitshow against Spurs in 2018. VAR was not available for any of those, yet it was in use here and easy to rectify any issues. The trouble is, VAR is at the mercy of the staggering ineptitude of PGMOL, and not helped by the rule-making bodies overly complicating things like handball and offside. Simplifying the offside rule by basing it on a player's feet is so simple to implement and so much easier to assess with VAR. I'm not sure how to make the handball rule fairer other than getting rid of the 'unnatural position and making yourself bigger' thing. If a ball is blasted somewhere near your face, even if it's not direct, the immediate (and natural) instinct is to protect your face. As for the Pickford incident, PGMOL are trying to justify the officials' decisions with some typically wishy washy bollocks. All they do is double down on the stupid so they can continue living in their perfect bubble where they can do no wrong.