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  1. Well, we know the flame thrower works. And are those slices of black pudding, or evidence that the Wayne Gretzky Museum has been robbed?
  2. I never actually watched that game. I can remember we were in the car going somewhere, and they announced the result on the radio channel's news bulletin. I heard it as "Palace 1, Liverpool 3" so thought nothing of it. It was only later on when they showed the highlights on the TV during the other goal-fest semi that it sunk in what had happened. To say it was a surprise is an understatement because I remembered the 9-0 from earlier in the season. Looking back at the highlight of the games and results from around that time, the team's defensive malaise had already set in. It was apparent the season before, and it became a feature of the side throughout the following decade even thought the personnel had completely changed. There was a combination of inconsistently, shoddy decision making, lack of pace and injury-proneness between our options of Grobbelaar, Hooper, Nicol, Hansen, Hysen, Venison, Gillespie, Ablett, Burrows and Staunton that the attacking prowess of Rush, Aldridge, Barnes, Beardsley along with Houghton and McMahon didn't always manage to mask. We conceded some really sloppy goals back then.
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    Simon Green - Who Am I?

    Simon Fishing In The Yemen.
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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    For all the talk from the blooshite about Liverpool looking to take money from the public purse by furloughing some of their staff, how about the money spent by Liverpool City Council on consultation fees to decide whether to loan Everton money towards their new stadium? It was more than £700,000, and I don't recall the blooshite expressing concerns about that. Liverpool Council paid out more than £700,000 consulting over Everton stadium plans
  5. She'd Tim Henman her way to the semis before losing a 3-setter to a walking stick.
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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

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    Simon Green - Who Am I?

    Did anyone else think this was bumped because Si had found the cure?
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    Wish you guys all the best mate.
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    Other Football - 2019/20

    It was his goal for Luton that made David Pleat skip across the pitch like a drunken dad at a wedding. The goal kept Luton up and relegated Man City. Antic later coached in La Liga, managing Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico, winning the league and cup double with them in 1996. Current Atletico coach Simeone played in that side.
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    Best Power Ballads

    Might be because it's not a power ballad.
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    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    As I was saying...
  12. I think that the 1995/96 season was Fowler's best year. He was absolutely brilliant for us, and both Collymore and McManaman were excellent too for the most part, so the 3 of them in attack made us lethal. We still had a tendency to drop stupid points at times, but to me it seemed as though that was the first time since we'd last won the league where we had a consistent spell and a long unbeaten run. And it came after a month bookended by defeats to Newcastle, losing the derby at Anfield for the first time in ages, and getting knocked out of Europe by Brondby. Collymore proved to be a problem behind the scenes as his 2-year stint went on, but the biggest disappointment was that the players simply didn't turn up for the cup final. Unless you count the white Armani suits. Man Utd were shit that day, but we were even worse. I can't even recall us having a chance, and we'd dicked them in the league that season. That was the first time I felt truly gutted after a defeat. Not even the 1989 anticlimax hit that hard.
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    It was when I was in secondary school. We had the heaf test (6 needles), and if you had a reaction to it within 7 days, you had to have the full BCG jab. We heard all sorts of stuff about it, such as the needle having to be driven deep until it hit bone, and that you'll be left with a massive scab. People were bricking it. My heaf test showed fuck all until day 6, when it turned purple and bled out into my school shirt. That was a fucking relief, let me tell you!
  14. Wouldn't even feed that to Monkeh. A breakfast created by somebody who has given up on life.
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    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    The owners have a history of making unpopular decisions that they end up backtracking on. Our current group of players and coaching staff have a history of doing things for the benefit of the many rather than the few. There is still a chance for all sides to come out of this looking a lot better than they currently do.
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    September Spiders

    "Ooh, spiders are great because they eat all the other bugs in your house!" A few questions. Why are there so many other bugs in your house? Why are there so many other bugs in general? Why are there bugs whose sole purpose seems to be to eat other bugs and multiply? Mother Nature with its £20 solution to a £10 problem right there.
  17. Treat it as he would in normal circumstances. They usually add ribbons in the team colours on cups before the presentation. I think this time it would be nice if there was a mix of red ribbons and blue ones with NHS on them. It's a small token of recognition that would be all the pictures, and it seems fitting for a group of players with the values our squad has.
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    TLW Deathpool 2020

    Amazing tune.
  19. I would have thought that every club has put their transfer and contract plans on hold.
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    What are your favourite all time magazines?

    That was great when it first came out, but then, like Empire, they basically sold out to the big studios to get the big exclusives for the biggest films. Empire took a downturn when they basically championed all things Star Wars, banging on about the films for about 6 months before finally awarding 4 or 5 stars for a film that even the review couldn't mask the mediocrity. They overdid it with Harry Potter and LOTR franchises too. Anyway, I digress. World Soccer Empire (for a while) BMW Car T3 National Geographic FourFourTwo was good for a while, as were Evo and Top Gear.
  21. I always remember a friend from school went around believing (for at least a year) that the singer was actually Eddie Murphy in drag, and that the 'M' in M People stood for 'Murphy'. It became plausible a few years later when Murphy portrayed the female members of the Klump tribe.
  22. Being a spin-off, Frasier did have a head start in that respect. The character of Frasier was known to audiences, and I think his wife Lilith appeared in Cheers too so she wasn't a new character. The others, like Marty, Niles, Daphne and Roz were created specifically for the spin-off, and it was easy to do because they shifted the setting from Boston to Seattle.