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  1. Jose Jones

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Stig ruining any fun to be had in the very first post on the Florida Man thread by having the same birthday.
  2. Jose Jones

    Random musical chat.

    I am enjoying Lux Prima, that new Karen O album with Dangermouse. Little bit chill and cinematic in places, with some quality pop tunes. Redeemer might be my favourite at this moment. Check it out.
  3. Jose Jones

    Whistleblower exposes MMR Autism link

    Did you see the one the other week about the kid in the US who contracted tetanus because his parents were anti-vaxxers? Got airlifted to hospital, given the vaccine to save his life, spent ages in intensive care until he finally got better. Needed to have a booster injection to protect him for life.... and the parents refused. https://www.washingtonpost.com/health/2019/03/08/an-unvaccinated-child-contracted-tetanus-it-took-two-months-more-than-k-save-him/?utm_term=.93d9dcd1a3d7
  4. Jose Jones

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    I always thought the Office theme was the Rod Stewart version, but the internet tells me it was another fella. On the Manfred Mann theme, I had a mate at school who looked like Paul Jones. @Tony Moanero - Beat the Teacher eh? Quality tv quiz show, just before Newsround came on.
  5. Jose Jones

    Lyrics you've heard recently and like

    There's a pretty new song by New Zealand's indie favourite music lady crooner, Aldous Harding (Marlon Williams is New Zealand's indie favourite man music crooner) called The Barrel, which just has a line that tickles me every time: "Looks like a date is set, show the ferret to the egg" Who knows what the hell that's about, but I just like it. Anyway, it's a good song too.
  6. Jose Jones

    Building things at Melwood

    It would have been good to keep a reminder of the Football Club heritage - a decent outdoor pitch or two and some indoor training pitches, or something like that. I do think that it is the council's responsibility really to provide these facilities in a coordinated manner for the community though - and they probably could have made that a condition of planning approval if they wanted to.
  7. Jose Jones


    Bit Mexican fusion that no?
  8. Jose Jones

    Faith and Religion

    Bit more to it than that eh? They did actually get the school to change their program. Plus leads into a larger discussion about religious or cultural interference in schools. Could other curriculum topics get changed due to parent pressure? What if it was like the US where they get forced to teach creationism? And the idea that religions could be accused of hate speech, if they are preaching that homosexuality is abnormal, etc? Are they allowed to do it in the temple/mosque/church? What about in a faith school?
  9. Jose Jones

    Faith and Religion

    Well, yeah, complaining that a school programme called "No Outsiders" is victimising you as an outsider, is never going to seem the mostly logically compelling argument either.
  10. Jose Jones

    Faith and Religion

    Yes. The argument that fella tried though in equating it to saying "if you don't believe in Islam your Islamophobic" would if reversed therefore to mean that "unless you are homosexual you are homophobic". So he's made a bit of a wally of himself there.
  11. Jose Jones

    Faith and Religion

    Ha, quality argument at the end there.
  12. Jose Jones

    Good value family holidays for this summer

    Would you want someone called Spunkmouse staying in your house? Might involve some unpleasant cleaning up. At least it’s not Spunkhorse though, I suppose.
  13. Jose Jones

    Good value family holidays for this summer

    Grange over Sands, classic north west childhood holiday destination.
  14. Jose Jones

    The McCanns...

    Ahh, I thought that he meant that was the suggested theory, not TK’s personal view.
  15. Jose Jones

    The McCanns...

    I believe TK said the government were protecting the McCann’s, but he didn’t have a motive for that - not that the government knew the real truth and were complicit in hiding it. It is a plain fact to say that the British government treated the case differently to any other child abduction case, and also pressured the Portuguese to do likewise. I think a simple political explanation offers the reason why the Scotland Yard investigation was not allowed to interview the McCann’s. The whole thing was a political stunt by Brown and the government in the first place - they wanted to be seen to be doing everything to help the family find their lost girl. Having the first step being the parents thoroughly grilled would not have been a good look, and the McCann’s had the press all on side with their PR team so you can be sure it would have been reported as such.