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  1. Jose Jones

    GF music review club

    Laura Mvula - Pink Noise I listened to this one a few times, then got distracted by some new records, so had to give it another couple of goes to get the review juices flowing. As CD and Shooter point out, it’s a real 80s synth sound throwback. And there’s some good fun sounds on there - the bass on track 2 in particular is pure filth, loved it. The style reminded me a bit of Santigold too in places. Magical in particular really sounds like a classic 80s pop song, couldn’t quite put my finger on which one. Anyway, that was probably one of my favourite tracks, along with Remedy. The mid point is definitely the high point of the album. Unfortunately I don’t love Laura’s voice, bit too foghorn-y. And I thought the whole record was a bit lacking in melody. It’s not bad, but probably not something I’ll listen to again. I’ll give it 6/10 I also had never heard of Simon Neil so had to google who he was. I don’t reckon I have ever heard a Biffy Clyro song. Maybe they are a UK only phenomenon? Or I have just not been paying attention.
  2. Jose Jones

    Takumi Minamino

    I thought it was a bit weird. But then he’s Japanese, very polite society.
  3. Jose Jones

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Doesn’t look much cop on the ball there. Pace and power though. Put him on the bench for 6 months to learn from Fabinho.
  4. Jose Jones

    Alisson Becker

    I’m too young to remember Clem, but he’d have to have been pretty fucking amazing to be better than Alisson. Ali is the best goalie in the world and it’s not close.
  5. Jose Jones

    Naby Keita

    Still feeling his bollocks.
  6. Jose Jones

    Aston Villa (A) - Tue 10th May (8:00pm)

    Tries to speed up play by running off with the ball.
  7. Jose Jones

    Aston Villa (A) - Tue 10th May (8:00pm)

    Keep giving it away. Ings is looking lively.
  8. Jose Jones

    Aston Villa (A) - Tue 10th May (8:00pm)

    I think we’ve actually got a better chance of beating Villa if we rest a few players. Players will be fresher and with a cup final spot up for grabs. Will benefit the final (and the rest of the season) too.
  9. Played 5 a side last night for the first time in about 4 years. Can barely walk today.
  10. Jose Jones

    Local elections 5th May

    A swing of 1% from Labour to the Conservatives? Jesus fucking christ.
  11. Jose Jones

    Our midfield

    Agreed, if I was Spanish I would put chorizo in every meal.