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  1. Yep. I reckon that was probably the best league in football history in terms of quality players.
  2. I always preferred the Dutch three at AC, but that was an iconic rivalry with 6 legendary players. Great that they were on international teams that were great rivals too.
  3. But Henry and Villa obviously moved from the left touch line? They cut in and scored shit loads of goals - especially Dave House - when Messi dropped deep and made the play. Haaland does not drop deep and make the play.
  4. Well if you think Messi playing the false 9 at Barca is the same tactically as what Haaland is doing at City now, then I think we need to agree to disagree on that.
  5. Anyway, I think Trent has mostly been very good this season, he has been pretty good defensively and not been beaten easily that often - with a couple of exceptions. He does do my nut in a bit though when it looks like he can’t be arsed defending. Even if he did move into midfield he’d need to win the ball back (and more there than at right back). I reckon he might need a new club or hopefully a new manager to kick his arse back into gear.
  6. Not really. I think they’re both similar. They have principles that they want to see with their teams but then have both changed their set ups and formations based on players and tactical choices. People were saying/hoping Haaland wouldn’t fit into Guardiola style football and he made it work. All the talk on this thread about his use of fullbacks. His main idea is the same - dominating possession - but the set up has changed loads from his Barca teams to various Man City iterations. Similar to Klopp whose main idea is the counter press.
  7. If we’d beaten Arsenal I would have had a bit of hope. But we didn’t and played shit so now I expect Man City to win easily. Will be close for second and third and could go either way.
  8. Yeah, both him and Luis Alberto turned out to have very decent careers in top flight leagues and we barely played them when we were crying out for a bit of depth. I reckon Aspas might have just been one of those players who is a real one club man though. Brilliant legend at Celta, just not the same anywhere else.
  9. I agree that incompetence at missing the warnings was the most likely scenario. Naive attempt at appeasement? Come on, supporting Hamas has been a Netanyahu government strategy for years in order to splinter Palestinian political support for Fatah and prevent a two state solution.
  10. I have no idea who this fella is or what he has said, but the facts can easily point in that direction. Israel has funded Hamas for years - acknowledged by Netanyahu as a key strategy. Israel was warned by its allies in advance that Hamas was planning something big and ignored it. Hamas commits outrageous attack and takes lots of hostages. Israel reacts in response, with a war strategy much more focused on ethnic cleansing than return of hostages. I mean that could all be by accident?
  11. How shit is it that the owners get presented with the trophy in American sports though? Total rich old white cunt behaviour.
  12. Bit of a weird game. Nice and tense though. Niners just needed one more big play.
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