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  1. Jose Jones

    Area 51, UFO's, US Government and all things alien.

    Higher than expected levels of methane on Mars is what Dave D might be thinking of. Which could indicate the presence of microorganisms - but is more likely because of geochemical activity. But what, or who, is causing that geochemical activity.....??.??...??
  2. Jose Jones

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    OK, but just looking at the first link it says they pulled the video and the two journalists were then suspended. "Al Jazeera completely disowns the offensive content in question and reiterated that Al Jazeera would not tolerate such material on any of the Network’s platforms." I mean, I haven't seen the video, and the quotes from it don't look great - but would one short video on one online channel that was swiftly removed be enough to label a whole media organisation as "holocaust deniers"? Presumably if they were holocaust deniers they would have been happy to keep it up?
  3. Jose Jones

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Why do you say Al Jazeera are Holocaust deniers?
  4. Jose Jones

    Best James Bond?

    You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat Hollywood to the stupid shark ideas.
  5. Jose Jones

    Random musical chat.

    Been listening to the Purple Mountains record over the last few days. It's really good, his voice is a bit fucked from all the drugs, but if you like a bit of country-tinged alt rock tales of depression and death, check it out.
  6. Jose Jones

    Best James Bond?

    Wasn't it the original shark's mum looking for revenge in one of the crap sequels already?
  7. To be fair to the General, he was spot on about Joshua being a hype job.
  8. Jose Jones

    Rank our midfielders

    In this little exercise we are assuming that Fabinho is our first choice defensive midfielder, which means we currently have the following competing for the two spots further forward: Hendo Gini Milner Keita Ox Lallana 6 players, 2 positions, what order would you rank them? Please note, we are playing 433, so no Firmino as number 10 suggestions. Likewise Shaqiri has not been picked in a midfield 3 so he isn't included. Also no nonsense like "whoever Klopp picks is fine by me". Or "whoever is in the best form". Or "it depends on the opponent". Or even worse "we don't have a first choice midfield, they are all important players". Just rank them 1-6 as to who you think is the best.
  9. Jose Jones

    The New Cricket Thread

    Apparently it's because the law is a bit wishy washy as to whether it counts the runs they had completed before the ball hit the bat (2), or before Guptil threw it (1), plus the four for the boundary: The law states: "If the boundary results from an overthrow or from the wilful act of a fielder, the runs scored shall be any runs for penalties awarded to either side, and the allowance for the boundary, and the runs completed by the batsmen, together with the run in progress if they had already crossed at the instant of the throw or act." Miller said the "crucial clause is the last part". "A review of the footage of the incident shows clearly that, at the moment the ball was released by the New Zealand fielder, Martin Guptill, Stokes and his partner, Adil Rashid, had not yet crossed for their second run. Miller said there was "potential scope for ambiguity in the wording of the law, given that it references throw or "act", which may pertain to the moment that the ball deflected off Stokes' bat. However, there is no reference to the batsman's actions at any other point in the Law."
  10. Jose Jones

    NFL Discussion and Fantasy League thread

    Stockton Stranglers are in. See if I can come second again.
  11. Jose Jones

    The New Cricket Thread

    Why aren’t they pinging Carey with the short ball?
  12. Jose Jones

    The New Cricket Thread

    Could do with a wicket here.
  13. Jose Jones

    The New Cricket Thread

    Handscomb gets loads of runs in domestic cricket, but he’s just so obviously lacking in technique for international stuff. Gary Ballance might be the England equivalent.
  14. Jose Jones

    Random musical chat.

    Very good and sad profile of David Berman from the Silver Jews here: https://www.theringer.com/music/2019/7/10/20686306/david-berman-silver-jews-purple-mountains-drag-city
  15. Jose Jones

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Juve won’t be selling him.