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  1. Jose Jones

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Remember when you first found out that Wee Jimmy Krankie was actually a girl and married to his dad? What a headfuck that was.
  2. Never underestimate the number of old men on the forum.
  3. Jose Jones

    GF music review club

    What's going on here then? Still waiting for any Banana Skin Shoes reviews? In other music news I see @ZonkoVille77's mates Fontaines DC have been nominated for best rock album at the Grammies.
  4. Bit of a Bon Jovi style naming eh? Roisin Murphy should have been in.
  5. Jose Jones

    Curtis Jones - What are you?

    Yeah, his positioning and game management were the best it's been, which was great to see. There were a couple of times he was in a great position on the edge of their box and instead of playing it straight away would have a little think, or jink past someone, then the killer ball was gone. Once he's got his feet under the table a bit more he'll be playing those balls or going past people and shooting quickly and be a real creative threat.
  6. Jose Jones


    Three months of lockdown really has been a bit of a pain in the arse. First day of zero active cases since 1st March today though. As of yesterday we no longer have to wear masks outside, (still need them inside) which is good because I have a spotty face like a thirteen year old.
  7. It’s pretty obvious why @Mook hates her, that’s for sure.
  8. Fair play, I deserved the neg there, gratuitous amounts of parp.
  9. Poor old Ronson, parpy trumpets are his signature move, too.
  10. I quite liked the first Zutons album at the time, probably hasn't aged very well at all mind you, and I reckon Mark Ronson was probably more to blame than Winehouse for the parpy trumpets.
  11. I reckon Winehouse's voice is a bit overrated, and she also benefits due to the messed up life and early death thing, but "Back to Black" is a stone cold classic and jazz and pop ladies will be singing that for decades.
  12. Jose Jones

    NFL Discussion and Fantasy League thread

    It seems things were looking too promising for the Miami Dolphins.
  13. Joan Baez is one of the finest people alive. She’s like the opposite of a nobhead.