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  1. Jose Jones

    Bill Withers

    Also, how do you turn a duck into a soul singer?
  2. Jose Jones

    Bill Withers

    Ain’t no sunshine Lean on me Lovely Day Grandma’s Hands Stone cold classics.
  3. Jose Jones

    Bill Withers

    Did I miss the thread already? One of the best of all time.
  4. Jose Jones

    The world of a woman.

    A world of delicious choice Tone, and she came back with the Scotch Fingers...
  5. Jose Jones

    Tory Liverpool fans

    You have obviously not been on the political threads in the GF.
  6. Jose Jones

    The world of a woman.

    Exactly, who would look at the whole biscuit aisle and come back with those rotters?
  7. Jose Jones

    The world of a woman.

    The missus went out to the shop on a supply run earlier. “Get some biscuits” said I as she was heading out the door. This is what she came back with:
  8. Jose Jones


    It won't. The Labour party is nowhere to be seen in holding them to account, the majority of mainstream media is completely right wing, the BBC has lost all ability to do its job, and the Tories will get off scot free.
  9. Jose Jones


    Indonesia is going to be fucked as well. Massive population, slow response, not great health facilities.
  10. Jose Jones

    Tory Liverpool fans

    Defected from Hungary when the Commies took over, so he could go and earn money playing for Real Madrid. The clues are there...
  11. Jose Jones

    The world of a woman.

    Man flu is an actual biological fact, as you might have spotted with the coronavirus, and more men getting it than women. Female immune systems are better at responding to the flu and similar viruses, so in general men get it worse.
  12. Jose Jones


    Salt and vinegar crisps and a can of lemonade. Followed by pizza.
  13. It's The Addams Family by a mile Tone. That one's easy. Although TLW would vote for The Munsters at this rate.
  14. Jose Jones

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Spirited Away Totally great, kids loved it. Maybe my favourite Ghibli film? 9/10
  15. Jose Jones


    I mostly go quàssont I reckon, keeping it frenchy real, but with a hint of a t at the end to cater for the local lingo. Never had a problem with anyone thinking I’m French.