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  1. Wicket

    Real Madrid 1 Liverpool 0 (May 28 2022)

    Only just had the chance to give this a read, Dave and it’s even better than I thought it would be, very cathartic. I also just want to say thanks for your efforts in the reports all season, and thanks also to the rest of the lads who do the podcasts with you. It’s genuinely up there as my must listen to podcast every week.
  2. Wicket


    Yeah completely agree, especially coming less than 24 hours after tonight. Can see there being quite a few wistful looking faces on the bus to be honest, which is totally understandable
  3. Exactly this. yes, we can definitely look at games where we should have won, but we also pulled a couple of wins out of the bag when we weren’t at our best either. Its just the ebb and flow of a league season and until City turned up was always the same.
  4. Kostas’ little face there at the end of that interview. Love him.
  5. Wicket

    Other Football 2021/22

    I think that is probably the only valid criticism that can be levelled at us this year. Arguably lucky to take points of City and we dug in to get them, but the performances against Chelsea at home v 10 men and away when we went 2 up are the stand out ones where we should definitely have done better. As was the loss at Leicester and being 2 up at home to Brighton. Being objective though, it’s incredibly bad luck for us to be getting points totals like we are doing and only having 1 league title to show for it. Teams coming a close second in a race to win the league will always have games where they’ll kick themselves but we’re on course for 92 points which by any stretch is some achievement.
  6. Not for the first time this season I’m thinking, lets just move on and forget this. testament to the mentality of the team that we can pull results out of sloppy performances but we dont half make hard work of it at times.
  7. Agree, I’m not having that they look particularly up for this more than you’d expect any team to be.
  8. They wont roll over, they’ll just get beaten very easily. City will put 4 or 5 past them
  9. To be honest as good as they are, us keep giving them the ball has helped them.
  10. We’ve literally had a 2 minute spell in this game, otherwise fucking terrible thus far. Basically arsing around everywhere within 40 yards of our own goal is going to bite us big time unless we buck up our ideas, urgency and application.
  11. These lot are much better than I thought but we’ve not helped matters at all over the 2 legs. On the bright side we’ve lost a game we could afford to, we need to shape ourselves though moving forward. Mo needs to find his mojo sharpish.
  12. Front 3 have been shocking tonight, zero threat. this dickhead will give us a red to even this up, can see it coming.
  13. Wouldn’t be surprised to see us make another triple sub like in the first leg.