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  1. Wicket

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    I think Madrid are doing the same with the left back they've sold to Spurs, might be something that gains more and more traction for some highly rated young players at big clubs instead of loans.
  2. Wicket

    What's gone wrong defensively? 

    One of my favourite all time players, Sami. The best 2.6million the club ever spent.
  3. Wicket

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    The club has spent the last couple of years bigging him up massively on it's own social media channels so it would be a surprise to see him sold without making any meaningful performances for us, even with a buyback fee unless it's some cackhanded way of getting cash in to make the books look better now, then buying him back on the cheap within 2 years if he lives up to previous expectations. My personal view is that I'm not sure why he wouldn't be best served training with our squad and getting proper time on the pitch here but there you go. I think it's in Klopp's philosophy to not just dole out first team appearances for the sake of it but I don't necessarily agree with it if you're going to go to the trouble of putting them on the bench in the first place, for instance I thought Elliott should have seen some decent time on the pitch bearing in mind we had 5 subs to play with after the restart. If he's going to stick to that and doesn't see Brewster as good enough to even warrant a place above Origi on the bench then I suppose a parting is inevitable, and I would guess in that scenario probably justified as I think we're all largely in agreement that a better option than Origi is a priority.
  4. Kissing the charity shield, wtf?!
  5. Agree with this but I think it’s fair to say that most teams have set up like this against us since February. You could have set your watch by Arsenal setting up like this so I was surprised to see a workmanlike starting midfield with no Keita.
  6. A total abomination of a signing at a time when we were not far off being genuine contenders. Signing that waster instead of Anelka will always sting with me. We'd just finished second the previous year to an excellent Arsenal team.
  7. Wicket

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    I seriously doubt Sancho's agent will be getting anything like £50m. Agent fees are published every year, we've been top of that pile for the last couple of years and 'only' paid £30m (ludicrously, in the main on contract renewals) in 19/20 and £44m the year before. £50m for an agent on one transfer doesn't pass the smell test for me.
  8. Wicket

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    You could be right, there is a huge element of the Mancs and Chelsea buying these players simply as they are the only ones willing to pony up the dough now. I don't think that Manc squad is anywhere near as bad as it's made out to be either, Solksjaer will get a tune out of what he has even with a dodgy looking defence (that only conceded 36 goals last year anyway). The Mancs are balls deep in debt, currently unable to fill their 70k plus seater stadium yet are forking out £100m on a player and probably about £60m on his wages/agent fees, at the end of the day that's not the kind of transfer I ever expect us to get involved in. Whilst I think we've been affected by Covid, I'm still not convinced that we couldn't have speculated/invested in Werner. It wasn't Sancho type fees/wages, and he was all but nailed on to come here. My take is that we dithered and Chelsea stepped in with a silly offer to secure him. I doubt that there was ever any danger of us needing to pay him £250k per week, even allowing for the fact that we've probably just removed that from the wagebill!. As others have said, the more success we have on the pitch seems to equate to less money being available; we keep being told we're commercially savvier than we've ever been but can't find a £50m fee for one player having barely spent a bean last year.
  9. I would never have called it a worldie but pretty sure Ian Marshall scored winners against us twice. I was at one of them where he scored in the last minute at Anfield. Just for some added context into why it probably happened, this was our team that day. The bench is probably the worst one I’ve ever seen us have. Laughably bad all round really. Liverpool: James, Song, Carragher, Babb, Matteo, Thompson, Redknapp, Ince, Leonhardsen, McManaman, Riedle. Subs: Kvarme, Staunton, Dundee, Ferri, Friedel.
  10. Was going to tell that tale about Dundee myself. Unless my memory has deceived me most of the away end was pissing themselves laughing.
  11. Wicket

    Everton (A) 21/6/2020

    I thought the same about bringing Lovren on instead of moving Gomez back into the centre and reshuffling at left back. Lovren's kryptonite is a strong physical forward like what Calvert Lewin seems to have become under Ancellotti, he just can't resist trying to outmuscle these type of players and ends up coming out second best.
  12. Like a bottle of Blue Nun left in the wine rack for 3 years
  13. I’ll be cancelling BT as well. For varying reasons a lot of companies are going to be on shit lists after all this eventually settles down.
  14. Nice one, thanks for the tip. Just checked my future bill and it’s showing free for May now and has updated April too. Have some rep!
  15. Latest is that BT as of yesterday are saying ring in to discuss your options, but the lines are rammed. Sky now have their pause option online but the website is buckling under the strain. need to get this sorted as I’ll be saving about £50 a month, which I’d rather have in my pocket