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  1. I’ll be cancelling BT as well. For varying reasons a lot of companies are going to be on shit lists after all this eventually settles down.
  2. Nice one, thanks for the tip. Just checked my future bill and it’s showing free for May now and has updated April too. Have some rep!
  3. Latest is that BT as of yesterday are saying ring in to discuss your options, but the lines are rammed. Sky now have their pause option online but the website is buckling under the strain. need to get this sorted as I’ll be saving about £50 a month, which I’d rather have in my pocket
  4. BT need to step up and do the pause thing too, I was told the other day that I'm in contract until September so couldn't cancel. Argued that they aren't really providing what I'm paying for but I think that legally I'm on sticky ground because they are still broadcasting. In fairness to the chap I spoke to on the phone he said that they were looking at things for this precise reason so I just left it and am keeping an eye on it for a few days.
  5. Depth has been an issue all season, we’ve had luck with the front 3’s availability but are now lacking the ability to rest or drop any of them as the back up isn’t up to scratch. Another good forward is a must for next season, bollocks to all this ‘who will come and sit on the bench’ , if you get the chance to join us then you take it and back yourself to get in the team or be willing to bide your time a bit. Competition for places is never a bad thing.
  6. Can’t see CL being completed at all this season. It’s going to be touch and go domestically but with the Juventus and Inter players being in isolation it’s not going to get any better soon.
  7. Wicket

    Chelsea (A) FA Cup. 3/3/2020 - 19:75

    Good point about opposition intensity. It’s noticeable how much harder teams are running at us and pressing our defence, and winning the second balls. The Watford game especially. that said, we are not doing the basics at all well, passing at the moment is as bad as I’ve seen and the front 3 have all coincided crap form.
  8. 2 good posts. Agree with both. I still believe it was a massive gamble to not bring in a forward in the summer. Brewster, despite, all the hype is clearly miles off as anybody could probably have predicted. Salah is playing with an ankle issue, Robbo too. 10 games in December including a trip to Qatar a week before Christmas is unrelenting. Biggest worry for me is that trip to Leicester on Boxing Day, fear we’ll be running on fumes by that point against Vardy and co unless we can integrate more players into the starting 11 more often.
  9. Wicket

    Naby Keita

    All the niggly injuries have seemed to come along always at the wrong time, primarily when he was having to settle in and learn the way we play then, when he was finally showing good signs at the back end of last year he got that groin (I think) injury that ended his season then it seems that fucking Guinea applied massive pressure on him to play at AFCON, then most likely as a result of that he broke down again in pre-season. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and I know it can't be an easy decision to tell your country you can't/shouldn't play in a major tournament but I bet he wishes he'd told them where to go and have the summer off to properly recuperate.
  10. Wicket

    Best Free Signing ?

    I'd agree with all of this. What is also true is that we should have signed Gary Mac in the mid 90's instead of ending up with the the likes of Ince and Leonhardsen, he was always a top quality player and would have been a great influence on the squad both on and off the pitch.
  11. Wicket

    Barcelona 3 Liverpool 0 (May 1 2019)

    Great stuff Dave, as usual.
  12. Wicket

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Any wonder seeing fucking Hodgson at the beginning with Guardiola pre kick off. He hardly looked like a man who'd given his troops a team talk let alone anything remotely motivational. I bet he said more to Guardiola than his own team.
  13. Wicket

    Leicester (H) 30/01/19

    It's strange that the stats say we've scored more at this point that the same point last season but i agree in that like in games last night where not a lot was happening that we'd be best reverting to the Salah out wide and Bobby as the 9. Give Leicester credit, they defended well all night but the attacking subs last night not for the first time baffled me as to what they were meant to achieve, I thought Fabinho was very good when he came on but the problem was that 2 of the options in front of him were Lallana and Sturridge and no Bobby. I do think the way forward for the remainder of the season should be Fabinho, Gini & Keita with last years front 3 in last years positions. I genuinely don't see why this wouldn't work. I think that the Fabinho/Gini axis there is the key to unlocking Keita, with the added bonus of Shaqiri as the impact sub.
  14. Wicket

    Naby Keita

    i thought he did 'ok' in a game where others stunk the place out like Salah and Shaqiri. Personally i would have kept him on as I thought he was starting to make a bit of headway the deeper that Leicester got in the second half, especially so when Fabinho came on.