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  1. Thiagos eyes screamed I've just witnessed brilliance.
  2. SilverSong

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Good fun. 2 different endings apparently.
  3. SilverSong


    No side effects at all from 1st AZ. Now 5 days into a complete T.K.O from the 2nd. Im telling myself I will have super immunity as a result.
  4. SilverSong

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    For anybody who has been fined for breach of Covid regulations I advise apologising. Seems that should suffice. Move along, move along.
  5. SilverSong

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Army of the Dead on Netflix. Fookin ace zombieheistastic.
  6. SilverSong

    Rate the last film you watched...

    So far removed from the book as to be ridiculous. Could have, should have been world building and lead to Rainbow 6. Why even call it Without Remorse.
  7. SilverSong


    This x3. I literally have 3 bilateral prolapsed discs in my lower back. Several years ago my Dr told me cauda equina was a real risk and that surgery was more a when than if. The pain does flare up but I just do everything I can to keep fairly mobile. Waitaks advice is sound especially wrt core.
  8. The Dent Collector. While looking for work in America, a British insurance expert finds a job working for a mod as a dent collector. But when a job turns bad, he is forced to return to the office and file a report.
  9. SilverSong


    And so it starts. Our bloody infallible prime minister "The general view is people have had quite a few days off, and it wouldn’t be a bad thing for people to see their way round to making a passing stab at getting back into the office,” My blood is literally boiling. In governments opinion, and therefore the new media rhetoric in waiting, us feckless plebs who have worked from home as mandated are workshy and most likely taking the piss. Personally speaking I have never worked more hours, been more stressed or been less capable of switching off than when working from home. Boris Johnson you are a despicable stain on humanity and perpetual misery would be too good for you.
  10. SilverSong

    MCU Discussion Thread (Contains Spoilers)

    Whats the theory regarding who wants to meet Rambeau. Is it still RR.
  11. SilverSong


    Ahh but remember there was no national outtage. Cos outtage and shortage are the same thing. Question Mr Twatcock, did all national healthcare providers have all the ppe that they required. No. So there was a national shortage. No. So did the nation have all the ppe it needed. No. So there was a national shortage. No. Are you actually a complete and utter fuckwit. Yes.
  12. In this modern era of stats stats heatmaps and damned lies is there any data out for like ball speed. We just seem to be moving the ball more slowly.
  13. SilverSong

    GameStop Taking Down A Hedge Fund

    Thanks, I now kinda understand the what of it. Still dont understand the why or how. Why can shares be borrowed. How can more than 100% of shares be in play. Just 100 shares of company XYZ exist. How can 2000 of them be in play.
  14. SilverSong

    GameStop Taking Down A Hedge Fund

    SongJr has joined the GME train and is quite prepared to lose a few bob if it helps shake the tree. As a consequence I now be thinking whats it all about. So apparently I can borrow 1 share of XYZ valued at £10 for £10 (why borrow not buy) then slag off XYZ such that shares are more likely to devalue to £5 (such is my influence) and then buy at £5. I return my borrowed share and Im £5 quid up. Hey presto, nothing dodgy like manipulation here. Why can you even borrow shares. Surely its a buy/sell situation. How can you even trade in more than 100% of something. You cant trade more than there is. I dont get it. Seems dodgy as fuck to me.
  15. SilverSong

    Expanding your vocabulary

    Deleterious. Contemperaneous. I be jiggered if I could use both of them there monstrosities in a single sentence.