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  1. SilverSong

    Red Star Belgrade (6/11) Champions League

    Less than the sum of our parts.
  2. SilverSong


    Wow. This really is quite the thread. Sincere thanks to everyone who has contributed. There is no rulebook for grief but ultimately those of us left behind must carry on by whatever means. My own experience still leaves me angry and numb at the same time. My wife and I do appear to enjoy life but on my own behalf Im never quite sure if Im simply faking it. I feel that the loss of R defines me more than my amazing wife A and grown up children B, D and J. Aint that just a kicker.
  3. SilverSong


    My wife and I lost the younger of our twin boys shortly before their 1st birthday. 22 years ago on the 27th of this month. I had just turned 25 and the Mrs was 21. It changed both of us so profoundly that I doubt we know who either of us might have been. Probably amazing that we are still together. Guess love makes us stronger hey.
  4. SilverSong

    Minor things which stress you out

  5. SilverSong

    Real Madrid - The European Cup final

    Confidence. What confidence. The real Madrid have already won. Dont even know why my beloved LFC are even bothering to turn up. We should concede to avoid inevitable embarassment. I hate football anyway.
  6. SilverSong

    What are you drinking for the game?

    Might treat myself to a Ribena.
  7. SilverSong

    Emre Can

    Rumour is that during his extensive layoff he has been taking recuperative dance lessons. Can can can can.
  8. SilverSong

    TLW Deadpool 2018

    No. They are waiting until he is wiser and older.
  9. SilverSong

    Theresa "MAY" not build a better Britain.

    I dont have the words to express how much this breaks my heart. I, Daniel Blake is but a pale version of the truth.
  10. SilverSong

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Blueshite in my local just 5 mins ago. "Glad to have Rooney back, should never have left, his career nosedived after Everton, time to resurrect his career". Swiftly followed by "We need to stop signing all these foreigners for £20m, paying them £10m a season and then fucking them off". Fucking comically deluded prick.
  11. SilverSong

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Home insurance is a deterrent ?
  12. SilverSong

    May calls General Election on 8 June

    As requested by Rico I hereby bestow an honorific badge of social conscience upon Piston.
  13. SilverSong

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    So let me get this right. It is a proven fact that millions of people in the UK work because they want to not because they need to. Millions. Wowzers who'd have thought.