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  1. SilverSong

    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    Yupp, I would also have preferred 6 points from our last 4 league games instead of the 3 we actually got.
  2. SilverSong


    Infuckingsane. Mind you I trust yougov about as much as I trust pfeffel.
  3. SilverSong


    I actually thought it gave a high level of false positives. Mayhaps its just the opposite test.
  4. SilverSong


    Mrs Song works in care sector for vulnerable adults. Twice a week they do PCR test* and lateral flow* at start of every shift. She's just been told they now need to do lateral flow in own time on non-shift days. The logic seems to be get tested everyday. * I might have the technical terms wrong. I basically mean slow result and fast result.
  5. SilverSong

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    Be like me and never regret missed opportunities. I certainly dont regret the times I didnt invest the price of a cheap night on the lash on a fuck load of satoshi back in 2012, current value upwards of £500,000. Thankfully I hadnt heard of Bitcoin back in 2010 cos at the risk of a few quid I'd now have that much money I'd probably have to be a fucking tory. Lucky escape.
  6. SilverSong

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Imagine all the people living life in peace.
  7. SilverSong


    Id actually argue the very opposite. If it was genuinely r5 v r3 then by 10th generation of unchecked transmission that would be circa 10mill vs 600k infected. Methinks they plucking numbers and chatting shite as per.
  8. SilverSong

    The Mandalorian

    Jeremy Bulloch RIP.
  9. SilverSong

    The Mandalorian

    That was quite the episode. Pure unadulterated Star Wars vibe.
  10. SilverSong


    My favourite bit is when phish said "without lack of evidence...."
  11. SilverSong

    Kirkby Training Complex

    Couldnt agree more. 19 n n n n 19.
  12. SilverSong

    The Mandalorian

    Baby Yoda cutesy my arse. Orrible Little Fukkin Food Mouth Twat more like.
  13. SilverSong


    So I be living life in Tier 3, mostly working from home. On occasion I be required to attend my site of employ in that there Wrexham. So from Friday can I go to the office when required. Clear as mud.
  14. SilverSong


    Read earlier that the threshold for Tier 3 is simply Tier 2 not working. Bearing in mind that the tier system is not yet actually in place how then does Liverpool go straight to Tier 3. Politics methinks.
  15. Voted in every General and Local since eligible. Only ever voted Labour but have considered Greens. I would vote tactically to block tories.