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  1. Seinfeld by a mile for me, even though I do like Cheers. Pretty strong argument can be made for Seinfeld being the best sitcom of all time (let alone best American).
  2. sh#t waffle


    That would be heartening were it not for the fact that Dan Hodges has never got a single thing right in his entire lifetime, so I fully expect Cummings to become prime minister by the end of the day.
  3. sh#t waffle


    I'll repeat what I said earlier, this Tim Martin chap sounds like he has nothing but our best interests at heart. Good on him. Not like he has anything to gain from this is it?
  4. sh#t waffle


    I mean I trust him, he's bound to have an impartial view on this. Glad he's looking out for me.
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  6. sh#t waffle

    Your top 5 favourite American sitcoms of all time?

    My top 4 is definitely: Simpsons Seinfeld Curb your enthusiasm Always Sunny Then the rest are tied: Arrested Development/Cheers/Rick & Morty/Community/Parks & Rec
  7. A mate of mine is a season ticket holder at Spurs, and based almost solely on that game he believes Lovren to be one of the worst defenders he's ever seen play for a big club. I would therefore absolutely love to see him move to Spurs.
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  10. sh#t waffle

    Bournemouth (H) Premier League 7/3/2020 - 12:30

    What a scandalous decision.
  11. sh#t waffle

    Naby Keita

    You don't need even a rudimentary knowledge of tactics to be a football genius, and he's a football genius etc.
  12. sh#t waffle

    Boxing 2020

    Nothing says 'fall on my shield warrior' like blaming a defeat entirely on wearing an LED costume that was a bit heavy.
  13. Mignolet has hinted in a couple of interviews that Karius is a complete prick. I might be guilty of some minor confirmation bias as he actually said he didn't want to talk about him and felt sorry for him after Kiev, but I'm pretty sure he meant to say he is a complete prick.