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  1. sh#t waffle

    Ace Footy Shirts

    She's like a slightly more attractive version of
  2. sh#t waffle

    Man City - the new bitters?

    There's a city supporter on Twitter who's relatively sound unless he's talking about the conspiracy against City. When they won the league by a point from us, he tweeted 'Dear football. You're welcome.' - and supporters of other clubs were queuing up to thank City for saving them from the horror of us winning the league. It was truly bizarre...
  3. sh#t waffle

    John Barnes...

    He was like a new pundit. The final piece of the punditry jigsaw. Etc.
  4. sh#t waffle

    John Barnes...

    Yep, think he was there on Saturday too but I zoned out because, well, it's Harry Kewell.
  5. sh#t waffle

    John Barnes...

    I'm in Sydney at the moment and he was doing some half time punditry from the pitch on the coverage there.
  6. sh#t waffle

    What are your all-time favourite chocolate bars?

    Admittedly not had the cookies n creme one but once had the misfortune of eating a normal Hershey’s bar and it tasted of solidified vomit.
  7. sh#t waffle

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    I'm doing my bit, believe me, I'm nothing if not a trier.
  8. sh#t waffle

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    I should probably clarify, it's not that there isn't a big craft scene, it' more that I don't think many of the beers I've tried since I've been here have been particularly impressive – nothing to the standard of Cloudwater, Pollys etc. They may well be out there, but I've just not found them!
  9. sh#t waffle

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    Thanks mate, but I should have said 'apart from Cooper's'! Really like all their beers. Have been here many times over the years (my wife is from Sydney) and up until a few years ago I was jealous of how easy it was to get a beer like Cooper's on draft when in the UK we only really had lager and real ale (which I love but not all the time). But I think in the last few years the UK has moved way ahead of Australia in terms of variety and quality of craft beer both on draft and in shops.
  10. sh#t waffle

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Just wish I had the ability of an Evertonian to roll with the punches and not let perceived injustices fester unnecessarily, but alas not.
  11. sh#t waffle

    Becoming a dad for the first time

    Whereas my little one learned the word penis yesterday and has been walking around saying 'mummy penis' to anyone that will listen...
  12. Have always thought Oliver was one of the more competent refs but this is absolutely disgraceful from him.
  13. sh#t waffle

    Becoming a dad for the first time

    Yep, their gel is good too.
  14. sh#t waffle

    A Sunday Feeling

    The Sunday night dreads have never left me. It was always the only night of the week I struggled to get to sleep, and this has continued into adult life – even if I'm on holiday and don't have work the following day.
  15. sh#t waffle

    Personal news

    So sorry to hear this Dave, condolences to you, Gail and your families. Hope to see you back here when it feels right...