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  1. sh#t waffle

    The Athletic

    I preferred the Athletic when it was still on Sub Pop.
  2. sh#t waffle

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Put in a valiant effort but in the end agonisingly missed out on the "Liverpool didn't win the Champions League" trophy too.
  3. sh#t waffle

    FSG are not shit

    It can't possibly be that - this is an internet football forum for fuck's sake, there are rules and standards of debate to uphold.
  4. sh#t waffle

    The Athletic

    Really not sure how this can possibly work without adverts long term. £40 per year, even with 200,000 UK subscribers (which seems seriously generous) is only £8m a year, and they must be paying serious wages to have poached all those established journalists from national papers.
  5. sh#t waffle

    Tranmere (A) Friendly, 11/7/19

    He's an utter prick; however I hope the club sent him a Champions League winner's medal for the important role he played in number 6.
  6. sh#t waffle

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I'm sure Naby's tears at seeing that sick burn will rust his Champions League winner's medal. (oh, and he also scored more goals last season than Andre Gomes)
  7. Yep, I only noticed Hendo's run yesterday, he was definitely trying to find him.
  8. sh#t waffle

    Computers and consoles - what have you got?

    Currently have a PS4 Pro and Switch. I don't really feel I play games enough to justify having more than one machine anymore, yet know I will get a PS5 the second they confirm TLOU2 for it.
  9. sh#t waffle


    No, sure, though the racism I encountered felt as much a result of how isolated the country is as its history (though of course this plays an undeniable role too).
  10. sh#t waffle


    I will almost certainly move there one day as my wife is from Sydney. I do like it there (and I like Melbourne far more than Sydney), and in some ways the standard of living is definitely better, as much for the high wages as the climate. But on the flip side, although the UK is hardly a liberal paradise at the moment, I am always struck by quite how right wing Australia is every time I go there. And as others have said, having grown up with Europe on the doorstep I would struggle with how isolated it is. Oh, and I fucking hate spiders, which is something of an issue.
  11. sh#t waffle

    Shenmue 3

    I did indeed do the duck racing! Very funny. I can't recall the birthday quest even after having just watched a YouTube of it.
  12. sh#t waffle

    Shenmue 3

    Shenmue 2 (in particular, though I loved the first one too) was so so so good.
  13. sh#t waffle

    Alisson Becker

    His positioning and anticipation is just outstanding. He rarely has to make 'spectacular' saves (though he is quite capable of doing so) because he's usually in exactly the right place to begin with.