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  1. I definitely think that's a fair guess, but in spite of the money they have the lack of direction the club has is definitely comparable with us in the mid-90s. They bounce from manager to manager without a consistent ethos or style of play, and their transfer strategy seems completely scattershot. You might be right, but I'm not certain. For all the hype around them at the moment, I still don't think they have a single player that comfortably gets in ours or City's first team.
  2. sh#t waffle


    Eek. Not good news either way
  3. sh#t waffle


    Out of interest if she knew she'd had it, why did she take the antibody test?
  4. Of United's games since the restart I've only seen the Spurs game, and they were completely fucking woeful. Spurs under Mourinho are horrific to watch, but they absolutely battered them until the hour mark, and should have been out of sight. I'm loving the delusion from their fanbase, as someone who spent large swathes of the 1990s claiming that Jamie Redknapp would walk into United's side I can see it for what it is.
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    Yes, sadly I think you're probably right. But I suppose that's why I at least want Starmer to go down swinging to some extent.
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    Out of interest, when did Italy, France, Germany or Spain last have as many as 176 deaths in a day?
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    That's staggering. But I've probably never been more disillusioned with politics in my life; post-Cummings they know they can get away with absolutely anything. And while I do to some extent understand Starmer attempting to play the 'bigger man' – particularly given those poll results which show that members of the public largely still blame each other rather than the government – how about trying to educate the public as to the scandal that is our response to this? He should be absolutely fucking hammering them.
  8. sh#t waffle

    Sadio Mane

    Code, if you love Salah so much why don't you just marry him?
  9. Saying KDB is a better footballer than any midfielder we have is not an overly controversial opinion; he is one of the best footballers on the planet after all. But saying they're not fit to lace his boots is fucking ridiculous. It's not like lacing his boots is difficult, is it? And KDB would have to be some prick to employ someone to specifically lace his boots for him – and even more of a prick to think that a fellow professional footballer would think it a good gig. And I am even more doubtful he'd be able to convince a newly crowned premier league winner to do it for him.
  10. I was absolutely gutted when Shaun Wright-Phillips went to Chelsea.
  11. sh#t waffle

    Sadio Mane

    Why do you hate Salah so much, Scott?
  12. sh#t waffle

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    We don't care what the red shite say, he sings, as he – a grown man – drives past the ground swearing at random people.
  13. sh#t waffle

    Kevin De Bruyne

    This thread represents a clear come and get me plea from Kevin.
  14. sh#t waffle


    Absolutely fantastic news KMD7!