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  1. ZonkoVille77


    Mmmm. Kinky.
  2. ZonkoVille77

    Catherine Bach, Lynda Carter or Farrah Fawcett?

    Lynda. Catherine Bach had a blokes face. Rough.
  3. ZonkoVille77

    Shrewsbury (A) Fa Cup 26/1/2020 - 17:00

    Hearing rumours Klopp will be sending out the youngsters, not managing the team. and honouring the winter break. Anyone else hear that?....
  4. Kelly. Must have ruined a thousand socks on her.
  5. ZonkoVille77

    Susanna Hoffs, Wendy James or Kim Wilde?

    Hoffs. But I had a huge one for Wendy. Minx.
  6. ZonkoVille77

    Your Top 5 Favourite Comedy Films of All Time

    The Life of Brian Step Brothers Airplane! Anchorman Kingpin
  7. ZonkoVille77

    Debbie Harry, Stevie Nicks or Kate Bush ?

    Nicks. Big time.
  8. ZonkoVille77

    Shrewsbury (A) Fa Cup 26/1/2020 - 17:00

    We're fuckin shite.
  9. ZonkoVille77


    The toilets are going to start filling up big time if everyone is confined to their homes. Sewage crisis next. Great craic.
  10. ZonkoVille77

    Adidas Trainers

    Quite like this colour https://www.size.co.uk/product/blue-adidas-originals-bc-trainer---size-exclusive/189412/
  11. ZonkoVille77

    Adama Traore

    Reminds me of a faster version of Jermaine Pennant. And for that reason, I'm out.
  12. ZonkoVille77

    Wolves (A) Premier League 20/1/2020 - 20:00

    Brilliant to dig that out after their spell of dominance. We had plenty of chances but so did they. Very good side who play decent stuff. It didn't have to be so hard though. Someone needs to give Mo a bollicking for tonight. He was playing for himself only and that's not good enough.