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  1. The same ones who are currently claiming football does not matter given what is going on (mostly to justify them wanting season voided to spite us) but watch it REALLY matter when they mock us mercilessly if and when it is voided.
  2. Little prospect of this season being completed IMO. Noise coming from the government is suggesting this 'lockdown' is going to get worse and last a long time.
  3. Late to the party, too late actually as it has ended - love both, but Ted takes it for me. Exhibit A.
  4. Do we need a sulking, little shithouse who agitated for a move away and downed tools? No, ta.
  5. The Athletic reporting this. Fucking unbelievable if true. UEFA to demand £275m to postpone Euro's. European football’s governing body will demand compensation of about £275 million from its clubs and leagues to postpone Euro 2020 by a year in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This is what UEFA estimates it will cost to push the European Championships back by 12 months to June 2021 and will be relayed to European football’s stakeholders in emergency meetings on Tuesday, during which it will be confirmed the tournament will be delayed by a year
  6. I see Rooney has been having a cry Stupid twat - what would he do if he had to work on the frontline of the NHS right now? Apart from hang around the elderly hoping to get a shag of course.
  7. an tha

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Turbomong. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2375447-i-was-a-football-hooligan-for-30-years-and-i-loved-every-second-of-it
  8. I see no reason why can't play on and hopefully we will. The closed doors issue is more around the strain on services, ambulances, police etc than it is people getting this virus at the match IMO....as we say pubs, trains etc are chocker - people are working etc. But closed doors if it has to happen should be easy enough - i'd even suggest maybe the players/staff go into quarantine to ensure all are healthy to play...they get paid astronomical amounts of money so giving up a month say of doing that is hardly a big ask IMO. Bob Paisley said he would sweep the streets around Anfield if LFC asked him to, these players on millions of pounds a year can go into isolation/play/back to isolation for a month to win LFC a title IMO.
  9. I want it won and forever burned into history as the most dominant, widest, record breaking title win ever. One nobody can argue with, cast even a tiny shadow of doubt on...i want 30 years of waiting to be released in glorious triumph and to shove all the taunts back down everybody elses throats....i then wanna drink for days and days on end celebrating the greatest title win ever.
  10. I don't like idea of being given something we haven't really won....and frankly i see no reason we can't just go on and get it won, if that means behind closed doors later in the year so be it.
  11. Yeah - Don't want to be handed a title that hasn't been won mathematically. It is gonna be disappointing and such a shame to see it awarded even when actually won behind closed doors, with none of the euphoria amd the scenes that go with it to recall forever....but at least we'd have won it. But being handed it in a fucking meeting of PL suits - fuck that.
  12. Was in the ale house last night - was chocker.....handling money, being given change that had obviously been other peoples before hand.. etc. Was on a tube train - was chocker. Went to work in an office yesterday that has 600 people in it using lifts, communal eating areas, shared toilets etc How is staging PL football matches behind closed doors any more risky than any of those things thay I and millions are doing every day?