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  1. an tha

    Chelsea v Leicester

    But a chelsea means both of them can finish at least level with us whatever we do. Whereas a draw or a leicester win means 2 wins for us 100% guarantees us a top 4 place....and as an added bonus would mean the chelsea vermin miss out....unless they beat the cheats in the european cup final. I'd rather have it 100% in our own hands going into last 2 games myself.
  2. an tha

    Chelsea v Leicester

    A Leicester win or a draw means we have it 100% in our own hands.....that for me is best place to be.
  3. We should be bouncing after today, but the worry is a 3rd game in less than a week with pretty much no options to rotate as we are down to the absolute bare bones.
  4. Brazilian comms....boss. https://twitter.com/i/status/1394002176805122056
  5. Can we get through the two days of training before this without losing half the 12 players we have left please? Then we'll take it from there. If we win no training before sunday!!
  6. an tha

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Once everton has touched you....
  7. I had forgotten he managed those twats....that cements my hatred even more.
  8. Allardyce is one horrible, bitter twat....a dinosaur who plays ugly, cowardly football and gets fawned over by the media for being some sort of 'saviour' of shite teams. Fuck him.
  9. Yeah a chip and gravy barm is a thing of beauty. Don't understand the insult at all me.
  10. If fat shams team had shown as much fight as he did in that interview there all season they might not have gone down. Horrible cunt
  11. Could still end up in a GD situation v chelsea if they lose to leicester and win last game and we get only 4 pts from last 2 games...
  12. In a season of miserable shite what a fucking moment. What a fucking moment. Please don't waste this v Dyche's dinosaurs or the fucking owl now.