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  1. Behave. 8th tops. Just ahead of the Goodison Galacticos
  2. Definitely on Mane yeah. Bit surprised he started - i thought 3 would be Salah, Jota, Firmino....would have offered more IMO than 3 he played tonight, but he sees them in training etc has all the medical advice and he went for what he went for. Just realised i missed Keita off that missing list too. Some list isn't it! We really could do with Henderson and Thiago back and soon. Jones is a prospect, but he shouldn't be starting week in week out for us.
  3. an tha

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Spot on. Comes in pretty much one style, what colour seats do you want! Leicester Southampton Derby Middlesbrough Swansea Hull All spring to mind all built mid 90's - mid 00's
  4. Anyway if we didn't do it the hard way it wouldn't be the Liverpool way would it!
  5. Our 3 games this week starting with Leicester will have been squuezed into pretty much the shortest possible timeframe. Sun Night Late kick off - Sat early kick off You can see why Klopp is fuming...
  6. an tha

    Fans back in stadiums

    Great point. Club should be lobbied on this.
  7. You can see from team selection tonight too how heavily this scheduling is weighing on Klopp's mind.
  8. Klopp slaughtering BT: Easier to talk about a good game. We had moments but not real chances. It could happen to other teams. You ask us to go Saturday at 12:30, which is nearly a crime. That is nothing to do with the result, but congratulations to you. "Thumbs up, no injuries and we go again
  9. Klopp slaughtering BT: Easier to talk about a good game. We had moments but not real chances. It could happen to other teams. You ask us to go Saturday at 12:30, which is nearly a crime. That is nothing to do with the result, but congratulations to you. "Thumbs up, no injuries and we go again."
  10. That stings....especially as we were so poor. But it was always a possibility given team. It is of course easy to point finger at Klopp, but his options are seriously limited at the moment and players have to be rested in this ridiculous schedule - i notice our 3 games this week starting with Leicester take place in pretty much the shortest possible timeframe (Sun Night through to Sat morning) Shuffling the pack is understandable - the problem is he has nothing even like a full deck to shuffle. Everyone (or most) would agree Robbo needed a breather - he has been flogged to death. A lot of us would look at Matip and worry about his durability to play 3 games in a week.....Klopp made call to start him of course and he played in what was our 10th different centre half pairing this season....they were and they looked like strangers! How fit will Matip be Saturday now? We'd look at front men and say someone needs a rest.....but then Origi is such a different type to any of the others...it nearly always looks unbalanced when he plays. Wijnaldum has played an unbelievable amount of games over last week or so prior to tonight, he looked fucked because of it....flat and tired and lacking intensity. Milner is 34....can he cope with back to back games and in different positions in a short few days....playing at RB on Sun up and down all day is hard then be asked to play against good opposition in middle. The Williams kids shouldn't be anywhere near the level of playing in European Cup games yet, but we are forced to play them as options so short. Robbo and Trent are absolutely integral to how we play...we are desperately blunt in terms of atracking width, creativity and pace from their positions when they aren't in side. Midfield lacked control and ability to win ball and then dictate play once got it.....due to injuries though there were little to no other options...maybe Fabinho in there, but Klopp in back of mind must be thinking about him being needed at centre half or if Thiago and Hendo are not back weekend he'll be needed in middle and 3 games in a week just after injury might be too risky. All in all this injury crisis was always gonna see us exposed at some point, we have done brilliant to manage as well as we have so far with it, but as soon as wanted to or needed to make changes with massively reduced options to do so we were really vulnerable and tonight that vulnerability was badly exposed. Henderson Thiago Gomez TAA VVD Oxlade Shaqiri All unavailable - imagine how different our rotation could look if they were available. Hopefully we can get 2 or 3 of them back and keep them back for weeks and months ahead and then in Jan address the centre half issue... Fabinho is boss in there but he also is pretty key to our midfield options and for me we need another centre half desperately so we aren't throwing Williams in at this level in knock out stages...or relying on Phillips in league/walking a Matip injury tightrope or struggling in midfield because Fab is needed at back. Tonight stings and maybe Klopp could have done things differently, but for me he had to shuffle the deck, just damned shite luck that his deck is so depleted when doing so.
  11. By removing our attacking width from both full backs....asking a 34 year old to play a 2nd game in a few days, by having our 10th different pairing at centre half, by Gini being dead on his feet after playing about 4 games prior to tonight in a week or so and having nobody to replace him due to injuries and by having Divock Origi in front 3 as opposed to Jota or Firmino....
  12. Got what we deserved tonight... Problem is the changes are understandable given the mad schedule and demands on players.....but due to how many injuries we have we always looked short of quality for this tonight....these are not mugs. Without our first choice full backs we become totally blunt in terms of attacking width and the link up to our front men. The midfield lacked guile and the ability to control ball and therefore dictate play. It was always going to be case that our injuries would leave us exposed somewhere down line, especially when want to make changes like tonight......you can change 3 or 4 when you have a full deck to shuffle, changing 3 or 4 when already down to bare bones is a different story... Oh well we always do it the hard way in Europe, looks like this year will be no different now
  13. That was mind numbingly bad.....but at least we are level. Just shows how special our first choice full backs are and how integral they are to how we play and how threatening we are. Just blunts us so much missing them both. Midfield has been anonymous too, not enough winning of the ball or when got it retention of it. I'd bring Fabinho on at HT to help us win and keep ball and at least have a base to build from and i'd get Robbo on so at least one side of the team has some pace and attacking threat - he can hopefull then get Mane involved higher up more.
  14. an tha

    El Diego, snuffed it?

    Hope not the case. He was boss and of course he broke the hearts of millions of little ingerlunders in 86 - one of my very favourite non LFC sporting moments.
  15. Aye hopefully twatting them again so can. Have we got 5 subs mind?!!?