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  1. Creator Supreme

    Jordan Henderson: European Cup Winning Captain of Liverpool

    I'm proud that he's Liverpool's captain, I never thought I'd say that a year ago. I'm proud that I shook his hand once and that my lad got his photo taken with him. Kudos to the king for signing him. Kudos to Klopp for keeping him as captain! Even kudos to Rodgson for making him skipper. I really hope we win the league, he deserves to do that daft dance before raising the Premier League trophy!
  2. Creator Supreme

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I think most of them would have a fucking stroke with the knots that would tie their tiny brains in!
  3. Creator Supreme

    Jordan Henderson: European Cup Winning Captain of Liverpool

    Why did I ever doubt him? He's grown as a captain and human beyond belief in the last few years!
  4. Creator Supreme


    Cheeky cunt! Cheeky cunt!
  5. Creator Supreme


    It's a cracker!
  6. Creator Supreme


    Not that I'm one to look at the positives but 200000 have recovered out of that million so far! If you keep looking at the negatives only in a crisis like this you'll end up dying of fright, never mind the virus! Frank Carson, News at Ten, Belfast!
  7. Creator Supreme


    He's probably already on here or maybe I'm being harsh - Jamie fucking Oliver! I'm sure he's just using this crisis as a publicity opportunity!
  8. Creator Supreme

    The NHS

    The greatest gift ever given to a country, and the country has been trying to break it ever since it took it out of the wrapping paper!
  9. Creator Supreme

    TLW Deathpool 2020

    Supersonic sad!
  10. Creator Supreme

    ‘Greatest TV Detectives’ Poll

    Nah, no worries mate, I see your reasoning now. Stick with your list!
  11. Creator Supreme

    ‘Greatest TV Detectives’ Poll

    No George Gently? The John Hannah version of Rebus but not the Ken Stott one?
  12. Creator Supreme


    Will the same cunts complain when those NHS jobbers are saving their families lives? Wankers
  13. Creator Supreme


    Cheers mucker, anything is worth a go. Hope your health is improving.
  14. Creator Supreme


    He'd probably enjoy it as long as he had phone signal!
  15. Creator Supreme


    The lad drives me insane! He's not one of these feral little sods you see prowling the streets with their hands down the front of their kecks or smoking pot on a street corner. He has got issues (he's moderately dyslexic and I think he's suffering from depression), and it just seems like he's given up! Just guts me!