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  1. Dunno, Peter Withe (I know he didn't play for us, but he is a scouser) deffo did, Arcadia Shepherds I think.
  2. I note a laughing emoji at the bottom in the reactions, fucking cunts. Dock them 20 points.
  3. The fact that he hasn't played top flight football for over 10 years, plus he's still recovering from a life threatening illness may have played a part too. I wouldn't be surprised if FSG try to get the next manager to include him to save a bit of cash.
  4. Well one cup will be gone by Sunday. It's alright, Garth Crooks said injuries are just part of football. He was supposed to be praising Mo Salah but used it as an opportunity to have a go, the fucking toad!
  5. They're the government's club and the Royal family's club, they will not be allowed to fail, they always find a scam that saves them, like selling their training ground for €200m.
  6. Dr Kananga's latest words of wisdom: Mohamed Salah (Liverpool): It's no use Jurgen Klopp putting his hands on his head every time one of his players goes into a tackle. Curtis Jones, Diogo Jota and Darwin Nunez all came off with injuries in Liverpool's 4-1 demolition of Brentford but that's football. Expecting a footballer not to pick up knocks is like expecting a chef never to cut his finger. This wasn't a dirty match full of pernicious tackles but a full-blooded Premier League fixture. Liverpool are involved in four competitions and their wounded list is lengthening. The Reds are still flying high at the moment but can't sustain any further injuries in what is fast becoming a depleted squad. The Merseysiders are about to play a resurgent Chelsea in the Carabao Cup final which, at one point, looked a forgone conclusion but is now too close to call. Any more players sidelined and it would also pose a serious threat to their title challenge. Fortunately they have Mohamed Salah back after a stint on the treatment table and he looked impressive. With Salah on the pitch, anything is possible.
  7. Unbelievably, Andrea's Brehme has gone at 63. And for those who like Strictly, one of the dancers Robin Windsor has gone at the stupidly young age of 44.
  8. I'm shocked at who negged you Skend.
  9. The real war crimes are happening in the UK. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-68344991
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