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  1. Which pisses me off as it means those shits from the emptyhad will probably take the wins record off us this season.
  2. Creator Supreme

    Poverty in the UK

    I've just posted about this in the Tory Cabinet Thread, fucking awful!
  3. Creator Supreme

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    You're not wrong!
  4. Creator Supreme

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    Just watching Dispatches on C4, Growing Up Poor: Britain's Hidden Homeless Kids! Absolutely fucking heartbreaking! We're destroying this generation, kids worrying about getting evicted, about having to pay for stuff like glasses (poor kid was fucking made up when they said they were free because he knew if they had to pay his mum couldn't afford them), and kids saying stuff like "I wish I had nice clothes", "I'd like to go to a restaurant someday" and "I wouldn't like to go on holiday, it's too expensive". Some of these people are working as well, and they're still struggling and it's ruining the kids, no wonder anxiety and issues such as adhd and autism are on the rise, the environment they're living is awful. Makes me ill!
  5. Creator Supreme

    Ibrahima Konaté

    Brick shithouse! He's a fucking monster! Not sure if he'll end up at Virg or Joel's level ability wise but done OK so far.
  6. Creator Supreme

    The BBC

    Sacrificing virgins probably, the malevolent shitehawk.
  7. Creator Supreme

    What's the story behind your username?

    A piece of commentary on an Ian Rush goal which was set up by Kenny, Gubba described The King as the "Creator Supreme"!
  8. Creator Supreme

    TLW Deathpool 2021

    He admitted that the 'mouse' line was his favourite, shame, seemed like a nice fella, went too young.
  9. Creator Supreme

    Man Utd (A) - Sun 24th Oct 2021 (4:30pm)

    I'd like to give Andy Robertson some praise here! How he refrained from smacking that rapist twat when he got booked for booting Curtis I'll never know!
  10. Sepp Van Den Berg will shit us (Yes I know he won't be allowed to play against us)! 2-0 to Preston!
  11. Creator Supreme

    Film/TV villains which shit you up

    Scary old cunt!
  12. Creator Supreme

    Film/TV villains which shit you up

    What's that from?
  13. Creator Supreme

    Film/TV villains which shit you up

    Jo Whiley!
  14. Creator Supreme

    Man Utd (A) - Sun 24th Oct 2021 (4:30pm)

    And suddenly I miss working in Manchester!
  15. Creator Supreme

    Mohamed Salah

    There is no way on earth we're paying him that kind of money, and personally I don't want us to. He's on a shitload of cash already, he's at the top of his game, and it's downhill now from here. I'm sick of the wages in football anyway, ruined the fucking game, a family man or woman even on a decent wedge can rarely afford to go now the prices are that stupid, and all football agents should be fired in to the sun (Mino Raiola first)! Love Mo, he's been amazing, but I think it's a fait accompli that he's gone next summer.