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  1. Ashley Williams is full of shit "All credit to Albania you can go out two ways, the way they did, or the way Scotland did." They both went out on 1 point!
  2. Hugo Boss or Versace I think.
  3. Can't we all just agree that all religions are shite and leave it there?
  4. I think it would more likely be similar to the arrangement in Ireland the other year between Martin and Varadkar.
  5. If I remember correctly later on she got them caught in the shower curtain (the corner rows, not her chebs). I could see Nunez doing the same.
  6. Champions could be out here.
  7. Because Tom Brady is part owner? Well done to the EFL for saying no.
  8. Why is anybody trying to reason with Stronts or Code? As pointless as Nunez' finishing.
  9. If you believe The Commitments Cath, some of our Dublin based forumites may be able to say different.
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