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    I'm now 30, and feel like far more than 4 ears has passed since I first wrote my bio
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    Punk rock, photography, beans on breakfasts

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  1. Absolutely no question for me. Everton don't bother me in the slightest and I enjoy keeping an eye on their results. City don't deserve to have prospered and should have everything taken away from them.
  2. I cooked a chickpea curry. Was nice but i feel delicate this morning.
  3. Just the right amount of beans in fact. There was loads of everything and I ran out of beans just as I was finishing my breakkie. They got it spot on. And yes, whole tomato. The one weakness but pleasant nonetheless.
  4. How did you blag it? I'm hopeless at that sort of thing, what tricks did you have up your sleeve?
  5. Stopped at Otterburn Mill on our drive back home from a weekend in a fancy shepherds hut in a field in the middle of nowhere in Northumberland my missus bought me for xmas. Absolutely tremendous fayre. Really, very good indeed. Hard to find fault other than the insistence that perfectly cooked mushrooms belong on a veggie breakfast but not a full English, though once again I was donated a couple. Tomato was nice but firmer than you'd want in an ideal world. Everything else: fabulous. Somewhat pricey at £28 for two breakfasts, 2 coffees and a (huge) cheese scone to take away. 9.5/10
  6. Absolutely fucking yes! What did you eat that with?
  7. You only have to look at the back of his socks to know he should never get to play for us.
  8. But... why would you buy shit butter mate?
  9. All power to you, but I started to lose that battle about 5 years ago.
  10. I've got an 11 year old daughter and I'm delighted that we can choose to listen to good pop music together because of the existence of Taylor Swift, rather than almost anything else she likes to listen to.
  11. I’d let him have the last proper game of the season given Klopp has jibbed it in. Send a message to the coward.
  12. I’m booked for Dubrovnik (well just south of, actually - a place called Cavtat for me and my missus in late august. it’s her 50th this May, so I’m thinking of booking us a days skippered yacht hire as a bit of extravagance but otherwise for the holiday I’d probably quite like to get out and about a bit and see the place. did you drive about and what’s that like over there? Easy enough? if there’s one place to go and visit other than Dubrovnik where we are, what is it?
  13. I’m not sure how much he classes as a standup and he doesn’t tell jokes in the traditional sense, but I saw Mike Wozniak last year and it was probably the consistently funniest hour I can remember. he told a long, untrue story with a million tangents and diversions and it was utterly brilliant. similarly so was Ross Noble but in a very different way. I don’t think he finished a single sentence or thought for the entire show, and it felt like every line was spontaneously uttered, which is a hell of a skill.
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