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  1. Evelyn Tentions

    Sausage egg & chips

    Get the biggest you can find/afford, highest wattage and a removable basket. I've never sen the Ninja ones over here but they look expensive. Air fryers rock, chips, pizza cakes, anything just about.
  2. Evelyn Tentions

    Sausage egg & chips

    Lucky bastard. About an 18 hour flight for me and there won't be a return flight for about 12 months. Proper Cumberland sausage them. Should always be in wheel like that.
  3. Evelyn Tentions

    Best single line in a film

    You're a cunt 1 min 30 sec in
  4. Evelyn Tentions

    Best single line in a film

    Here's looking at you kid
  5. Evelyn Tentions

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    She looks like a cunt
  6. Evelyn Tentions

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    How would you know the black pudding was top drawer?. It's been drowned in bean vomit
  7. Evelyn Tentions

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    Not only that but even when they're sitting in the little seat at the back the little twats are wiping fuck knows what on the handle for the next shopper to find.
  8. Evelyn Tentions

    Tory Cabinet Thread

    She was totally wrong calling one Tory MP scum They're all scum
  9. Evelyn Tentions


    In regards to compensation, Wales' charity commission considered asking parents "exactly how close were you to your child?" It was looking to refuse compensation for those who weren't deemed close enough to their children. But the question was never asked. The commission ended up providing about $645 to each family, because it was advised anymore would ruin the lives of the working class people, who wouldn't be used to large sums of money. Some things never change. Patronizing cunts
  10. Evelyn Tentions

    Sheff Utd (H) - Premier League - 24/10/20 - 20:00

    I don't have a problem with VAR, I've wanted it for years. What I do have a problem with is the useless twats who are implementing it. No spectators is not half the problem I have as a TV spectator as the fucking crowd sounds which are as annoying as the laugh track on a shitty American sitcom
  11. Evelyn Tentions

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Must of hurt himself diving poor diddums
  12. Leonard Cohens Greatest Hits Music to slit your wrists by
  13. Evelyn Tentions

    Secret Shame

    Just a Minute isn't Just a Minute anymore. No Parsons, no Freud, no Kenneth Williams or Peter Jones
  14. So is Steve Winwood but he got canned pretty sharpish
  15. Evelyn Tentions

    The Foodie thread

    Vietnamese pork black puddings. Fucked if I know how they make them. Very tasty but a totally different herb/spice flavor. About 80p each, charcoal grilled.