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  1. Evelyn Tentions


    Given the quality of his crosses into the box, I'd like to see Robbo take more and maybe, maybe, shudder, even fucking practice at Melwood. Just as long as those wage thieves Achterberg and the cunt who is supposedly coaching our throw ins aren't doing the coaching.
  2. Evelyn Tentions


    What's wrong with old newspapers?
  3. Evelyn Tentions

    The Foodie thread

    Why are you wrapping the meat in strawberry ice cream?
  4. Evelyn Tentions

    Donald Trump

    War against the environment? War against the poor?
  5. Evelyn Tentions


    John Barleycorn must die.
  6. Evelyn Tentions

    Funny Pics that aren't worth starting a thread for

    The crash might be genuine but his shirt should be as covered with dust as his face.
  7. Evelyn Tentions

    Another School Shooting

    In 48 days. Well done NRA, Trump and the rest of the fucking morons. Add that to the number of police shootings.......
  8. Evelyn Tentions


    Article in the Grauniad today about male decor by a guy called Kevin McKenna and I thought this bit was worth posting on here. Tam is a veteran of the building trade and on being asked in a wine bar by a lady he was squiring to order her a margarita he told her that they could have a pizza later.
  9. Evelyn Tentions

    Road Cycling

    The homestay I'm staying at in Vietnam has really crappy bicycles for guests so my plan on this trip was to use one to get fit and try to lose some of my surplus pounds. Hoian is not too bad for cycling - the motorbikes are probably crazier than most of Vn (which is quite an accomplishment)but there aren't as many and there are very few hills. Its the first time I've ridden a bike in over 50 years so I'm very impressed with myself. The weight loss isn't going as well as I'd hoped due to the humungous appetite that I seem to have developed. Also something tragic seems to have happened to my knees over the years, really painful after a day on the bike.
  10. Evelyn Tentions

    The GF Savoury Pie Poll

    Your average Australian pie is minging. Not for nothing are they (and sausages) known as mystery bags. I bought a 'chunky beef' (as opposed to the usual watery mince) one in passing through Tenterfield a while back. Drove a few miles down the road and took a bite. The fucking meat was rotten, literally. Almost invariably sold with soggy pastry.
  11. Evelyn Tentions

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    That bacon looks like its got white fungal mold on it.
  12. Evelyn Tentions

    Smoky BBQ Crunchy Roasted Crickets

    They are crunchy and taste of whatever spices they are cooked with. Go down well with a beer.
  13. Evelyn Tentions

    Leather jackets

    All the extra zips and the stitching on the shoulder pads bumps the price up a fair bit. Ready to try on in 2 days in your choice of leather that is going to set you back the thick end of 120 quid.
  14. Evelyn Tentions

    Leather jackets

    I'll show them this photo and get a quote on it. I wish I had the shape to wear one but lugging one around for weeks would be a pain. Then again after wearing it in this heat for a few weeks, I probably would have the right shape but it would need re-tailoring !