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  1. Evelyn Tentions

    PIA Plane Crash In Karachi

    I was on a long overnight flight a couple of years ago when we hit some major turbulence. A couple of kids shouted "Whee" and after a few more major bounces, nearly all the passengers were saying it and treating the whole thing like a fairground ride.
  2. Evelyn Tentions

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    That would be the cable fairies. There's at least one behind every computer and TV setup. Every night they tangle all the leads and cables so that all your neatly laid out cables now resemble a rats nest
  3. Evelyn Tentions

    Annoying Americanisms

    What are you hinting about Father Christmas and the tooth fairy? They haven't died/passed/kicked the bucket/croaked have they?
  4. Evelyn Tentions

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Burst yolk. Bread not toast - and brown bread at that. Burnt sausages, chemically colored bacon AND beans
  5. Evelyn Tentions

    The Ailment thread

    Get yourself one of these off eBay. Once you/your missus has cleared out your lughole, you can use it to see if there is anything you've forgotten about up your arse.
  6. Evelyn Tentions

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Also worthy of a spot in the "Smarmy faces made to punch" thread
  7. Evelyn Tentions

    Weird things you like

    Not all that different. Pizza without the base! My mum used to grate or crumble cheese into a saucer, crack an egg into it and add a bit more cheese over the top. Cooked in the oven until the cheese melted. The only other time I've ever seen it was on Hairy Bikers shower
  8. Evelyn Tentions

    Marmalade. What side of the wall do you stand?

    Where did Desperate Dan get his Cow pies from then? They've even got a statue of him in Dundee.
  9. Evelyn Tentions

    Weird things you like

    But you think sugar butties are weird!
  10. Evelyn Tentions

    Weird things you like

    Sugar was rationed in the UK until the mid 50s. In 1945 the weekly ration was 227g a week. About the amount of sugar in a 2 litre bottle of Coke.
  11. Evelyn Tentions

    What's the best tv who-dun-it ?

    Lots of locked room mysteries. The fish out of water English detective in the Caribbean premise started ok with Ben Miller but has just got sillier with successive detectives. Can't handle the sun but doesn't have the brains to wear a hat but solves impenetrable mysteries.
  12. Evelyn Tentions

    Weird things you like

    Sugar butties are proper working class belly fillers. In times of affluence conny onny butties. I darent buy condensed milk these days, I'd drink it straight out of the can. Lots of "non dairy creamer" varieties around now. Wankers, it's still about 50% sugar.
  13. Evelyn Tentions

    These Hipster Beards

    The finalists for come as a cunt day.
  14. Evelyn Tentions

    Marmalade. What side of the wall do you stand?

    I used to periodically have a glut of eggs and lemons/limes so to use them up I'd make lemon curd (or lemon cheese to give it its proper name). Gorgeous stuff, but it cost a fortune in butter and sugar to use the "free" lemons and eggs.
  15. Evelyn Tentions

    Beans on a fry up

    The actual beans do taste of nothing, it's the clag they're canned with that has the "flavor". Or that was the case when I was forced to eat them when I was a kid.