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  1. Homegrown cucumbers are delicious, we grow a couple of varieties in the greenhouse, including gherkins.
  2. Karl_b

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    To be fair, there are currently legitimate problems with the cost and supply of materials in the construction industry. I heard last week that one of the UK's major steel suppliers has stopped rolling new steel due to a lack of raw materials. Other materials and labour costs have risen by as much as 80% since this time last year. It's definitely am actual problem! I was just having another look at the planning application - and it was approved in March bit presumably has a whole load of pre-commencement conditions that they have to get on with. Although I couldn't find the actual decision notice ok there which means it may still be pending formal approval!
  3. Karl_b

    How does your garden grow?

    The rats wouldn't get a look in in our garden! We've added 4 feeders in the last year, plus a waterer and small raised "pond" and the number of birds is amazing!
  4. I can see how it happens. As someone who's had to take high doses of corticosteroids I've seen how effective they can be in controlling a debilitating health issue. It wouldn't be a significant leap, and I'm fortunate it wasn't for me, to think that you're so incredibly well so quickly with them that you couldn't give them up. I'm sure the same happens with painkillers, you become scared of what happens if you're not taking them.
  5. Looking forward to future thread title amendments: Jordan Henderson, MBE: Prime Minister, Bringer of World Peace, New Captain America and World, European and Premier League Winning Captain of Liverpool
  6. Karl_b

    GF Car Buying Advice Required

    Forgot to thank @rb14, and others, for the help here. I'm fucking useless at cars. What are the thoughts on second hand petrol hybrids? There are a lot of 3/4 year old Toyota peteol-hybrid estate cars around in our price range but are they a potential money pit when the battery goes?
  7. Karl_b

    Fish and Chips

    Vinegar first, then salt.
  8. Karl_b

    Fixtures, Draws & Results.

    And weeee'lllll keep on fighting until the end. Dun dun dun. No time for losers because we beat The Champions... Well, you get the idea with that.
  9. Karl_b

    Fixtures, Draws & Results.

    Cheers Bruce, no wonder we lost that team looks pretty average - must (I hope) have a few injuries? I'd have expected something more like: Meslier/Patricio Trent - Garcia - Martinez - Davies Fabinho - Rice Richarlison - Ziyech - Leao Ings
  10. Karl_b

    Becoming a dad for the first time

    If anyone can find evidence on this here forum of me saying that 1) I'd never get married and 2) I'd never have kids then they're an outright liar. Baby_b due in November. Holy. Moly.
  11. Karl_b

    Fixtures, Draws & Results.

    Also wouldn't mind seeing how the boys lined up after that transfer window and my formation change, if you can be arsed, Bruce.
  12. 1. You'd be amazed at how much heat is/would be lost through shit, crafty letterboxes, particularly in new builds. 2. Stops the postie forcing and then dropping breakable stuff through from a high level. 7. Piss off.
  13. Karl_b

    The Africa Thread

    Calling @Nunavut Patrick.