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  1. Karl_b

    Dog Pics

    Lots of great photos, I love this thread. Monty has a new favourite tree to drink filthy water from. Scruff.
  2. Karl_b


    Well, no. But then you know that and you know that's not the fucking point.
  3. Karl_b


    Fucking hell Stronts, you really bring shit on yourself sometimes.
  4. Took one for the team/forum this morning, a Premier Inn buffet. It looked serviceable, it was pretty poor: 2 x non-proper fucking sausages. Fine. 3 x bacon made from cardboard 2 x rubbery fried eggs 2 x black hockey puckdings 1 x hash brown Beans White toast Hire car keys - IT'S A FUCKING DIESEL (!) It was all a bit dried out, having been sat for who knows how long. All apart from the lovely beans. I'm having fruit tomorrow. 3/10.
  5. Karl_b

    The Wire - Season 5

    Fucking hell, gutted.
  6. Karl_b

    Whats your current aftershave

    L'Occitane Cedrat, it's all I've used for years.
  7. There's no substitute for bacon, that stuff is horrendous, I've had it. Repped for the animal welfare and shear fucking balls of it. I like a veggie breakfast and whilst there are some great veggie sausages out there, I don't want veggie bacon anywhere near it. Breakfast foods are my weak spot when it comes to giving up meat, most other stuff I can take or leave but I love me some fried dead pig in a morning. With us keeping chickens our home cooked breakfasts tend to be egg based - there are great options out there without trying to replicate the pork based full English. Having said that, and forgive me that I forgot to take a photo of it, yesterday we had veggie breakfast wraps from the local cafe whilst out walking the dog. It had veggie sausage, a fried egg, mushrooms, a hash brown, beans and cheese in and was delicious. I'll get another soon.
  8. I also thought the Dr Strange one was the best episode of What If...? so far and that the animation suited the character and more fantastical elements really well. I know this series is being pitched as events that happen in parallel to the main MCU universe and that they're just an anthology of stories but What If... it isn't? Am I overthinking the coincidence between this episode following so soon after the latest Spider-Man trailer, in which, an obviously not himself, Dr Strange is seen to be messing with the fabric of time/space all too easily? Is it possible that the series will have an impact on the MCU beyond just showing the possibilities?
  9. Karl_b

    This chant that we are getting grief for

    Whataboutery. "That shit thing over there is still going on so we'll keep doing our shit thing too." I'm glad the club is taking a stand and being proactive in trying to stop a chant that is hurtful to a part of our community.
  10. Karl_b

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Fuck me, why did I just read the last 5 pages of this thread?!