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  1. Karl_b

    Customer service

  2. Karl_b

    Becoming a Dad for the second time

    Wahey, nice one, Z.
  3. Karl_b

    Arndale Stabbings

    That's a very simplistic way of looking at it. Crime may be higher in a particular demographic for all sorts of reasons - if a group of people are overlooked and poorly treated without the economic and social structures to support them then it's entirely possible there'll be consequences.
  4. Karl_b

    Climate change - how arsed are you?

    In a hope that those big changes are made and that more people do the same. My quality of life is probably better for making those changes.
  5. Karl_b

    Climate change - how arsed are you?

    I've tried really hard over the last few years to reduce my impact on our climate. I've significantly reduced my meat consumption to 1/2 portions a week; taken to growing my own veg to reduce water usage, plastic and CO2 emissions (we top it up with a seasonal, UK, organic veg box); upgraded the fabric of our house; gone to 100% renewable electricity; stopped holidaying abroad (one work related flight soiling that); tried to reduce plastic waste (switched to soap and solid shampoo bars, don't buy plastic wrapped fruit and veg, bought beeswax cloths to wrap food in, etc); started making our own compost (the chickens help with that!) and tried to seriously reduce the amount of stuff I buy. It's really difficult and we're fortunate that we can choose to make some of the choices we do (food particularly). It still isn't enough, I've pledged not to fly at all in 2020 (which has already ruled me out of a project at work) but there are so many things we could do better: we still rely on a car, gas central heating and can't entirely remove our dependence on plastic. Even if we did everything we could, and we nowhere near do, then it STILL wouldn't be enough, the political will isn't there. We need completely green energy and infrastructure, a multi-billion dollar investment in public transport (fuelled by zero carbon electricity sources), to upgrade the fabric of our old building stock and find ways to roll out renewable heating, cooling, hot water systems. In construction (my industry) we need to recognize that 40% of the world's CO2 emissions are caused by the construction and running of buildings. We need to consider better building design, based around reducing the wholelife impact of the methods and materials we use. But we won't, because the political and economic status quo have too much to lose from it. We're fucked. I can recycle and compost all I like but we're still fucked. If you don't want to give up/reduce your meat consumption and flights to foreign holidays then you're not trying hard enough.
  6. Karl_b

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    "Ground" works is a generous term. It's reclaiming land and a massive unknown, of course it's fucking expensive and not an obvious place for building on. Idiots.
  7. Karl_b

    Milner: No progress on new deal

    Sign him up for life. Klopp - Lijnders - Milner. Succession planning.
  8. Karl_b

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    You still have to build waterproof retaining walls and foundations down to some sort of level ground before you can even think about building the superstructure. Tipping any old shite in there won't work. Incidentally, this also applies to the team if they ever do complete it.
  9. Karl_b

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The most risk in the majority of building projects is getting out of the ground, when you're building that ground from scratch then it has to be the first thing you bottom out. Spending three years and millions of pounds to get to this point borders on corruption. I'd fucking love me a job designing unicorn stadia that never get built for shed loads of money.
  10. Karl_b

    The Rugby League Thread.....

    Superb result that. My lot (Hull FC) had another patchy season so it's nice to see someone else mixing things up amongst the usual teams.
  11. Karl_b

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    12/14 recognised faces and I'm pretty sure I'd have got all 14 had the dog not distracted me. Where do I sign up?
  12. Karl_b


    You're a fucking monster.
  13. Indeed they are, one sat slightly under the beans.
  14. Karl_b


    I won't be personally! I'm an average baker but I'm hosting the presentation so that's my part in it. Some of my colleagues are great though, so I'll make sure to take some photos. I may attempt a Corbusian white box!