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  1. Karl_b

    Office Christmas parties

    We're spending an afternoon in Castelton, so a small group of us will take the advantage for a little walk in the Peaks. After that a bus back in to town for a few beers and some scran in a room we've booked at a good local boozer. Compared to the usual corporate dinner do I'm quite looking forward to it.
  2. Karl_b

    Have a rant thread

    Loud, personal conversations on the bus. Fuck off.
  3. Karl_b

    Everton (H) 2/12/18 Premier League

    They should swap him for this fella:
  4. Karl_b

    Raheem Sterling

    He'd be sensational under Klopp, shame.
  5. Karl_b

    Most hated Z list 'celebrity'

    Isn't he the long lost forumite Wig's, cousin or uncle or something?
  6. Karl_b

    The weather

    Windy innit?
  7. Karl_b

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Is this in a 'no deal' scenario? As someone who's mortgage ends in May and is looking to borrow additional money to renovate the house, I'm worried what affect this is going to have. We live comfortably within our means, we won't end up with a significantly larger mortgage and even accounting for a 1-2% increase, we'd be more than ok. This shit is all so chaotic and unpredictable that I have no idea what to do, a 5% increase would be unaffordable. A large part of me wants to just sit tight for a while longer and hope this mess all goes away, we have a GE and we maintain the status quo. Fucking Brexit idiots.
  8. Karl_b

    Louis Theroux

    Louis Theroux: A weekend playing with Guinea Pigs.
  9. Karl_b

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    I don't watch C4 news, fucking hell the presenter is a confrontational, difficult person. I hate people like that, don't let you finish what you're saying, make assumptions about what you've said, completely antagonistic. Eurgh. I got 5 minutes in, he makes some good, interesting, salient points but the presenter put me off.
  10. Karl_b

    Buvac gone?

    Wasn't as difficult as I thought.
  11. Karl_b

    Buvac gone?