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  1. Karl_b

    These Hipster Beards

    They aren't hipsters. * Rides off on fixed-gear bike with oat milk latte in hand *
  2. Karl_b

    Peanut butter

    I like both but prefer crunchy. In the midst of a UC flare crunchy peanut butter (and nuts/seeds generally) scrapes my insides to fuck so I see smooth as the medicinal option. PB&J on toast is the absolute nuts.
  3. Karl_b


    I may have made this up but isn't the reason this happens because the term 'doctor' in relation to medicine came after non-medical uses? Therefore it's historically been correct?
  4. Karl_b

    Boris Johnson

    Hull is a solid Labour heartland but voted to leave the EU, I know a lot of people who fit that profile. A lot of the neighbouring East Yorkshire constituencies are Tory lead.
  5. Karl_b

    MS Office

    If you want the functionality of Office why not just pay for it? Especially if you're using for your business. * This post brought to you by the Department of pissing on Chips *
  6. Karl_b

    TLW Partner's 11

    One or two issues like.
  7. Karl_b

    Championship Manager/Football Manager

    I've gone back to FM2013 for a network game with a few mates. We all took on a Championship team, 3 out of 5 of us were sacked by Christmas including me losing the Cardiff job. I got the Watford job after my mate was sacked and have turned them from relegation candidates to mid-table safety in no time. It's a lot of fun but I remember why this wasn't my favourite version. I also bought FM20, when it was on offer for £25 a few weeks back, and went straight in with a custom database for a new Wakefield City team. It was a bit of a steep learning curve having not played for about 5 years, there's so much extra stuff. It's a nice interface though and quite intuitive to play, even with the extras. The Wakefield game is quite easy so far, it's clearly designed to let you fly through the lower leagues and I won the Vanarama North with ease and am unbeaten halfway through my first season in the Vanarama National. They've got big financial backing so you can pick up a few players who could play at League 1/2 level if you splash the cash. I mostly picked up some free transfers and loans for the first season and then went in on 4/5 bigger players after promotion, including Adam Lewis, who is the best player in the league.
  8. Karl_b

    The Foodie thread

    I've cultivated a starter and made my own sourdough for the first time. Currently baking, updates to follow.
  9. Karl_b

    Dog Pics

    ...and then I found some birds in the hedge and then I tried to eat them and then I got covered in all sorts of crap and then I brought it in the house. Thanks mate.
  10. Anyone got any experience and recommendations? Our broadband is pretty quick but it lags a bit in the dining room, whicb I've taken over as my office. The Plusnet router is a few years old but seems ok when you're in the same room, I think I just need to extend the range a little. Running an ethernet cable through isn't an option, should I look to replace the router and go for a mesh system or go for a cheaper booster (there's some well reviewed Netgear ones in the £30-£50 range)?
  11. Karl_b

    Dog Pics

    He looks ace. Small humans make the best cushions.
  12. Karl_b

    Dog Pics

    He is mate. He's quite good at being groomed, the wife brushes him regularly and he doesn't mind us clipping him. His hair is more cocker than poodle, which makes it easier to groom. He doesn't always look that tidy though:
  13. Karl_b

    Dog Pics

    Beautiful dog Scott. How's she doing and coping with lockdown? Our knobhead is 1 in 2 weeks and we're making lots of progress through the difficult adolescent phase. There have been some really trying moments where I'd have happily given him up but I'd miss the stupid little bastard too much. Here he is refusing to let me get back to work until he's had a tummy rub, in his favourite hiding place and being a bit of a poser.
  14. Karl_b

    Dog Pics

    There's also the socialisation aspect, if you get a puppy. Given how important the first 4 months are in terms of new experiences, overcoming fears, etc, you'll need to consider what impact lockdown has on a pup's development.