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  1. Karl_b


    Oi, leave Warhammer out of it. Worrhamuh!
  2. Karl_b

    Online food shopping

    Fuck off, Momo.
  3. Karl_b

    What Monopoly Piece Do You Go?

    Monopoly is shite, so none. Up your gaming game.
  4. Karl_b

    How does your garden grow?

    I've just bought this. Only had a little read but I thought it might come in handy over the next 12 weeks to keep me out doing little bits whilst working from home. I liked the advice that "if the soil makes your bum cold, it's too cold to sow".
  5. Karl_b

    How does your garden grow?

    It was so nice out today, I was tempted to sow veg seeds today but I'm holding off until I know the cold nights have passed. I always go too early.
  6. Karl_b

    Revenge Neggers.

    Fucking hell, Stronts.
  7. Karl_b


    The country that lapped up all the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' clutter a few years ago didn't heed the message. Heh. Quelle surprise.
  8. The Simpsons and Friends were such a huge part of my cultural upbringing that I can't overlook them. Clearly they're not the greatest but they are amongst my favourites. In no particular order: 1. The Simpsons 2. Friends 3. Parks and Rec 4. Always Sunny 5. Community
  9. Karl_b


    My wife is choosing to ignore the advice and go to work, despite me having symptoms and being vulnerable. She's a stubborn, irresponsible person and I'm furious with her. But it's fine, she's only a teacher that will come in to contact with hundreds of people today.
  10. Branson is a cock-womble of the highest order. Deplorable twat. Be good to see some of that good ol' fashioned philanthropism from the top 1% with all of the wealth, wouldn't it?!
  11. Karl_b


    Bravo, sir, bravo. I'm fucked.
  12. Karl_b


    It's not clear to me what, other than the elderly and very ill, constitutes an "at risk" group. I have a cough, I'm asthmatic and take immunosuppressant medication - what the fuck do I do, call 111 or wait to get worse? It's been getting better over the last week but it's persistent for sure. I haven't left the house in 6 days and now it looks like the wife will be stuck here too. I'm loathe to panic but I also don't know what to do.
  13. Karl_b


    Fucking bats. That article reads like the start of Justin Cronin's trilogy of books, The Passage, about a pandemic, stemming from bats, that causes people to turn in to 'virals' (vampires) and destroy most of the world. Between years of reading and watching dystopian fiction and playing the Pandemic board game, I'm well sorted to see this through. Err, apart from the being vulnerable to the virus thing. But APART from that.