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  1. Karl_b

    Will you still listen to Michael Jackson?

    One of those moments where I'll always remember where I was because he died on the day of my Nanna's funeral. I was in the pub afterwards, drunk on Heineken and Jameson's with my Grandad (just like McNulty and Bunk) when we heard.
  2. Karl_b

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    "Hey Shaq, do you even lift?" "Like you wouldn't believe."
  3. Karl_b

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    He is the Goooooorst.
  4. Karl_b

    The GF book thread

    I just finished a sci-fi magazine called 'Visions', a collection of short stories and essays; issue 1 deals with the theme and concepts of 'home'. It's great, with some really thought-provoking and interesting ideas. My favourites from the collection were: a story about aliens that trade on the success of distant planets, watching from afar and betting on the outcomes; and an essay about the Japanese house and the beauty and simplicity of its construction and function. The first issue cost £12.99 but when ordering I took advantage of a deal and got the second one for something like £7. Highly recommended.
  5. Karl_b

    Bedroom Horror Stories

    I once went back to a young lady's and the ceiling was painted the same bright red as the walls. An absolute horror of a bedroom; at that point I knew she didn't share my taste for sleek, mid-century modern design.
  6. Karl_b

    What is your opinion on my policy ?

    We don't fucking want her.
  7. As long as it doesn't encourage Monty to come back. Fucking Monty.
  8. Oi, get posting some captions!
  9. Karl_b

    2018/19 Season Report Card - Fabinho

    Yet another great report on a sensational player. Every time I watch him I always think of how happy Section must be having him in the team.
  10. Karl_b

    Famous people who are probably sound

    Gary Lineker - met him in a bar once, seemed nice enough. Clarke Peters - saw him in Othello at the Sheffield Crucible a few years back (opposite Dominic West - Lester and McNulty, hell yeah!). Saw him in a local cafe, nodded, got a nod back. Sound.
  11. Karl_b

    Dog Pics

    My wife has wanted a dog for as long as I've known her but we've always been very sensible in accepting that it's not possible. We both work full time and just couldn't spend the time with one during the day. She's a teacher and a few months ago, her boss mentioned that they were going to allow two dogs in to school as "listening dogs" for children that are reluctant readers and that one of them could be ours. So, after 10 years+ of waiting, we're getting a dog! We've got to train it so that it's fine in school but we've settled on a cockapoo which are great around kids, intelligent and obedient. Went to look at some yesterday and fell in love with this little fella. He arrives in 5 weeks! Names currently being considered include Virgil van Dogk, Jordan Hendogson and Divock. I probably won't be allowed to name him.
  12. Karl_b

    Half Masts

    Hey look at that over there! * Rolls down turn ups* Yeah, the half mast cunts!
  13. Karl_b

    Donald Trump

    Superb. I look forward to future meetings with The President of Dol-phinland.