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  1. @Tony Moanero still has a Chopper and a Princess Leiea jumper.
  2. You probably have, but it just didn't come up in conversation. "So... Shagged any good men lately?"
  3. I fairness, half the replies are (quite rightly) ripping the piss out of the GBeebies gobshite who posted it; some even pointed out that she's not concerned enough to know that it's Lyle's, not "Lyon's".
  4. Looking at the terror in some of these posts, I had to check that I hadn't accidentally opened a match thread against Real Madrid or something. Luton have won two away games this season: Sheffield United and Everton. They are absolutely awful and even our depleted squad should be beating them.
  5. I work with a trans woman and a trans man, that I know of. There may be more, but whatever people have or used to have in their undies is none of my business.
  6. I bet Stronts was in full agreement with the cunts on Twitter calling Brianna Ghey by her birth name.
  7. I wonder if he'll go down on her. Maybe at the third time of asking.
  8. She's not the first person to see him and think "I'm in here. I'm definitely going to score."
  9. I remember once having a dream where I was sat in a pub on my own, flicking through a newspaper and feeling bored because there was nothing worth reading. I woke up really angry at my brain: my sleeping mind could have gone anywhere and done anything... and it chose that.
  10. I had a dream where I killed my mum and bummed my dad, while flicking the Vs at Sigmund Freud.
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