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  1. AngryofTuebrook

    Keir Starmer

    Never heard of the cunt.
  2. AngryofTuebrook


    Like prayer.
  3. AngryofTuebrook


    From about 08.45 - proof that homeworking and cats don't mix. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000gz52/the-papers-03042020
  4. AngryofTuebrook

    What are your favourite all time magazines?

    We were all conkers deep in Tony's Ma. She was quite something back in the day; just imagine a drunken Irene Handl doing the Sharon Stone leg-cross.
  5. AngryofTuebrook

    Jordan Henderson: European Cup Winning Captain of Liverpool

    He has certainly become something that many of us thought he never would.
  6. AngryofTuebrook

    24 years ago today "Rush, Barnes, Rush...Collymore!"

    "Collymore closing in!" As I recall, I listened to this on Radio Merseyside. The commentator was frantically describing the build-up, before going silent for a few seconds (presumably hitting the mute button and screaming "FUUUUCK! FUUUCKIN' YESS!") then calmly saying "the roar says it all". Nothing quite like a last-gasp winner.
  7. AngryofTuebrook

    Best Comedy Western

    It has darkly comic moments, but the backdrop of genocide makes it register lower on my comedy list than, say, Stan Laurel getting tickled in Way Out West.
  8. AngryofTuebrook

    What are your favourite all time magazines?

    The Paula Yates edition of Penthouse was entertaining.
  9. AngryofTuebrook

    Best Comedy Western

    Fun. Who needs it?
  10. AngryofTuebrook

    Best Comedy Western

    It wasn't the laughs that were stopping you from breathing in that scene.
  11. AngryofTuebrook


    NY and LA are now advising people to cover their faces whenever they go out. All those "letterboxes" and "bank robbers" in niqabs and burqas must be feeling pretty smug now. (Not that you'd be able to tell.)
  12. AngryofTuebrook

    Best Comedy Western

    I don't think it takes great psychic powers to predict that Moof is going to spaff his vote all over Miss Ballou's fine, fine ass.
  13. AngryofTuebrook

    Best Comedy Western

    OK. Since it's voting season, let's get this one sorted. Vote for up to three from this list. You've got until the end of April to vote.
  14. AngryofTuebrook

    What are your favourite all time magazines?

    Anyone remember a football mag called The Liverpool Way? That was occasionally OK.