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  1. AngryOfTuebrook

    Has any one ever...? Tell us about it.

    I once had a chat about electric buses with Johnny "Think of a Number" Ball. I've also discussed trade unions with Neville Southall.
  2. AngryOfTuebrook


    The EU thread says "Bonjour".
  3. AngryOfTuebrook


    Translation - TK is wrong.
  4. AngryOfTuebrook


    "The rates are going up" means that there are more infected people this week than last week. The comparison between this week and last week is not the comparison you're asking about. Your question is "what is the effect of the vaccines on the rate of infection?" For that, you would have to model a scenario in which everything else was the same but nobody was vaccinated and then compare the rates from that model to the real-life rates.
  5. AngryOfTuebrook


    2 metres a second. When do we get to the part where the parachute reduces the rate at which I'm falling?
  6. AngryOfTuebrook


    I'm not sure how to explain this to you, if you don't already understand it. If you jump out of an aeroplane, you will fall quite quickly. If you open your parachute, you will continue to fall: this does not mean that the parachute isn't working.
  7. AngryOfTuebrook


    Vaccines reduce the rate of transmission. https://www.newscientist.com/article/2294250-how-much-less-likely-are-you-to-spread-covid-19-if-youre-vaccinated/
  8. AngryOfTuebrook


    That doesn't show what you think it shows.
  9. AngryOfTuebrook


    What makes you think that the vaccines haven't reduced transmission from where the case numbers would be if we were unvaccinated?
  10. AngryOfTuebrook

    Wolves (A) – Sat 4th Dec 2021 (3:00pm)

    Another great acronym, great classic match and great film. Just need another great result to go with it. Just get these beat, Reds.
  11. AngryOfTuebrook

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    That song was adapted for Z Cars by an Anfield season ticket holder (Fritz Spiegl). Typical Kopite, idolising a cuck loser like that.
  12. AngryOfTuebrook


    Probably best to read something like this before going to war on vaccines. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/guides/z8fkmsg/revision/1
  13. AngryOfTuebrook


    Two points:- Firstly, if it's important to know, he should have asked someone who might know, rather than some random sports broadcaster. Secondly, that's not how you arrive at the truth of anything. You have to approach it with an open mind; as I've mentioned above, the first question is"has there been an increase in players collapsing?"
  14. AngryOfTuebrook


    I'm not sure if you're stupid or lying. Possibly both.
  15. AngryOfTuebrook


    Where's your model of how many new cases there would be if nobody was vaccinated?