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  1. AngryofTuebrook

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Liverpool winning the title* would have a direct - sorry, DIRECT - impact on their development. Obviously. That's why they were so shit and incapable in the mid-Sixties and mid-Eighties when we laid low their morale and cast a giant shadow over them. *As it happens, we won't win the title this season. It will be interesting to see what excuses this weapon uses when their "transition" inevitably fizzles out. I'm sure he'll find a way to blame us.
  2. AngryofTuebrook

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    According to the statement of demands issued by the organisers, no: neither the EU nor NATO are mentioned. https://www.scribd.com/document/394450377/Les-revendications-des-gilets-jaunes#from_embed?campaign=SkimbitLtd&ad_group=38395X1020983Xdbede08f03b02edaaa87d34657f5d9ad&keyword=660149026&source=hp_affiliate&medium=affiliate
  3. AngryofTuebrook

    Racist cunts in town

    Fuckers never turned up. A couple of hundred of us hung around, enjoying the morning sunshine and meeting up with a few people we've not seen for a while, listened to a few speeches, got some coffee and cakes from Pret, had a short march up Castle Street then buggered off to do some Christmas shopping.
  4. AngryofTuebrook

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Donald Trump tried to misrepresent the anti-Macron demonstrations, too. He, too, is a shitwit who has a complicated relationship with reality. That's why people laugh at him. Your levels of stupidity and dishonesty are Trumpesque.
  5. AngryofTuebrook

    Do you like Christmas?

    It's sentimental, I know I just really like it
  6. AngryofTuebrook

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Right, so... a Foreign Office-funded black propaganda project is criticising Corbyn for suggesting there may be a conspiracy? I need to lie down for a while.
  7. AngryofTuebrook

    Racist cunts in town

    Afraid not. One lad was complaining that he's now going to have to eat the satsumas he had in his pocket.
  8. AngryofTuebrook

    Racist cunts in town

    Well, we're here. No sign of any potatriots yet.
  9. AngryofTuebrook

    Office Christmas parties

    Ste Loves You Don't Steve Me This Way
  10. AngryofTuebrook

    Liverpool's Hidden Gems

    A bit of a write-up in the Guardian of places to go and things to do. https://www.theguardian.com/lnr-inside-track/2018/dec/07/the-kind-of-city-where-people-go-out-on-a-monday-night-how-to-do-liverpool-like-a-local?fbclid=IwAR2uTPL8CMdZVNnNvIrLR-OYiCdwN9Zh5sdB-nWJh0ewmjto_DZfU4uBJEI
  11. AngryofTuebrook

    Napoli (H) Champions League 11/12/18

    I'd rather not fart around with the UEFA Cup. Let's just twat them, Reds!
  12. AngryofTuebrook

    Napoli (H) Champions League 11/12/18

    Mad to think that in 3 days and a few hours, we might all have a massive downer on our club. Or we might all have raging hard-ons for them. Fucking hell, Tuesday is going to be tense!
  13. AngryofTuebrook

    Bournemouth (A) 8/12/18

    Even when we were 3 or 4 goals up, everyone was still determined to keep a clean sheet.
  14. AngryofTuebrook

    Bournemouth (A) 8/12/18

    6 days 8 goals 9 points Nice
  15. AngryofTuebrook

    Donald Trump

    It's baffling how stupid the President and his supporters can be. After he signed an international treaty in the wrong place, I tweeted this. My tweet was liked and retweeted by this person.