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  1. Before we appointed them, we already knew that Klopp was good and Hodgson was shite (just like we also knew that Moyes was shite and would tank at Old Trafford). Do you think (as Mil-ling clearly does) that Slot is shite? If so, what are you basing it on?
  2. He's missed the most important point (in my opinion): the money. The Premier League is no longer competitive; apart from us and Leicester, only the highest-spending teams have won it in the last 25 years. Most seasons, you know before the first game who is likely to be champions and the one or two (at best) teams that will still be competing after May. The Champions League has none of the magic of the European Cup. There was a time that playing Real Madrid or Barcelona was a really big deal, because you had to earn the right to make it to the later stages. Now* the big teams more-or-less get a bye into the last 16, because they have usually had to finish in the top two of a group with two shit teams. (*This is before whatever the fuck next year's set-up is.) In both competitions, there's a vicious cycle of decreasing competition: success can be bought by a small number of rich clubs and all the financial rewards of success go to making those clubs richer.
  3. Fucking hell. You're writing Slot off as a Moyes-level failure after one behind-closed-doors friendly. Which "top class manager" do you think the club should have appointed?
  4. Every person who chose not to protect themselves and others from a deadly virus was, indeed, either gullible and stupid enough to listen to anti-scientific loudmouths instead of actual doctors, or they were grifters who didn't give a fuck how many people got sick and died as a result of falling for their bullshit: so, yeah, morons and cunts. I have to say, the suggestion that people who promote the use of life-saving vaccines are in any way responsible for the rise of gullible idiots refusing to protect their children is really quite special.
  5. I imagine that "Live, Laugh, Love" shite plays well with a lot of voters, though.
  6. A bit of a cunt's trick to have Elliott and the gang bursting a lung before going "Oh, by the way, did I not mention I can do this?"
  7. There comes a time, when you're talking to morons who refuse to listen to facts, that you have to be blunt. Tell smokers they stand a higher chance of dying, and killing others, from cancer. Tell drink-drivers that they have a higher chance of killing themselves and others. Tell anti-vax, anti-mask cunts that they are endangering themselves and others. Nothing wrong with that.
  8. Douglas Is Cancelled (ITV-X) was excellent. Very funny and intelligent script brilliantly acted by a strong cast. For the first couple of episodes you think you're watching a witty satire about the world of celebrity, social media and cancel culture; then the third episode (which belongs in the "Greatest Single Episodes" thread) takes a darker turn. Much darker. It's all resolved perfectly by the end of the fourth episode (so you don't have to make a life-long commitment like you do with most of the programmes mentioned on this thread). Oh, yeah, and it's got Karen Gillan. Get it watched.
  9. I understood it first time (just as I understood at the time that warnings like that were accurate). What I don't understand is what you're on about.
  10. I've no idea what she's like at public speaking and debates; if she's at least competent, you'd think a 2% deficit could be easily overturned. The big question will be where those votes come from and if she can win the Electoral College. (In 2016, Clinton had a 2.1% lead over Trump in the popular vote.)
  11. When Sarah Chalke took over the role of Becky on Roseanne , there was a scene with the family sitting around watching Bewitched and complaining about how crap it was that they replaced the actor playing Darren, as if the audience wouldn't notice; the rest of the family complained, but Becky said she preferred the second Darren. That's the way to do it.
  12. Any word on Harris's running mate?
  13. No. Not having that. Not our Boris. I'm sure his motives were pure and selfless.
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