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  1. Agree, let Lovren leave and Salah can piss on Sancho instead.
  2. Funkasy


    If it means 8k netflix it will all be worth it. In other news they have found a nazi base on the dark side of the moon.
  3. He would not improve arsenal, hes just as a comical defender as the rest of them there, just more of the same.
  4. Funkasy


    Our national head doctor just said on the radio that he was 100% sure there were two type of covid19, one thats mild with very little symptoms and one that is much worse. He did not have proof at the moment but genetic test on the samples taken should help clear things up soon.
  5. Funkasy


    The doctor on the joe rogan show also said they were stacking animals on top of each other in cages, different species and then they shit down on each other and all kind of sickness can develop that would never happen in normal circumstances, then someone eats that infected animal.
  6. Funkasy


    I work with ventilation and house climate controle and ive yet to see a single system that cant shut off the recycle off 100% so where are you getting this info from ? especially when its hot outside, you dont use any of recycle air. So where is the information coming from that they all use the bypass damper to recycle the air ?
  7. Funkasy


    Most petrol stations sell some sort of grocery, so they probably under the same banner. They also have a ton of automatic petrol stations.
  8. Funkasy


    Denmark just closed EVERYTHING except grocery stores.
  9. Funkasy


    When the hospitals are all run over, thats when the idiots stop thinking about gdp. When they are losing relitives that need common surgery because all the doctors are either sick or busy with patients dying from lung disease.
  10. Yes yes the forum is becoming better again, the hate, the anger the personal insults. Unlimited power!!!!
  11. He fucking put Origi out right again.
  12. So is Origi getting on today or not? We should have scored 10 allready.
  13. Can we put origi on for firmino allready.
  14. Funkasy

    Pepe Reina

    Gone frome a part time cheerleader to full time karius.