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  1. Funkasy


    Danish health authorities say only 1.1 % have been infected with covid19. After doing random antibody tests all around the country.
  2. Funkasy

    Smart Watch / Fitness Band

    Wallet is also finally working here, so now its actually as usefull as it was intended to when i bought it.
  3. Funkasy

    Smart Watch / Fitness Band

    I have the fitbit ionic and like it allot.
  4. Funkasy

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Selling the best defender in the world should give us a premium price straight swap with Koulibaly
  5. Funkasy

    Other Football - 2019/20

    If he did he would give them lasers like that bond movie.
  6. Funkasy

    Other Football - 2019/20

    The faroese league starts tomorrow and tonight our health minister just said there was not a single corona infected person on the islands anymore... PARTY!!!!!
  7. I like that you can do 5 subs (2 that can only be made at halftime).
  8. Funkasy


    We had a family move in here a few months back, got them all (6) with regular traps with cheese or marzipan in them.
  9. Funkasy

    Geordie Arabia

    I dont mind seeing the hamster back in the premier league, he sometimes cries like a little bitch but he plays attractive football and seems a nice guy most of the time.
  10. Funkasy


    Yes, its 99% sure that they did not get it from someone else because of the low cases of positives and the only 3 new cases we have had since the 4th of april have all been people coming through the airport. But on the other had when the fuck does the virus really die is the other question.
  11. Funkasy


    7 people out of the 180'ish something people tested positive on the faroe islands have been tested positive again after getting out of quarantine, the government thinks its because the virus was still in their body when they were tested negative after 14 days and then somehow got active again later, they dont know yet if these 7 people could infect others in the new stage of the virus. But all family members have been put in quarantine again for a second time.
  12. Fuck that, keep the invisible man on the bench.
  13. Funkasy


    https://nyheder.tv2.dk/udland/2020-04-25-frontberetning-fra-sverige-det-er-kaos You can run it through google translate
  14. Funkasy


    Politicians in sweden say the hospitals are doing okey and everything is normal, while nurses are now saying that its total caos and mortality has risin to the extreme so they now do nothing byt work 60-80 hours a week dealing with death everyday and putting corpses in bodybags is common work. That experiment has totaly fucked up but just like the UK i think their government is getting allot of support.