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  1. Baltar

    Pre-season 21/22 & season ahead views.

    Is this the same cunt that tore us a new one yonks ago?
  2. Baltar

    Tokyo Olympics 2020 (21)

    Haha I love that the athletes are coming out to music from Japanese video games. Crazy Japs, gotta love them.
  3. Baltar

    Joel Matip

    Mo's just jealous Matip scored the best goal of the session.
  4. Who gives a fuck what FSG want? Why do these cunts even get a say in this? They're just here to sign the fucking cheques, a simple job that they are wank at doing. As long as Klopp wants a player, FSGs only role is to make it happen. That's their only usefulness to us. If they can't accept that role, maybe they should get lost and let someone else takeover.
  5. Baltar

    Euro 2020(21)

    England are overrated and flat track bullies that had a very favourable draw in both the Euros and the World Cup. The only top side England have beaten in those 2 competitions was a German team in total chaos. All this crap about how strong England are is just baffling. The difference in quality between Italy and England was so clear last night. Southgate and his negative team selections and tactics are nothing to be proud of.
  6. Baltar

    Euro 2020(21)

    This is why we love England, those wonderful fans of ours. This was BEFORE the game...
  7. Baltar

    Euro 2020(21)

    Immobile is terrible. Serie A must really be weak if this guy is one of their best goal scorers.
  8. Baltar

    Euro 2020(21)

    I blame the twat that brought these 2 on for literally a couple of minutes and expected them to score the most high pressure penalties of their careers.
  9. Baltar

    Euro 2020(21)

    Both he and one of the Italians took an age to take their pen and they both missed. Just step up and bang it instead of hanging around, you tits.
  10. Baltar

    Euro 2020(21)

    Credit to Sancho for trying to cry but the tears aren't coming out.
  11. Baltar

    Euro 2020(21)

    And they didn't. So predictable. And it's total bullshit that a kid like Saka was made to take the final kick, fucking stupidity.
  12. Baltar

    Euro 2020(21)

    Thank fuck hendo is off! No penalty miss for him
  13. Baltar

    Euro 2020(21)

    Dreading penalty shootout because Hendon will certainly volunteer and probably miss.
  14. Baltar

    Euro 2020(21)

    This ref is a multimillionaire. He referees games as a hobby. I doubt he'd want to waste his time in England and dealing with our media.
  15. Baltar

    Euro 2020(21)

    England need to win this now, I don't see them winning a shootout