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  1. Don't want to put any pressure on the lads, but beating this Real team in a CL final would probably be our greatest ever one-off result. Immortality waits for this team.
  2. Baltar

    Thiago Alcantara

    At the risk of signing like a broken record - we really needed to replace Wijnaldum. He had flaws but he was available for every single game. Difficult to replace that consistency that Wijnaldum provided without going into the transfer market.
  3. Real are the last team I wanted to play in a CL final. And I'm shitting myself about Fab and Thiago both being out for this one. Thiago looks like he's definitely out and Fab will be half fit. They have some very experienced, wily and talented midfielders, we really need our best 11 against them. Always seems to be something when we play these twats.
  4. Baltar

    Other Football 2021/22

    Wasn't expecting anything from Villa but why oh why did Gerrard take off Coutinho? Seemed like the perfect player to keep on as Villa needed breakaway efforts in the last 20 mins.
  5. Baltar

    Thiago Alcantara

    Really worrying. If Fabinho is also out for Saturday then we are totally fucked in midfield.
  6. Sadly these cunts will probably piss the league next season with Haaland so we needed to win it this season. Easier said than done against these oil cheats. If we win in Paris I won't be arsed about today though.
  7. Expected but still a bit gutted after that. Oil cheats proposer again
  8. We'll win and end the league season on a high but realistically, Villa are going to get twatted. They just seem to be a team tailor-made for a hiding from City. I'll be a little glum at the end but will not give the league title a second thought if we win in Paris.
  9. Baltar

    Other Football 2021/22

    Rangers are going to get twatted if they keep this up. Frankfurt creating chances at will.
  10. Baltar

    Other Football 2021/22

    Wow. Can't imagine West Ham can hold on to this but credit to good old Moyesy for having a go!
  11. Baltar

    Trent Alexander-Arnold

    I just jizzed. Again.
  12. Ali kept his wits after the save from Mount, the ball was spinning back into the goal after the save. Imagine him celebrating like mad and seeing the ball bounce into the net.
  13. Really pleased for Sadio after that penalty miss, he didn't look confident when stepping up. Probably felt Mendy knows him inside out and that was preying on his mind.
  14. Even with such key players dropping like flies during the game the boys still managed to see this one through. This team is just immense.