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  1. Give us the title and end the season. Don't give a shit about the rest. I want the title and virus or no virus I'll be going to fucking war if it's taken from us.
  2. Baltar


    Is there any good reason why we are still allowing regular passenger flights into the UK? Surely we have to start limiting all incoming arrivals to essential passengers, such as doctors, scientists? We're not even testing people for the virus at airports. How are we expected to control this outbreak if we're still allowing people into the country without testing? Am I missing something here or is this pretty insane?
  3. Baltar


    There's a weird conspiracy theory going around that 5G networks are the cause of this virus. Apparently that's why the virus is mainly affecting industrialised nations that have rolled out 5G and why the 3rd world has so far been mostly spared. Iran apparently have an extensive 5G network that was due to go live next month which is why they also have been hit hard. We are living in very strange times.
  4. Baltar


    So where did these two viruses come from then?
  5. Baltar


    I mentioned this a few days ago here, it's really the worst kept secret in London. We're fully expecting troops to be patrolling the streets by Friday, and eventually all travel in and out of the city to be stopped. Things are about to get draconian, Wuhan style.
  6. I know there are bigger concerns but I can't helped getting riled by cunts who are demanding the season be cancelled so early without even bothering to wait a few months to see what the situation would look like then. Why cancel now when we might be able to resume the season in July? Unlikely I know but it looks like the Chinese league is restarting soon, around 3 months after the coronovirus first appeared there. I live in hope we might also be out of the woods in a similar timeframe.
  7. Baltar


    Without wanting to cause panic, I've heard from several people who have contacts in the police and armed forces that a nationwide lock-down will be in effect by end of the week. Not sure what that will entail exactly (if true) but expect to see streets cleared and army guys on patrol. Supermarkets also expected to have additional security and measures to ensure panic buy does not occur which will cause huge queues. Could be false information but I expected something like this to happen at some point. If you are able, get stocked up on essentials by tomorrow would be my advice.
  8. Hope Karen Brady chokes on a coronavirus infected cock. Faakin slaag.
  9. I can't believe how much this is agitating me. How can it be that 9 games from the end and twenty-fucking-five points ahead of the rest that the title can be taken from us? This is truly blowing my mind. The injustice of this should it happen would be off the fucking scale (in sporting terms at least).
  10. If the whole season does get cancelled including the cups, at least that'll mean we remain champions of Europe. Guess that'll be a silver lining.
  11. 4 April sounds like an odd date to resume the season. Pretty sure we are going to be at the peak of the virus by then. Realistically I don't see the season resuming until at least July.
  12. That's assuming they'd be required to hand the money back.
  13. Why are you so sure? I'm fairly certain that given the choice, the majority of clubs would just vote to cancel the season.