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  1. Baltar

    Chelsea (A) Premier League - 22-9-19

    If Kante plays we've got our work cut out. If he's out and so is Mount, I fancy us to nick a win there.
  2. Baltar

    Emre Can

    Juventus' nickname is apt. They remind me of my old lady, eager to pick up a freebie (or close to a freebie) when out shopping even when it's not needed or just complete shite.
  3. We look disjointed without Hendo and Bobby.
  4. What a shit start. TAA poor there.
  5. Baltar

    Sadio Mane

    Salah has provided way more direct assists than Mane for the past 2 seasons, it's not even close. Obviously Mane helps to create a lot of goals with his runs, link up etc. but Mo can't be too selfish if he's way ahead on direct assists.
  6. Baltar


    Beckham was an excellent player. Not sure why he's considered to have "limited ability". There were few in the game that could pass or cross a ball as well as he did.
  7. Baltar

    Manager's banner.

    I'd reluctantly have to say no, although he did some pretty impressive things while manager and we'll never know how successful he could have been had he not experienced health issues while at the peak of his powers.
  8. Baltar

    Sadio Mane

    This has been brewing for ages, Sadio finally had enough. Love Mo, but he's too greedy at times. Jurgen needs to sort him out asap.
  9. Baltar

    Arsenal (H) 24/8/19 Premier League

    Get in. Deserved 2nd goal.
  10. Baltar

    Arsenal (H) 24/8/19 Premier League

    Good half, a bit disappointing we don't have more goals though. Arsenal have some top forwards, can't allow them to get into the game, they'll definitely score.
  11. Baltar

    Arsenal (H) 24/8/19 Premier League

    Having a clown 'keeper unsettles the entire team. Get it together Adrian ffs.
  12. Baltar

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I thought I couldn't hate him even more but listening to Tim Cahill suck the life out of the universe with his punditry on MOTD brings home just what an insufferable twat he is. Didn't think it was possible to have a more boring wanker than Shearer as pundit but listening to Cahill has proven otherwise.
  13. Baltar

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Would love him at Liverpool. A proper rough diamond.
  14. Baltar

    S**thampton (A) Premier League (17/8/19)

    Some awful misses by us today. Sucker punch seems inevitable... Edit: maybe not! Get in Bobby!