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  1. Tony Moanero

    Last movie you watched + in my ass

    Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner in my ass Cast a Giant Shadow in my ass One-Eyed Jacks in my ass
  2. Tony Moanero

    Last movie you watched + in my ass

    Deliverance in my ass Slap Shot in my ass Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory in my ass Hard Times in my ass Please Don’t Eat the Daisies in my ass Blow in my ass
  3. Tony Moanero

    Last movie you watched + in my ass

    Attack of the Killer Tomatoes in my ass Crimes and Misdemeanors in my ass Hannah and Her Sisters in my ass Paint Your Wagon in my ass
  4. Tony Moanero

    Last movie you watched + in my ass

    White Men Can’t Jump in my ass.
  5. Tony Moanero

    Famous people who are probably sound

    Shaun Williamson (Barry from Eastenders) David E. Usher Danny DeVito Brian May
  6. Tony Moanero

    Adidas Trainers

    Nah, I’ve never really liked them.
  7. Tony Moanero

    Most satisfying league win 18/19.

    Sadly, they all count for nothing.
  8. Tony Moanero

    What is your opinion on my policy ?

    I bet you like Blue Riband wafers, you bastard.
  9. Tony Moanero

    Adidas Trainers

    Ha ha. Bastard! They’d look great with some navy semi-flared cords and a Smedley polo.
  10. Tony Moanero

    Have a rant thread

    About five or six years ago, I bought a burger from Burger King in Liverpool Street station. The thing was lukewarm so I took it back and asked for a replacement. Seen the fella remove the burger from the bun and lash it in the deep fat fryer that they use to cook chips in.
  11. Tony Moanero

    Adidas Trainers

    I neither like nor dislike Liam Gallagher but I’ve never been able to fathom why he’s seen as some sort of style icon.
  12. Tony Moanero

    Adidas Trainers

    Expect to see loads of spotty 15 year olds rushing to buy this. Remove the Adidas badges and it’s like something you’d find in Primark or Matalan.
  13. Tony Moanero

    Adidas Trainers

    I’ve always liked Nike Daybreaks, especially in these colours. However, being a fussy sod, I’d prefer the suede to be a little darker and not as weathered looking.
  14. Tony Moanero

    Adidas Trainers

    Do you think? The clothes are turd and there isn’t much there trainee wise. I used to like Adidas Galaxy, but couldn’t wear anything with metallic stripes now.
  15. Tony Moanero

    Great live albums

    What are your favourites?
  16. Tony Moanero

    What constitutes the perfect cooked breakfast?

    Ordinary bacon butties > toasted bacon butties
  17. Tony Moanero

    Good Deeds

    I flushed the toilet after I had a shite.
  18. Tony Moanero

    Instant cunt identifiers

    Most of the cunts that you see driving Land Rovers in cities probably never venture into the countryside. Just a status symbol. Proper dick-heads.
  19. Tony Moanero

    Instant cunt identifiers

    As can Eric Pollard.
  20. Tony Moanero

    Instant cunt identifiers

    I wouldn’t feel comfortable in a quilted jacket, not my style at all, but they look smart on older men and women.
  21. Tony Moanero

    Instant cunt identifiers

    I haven’t owned any for more than a decade, but Barbour is sound. A lot of their stuff is timeless and there’s plenty to choose from. That said, I’ve not wanted to wear their waxed jackets since I moved to North Yorkshire. They tend to be worn by people who pretend they’re posher than they are, the sort of people who are desperate for others to think they have more money than they actually have.
  22. Tony Moanero

    Instant cunt identifiers

    “Another one ticked off my bucket list”