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  1. Turkish Delight


    I'm fairly sure SARS mutated to something more severe with a higher death rate among those who caught it which enabled it to be recognised easily and contained. I don't have the source but think it may have been a Chris Whitty presentation that I watched. Basically, viruses that are mild to most people have potential to spread wider and stay around longer as people go about their daily lives when they have them and transmit them. Obviously, if it goes mild to the extent it stops killing people then that's a good thing. When something is very obviously severe from the outset it's easier to identify and contain to bring the R rate low.
  2. Exactly this. He was fucking awful in the run up to that final and got away with mistakes against City and Roma through bad refereeing and luck. He was a ticking timebomb that was always going to cost us at some point. I remember in Istanbul having no real sympathy for Harry Kewell when he went off injured but I actually ended up meeting him and chatted to him about it years later. He said going off in the European Cup final was one of the toughest moments of his career but he knew he'd picked up an injury and wasn't going to be able to perform at a level the team needed him to so he asked to come off for the good of the team. Karius instead stayed on and cost us the game. For all Mignolet's faults, if he'd come on in that match I don't think we'd have lost.
  3. Turkish Delight

    Watford 3 Liverpool 0 (Feb 29 2020)

    Generally in this game there wasn't much in it but Watford won because they made less mistakes than us. Usually we don't make those types of mistakes but the big concern for me is that we aren't really creating a lot at all. Some of that is on the front 3 but where teams are setting out to defend deep in numbers both against the forwards and the full backs we need someone in midfield to offer something both in energy and creativity. That's just not happening at all. Fabinho has struggled since his injury and both Keita and Ox have stunk the place out recently when asked to fill in as well. If Curtis Jones plays well at Chelsea tomorrow then he has a proper stake for picking up that role at the weekend too as there's nobody else there standing out at the moment.
  4. Turkish Delight

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Abu Dhabi got involved with City as a promotional tool to deflect from their human rights abuses and corruption and to portray their country in a good light. I'm pretty sure it wasn't because of a love for the sport. At the point it becomes clear they are just magnifying those things by being obviously corrupt in the way City is run will they just fuck it off?
  5. Turkish Delight

    Man City - the new bitters?

    We play first the weekend after that too so if we win the next 4 they'd go to United at least 31 points behind us unless the West Ham game is played before then. We could do with them taking something off Leicester or a United win there would mean us winning the league that day.
  6. Turkish Delight

    Other Football - 2019/20

    I've decided I want them to keep winning now. I want us to win it in one of our games rather than after them losing. If Leicester beat them and we keep winning then we'd win it on 8th March if they lose at United. Better that they keep winning and we do it v Palace or them instead.
  7. Turkish Delight

    Shrewsbury (A) Fa Cup 26/1/2020 - 17:00

    It was noticeable how few crosses we attempted in the game and how they struggled with the few we did attempt. Our approach to attacking play seemed to be launching long passes into their deep defence with the front line all miles apart. The movement all over the pitch was non-existent.
  8. Turkish Delight

    Man Utd (H) Premier League - 19/1/20

    Ole will be out of a job soon enough anyway so I want us to smash them and not worry about him too much. I don't expect us to though. They'll look to sit in and hit us on the counter with pace. If we score first then I expect us to play keep ball until they get desperate to chase it and leave gaps. If they score first it could be a slog.
  9. Turkish Delight

    Worst you've ever felt after a defeat?

    Chelsea 2014 is the most gut wrenching one as I knew that dream was over following that loss and didn't think we had a side to challenge again. I think from a sheer bleakness perspective the home loss to Blackpool in 2010 stands out too. Not so much that we had been outplayed by Blackpool at Anfield which was bad enough. I just found the whole day emotionally draining as the match was a sideshow to the protests we had to do. At that point I was genuinely worried about Hick and Gillett keeping hold of the club and that we were heading for a decline we might not recover from.
  10. His problem is his lack of tactical acumen and to a lesser extent quality players. He has one way to play which involves quick counter attacks. That's effective against good teams who leave space in behind for Rashford, Martial etc. It won't help you break down a team camped in their own area though. They also score the least (or did until recently) amount of goals from set pieces in the league so they either aren't being imaginative enough with them or lack quality delivery. They're a team set up to keep every game tight and sometimes that means you edge a win on the big boys. Sometimes it also means you lose to the shite. Long may it continue.
  11. Turkish Delight

    Featured: That was the week that was (Dec 21-27 2019)

    David Luiz for worst performance by an opposition player for me. He was shocking at Anfield giving away the pen and then being destroyed by Salah for the third. Every time I watch Burnley I become more convinced that Charlie Taylor is the worst player in the league though.
  12. Turkish Delight

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Something just seems off about all this. Talk of Ancelotti being in Liverpool and agreeing a deal in principle being followed by statements that no official offer has been made yet and that he's in Rome. Either he's using them to get a big deal elsewhere or Everton are just trying to show they're being ambitious by releasing snippets before they're certain they can even land him. It's not to say he won't end up there but the messaging doesn't suggest to me that he will.
  13. Turkish Delight

    Silly And Not So Silly 19/20 Season Predictions

    I had a look at our fixtures last night. The 6 after we get back from Qatar are tough and January was when we struggled last year. Leicester (a) Wolves (h) Sheffield United (h) Spurs (a) Man United (h) Wolves (a) If we're still well clear after that run I may allow myself to be confident we'll do it.
  14. Turkish Delight

    Napoli (H) Champions League 27/11/19 - 8pm

    His performance at right back in the 5 minutes he got against Spurs was awful too. A narrative built after that game about the number of shots they had and how Alisson was the difference. Almost all came after our second and most of them came from Gomez struggling
  15. Turkish Delight

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I reckon the job Moyes did at Everton was massively over-hyped. He got 4th place with 61 points and a negative goal difference. That's a fluke occurrence as far as I'm concerned. Most years they got somewhere around that points total and finished 6th or 7th which was about par for what he spent. One year they finished 17th with 39 points. A total that would have relegated them a year earlier. He oversaw 11 years of mainly mid-table mediocrity where one cup final apart they never threatened to win anything.