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  1. Turkish Delight

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    While I agree Davies doesn't look like a Gerrard in the making Stevie was far from prolific when he was younger. I just checked back and at the point he turned 20 he'd scored once in over 40 appearances. Young Gerrard was tough, combatitive, skillful and rough round the edges as you'd expect from a young player. He only really became the player he did consistently when he was a bit more experienced and when Rafa came in and gave him more freedom to go forward.
  2. Turkish Delight

    VAR shit show 19/20

    They need to be open that VAR is used only to check offsides or whether the ball has hit someone's hand on a goal and stop fucking about with it outside of those things. I don't recall there being one single decision on anything else all season so what's the point in delaying the game for no reason at all?
  3. Turkish Delight

    Man Utd (A) 20/10/19 - Premier League

    They're set up to defend deep and play on the counter with pace with Rashford, James and Martial if he's fit. That's tactically inept against the dross of the league as it gives no method for breaking teams down who want to sit deep and let you have the ball. It might work against some better teams though as it's basically Hodgson's Palace blueprint. First goal is massive. If we get it I can see us playing the same sort of spoiling game we played against Spurs in the final knowing they lack the creativity to break us down if we stay organised.
  4. Turkish Delight

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Clinical finishers will outscore expected goals and better goalkeepers and defenders will concede less than it. Put it this way if Mane gets the same chance that Calvert-Lewin gets I know which one is more likely to score but expected goals makes their chances out to be even.
  5. Guessing I saw a different game than most. Just back from the match and thought that was one of Fabinho's worst games for us. He was shocking on the 3rd goal too. Mane Robertson Milner Mane and Robbo for the blistering start and Milner for calming the team down and encouraging controlled possession when he came on.
  6. Turkish Delight

    Salzburg (H) 2/10/19 - Champions of Europe League

    They'll be shit scared of taking us on. The time we flooded their emails will be imprinted in their memory.
  7. Turkish Delight

    Salzburg (H) 2/10/19 - Champions of Europe League

    Exactly my thoughts too. They may only be from Austria but they only narrowly went out to Napoli in Europe last year and have scored 5 or more 6 times this season already. One of those was against Wolfsberger who won 4-0 away at Monchengladbach the other week. If we don't win this we're going to have a big battle on to not be playing Thursday night football after Christmas.
  8. Turkish Delight

    Sheff Utd (A) 28/9/19 - Premier League

    Robertson has something in his ears. Guessing he might have something up. He was awful in that half though.
  9. Turkish Delight

    Napoli (A) Champions League 17/9/19. 20:00

    Give the players a rest at Milton Keynes next week rather than a tough European away. There's 5 days to Chelsea which is enough. Win this and we can give them a break in December when we're through and they'll need it more.
  10. Turkish Delight

    Sadio Mane

    The last thing we need is players not playing on instinct and hesitating before making decisions on whether to pass or shoot. It crippled Mane's game for a while after one in the derby a couple of years ago. Looking at the game yesterday I think the one he should have passed was to Firmino earlier. I don't think a pass to Mane would have reached him.
  11. Turkish Delight

    Bolton Wanderers and the like ....

    There's an old guy who's been on the telly this past couple of weeks who's been going there 70 odd years. I took my two kids to their first ever match in the friendly there last year and we sat next to him. He seemed a bit of a celebrity fan there as everyone knew him and he was so nice to my kids giving them his programme to read and chatting to them about the game. He couldn't have been more complimentary about Liverpool going there to make them some money either. His passion for Bury shone through and we had a good chat about their season ahead. I've been thinking of him today as the poor fella must be absolutely gutted. I know I would be if it was Liverpool. The people that stitched them for their own profit deserve to be strung up.
  12. Turkish Delight

    VAR shit show 19/20

    I hate VAR but mainly for the immeasurable stuff. I expect it will get more decisions right than previously but it will also break games up and slow them down which will work against more often than not. We'll also never score a goal like the one v Fulham at Anfield last season again as the VAR would be getting looked at for two minutes on Fulham's offside goal first. Added to that it ruins the experience of the moment when the ball hits the goal. I see it as more scientifically accurate but at the expense of what makes football so popular. It's fucking shit.
  13. Turkish Delight

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    She'll out-live all of them
  14. Turkish Delight

    2019/20 Season Trophy Predictions

    Premier League: Man City Championship: Fulham League 1: Ipswich League 2: Plymouth FA Cup: Liverpool League Cup: Manchester City SPL: Celtic La Liga: Barcelona Champions League: Manchester City Europa League: Manchester United
  15. Turkish Delight

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The thing that makes me laugh is the fact that there's pictures now makes it seem real to them. It's like Kings Dock and the fancy drawings of that never happened. I'm just nodding along to their excitement for the moment. The fall that's coming will be hillarious.