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  1. Turkish Delight

    Napoli (A) Champions League 17/9/19. 20:00

    Give the players a rest at Milton Keynes next week rather than a tough European away. There's 5 days to Chelsea which is enough. Win this and we can give them a break in December when we're through and they'll need it more.
  2. Turkish Delight

    Sadio Mane

    The last thing we need is players not playing on instinct and hesitating before making decisions on whether to pass or shoot. It crippled Mane's game for a while after one in the derby a couple of years ago. Looking at the game yesterday I think the one he should have passed was to Firmino earlier. I don't think a pass to Mane would have reached him.
  3. Turkish Delight

    Bolton Wanderers and the like ....

    There's an old guy who's been on the telly this past couple of weeks who's been going there 70 odd years. I took my two kids to their first ever match in the friendly there last year and we sat next to him. He seemed a bit of a celebrity fan there as everyone knew him and he was so nice to my kids giving them his programme to read and chatting to them about the game. He couldn't have been more complimentary about Liverpool going there to make them some money either. His passion for Bury shone through and we had a good chat about their season ahead. I've been thinking of him today as the poor fella must be absolutely gutted. I know I would be if it was Liverpool. The people that stitched them for their own profit deserve to be strung up.
  4. Turkish Delight

    VAR shit show 19/20

    I hate VAR but mainly for the immeasurable stuff. I expect it will get more decisions right than previously but it will also break games up and slow them down which will work against more often than not. We'll also never score a goal like the one v Fulham at Anfield last season again as the VAR would be getting looked at for two minutes on Fulham's offside goal first. Added to that it ruins the experience of the moment when the ball hits the goal. I see it as more scientifically accurate but at the expense of what makes football so popular. It's fucking shit.
  5. Turkish Delight

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    She'll out-live all of them
  6. Turkish Delight

    2019/20 Season Trophy Predictions

    Premier League: Man City Championship: Fulham League 1: Ipswich League 2: Plymouth FA Cup: Liverpool League Cup: Manchester City SPL: Celtic La Liga: Barcelona Champions League: Manchester City Europa League: Manchester United
  7. Turkish Delight

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The thing that makes me laugh is the fact that there's pictures now makes it seem real to them. It's like Kings Dock and the fancy drawings of that never happened. I'm just nodding along to their excitement for the moment. The fall that's coming will be hillarious.
  8. Turkish Delight


    On a Virgin train from London my work paid 160 quid one way for (for standard class). Train is delayed by over half an hour and the air con is broken in all carriages. I'm physically in decent shape and my shirt is absolutely saturated and I have sweat pouring down my face. Virgin are making a killing from selling cold drinks to people and haven't even apologised. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if someone in poor health dies on this train. The sooner these fucking things get renationalised the better.
  9. Turkish Delight

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    I'll predict some nice free flowing football with ok results until they play an open game with us at Stamford Bridge at the end of September and we absolutely smash them. That'll be followed up by an early Champions League exit and Frank leaving in about February.
  10. Turkish Delight

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    Reds quest for being unbearable continues with release of copycat Spurs strip. Mo: Sorry Blues. No refunds on those new kits you bought.
  11. Turkish Delight

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    I'm finally at peace with that game. Had we avoided defeat we would have won the league and that would have been glorious. However, I think Rodgers would also have stayed longer as we wouldn't have sacked him so soon and we wouldn't now have Klopp. If that had happened I think there's a good chance our present day team may have been shite and that achievement would have been 5 years ago and fading into the past. Instead, we're champions of Europe and with an outstanding team that still has several years together ahead of it.
  12. The thing that I love most about the club is the culture. By that I mean the socialist mentality of our fan base and the sense of community that brings. I genuinely do think it separates from the rest. In my head I see it in a different prism to that from the cut-throat capitalist business world that football exists in despite the fact that they're intrinsically linked. I do hate that business side of football with a passion though and it's why I'll never be a fanboy of whichever corporate entity owns the club (although I will happily acknowledge if they are running it well). In particular, I hate the fact that there is such an uneven playing field in the finances across the leagues despite us being a beneficiary of that. As things stand though I can ignore it enough that I enjoy the high moments and this is definitely helped by having a manager and a team that has a collective mentality. If we were acquired by a Qatar or Abu Dhabi I would still continue to support the team as I have invested too much into it over my life but it would feel like a little bit more of it had died. It's on another level than the most common type of owner that's there to milk a fanbase for profits. I think any victories would have a hollow emptiness to them and I would much rather see us win occasional trophies by the team working hard for results than win everything funded by people dying and being imprisoned to fund us lavishly spending out on the world's best players and breaking the rules in the process. There's a lack of soul at both City and PSG. I can't comment on whether that has historically been the case in Paris but I don't think it was at City. I'd absolutely hate for us to become that.
  13. Turkish Delight

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    I only watched Palace on occasion last season but formed my opinion on Wan Bissaka based on two goals I saw them concede because he lost possession and couldn't be arsed tracking back. Hopefully he'll carry on with that level of application at United.
  14. Turkish Delight

    2018/19 Season Report Card - Naby Keita

    He has something about him but clearly struggled with confidence this season. The biggest concern I have with him is that he tends to lose concentration often leading to daft passes like the one you mentioned at Palace. In the main he got away with them but the goal we conceded at West Ham was all on him as he went to sleep and we conceded from a set piece move that we'd trained against and that other players in our team were communicating was about to happen. That was his worst moment for me. The Leicester call he was unlucky with but this one was really on him and in a season of fine margins was equally as damaging. I'm far from convinced he'll make it here and he'll need to perform considerably better to get ahead of Hendo, Gini, Milner and Ox in the pecking order regularly for one of the more advanced midfield roles.
  15. Turkish Delight

    Fanzine Summer Issue captions

    Streaker: "If only they looked at me the way they look at you."