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  1. Agree with all that bar the first sentence. Nunez hasn't been unlucky to keep missing sitters. He's missed them through a combination of poor technique and a desire to leather a ball when it can just be passed in the net.
  2. My main observation today was on his passing. About 4 or 5 times he had the ball and had a simple passing option where putting the ball in front of one of our players would either create a chance or open up space in attack. Each time his played it underhit and behind the man attempting to play to feet. It was such a basic thing to get wrong so often.
  3. Agree on all but the Gravenberch bit. At least 4 times he's had a chance to play a simple ball in front of player to put them in space in a good position. Each time he's played it slow and behind them.
  4. If Toulouse win we'll need to still draw the last one to save having to play an extra round v Champions League dropouts in February.
  5. I think he's generally been outstanding this season after a shaky time last year. I think his injury record in the middle part of his time here and the fact he's next to Virgil has held back the wider recognition of his ability a bit. He's a terrific player who turns up in big games. While it's 4 years back now he was comfortably the man of the match for me against Spurs in Madrid. We definitely need to tie him down for at least one more year.
  6. Wolves fans singing the same song off the back of a 50/50 pen not going their way just dampens their message. It's not in any solidarity at all. Ironic that the two teams singing about corruption voted for that dodgy loans rule the other day too.
  7. We're +3 compared to the same fixtures last season. The 4 you've mentioned plus an extra 2 points v Villa at home and -3 v Spurs away. I agree on the thought process of beating the poorer teams being a good platform for success. I'm not entirely convinced this formation will help us do that but I suppose time will tell. Of thr current bottom 12 we've had Wolves, Chelsea and Luton away so far this season and taken 5 points.
  8. I don't think the sample size is big enough to claim that. We have 5 away wins from 12 since we made the switch. Four from ten if you ignore the two games we had to change shape in due to sendings off. We played well in 2 of those (Leeds and Leicester last season who were both as shocking as we were good). In that time the only team of note we've beaten at Anfield was Spurs who we had a bit of luck against. The jury is still out for me. I think we lack creativity playing this way and put too much onus on Trent being our source of making things happen. In the tougher away games his pass completion is around 60% which leads to the play coming back at us and in several games we've struggled to create much from open play due to our narrow formation. I'm quite happy to get proved wrong but there's still some way to go before I trust what I'm seeing on the formation front.
  9. I went bald at 18. It was an issue when I was younger as I had a bit of a baby face so it never really suited me at all. It also made me look about 15 years older. I'm in my early 40s now and reckon I've grown into it down the years. I just shave it with some clippers once a week and keep stubble on my face. I was chatting to a group of girls on a night out last week who all guessed my age as being early 30s and the last couple of girls I've dated were in their late 20s too. My mates who used to take the piss about me looking old when we were kids now all ask how I haven't aged much in the last 25 years while they add years to themselves by clinging on to their last few greying strands. There's no use trying desperately keep the look of your youth if it's now gone. if it's going then my advice is to embrace the change, shave it off and own it. Clinging on to what remains is what will age the way you look and what will turn the women off. You might look different but it's possible to be a handsome bald fucker and I wouldn't change it now even if I could.
  10. I agree. It would just be another chance to double down on the original decision as VAR is now.
  11. I don't like how we're asking him to play too and agree with you on that. In the past I've had a view on him as a player that's ok going forward but very limited defensively and this system just exposes his limitations. I hate how we're set up this season though and think it will catch up on us. Brentford on Sunday is now huge as a poor result there could see our league placing go south quickly with City coming up after it. We barely created a chance in the 1-0 win over them last season playing this way so I'm expecting another tight game.
  12. My reflections on this: - Kostas isn't good enough and we effectively have no senior left back capable of consistently playing at the top level for the next couple of months. It genuinely could torpedo the season. - I just don't see it with Mac Allister. He's slow, ponderous and sloppy with the ball. - Szoboszlai's attitude off the bench in this was really poor and his body language was off. He's been great so far this season but I didn't like what I saw tonight (or at Luton). - Trent has the ability to hit a ball so well but I think he kills any tempo in our game in this role. It seems our pattern of play consists of get it to him to attempt the hollywood ball. It's great when it comes off but most times we just end up losing it as a result. The 40 yard ping into the crowd concerned me too as he clearly learned nothing from the weekend. - The work rate of the whole team tonight was poor. I get it's not a big occasion but they should have wanted to put Luton right and they didn't. That makes me concerned about the team and season as a whole.
  13. One of the worst VAR decisions I've ever seen and that's saying something. Way too early in the move to even be able to be reviewed and wasn't even handball.
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