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  1. Turkish Delight

    AC Milan (A) - CL, Tue 7th Dec 2021 (8:00pm)

    I agree on the playing the kids bit. I'm probably in the minority but I want Atletico through. There's nearly a 50% chance that whoever comes second will get United, City or Chelsea. I'd rather they had Atletico's shithousing to deal with than a walk in the park v Porto or Milan.
  2. Turkish Delight

    Wolves (A) – Sat 4th Dec 2021 (3:00pm)

    7 Premier League goals in 165 appearances. I think he has 3 or 4 against City just from catching them for pace down the middle from the halfway line. Against more defensive teams he basically doesn't score. He'd be a terrible signing for a top club who can't just use his pace on the counter.
  3. Turkish Delight

    Everton (A) - Wed 1st December 2021 (8:15pm)

    The beauty of that was they won the corner we scored the third from off that free kick. Karma in action.
  4. Turkish Delight

    Other Football 2021/22

    He did brilliant to get them up but had significant financial backing when they were there and they got gradually worse as he spent it. Ake, Ramsdale and Wilson moved on after he left and accounted for 100m of the 150m you've counted. Their spending was partly funded by being in the Prem but also by their Russian billionaire owner. They may be a little club but they're certainly not poor these days. They had lost all identity by the time he took them down.
  5. Turkish Delight

    Other Football 2021/22

    He actually spent 200 million there across the years they were in the Prem. They got progressively worse too and eventually completely lost their identity across that time. They started off with a team that had come through the leagues together playing some nice football and ended up playing deep defensive stuff and barely able to get out their own half.
  6. I was delighted they signed Ronaldo in the Summer. They did ok last year based on a defence that defended deep and having lightning pace on the counter. The now play a forward each week who can't/won't run which harms their ability to do that. To compensate their defence is no longer as deep and it exposes the likes of Maguire, Wan Bisska and Shaw who don't have the pace or ability to play further up the pitch. They're caught between two ways of playing. Dropping Ronaldo and going back to last season's basics is the short term answer that would probably get them 4th but he'll be looking to plunge the knife at any opportunity if they do that. Long term to be a progressive team their whole defence and midfield needs a complete overhaul.
  7. Turkish Delight

    Featured: That was the week that was (Nov 7-12 2021)

    The parents of the kid at the academy are a disgrace in my opinion. If you see the videos of him doing gymnastics at the age of 2 and the photos of him with a six pack that have done the rounds in the past then you can only imagine what he's put through at home. My son has played against him a few times and while he's talented I've seen him play against a number of kids who are better too. He's exceptionally small for his age and most likely because the workouts he's forced to do have took an effect on his growth. Kids should just be allowed to be kids.
  8. Turkish Delight

    West Ham 3 Liverpool 2 (Nov 7 2021)

    We're way too relaxed and casual in tracking back. Examples to add to the Virgil one in the post are: - Four players jogging back and leaving Robbo one on one for Brighton's early chance last week. - Konate for Brighton's second jogging behind Trossard up until the point he scores. He jogged to about two yards away when he shot but would have been there with a sprint. - Trent prior to the ball being played to Fornals yesterday (he sprinted when it was too late but could see where the danger was before then).
  9. Torres had given up a long time before he left and his lack of effort was obvious for the whole of Rafa's last season. He then gave an interview saying how great it was to reach his aim of playing for a top level club when he signed for Chelsea.
  10. He played against us how he plays against everyone. There was nothing disgraceful or disrespectful about that. I found it nauseating to look at social media fawning over Torres tonight while Suarez was booed. One gave his all in every game for Liverpool while the other didn't put a shift in for 18 months except when it helped his move and was slagging us off within a week of leaving.
  11. Turkish Delight

    Liverpool 2 Brighton 2 (Oct 30 2021)

    One thing I noticed second half is that at 2-1 we were still trying to force the play to get up the pitch for a 3rd and putting ourselves under pressure. One example I recall was Alisson collecting a ball and throwing it out quickly to Robbo (I think) who was then pressed out of possession in our half. We needed a breather at the time. Two years ago we were brilliant at seeing games out and taking the sting out of them but we seem to be playing higher risk football now aimed at scoring more goals and it's leaving us vulnerable. On Konate, I thought he was awful on the second goal. His initial mistake was stepping up to play offside against a lad on their left who wasn't affecting play early in the move but my biggest issue was with his light jog back after realising he'd left us facing a 3v2 by doing that. He had maybe a 50/50 chance at best of affecting play if he sprinted so it was no guarantee he's have stopped the goal but he should have at least tried. It didn't look like he could be arsed.
  12. Turkish Delight

    Brighton (H) - Sat 30th Oct 2021 (3:00pm)

    We were way too passive second half. I couldn't work out if it it was a lack of discipline and energy in midfield or whether we playing too deep in defence. Or both. Either way it was shite. Disappointing result but a point more than we deserved. As a side note, Konate's lack of effort in his running back on their second goal after mistakenly stepping up to play offside and leaving them 3v2 was embarrassing. Had he sprinted might have had a slight chance of affecting play. Instead he jogged and watched.
  13. Turkish Delight

    Other Football 2021/22

    7 goals in 146 PL appearances for Adam Traore. The hype around him just because he can run fast is crazy.
  14. Turkish Delight

    Worst Liverpool Transfer - You’re All Wrong

    It's Diouf for me. The team he joined had not been far off in the league and signing him over Anelka for what was big money at the time took us down more than a level. He was also a terrible representative of the club. I get the Balotelli shout too though. I often heard it said that he had the ability to be a world beater in there somewhere. He really didn't and was just an ordinary talent with a load of hype because he was a bit crazy. He didn't give a fuck at all either. I recall a goal we conceded at Hull where we pushed out on a set piece and he stood in the 6 yard box watching everyone go as he couldn't be arsed. It's no surprise to me that at 31 he's playing for some no mark Turkish team.
  15. Turkish Delight

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I'm sure the blues will refer to him as Andrew rather than Andy.