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  1. JagSquared

    Other football - 2020/21

    Could Leicester bottle it again? They have united, Chelsea and Spurs remaining, the only saving grace is that united and Chelsea will likely rest players when they play them. It’s a shame we are so far behind.
  2. JagSquared

    National Service: Jersey Edition

    Was than an advert for Dulux? Pretty much just talked about paint
  3. JagSquared

    National Service: Jersey Edition

    Croissants v scones war - which is better with Jam?
  4. JagSquared


    Mr Inbetween was fantastic. snowfall is good, but some of the extras are pretty poor, I’m just about to finish season 1 and think it’s excellent so far. The missus isn’t that fussed about it so may crack on with out her.
  5. JagSquared

    Man Utd Fans

    Nice of Batman to lend his support
  6. JagSquared

    Birds (the animals)

    Nothing too exciting but we’ve got a couple of jays nesting in one of the trees. They pop up to the balcony occasionally to add to the robin ans little sparrows that turn up. maybe one for the “getting older” thread but I’m always excited when they turn up.
  7. He’s a decent player from the little I’ve seen just not top level and his highlights reel is good. maybe if we had a different manager with a different style of football he’d get a look in / be a squad option. I still don’t get why some of the mid to lower end of the table aren’t looking at him he’d be great for them surely worth 15-20m considering the shite they mostly spend it on.
  8. JagSquared

    Star Trek - The Shit, or Just Shit?

    Garak for me, his whole story is amazing and I loved his unwavering sense of duty to the cardassian people. He’s done some horrible things but it was always justified in his head. the relationship with his father Enabran Tain explained a lot. Such a deep complex character. main characters wise I liked Miles, just you’re Everyman who gets shafted a lot. He was grumpy, loyal and smart who worked his way up. I also really liked Pike in the limited times we’ve seen him too. there’s been so many strong female characters too I loved Janeway was a great captain, sevens development was great but she was over used at times. I also loved Dax The idea of a being with lifetimes of experiences is fascinating.
  9. JagSquared

    The US stimulus package

    If you want to talk to god you have got to get closer to him / her.
  10. JagSquared

    The US stimulus package

    There’s prob someone on a Red Sox forum posting something similar about the US government. I still don’t understand why us and the Americans haven’t gone balls deep into a developing a proper green economy before now (not read the American plan in detail so maybe this is the start) the number of jobs and innovation it would create would be crazy, not to mention lessening our dependency on the oil and gas states. It would also allow people to retrain which we defo need as we automate more and more and clean up the environment leading to healthier and more fulfilled people. If we can bail out big corporations and spend huge chunks of money on weapons to the tune we have been, then surely we can fund stuff like this instead? Im sure there are downsides (mostly to the already rich or even going about how to start planning something this big) but it would leave the country in a much stronger position so surely it makes it a no brainer? If I was in a position of power would I want to maintain the status quo or build a lasting legacy that improved the planet for future generations.... I appreciate I’m being very naive and idealistic here in thinking these people would think wider than themselves but I just don’t understand the “I’m alright jack” mentality. we’ve achieved some incredible stuff before by working together so why not at least give it a go?
  11. JagSquared

    Star Trek - The Shit, or Just Shit?

    I’ve started rewatching Enterprise it’s still pretty good and I’ll still never understand the decision to cancel it or the shockingly bad ending. Was it ratings? Trip, T’pol and Phlox are great characters Archer and Hoshi are decent and while they could have done more with Reed he’s still interesting too as he’s so uptight but they were peeling those layers. I know they were planning on going onto the romulan war arc and Shran was going to join the crew it just feels like such a missed opportunity.
  12. JagSquared

    Star Trek - The Shit, or Just Shit?

    I’m excited about strange new worlds it’s making all the right noises for sure. Agree with short treks, they were great and highly enjoyable. Discovery has done decent episodes but fell apart on the whole. I think my favourite discovery episode is prob the Harry Mudd one. Rain Wilson nailed it.
  13. JagSquared

    Star Trek - The Shit, or Just Shit?

    Fair enough we’re all entitled to our own opinions. I wasn’t refuting the claims of the writer just pointing out he wasn’t much of a god. I saw the wormhole aliens more of a serious version of the Q who weren’t as interested in the wider universe.