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  1. JagSquared

    Rate My Plate?

    There’s some real crimes against humanity in this thread. also how does the pizza box retain any rigidity with all that sauce, they are going to end up eating most of the cardboard as it turns to mush.
  2. JagSquared


    Almost got arrested for using counterfeit currency earlier. Luckily I slipped the copper a £37 note and he let me off.
  3. JagSquared

    Other football - 2020/21

    Half our team got injured watching this
  4. JagSquared

    Other football - 2020/21

    Is that true? Thought they had 1 more point
  5. JagSquared

    US Election 2020 Thread

    The whole system over there is so fucked, the corrupt don’t even have to cover up their crimes. It’s so blatant and they never lose their power as a result, or face any consequences. I’m not sure how they get around to fixing these seismic, systemic issues either as there are so many “special interests” and lobbyists that would oppose any change it just won’t get passed. It would take a a full on collapse of society before they try to change anything. I appreciate its not that much better over here and it’s depressing to say the least. I’m both astounded by the lack of justice when there is so much evidence but at the same time not surprised in the least as it was already known they wouldn’t get a majority to convict. One of the worst parts of growing up is having the veil lifted on the notion that bad people eventually get what’s coming to them in the end. It’s just a lie we tell ourselves to try and make ourselves feel better.
  6. JagSquared

    Favourite Sopranos Scenes

    That’s a shame, I really liked his character but realistically it would have just been a drawn out version of the story we already got.
  7. JagSquared

    Star Trek - The Shit, or Just Shit?

    Ha I recently found the subreddit where those tweets are heavily featured r/dukatdidnothingwrong
  8. JagSquared

    Favourite Sopranos Scenes

    An underrated sub plot is that of Feech La Manna, It’s so well done. His inability to get up to speed with the times and accept Tony as the boss is excellently played out. The scene I love is the one that seals his fate, where Tony cracks the joke and everyone is laughing but him, he’s just stewing in having thunder stolen from him.
  9. JagSquared

    Star Trek - The Shit, or Just Shit?

    Ha what was the point in having Michael’s mum pop up in the future as a Warrior nun? I don’t mind them not explaining too much at the time but they could have delved into it later as surely the discovery crew would have had questions. Instead they favour overly long action sequences that serve no purpose like the turbo lift fight in the finale in what seemed to be a tardis that thing was massive - where are they hiding that in the ship? I completely agree with the other crew members I don’t know their names either so when they are in danger they are just another red shirt to me. they have put all their stock into Michael and it’s a real pain as she could have been interesting but I don’t want everything to revolve around her. You may as well if had her flying around in books ship on her own. had to laugh when despite consistently breaking rules and disobeying orders she got promoted to captain. What a mess.
  10. JagSquared

    Star Trek - The Shit, or Just Shit?

    Finally Finished off discovery and I completely get the criticism. They really fucked a really interesting concept with the burn and fall of the federation in quite a few ways. I appreciate I may be retreading old ground in this thread but I was mindful not to read posts on discovery as I didn’t want to spoil it. Not only did they end up with a really poor reason for the burn (literally anything could have been better) but they then reset what made the universe interesting by making sure it couldn’t happen again and also finding a huge source of dilithium. Also how did no one in universe think to triangulate the cause of the burn until Michael came up with the solution (again). It still had some good elements as a season. I quite liked the emerald chain and how Ni’var were set up and exploring those worlds / cultures a little more. Character wise Saru is still the best thing in it. The new trill was painful ham fisted way of adding more wokeness in a world where that wouldn’t matter. Phillipas tearful goodbye was bewildering as she was literally a pain in the ass to most of the crew so why would they care?
  11. JagSquared


    They’ll be busy bodies online instead
  12. JagSquared


    The RSI, posture problems is certainly an issue. I’ve had a flute / hip problem exacerbated by the way I sit in my home office chair. The place I work has / is sending people appropriate office equipment such as chairs etc. So hopefully this is a short term thing while people and companies get used to home working. on the mental health side, while I agree some people will have issues I think the majority will benefit. No more commuting and a more flexible day will allow people to pick up hobbies, spend time with the family and friends, and pick up more social activities closer to home (post Covid) such as gyms, clubs etc. The problem will be for introverts who may see their circle shrink. This could also potentially be a boost to local businesses such as cafes where people still want their coffee fixes or lunch and if you’re at home and have friends near by would be easy to do. A more decentralised world in my eyes is a good thing, but as with everything there will be downsides.
  13. JagSquared

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    That’s very sad. I hope he is ok it’s a shame he can’t take some time off to go to funeral must be devestating.
  14. JagSquared

    Divorce - pros & cons?

    Gogol Bordello are great, love through the roof, underground too. the movie is Wristcutters: a love story - which is great too. on the topic itself we are coming up to 15 years together, we discussed getting married and just can’t be arsed with the wedding bit, it’s not going to change anything between us other than spend a fortune. we love going to weddings though.
  15. Is there a simple way of finding the earlier rounds? I want to see who got knocked out before the QF stage. Rocky for me, nostalgia and 1 and 2 are excellent films.