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  1. JagSquared

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    they would be mad not to kick up a fuss really. I’d imagine anyone with sense can see that Everton are breaking the rules especially with Covid losses. A legal team and forensic accountant would make mince meat of their books. if they don’t go down this season a nice long legal case and points deduction for next season for breaching ffp leading to a season of misery would be a consolation. But ultimately I still want them down this season though the cheating meffs.
  2. JagSquared

    Russia v Ukraine

    He pled guilty to killing an unarmed civilian Poor sap probably isn’t the words to describe him, unless he’s been coerced into a false confession? But to answer your question from the reports I’ve read he’ll get given a life sentence. Some Russian media on the other hand is talking about death penalties for Ukrainian POWs they convict of crimes. Granted that prob isn’t the views of the bulk of the russian people.
  3. JagSquared

    Better Call Saul

    Was good to see Howard’s home life, were they teasing us with a glimpse of Jimmy and Kim’s relationship in BB or classic misdirection before a tragic ending for them? weirdly I felt they rushed the Lalo scene this week. is next week the mid season break?
  4. JagSquared

    Star Trek - The Shit, or Just Shit?

    Finally got a chance to watch episode 2 and thought it was good. Pike is such a good leader the kind of boss we all wish we had.
  5. JagSquared

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    “Like European Heroes” Haha
  6. Veggie breakfast, with an added sausage to confuse them. Boscanova, boscombe in Bournemouth. egg poached to perfection, halloumi done well, potato hash underneath was really good loses a point for the rocket. About £10.50. 8.5/10.
  7. Wear all three and slowly strip down until you’re like speedo mick
  8. JagSquared

    Russia v Ukraine

    I get this is ‘confirmed’ killed but that number seems very low? We’ll prob never find out the actual number on either side.
  9. I’ve wanted us to take this competition seriously for years because a) for a club our size to have won it so (relatively) few times is criminal and b) Because I want Klopp and this team to win it so they can complete the full set of trophies with us. the fa cup may not have the glamour it once had, but I bloody love a trophy and am actually properly excited about it. Unfortunately I’m at a wedding tomorrow so will be watching this on my phone!
  10. JagSquared

    Man City - the new bitters?

    While this is indeed shit, if I could do this I would. Why tie yourself down to a club when you can have a lucrative move in a couple of years, get another signing on bonus and wage increase. At the same time you protect yourself with a nice 5 year contract if you get an injury or have a dip in form. I reckon agents and players will try and do this more often.
  11. Pretty much. Really need them to get EL / EC to keep the games coming thick and fast and not let ETH the time he would want to implement his style.
  12. JagSquared

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I can’t see both Leeds or Burnley getting enough points to worry them. I’d love for them to have a panicky final day of the season though ideally with them going down.
  13. JagSquared

    Better Call Saul

    It was certainly slow but its set up a few important plot points. Is there a mid season break? I also can’t wait to find out what happens to gene storyline they haven’t shown anything yet.
  14. JagSquared

    Other Football 2021/22

    “Float like a butterfly, gegenpress like a bee“ - Muhammad Ali “Be the trequartista you want to see in the world” - Mahatma Gandhi which other famous people from history could help inspire this awful Leeds side?
  15. JagSquared

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    First 2 episodes of Barry season 3 are excellent. Such an underrated show NoHo Hank is excellent as is Henry winkler