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  1. skend04

    Reintroducing animals to the UK

    Hippos and lions. The list is too safe, we need some more man eaters roaming the countryside.
  2. skend04

    Rate the last film you watched...

    1917 - 7/10 gripping first two thirds and as soon as he gets to the town it loses some of that tension that a tracking shot builds. I think the mini time jump really didn't help.
  3. skend04

    Star Trek - The Shit, or Just Shit?

    Ah, it's on Prime tomorrow. Working from home so will be on that in the morning.
  4. skend04

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Parasite - 9/10 now this is a great movie. To say what it's about would spoil it for those who haven't seen it suffice to say what starts as a con job becomes something else altogether. Get it streamed.
  5. skend04

    Better Call Saul

    Been renewed for its sixth and final season.
  6. skend04

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Breaking News: RLB overwhelmingly chosen by around 15% of Momentum members to be their candidate for next leader of Labour. In a poll of one.
  7. skend04

    The GF book thread

    https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/50-great-sci-fi-masterpieces-in-1-the-ultimate-sci-fi-collection-kindle-edition-free-at-amazon-3389039 I've downloaded this on Kindle. The Ultimate Sci Fi Collection which has 11527 pages brings together over 50 of the greatest science fiction masterpieces ever written!Featuring:JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH, by Jules VerneTWENTY THOUSAND LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA, by Jules VerneTHE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND, by Jules VerneFROM THE EARTH TO THE MOON, by Jules VerneAROUND THE MOON, by Jules VerneOFF ON A COMET, by Jules VerneDOCTOR OX’S EXPERIMENT, by Jules VerneTHE STEAM HOUSE, by Jules VerneIN THE YEAR 2889, by Jules VerneTHE TIME MACHINE, by H.G. WellsTHE WAR OF THE WORLDS, by H.G. WellsTHE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU, by H.G. WellsTHE INVISIBLE MAN, by H.G. WellsA DESCENT INTO THE MAELSTROM, by Edgar Allan PoeTHE FACTS IN THE CASE OF M. VALDEMAR, by Edgar Allan PoeSOME WORDS WITH A MUMMY, by Edgar Allan PoeA TALE OF THE RAGGED MOUNTAINS, by Edgar Allan PoeFRANKENSTEIN, by Mary ShelleyTHE LAST MAN, by Mary ShelleyFLATLAND, by Edwin A. AbbottLOOKING BACKWARD: 2000-1887, by Edward BellamyEQUALITY, by Edward BellamyDR. HEIDENHOFF’S PROCESS, by Edward BellamyA CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR’S COURT, by Mark TwainTHE LOST WORLD, by Arthur Conan DoyleTHE POISON BELT, by Arthur Conan DoyleAT THE EARTH’S CORE, by Edgar Rice BurroughsPELLUCIDAR, by Edgar Rice BurroughsTHE LAND THAT TIME FORGOT, by Edgar Rice BurroughsTHE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT, by Edgar Rice BurroughsOUT OF TIME’S ABYSS, by Edgar Rice BurroughsBEYOND THIRTY, by Edgar Rice BurroughsTHE BLAZING WORLD, by Margaret CavendishULLER UPRISING, by H. Beam PiperFOUR-DAY PLANET, by H. Beam PiperTHE COSMIC COMPUTER, by H. Beam PiperSPACE VIKING, by H. Beam PiperLAST ENEMY, by H. Beam PiperTIME CRIME, by H. Beam PiperEDISON’S CONQUEST OF MARS, by Garrett P. ServissTHE VARIABLE MAN, by Philip K. DickADJUSTMENT TEAM, by Philip K. DickTHE HANGING STRANGER, by Philip K. DickTRIPLANETARY, by E.E. “Doc” SmithFIRST LENSMAN, by E.E. “Doc” SmithTHE SKYLARK OF SPACE, by E.E. “Doc” SmithTHE GALAXY PRIMES, by E.E. “Doc” SmithMURDER MADNESS, by Murray LeinsterTHE FORGOTTEN PLANET, by Murray LeinsterTHE TIME TRADERS, by Andre NortonandKEY OUT OF TIME, by Andre Norton
  8. skend04

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Haha, is this how you ignore people on here? By reading and replying to their posts? I've been doing it wrong all this time.
  9. skend04

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Honestly, this Friends of Palestine thing isn't the reason Corbyn lost the election, he was seen as a shit leader. As for reversing Brexit, you'd have to see where the country is 3/4 years into a life outside the EU project, which could see jobs being lost left, right and centre, before deciding what the strategy would be for the next election. As far as I'm aware not one person apart from Philips has mentioned rejoining being an option.
  10. skend04

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Once again, I'm not #FBPE. I'm not sure why you keep repeating this, it's pretty weird. As for Brexit not being done, well I think we are entering the transition period in 15 days and leaving December this year, all within the first year of the 5 Corbyn and his amateurish mates handed to the Tories. It's about as done as can be. So, unlike your player observations on the FF can you provide a bit more insight than "he's a remainer". It's just nonsense when the country will have moved on to the next crisis by the time the next election rolls round.
  11. skend04

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Brexit is done. Boris lives in London yet handed Corbyn his arse in the Northern seats even though he hid away for most of the campaign. The next GE is 5 years away. What are you wittering about?
  12. skend04

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/labour-leadership-momentum-member-ballot-deputy-candidates-a9283826.html#comments You can choose any candidate as long as she has the letters "Rebecca Long Bailey" in her name.
  13. skend04

    Upcoming Films

    The reveal at the end means it's part of the MCU?