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  1. skend04

    Kostas Tsimikas

    I can say one of my favourite curses now. "MALAKAS"
  2. skend04

    Rate the last game you've played...

    Last of Us 2 - utterly brutal, in a much different way to the 1st. The gameplay is top notch whichever way you choose to play, it's up there with the finest of this generation. Some of the set pieces were brilliant. I'm not sure how the developers got the performance out of the PS4, especially if you take something like Control, which appears less populated but had so much slowdown. 9.5/10
  3. skend04


    https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/aug/09/uks-womens-refuges-turn-away-victims-who-speak-no-english Safe spaces. But only if can speak English.
  4. skend04

    Keir Starmer

    We can go round and round about this forever yet the fact is that the previous Labour administration has given Johnson an 80 seat headstart. That'll take 2 terms to overturn, several more if it was someone anointed by team Corbyn. So to close a gap to around 6 points (taking into account the margin of error) after being 25ish behind is a pretty good performance, especially when we're in unprecedented times and there's very little scope to politic. A handful of people, in the scheme of things, are making a lot of noise and sound like the jilted lover. It's pretty embarrassing.
  5. Doom Patrol S2 - 8/10 because Covid cutting it short. Otherwise it's still a great, messed up show. Funny and sad in equal measure. Still the best comic book adaptation on screen for me.
  6. skend04

    Keir Starmer

    Brexit and then voting for a Tory majority that's put the NHS up for sale, what's exactly the point of Labour tweeting support when the public doesn't really care about ?
  7. skend04

    Keir Starmer

    Was going to say the same as mattyq. It's all well and good saying it but when we have people calling the police when there's no chicken and loads stockpiling big rolls, all that bravado is soon going to disappear.
  8. skend04

    Keir Starmer

    Not really surprising when there's a recess so news is mainly focused on the Tory party. This is what tends to happen and it's all within margins of error too. However, all those right wing, red wall, "working classes" still believe Boris is going to deliver them a magical Brexit fairy tale? Daft cunts.
  9. There's only been 2 seasons. Both are very good.
  10. skend04

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    Because Bob's dead? It'd be a cunt move to speak ill of the dead. Except if it's a Tory like Thatcher.
  11. skend04

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/news/matrix-trans-metaphor-lana-lilly-wachowski-red-pill-switch-sequels-a9654956.html Rowling will be burning her DVD of The Matrix when she reads this.
  12. skend04


    When future generations are popping out sprogs with missing limbs and heads because governments needed us to go back to spending money, then we'll be thinking was it really worth the gamble?
  13. skend04

    Middle East Thread

  14. skend04

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/aug/04/number-of-uk-citizens-emigrating-to-eu-has-risen-by-30-since-brexit-vote Brain drain. Although I suspect a few Brexit voting fuckwits have taken the option to emigrate to Spain too.