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  1. skend04

    The New Leader of the Labour Party

    Got to smile at all the "he won't win the working man's vote back". It's like these people haven't noticed who won the election in December.
  2. skend04


    Double post.
  3. skend04


    Pesky facts giving a fuller picture rather than someone just scribbling a circle on a graph. This place is going to the dogs!
  4. skend04

    Facemasks, PPE and Preppy Thread

    You need some proper strong lungs to wear these for any length of time. Anyone with lung or heart problems shouldn't wear them as they'll cause more problems than they'd solve. They'll just not got sufficient oxygen. These folks just need to stay in. Got a couple in my boot for use when inspecting roof spaces but a lot of places are withdrawing these it looks like.
  5. skend04


    Holy shit!
  6. skend04

    Learning new skills

    https://www.rosettastone.co.uk/lp/freeforkids/?cid=af-cj-yy-7988612&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=cj&utm_campaign=3743973&CJEVENT=78304065727d11ea81d002740a180514 This is an alternative. Rosetta Stone free for 3 months, but you have to choose the language on the first page. Can then log on with the app and learn. Can always go back to Duolingo afterwards as that's free.
  7. skend04


    I take it back. I'm the stupid boy!
  8. skend04


    This is William and the other is Tom Pike. Stupid boy!
  9. As long as I'm still alive I plan on bumming someone. Ain't going to be picky either, anyone will do.
  10. skend04


    The government ordered a 21 day curfew. Migrant workers in Delhi and other big cities have been left without homes and any way to get back to their towns or states. They are having to walk, in some cases, half the length of the country. Not even provided transport as everything is shut down. Been watching it on the Indian news channels, it's shocking.
  11. skend04


    He might have gotten some flak for being photographed posing with an AK47 but our local councillor isn't afraid to shame the panic buyers.
  12. skend04

    Rate the last game you've played...

    The latest update for Control on PS4 seems to have sorted out most of the slowdown and frame rate issues. Playing a lot better now.
  13. skend04


    Herd immunity!