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  1. It happens. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.
  2. In the words (kind of) of the famous poet Fred Durst, someone is "....trollin' trollin' trollin' trollin'!"
  3. I know a few things the Tories deserve that come well before an election win, especially this cunt.
  4. I'm not sure what Robbo has said wrong here, basically saying the players made the crowd anxious "I'm not sure. The crowd were anxious today, and rightly so the way we were passing the ball, giving it away and giving chances. Maybe we reacted to that. Maybe players who aren't as experienced at being in a title race. Some of the shithouse calls, are a bit well, shithouse. We've ran out of steam, and players are tired. It happens.
  5. We've lost our shooting boots at the wrong time of the season.
  6. Jones in midfield is causing us no amount of issues. I'm not sure where he is supposed to be playing and it doesn't look like he does either.
  7. You expect this shit from Hately-Brewer but for goodness sake, Riley has an MBE for services to racism. She should know better.
  8. https://x.com/RachelRileyRR/status/1779287132575510562 So not only was she wrong, she went and doubled down on it. The silly bigot.
  9. I just think that the whole squad is knackered, I don't think the performance is anything to do with the suggestion that they've mentally given up. It's virtually impossible to fight on four fronts with the size of squad we've got, and that's before the injuries take hold. We should have been more pragmatic and prioritised, but fully understand that Klopp wouldn't accept anything less than 100% from the players. That may well bite us on the arse in the run-in but we aren't out of either competition. Yet.
  10. I watched the final episode last night. The Walthamstow fire was tragic, mirroring the New Cross fire. You're probably too polite about the investigating officer mind. And don't let anyone convince you that fire-bombing Nazis and racist police isn't the way to get shit done.
  11. That's the longest reaction time from Klopp declaring he's leaving to the team putting in the worst performance in a while. They must have only just seen the news that he will quit as manager at the end of the season. The bastards!
  12. That's fake. I'm certain it's a mash up of Mandalorian, Andor and Captain Marvel scenes.
  13. Been watching Defiance on Ch4 based around the late 70s and early 80s civili rights movement of Asians in Britain. The first episode was harrowing and these stories have never really been told before, I certainly wasn't aware of them having only been 1 at the time being shown. One thing rings true still, the Police force have always been chock full of cunts
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