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  1. Are we saying that's she's still got the spunk in her mouth or that it's been swallowed/spat out?
  2. skend04

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    It's domestic politics dickhead. But I suppose you've bought into Tommy Robinson's schtick that it's fascism. Plonker.
  3. skend04

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    A majority of under 50s voted to remain. If politicians are shitting themselves at the prospect of riots by pensioners then we need new politicians. There were more Momentum lead people in London today than the Brexit Betrayed lot. 5 to 1 according to some reports. Save a few, most will go back to chuntering over a copy of The S*n and bromide laced breakfasts.
  4. skend04

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/46498849 It's fair to say that the player on the end of the abuse believes it wasn't "manc".
  5. That's the kind of shovel caretakers and cleaners use to pick up vomit, dogshit and fag ends. Which is exactly what that breakfast looks like.
  6. skend04

    Office Christmas parties

    Well now you mention it, there are 2 colleagues that I'd like to introduce to my crooked spire.
  7. skend04

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/dec/06/no-deal-brexit-could-cause-chaos-across-kent-warns-council Kent voted 59:41 to leave. Now, it should have been clear that after having issues previously with strikes on the other side of the channel, any changes to the customs checks would have been disruptive but yet they still voted to do this to themselves. Faisal Islam seems to have a source suggesting that there could be lorry parks as far away from Dover as in Essex and Sussex with some reports of talks about stopping people driving into Kent.
  8. skend04

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I don't mind telling her, but only if I can hate bum her at the same time.
  9. skend04

    Rate the last film you watched...

    If they'd gone down the route of a horror/thriller it'd have been much better for it. For me, saying in the end it's okay to have stalked a person because they'll eventually come round to your way of thinking is rapey. But I guess with Pratt in the lead role they couldn't have gone down that path.
  10. skend04

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Priti Patel (brilliantly, Vacant came up as a suggested word on my Google keyboard) is now suggesting we threaten Ireland with starvation if they don't back down over the backstop. There's evidently no limit for the level of evil on the Tory benches. Maybe we can set up a Purge style group in the event of a hard Brexit. There are a few people that would deserve an offing, not just Liddle.
  11. skend04

    Office Christmas parties

    It's supposed to be next Friday but the average age in our office has dropped to early 20s this year so that's kiboshed any desire to go to the party. Plus it's in Chesterfield again and it's fucking shit. So I'll likely be giving it a miss for the first time since I graduated.
  12. skend04

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Next you'll be telling everyone that despite his ongoing racism Nigel Farage earned his redemption when the pilot failed to kill him in a moment of Hari Kari.
  13. skend04

    Rate the last film you watched...

    It can't just be me but Passengers has a proper rapey premise which is at odds with the ending. Unless the ending is condoning Stockholm Syndrome as a choice.