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  1. Think it would be an option against the more negative sides in the league but he’d likely be a rotation option as we don’t actually seem to rotate the front line unless one is injured. I assume origi and Shaq would be sold if he came in? Minamino (if he’s as good as the hype), Werner, salah, mane, Firmino is a good set up front.
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    Peanut butter

    Crunchy for sure. Prefer Almond butter though.
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    So he tried coming back to us when he had little other options? This after he’d screwed in the first place, then chose Newcastle ahead of us (he could have dug his heels in). fair enough if he loves us now but he certainly didn’t act that way when he was playing.
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    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    It’s a french tv show about a group of agents trying to represent their actors in the tv and movie industry, while fighting to save their agency and their personal lives. Some great appearances luke Monica Bellucci too. it’s really great if you don’t mind subtitles it just gets funnier as it moves through the seasons and there are 3 up for now.
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    Star Trek - The Shit, or Just Shit?

    Yep the right words are being said but they also made good noises for discovery and Picard so I’ll wait for the eating of this particular pudding
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    Star Trek - The Shit, or Just Shit?

    http://blog.trekcore.com/2020/05/star-trek-strange-new-worlds-akiva-goldsman-more-episodic/ Good news and hopefully the pike series Will be more in keeping with the trek of old.
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    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Finished call my agent on Netflix and thought it was excellent with laugh out loud moments- 8.5/10
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    Star Trek - The Shit, or Just Shit?

    I liked some episodes (I even got a little excited about it) but overall felt it didn’t live up to the expectations at all and any promising bits were snuffed out before they got going. I also think the problem of moving the universe forward is that DS9 left everyone war ravaged and they can’t come up with any new antagonist races. Klingons are now federation allies, the Romulans are supposed to be fucked ( they still managed to get a massive fleet together in Picard), cardassia destroyed and the founders back in the gamma quadrant. now if they had an ounce of interest in doing anything challenging they should and could look at how the quadrant is trying to recover investigate the challenges that brings and splits in the races and move the ‘universe’ forward but instead they go for the easy option of going into the past so the Klingons can be bad guys again or rely on their past characters. picard should have been about what it means to have sentient AI and the discrimination they face and how the various powers Try and handle it and the captured borg cube should have been a way for us to explore their history. It was a bit ham fisted but I liked learning more about the romulans rather than just the Military even if I could have done without the 2D ninja monk. S31 is right about the Borg they ended up being pointless and replaced by the inter galaxy robots who have it that all meat based species are bad and therefore must be exterminated. the other thing I missed is the self contained episodes that ST was great at, where we learned more about a character or a new civilisation or space anomaly. They’ve cut all that to basically turn it into the same as every other show. TV now has to be about a single Narrative arc which then reduces the ability to flesh out the world it’s set in. ST charm is the world its set in for me.
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    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Oh hadn’t realised this was back what’s it on? BBC?
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    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Up to season 3 of call my agent on Netflix, it’s great with some genuinely funny moments. hicham has a very punchable face.
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    State of these idiots.
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    Cunt XI

    graham Rix is a great shout. There was a chant to the manic street preachers song when he was a manager that went “if you tolerate rix, then your children will be next” superb.
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    Cunt XI

    GK - HANS SEGERS - bribe taker. RB - SERGIO RAMOS - great defender but all round git CB - JOHN TERRY - just a scumbag. CB - NEIL RUDDOCK - fat, unfit and unprofessional LB - ASHLEY COLE - claimed almost crashed his car when Arsenal only offered 60k a week by arsenal. RW - EL HADJI DIOUF arrogant, shite and spits more than a camel CM - JOEY BARTON - putting his cigarette out in the eye of a youth player CM - ROY KEANE - clearly went to do damage to Haaland, ended his career. LW - RYAN GIGGS - shagged his brothers wife, unforgivable. ST - LUIS SUAREZ - not much to explain, still one of the best players to ever play for us. ST - ERIC CANTONA - kicked a fan and talked about sardines. I hate sardines.
  14. The FA should but won’t come out with anything on deciding the title just to stop the bullshit but they and the press know that they need to fill columns so pushing the void scenario attracts views, heated discussion and more importantly clicks and advertising revenue especially when they have fuck all to talk about. The Vitriol from other clubs fans is crazy, I know most are using it as entertainment but they lack any awareness of themselves and the impact voiding the season will have to their own clubs. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a few clubs go bust and then we will see the same idiots demanding for support from the league or bigger clubs. The safety factor will be long gone then.
  15. Oh hadnt realised that thought they were still going to discuss
  16. That’s common sense from the french if they can’t play football until September then they don’t have any other choice. What they will do with relegation and promotion will be interesting.
  17. Really dislike articles like this as they put undue pressure on youngsters. He’s shown flashes of quality and looks like he has potential.
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    Alan Pardew

    He’s left ADO 1W,3D,4L
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    Murphy: I regret leaving Liverpool

    Went to Charlton first then spurs.
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    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    how delicious the fume would be if the season restarted and ended safely with us winning the league comfortably and them going on a nosedive and ending up being relegated. It’s certainly unlikely but i think it would finish them as a club the fans would never recover.
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    Murphy: I regret leaving Liverpool

    The club probably parted with him at the right time but it always surprised me that a bigger club than Charlton were not interested in him.
  22. How likely is the talk of a 8th June restart?
  23. JagSquared

    Better Call Saul

    I really enjoyed the season and thought it was great episode to finish on. the hit squad, sure they should have been better but they were over confident having a man on the inside but I’m going to let that slide, Lalo got lucky he knows it too. however I do absolutely buy Kim’s change it’s been hinted at since the start, she’s always tried to do the right thing only for it more often than not to blow back in her face. Think back to the early seasons when she was punished for helping Jimmy and worked her ass off and landed the big client at HHM but was sent back to the copy room, being second guessed by rich schwikart and everyone else. Even being dismissed by Kevin at Mesa Verde about the call centre when she knows she was right. She’s proved herself over and over but always is underestimated and dismissed. Hell even Jimmy dismisses her at the end of the episode as he thought she couldn’t live with going after Hamlin. “Who The background we got about her mom reinforces her inferiority complex how she will never be good enough and the only times we ever see her care free and relaxed is when she’s playing her own version of slippin jimmy. She loves the power it gives her to be someone else as she doesn’t like herself no matter how good she is and how hard she works. She’s the school teacher Walter white was when we first met him but by getting glimpses of the power and feeing strong for the first time even for short periods it corrupts. she doesn’t want to be weak or dismissed shes rebuild herself into the powerful person she didn’t think she could ever be. She’s breaking bad.