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  1. Bellflower

    Peter Shilton

    England's no.4.........
  2. Bellflower

    What's the most depressing song ever ?

    Page 1 of the Leonard Cohen songbook......
  3. Bellflower


    I bet they have..........
  4. At least Maupay is one of the cleanest players in the league......
  5. Pity they couldn't be bothered to turn the crowd sound down for Diego's silence.....
  6. Bellflower


    In a certain sporting competition that has been taking place recently, a participant received a Covid positive notification at halftime and had to withdraw and was substituted . I was wondering what happens if all substitutes have been used, and say 2 or 3 positive results are received ?
  7. Bellflower

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Not for much longer...
  8. Bellflower

    Ray Clemence

    Always was and always will be our Number 1 for me. Thank you Clem RIP YNWA
  9. Bellflower

    Golf - The Masters 2020

    Wonder if fatboy will test positive for anything.....
  10. Bellflower

    Best single line in a film

    We deal in lead friend........
  11. Bellflower

    Ray Clemence

    Always remember him conning David Harvey that they both had to take a penalty at Wembley. Harvey took his and missed, Clem didn't take one ...........
  12. Bellflower

    Villa (A) Premier League - 4/10/20 - 19:15

    As someone said on here recently, why do all our keepers seem to get worse after they arrive ? Bobby has had goalscoring coached out of him ..............
  13. Bellflower

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    First rollover due on 7th November....
  14. Bellflower

    British films

    Operation Amsterdam....