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  1. Chocoholic

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    A shit factory and an Everton stadium. So, two shit factories, then. How much shit can one area of the city handle? How did I miss this when it was first posted? Truly magnificent!
  2. Chocoholic

    Other football - 2020/21

    Matt, bang on the money, as always. The only decent thing about the Telegraph. They don't deserve him.
  3. Chocoholic

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

  4. Chocoholic

    Things I can't do that seemingly everyone else can

    The ambulances were only for the ones who mistimed the ski lifts and wrecked their bollocks, not the fallers. As for my own failings, I've made numerous attempts at swimming, but can't manage to get my head above the water, which is a bit of an inconvenience when trying to breathe.
  5. Chocoholic

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    £50M is a lot of money for a waterpolo stand. How many spectators would it hold? On the plus side, at least there's no obstructed views.
  6. Chocoholic

    US Election 2020 Thread

    I wonder what her clients would have thought, had the "Life or death, it doesn't matter, here we go" bit, gone to the extreme, if their property was being handled be a dead realtor.
  7. Chocoholic

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Every sentence there is a testament to the decision to 'publish this populist bullshit for as long as we can get away with it'.
  8. Chocoholic

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Watching a press conference by DC Mayor, Bowser, and relevant team leaders involved in security for the inauguration, and they seem to have things well covered. This information comes after seeing and hearing headline reports of thousands of National Guard personnel around a very well secured DC in the days before and after the event. Two questions come to mind; Are there sufficient National Guard and other security measures being made available for the 50 State capitals which will be subject to an onslaught of very well publicised armed protests? The security appears to be very much based on the presence of human restriction in the area, but given how mad these bastards are, and with the amount of ex-servicemen among their ranks with specialist expertise, is there any focus on the possibility of an external threat, such as aerial or even a remote launched missile attack? They may sound either naive or sensationalist, or both, but it's been something I've been thinking about, as surreal as it may be to think of this.
  9. Chocoholic

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    New Groundhog Day
  10. Sometimes I feel guilty for not checking if something I add here may have been posted a few pages back. The same page, and 6 posts before, however...
  11. Chocoholic

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Play his cards right and he could have all the comforts of home...
  12. Chocoholic

    US Election 2020 Thread

    This guy, Steny Hoyer (D) Majority Leader, is a hard listen, with his huge pauses, but how can he be allowed ramble on like that when he was given just one minute? Others have been cut off sharply when they overran their time.
  13. Chocoholic

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Some lovely Gentlewomen have spoken in favour of impeachment.