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  1. And hamstrings. We need to fuck injury-prone prospects off, regardless of how good they may be when they're fit. We've already got Jota for that. I love Diogo, but it's so inevitable and frustrating when he picks up another injury that renders him inactive for sizeable part of a season. That's not to say we'd want or should sign always fit, entitled dickheads, though.
  2. Is Arne Slot Armenian? Is this why he's been missing in action?
  3. Well, that's quite an admission, and with it, your card marked forever more!
  4. Fucking Downing off was probably the best thing Rodgers could have done. Anybody that has the neck to shush The Kop after scoring, when he'd stunk the place out for months on end, needs launching.
  5. As long as he's not found to be a busted flush at our expense, I'm fine with wherever he goes.
  6. Celtic goal by Adam Idah. Have that, you horrible secta... .. actually, can I call Rangers sectarian when they've got a Rabbi playing for them?
  7. Lookman: Yeah, I scored a hat-trick, we won our first European trophy and the biggest match of our history but, ya know... I'd rather ave been with my homies back in my spiritual home at Everton, and the unmatched, unbeatable thrill of avoiding relegation... nothing, nothing feels better than that!
  8. Arsenal did a trial run of the trophy lift on Sunday morning. Just... why? Why not go the whole hog and do a trial run of the trophy parade?
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