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  1. Mou, Manny? Mou Problems. Negged.
  2. Trumo

    Jeffery Epstein & Friends

    He'd think the band's name was Showaddehwaddeh.
  3. Trumo

    The Over 40's vs the Under 40's

    Ah Pangaea. Those were the days!
  4. We might see Spurs players start becoming diving shithouses now. Mourinho is one of those people who appears to say all the right things when he's interviewing for a job, or when he's not at a club and instead is working as a TV pundit. He's complimentary about other teams and managers and there is very little self-promotion. It's all about believing the club already has good players, has a productive academy to pick from, and a need to play a style of football that pleases the fans. The reality is that once he's a manager again, all the snide comments come out and the self-promotion kicks into overdrive. He will ask the club to buy expensive players already at or just about to pass their peak (many of whom are represented by the likes of Mendes and Raiola), only use young players to prove a point that he needs more money to buy more older, expensive players, and he will promote shit-on-a-stick football that his squad will buy into for 18 months while it gets them results and hefty win bonuses. The owners will give him a massive new contract at that point, yet also notice a need to reign in the spending as it isn't sustainable financially. Mourinho will start to sulk and fall out with players and the owners, basically daring them to keep him or sack him.
  5. One of them is clearly a young Donald Trump.
  6. Trumo

    Election 2019 - The TV Debates

    I didn't bother to watch it but it sounds every bit as predictable as I expected. On one side you have somebody who is all about bluster, phrase repetition and skirting of issues while offering zero substance, and on the other side you have somebody who can make his points and talk policy while out and about on the campaign trail but struggles to offer substance in these more scrutinised and widely shown situations, and NEVER puts his opponent on the spot when the opportunity is glaringly obvious. It sounds like a wasted exercise and no doubt will be portrayed a certain way by the media - a away which furthers nothing other than the notion that bullshitting to get ahead is the only way this and future generations will make any sort of progress. Might as well teach kids that self-promotion and screwing other people over is all you need. The Etonian Curriculum then.
  7. Trumo

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Nil Harpic Nisi Toilet Duck.
  8. They've actually been poor since the start of last season, and the CL run papered over the cracks. For a long time, it looked as though they could compete very well considering the didn't pay top wages, and you hardly ever heard of their players being linked to other clubs. That's all changed over the past 18 months and was very apparent over the summer. I think Pochettino has been pushing for the sack and a hefty pay-off rather than choosing to walk. That's the way it's done nowadays. Only one man for the job.
  9. Trumo

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Yes. Yes it does.
  10. Trumo

    Other Football - 2019/20

    I think Klopp said the last lot of international games finish on Tuesday.
  11. Trumo

    Jeffery Epstein & Friends

    It turns out Andrew is one of the princes he was singing about. What?
  12. Trumo


    I didn't even go to Rajasthan mate!
  13. Trumo


    No full English breakfasts so no chance of aRdja posting more from the dark depths of the culinary world. Rajasthan loves meat dishes and it's easy to get alcohol, unlike Gujarat on its southern border where practically everybody is veggie and teetotal.