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  1. Trumo

    Fuck off Frank Lampard

    If his next club has the finances, his first signing will no doubt be Mason Mount.
  2. Trumo

    Fuck off Frank Lampard

    *pull spin* Imagine if he replaces Lennon at Celtic! *throws grenade and legs it*
  3. Trumo

    Fuck off Frank Lampard

    I don't think they've gone more than a year without a trophy win since the demented clapping seal bought the club, and that's with chopping and changes managers. The cunts almost always land on their feet when they make a mid-season change. The worst example being Di Matteo.
  4. Trumo

    TLW Deathpool 2020

    The Woolster finished 1st.
  5. I thought Miss Marple was just a TV series like Poirot. Anyway, Callahan wins this one. Eastwood/Siegel/Schiffrin is almost as lightning-in-a-bottle as the Dollars holy trinity, and Dirty Harry has one of the best and most underrated screen villains of all time. Besides, I don't think I've ever watched anything with Miss Marple in it.
  6. It would be more like shit every 15 minutes for a couple of hours and be done with it. Maybe. You can see why burning the roof of my mouth seems like the better option.
  7. We won this fixture a year ago on our first visit to Spurs' new stadium, 1-0 thanks to a goal from Bobby. Spurs barely looked to get out of their own half and we didn't look to blow them away. We just got in, got the points and continued on our march towards a maiden Premier League title (or No19 if you want to be accurate). Bobby was frequently doing the business in away games but couldn't buy a goal at Anfield. We DID blow them away in December 2013, during Brendan Rodgers' spell in charge. A 5-0 blitz at the Lane featuring goals from Hendo, Sterling, 2 from Suarez and even a goal from Jon Flanagan who was in fine form that season. That match signalled the end of Andre Villas-Boas time in charge, with Spurs replacing him with Captain Bellend and his sleeveless jackets. We mullered them again 4-0 later in the season. One part-time cockney who was riding high in the charts back then was Lily Allen. She was top of the charts with her cover of Keane's 'Somewhere Only We Know'. It was used for the John Lewis Christmas advert that year and it ain't that good. The original song is very dull too. I don't hate either of them, I just think 'meh'. There were a few signs that we can offer a goal threat in the FA Cup defeat to the Mancs, and we've badly needed that over the past few weeks. We need something to click in our favour now because luck has deserted us since the Palace game. Being able to select two reliable actual centre backs to play at centre back would be a huge help (we're getting old and we need something to rely on - yes I nicked that from the lyrics!), but we are going to have to continue with Fabinho and probably Matip who IS reliable but not durable. I would be tempted to take on Mourinho at his own game and stifle the shit out of this match. We have to be wary of Tottenham's front 2 showing how clinical they can be, and we're almost certain to come up against a ref and VAR official who allow all sorts of shit to be committed on our players while falling for the antics of the likes of Kane every time. We haven't had a genuine 11v11 contest for quite some time now. Just fucking win!
  8. Trumo

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    A frustrating game that highlighted both our recent vulnerability as well as signs that there were green shoots of recovery. Up until Fernandes scored. After that, we looked like the forlorn outfit of the past few weeks. The good stuff. Cracking opening goal from Mo and a slightly fortuitous second, both from Bobby assists. More purpose and movement about us in attacking positions. Thiago both getting in and playing passes between the lines to disrupt United. Trent looking more like his normal self. The bad stuff. Rhys Williams getting caught out like he did at Villa. Fab getting too tight to a Man Utd forward who will always look to hit the deck in those positions. The Silence Of The Lambs head-in-a-jar looking cunt scoring the winner. The substitutions (even Sadio) weakening the team. Robbo having no impact in the attacking half of the field. The aforementioned loss of belief after going behind once more. Another shit year in the FA Cup. It's almost guaranteed now that, whether we put out a youthful side, a side of squad players or go strong, the 3rd or 4th round is about the best we can manage. Only some of that is down to having to face Premier League opposition early on.
  9. Trumo

    Boris Johnson

    Boris the fucking Biff.
  10. Dollars trilogy for me. It defined a genre, influenced so much afterwards, created a superstar, and the cinematography and score are still top-notch more than 50 years on. Eastwood/Leone/Morricone is collaborative lightning in a bottle. I know LOTR is technically brilliant and epic in scale, but I've never bothered to re-watch them having seen each of them once. I've never bothered with The Hobbit trilogy either.
  11. Trumo

    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    So we're definitely selling then.
  12. Trumo

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Can't be long before someone Photoshops all their names into Karen.
  13. I've already voted for the 1996 FA Cup final and stated why. 2018 in Kyiv was a massive gut-punch because practically everything that could go wrong went wrong. We lost our most prolific attacker early on thanks to Ramos undulging in the dark arts. We didn't have adequate attacking impetus from the bench. Ramos gave Karius a concussion. Karius then had an absolute nightmare with not one but two howlers. Bale scored a 1-in-100 worldy. It was a sickener given how well we'd played in the competition. 2016 in Basel was a sickener because we went in at half time and didn't come back out. We'd not been brilliant as such in the competition, scraping through a weak group, but we'd put in good performances and got some great results in the knockouts that made it feel like we might just go all the way. 2007 in Athens is an odd one. Of course I was disappointed afterwards but weirdly not gutted. Not because I knew we'd be back the following year or something (the team needed an overhaul and had only just scraped a top 4 place), but probably because we'd won this a couple of years earlier when we really shouldn't have. Rafa obviously didn't want us to get blitzed like in Istanbul so he set up the team with the handbrakes on. Trouble is, Ancelotti did the same with his team because he feared that the same thing might happen. The scars were still too fresh. A more dynamic starting line-up and we could have really got at that Milan side. Look at any of the other games on the list, and the common theme seems to be that we just didn't turn up on the day. Even when we've won cups in the last 20 or 30 years, we haven't played particularly well. Alaves in Dortmund was a great first half but we did pretty much the same as against Sevilla in the second half. It was an incredible game with an incredble finish but only because we didn't take charge of the game when we had a commanding lead. It was weird because we'd proven to be adept at shutting down games that season.
  14. Trumo

    Other football - 2020/21

    "There's contact so he's entitled to go down" says one of those blerts. Doesn't apply when it's a Liverpool player obviously.