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  1. What I came here to post. He's done fuck all to merit a starting spot for Werder.
  2. Work-rate. Incisiveness. Nous. I don't ask for much. This is how it's gonna be. Build from the ground up. How do we treat this one? We made a right pig's ear of the first leg, making any potential progress in the Europa League the most unlikeliest of scenarios. Defend like we have been, and it's done. Attack like we have been, and it's done. So tightening up and sharpening up are key if we are to stage another European miracle. We've been 3-0 down at half time to some Italians before. Atalanta have been on the fringes of a Champions League place in Serie A all season, but though they are well-organised and pose an attacking threat, we made them look like cultured European heavyweights at times last week. It's not always thus. Our last visit to Bergamo, in November 2020, showcased us at our dominant and ruthless best. Diogo was a new addition to our attack, and he underlined just how much of a goal threat he can provide. He's such an unusual player and that in almost every aspect of attacking play, he doesn't seem to pass the eye test as elite level. And yet he is deceptively strong in the air, has a turn of pace, can dribble his way past defenders with no little skill, can pick out players in a better scoring position, and has a precision to his finishing that belies what often looks like a scruffy shooting technique. And he works his bollocks off. He bagged himself a hat-trick that night. His first came when an inch-perfect through ball by Trent allowed him to shrug off his marker and dink the keeper. His second came soon afterwards when Joe found him just inside the box on the left. He brought the ball down and cut inside the defender before firing low and hard inside the near post. We were flying, especially on the counter. Into the second half, and Mo got in on the act. It came from an Atalanta corner which we cleared. Curtis hammered the ball away into Mo's path, still in our own half, and he simply bombed forward, steadied himself, cut inside the defender and curled the ball into the far corner. You know what he's going to do, the defenders know what he's going to do, but back then they still had no answer for it. Sadio got the goal of the night when he was played in via another inch-perfect through ball. The keeper came flying out to narrow the angle, but Sadio dinked the ball over him and into the net anyway. Again, we've seen Sadio do that on many an occasion. There was still time for Sadio to pick out Diogo's run beyond a beleaguered Atalanta back line. The Portuguese rounded the keeper and rolled the ball into an empty net. 5-0 and we could have had more. However, for most of the last 10 minutes, we either switched off completely or Atalanta found another gear all of a sudden. They created some great chances and were unfortunate that Ali and/or the woodwork came to our rescue. I think we carried that sloppiness into the home fixture. It's hard to know if Atalanta will look to settle the tie early, or play to keep things cagey, hoping that we remain both porous on the counter and profligate in attack. As unlikely as a turnaround is, we have to go for it, and use the game as the first step towards righting the wrongs of the past month or so. I know we need to keep something back for the league (not least because we travel to Fulham and Everton over the next week), but that becomes a bigger challenge if we go into the final stages of the league campaign displaying the same frailties of recent weeks. Being out of Europe and fucking it up in the league would be such a dampener on Jurgen's farewell tour. Try everything we can to stay in Europe, and use it to re-energise the rest of the season. The start of the match in particular needs to be managed far better. Complacency, stupidity and zero hunger have no place at Liverpool FC. Maximum motivation, concentration, attitude and application from first minute to last. Make the semi finals and write another chapter in this club's storied history in European competition. Get it done!
  3. What's the Everton thought process here. Can't take any points off us if we don't have any? via GIPHY
  4. Fair play to Everton for the Hillsborough stuff. As for their appeal against the latest deduction, maybe the question to ask Everton (and especially their fans) is: Would you deem the initial deductions (10 and 5 points respectively) to be fair if it was Liverpool that had breached PSR through the same actions and to the same extent? Of course we know the answer to that one.
  5. Reading these last few pages, I'm waiting for the conundrum.
  6. RIP not just to the 97, but to the countless others for whom the aftermath just became too much to bear. Gone but not forgotten.
  7. Well done to the new Bundesliga champions, who can finally shake off that 'Neverkusen' tag. Fully expecting them to suffer a hangover in the coming weeks and finally taste defeat this season.
  8. The sluggish starts and coughing up chances very early on is a malaise that I think is down to the coaching staff (I include Jurgen in that). It's incredible how often it happens, and how often we are having to claw back a one-goal deficit. There will be times when it happens and you can't really do anything about it, but the regularity of it in our case is alarming, and there are no signs that we have rectified it. Two other things that I really hope get ditched going forward: 1 - The kick-off routine, which consists of passing it back to one of the centre backs, who launches it upfield (usual towards the left wing) for the ball to be contested. We almost never retain possession from this situation 2 - When we've been passing it about in midfield and defence with the ball getting nowhere, and manage to win a free kick near the centre circle. we always play the resulting free-kick short to retain more pointless possession, having done nothing to break the opponents' shape and create space.
  9. Inexplicable standard of finishing. It's not often you see so many chances squandered in a game and wonder how the fuck the ball did not go in. We are now selecting line-ups with players who are tired of body and/or mind, and others who are out of form. The ones looking knackered have been asked to carry the team over the past few months as we dealt with a spate of injuries, and though we have got a lot of players back, the tempo and intensity that is required at this stage of the season is something they are not ready for.
  10. Yep, we're done. Even if the other 2 were to drop some points between now and the end, we simply don't look like we won't.
  11. I think you're only allowed a maximum 20-man squad for PL games. We currently have 5 senior attacking options (3 to start, 2 on the bench) but none of them have offered a consistent goal threat recently (Diogo not through form but injury), so I'd be tempted to include Danns on the bench for the Palace game in place of one of them.
  12. Work-rate. Incisiveness. Nous. I don't ask for much. This is how it's gonna be. Build from the ground up. It's pretty hard to motivate myself to start a match thread after such a chastening evening for the team the night before. Can sort of imagine how Dave must feel when he has to write match reports and other content when you feel so dispirited. They do say though that the best way to get over a setback is to clear your head and get back on the bike. This game, like nearly all of our remaining league fixtures for however long we last in the Europa League, takes place on a Sunday. And boy oh boy do we need to get back on the bike. That said, last year's corresponding fixture saw us in similar form to this past week. It was also a microcosm of our malaise until the last couple of months of the season, as we were too easy to open up at the back. while lacking precision and ruthless efficiency up front. For all our possession football, we struggled to create real chances. Mo fired wide from inside the box, and Darwin was played in only to mishit his effort which bounced off the far post and stayed out. Then we got sucker-punched when Eze got between 2 of our players too easily on halfway and played a ball into Zaha's run. The Ivorian had stayed onside and had space and time to pick his spot, firing his effort into the far corner. The game's biggest talking point came in the second half when Darwin was goaded into retaliating by Palace defender Andersen, who duly hit the deck after being shot. Officials are like WWE refs in these situations, only looking at the retaliatory act rather than the cause. Actually, that's not quite an accurate comparison, and besides, I used to love Eddie Guerrero's shenanigans when the ref's back was turned or if he just so happened to have been 'accidentally' floored. Tierney was the ref, and Darwin was made to walk. His home debut was a dud and it's fair to say he's never really taken off after that. We did eventually get an equaliser, and what a goal it was too. Lucho picked up the ball in his customary left wing spot and dribbles his way through and around 3 or 4 weary Palace legs before hitting a rocket past the Palace keeper. We have seen similar goals from the likes of Sadio and Phil. Anyway, a point only as we continued our winless start to the season. Palace replaced Hodgson with Oliver Glasner a couple of months ago. I don't really know how he's got on as from what I can tell, Palace's general results have followed a familiar trajectory. I know Eze has been in and out with injury issues, and I think Olise is out long term. Whatever they've got, we can't allow them to show it. The crowd may get nervous and edgy if we don't start sharply, but my hope is that the players are so angered by what happened against the Mancs and Atalanta that they want to make every opponent pay for it. Starting with Palace. We've been getting players back from injury, but one or two that have played a lot recently are showing signs of mental fatigue. Those guys need a rest so the ones coming in are hopefully ready. Whoever is selected to start and be on the bench needs to be right up for the fight. I want ruthless efficiency and precision in attack, I want the midfield to dominate and I want the defence to be controlled and impenetrable. That requires maximum motivation, concentration, attitude and application from first minute to last. 3 points please. Get it done!
  13. If the coffin ain’t great, you must cremate.
  14. A rude awakening and then some. We need a fucking miracle in Bergamo now. We were not quite as poor as in the Anfield fixture against this lot back in 2020 (we created nothing all night in that one), but here we were wasteful with the handful of decent chances created. There was so much tiredness of mind on display out there, it's frankly alarming. So many players just not at the races. Kostas looked like a player who hasn't had much game time recently. Joe was making too many poor decisions on the ball and could never offer us an outlet. Virg wanted to coast through a game against a side looking to pin us down. Poorest performance from Endo in a while. Curtis, like Kostas, was off the pace and conceded possession cheaply too many times. Darwin was making daft decisions without offering his unique brand of chaos to compensate. And for once, the subs couldn't make a telling impact. Mo looks like he's holding back a little. Lucho was game but couldn't affect the game. Diogo got into some good positions but never had the ball drop favourably. Dom's dithering proved very costly. I thought Cody looked up for it at the start and he was the pick of our forwards line, but that's not saying much as ultimately he never got himself into any goalscoring situations. When Jurgen summoned the cavalry, Cody faded away. Ibou put himself about but was far busier than he would like to be. For all the goals we score generally, we are pretty wasteful as a whole. So many attempts that are on target lack either the power or the precision to test a goalkeeper. They looked scuffed. The ones that are hit cleanly also lack direction. If you are Joe Gomez, you should not be attempting a shot at goal from 30 yards. That decision was as stupid as Lovren's 40-yarder into orbit all those years ago when we were chasing an equaliser. You have to try and find some positives from somewhere. Something that we can cling on to. It will take something monumental in Bergamo for that to happen. Right now I would rather we make the right decisions and be crisp and clinical when attacking, and cut out all the stupid shit defensively.
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