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  1. Tough call this. I really liked Curb but loved Frasier.
  2. Trumo

    Euro 96

    It was probably the last time I really wanted England to win, and I was gutted when they were knocked out. I hated Andy Moller and his smug postering at the time, but once I'd wisened up and begun to recognise that the England national team was for xenophobic drunken wankers from the arse-end of nowhere, I started to really respect Andy Moller for putting England in their place. I went to Anfield to watch the France v Holland quarter final. I can't remember how we managed to get tickets but I wasn't complaining as it was my first ever visit to my club's home ground. We were sat in that section in the Lower King Kenny beneath where the scoreboard and announcer's room are, and most of the fans around us were France supporters. There was still a smattering of orange around us and there was no trouble at all. It wasn't a great game and it went to penalties after a goalless draw, which France won. They got knocked out after a goalless draw and penalties by the Czechs in the semi final. England were excellent against the Dutch and the Germans, and very good in the second half against Scotland when Redknapp came on as a sub and took control of the game. England were mediocre against Switzerland and very very fortunate against Spain. I actually thought Italy were unlucky to get knocked out in the group stage, because they were a lot better than the spawny and tired-looking team that had reached the World Cup final two years earlier. They went out though, and their manager Sacchi was sacked a few months later. Croatia were impressive and had some real quality. Suker, Boban, Boksic, Prosinecki, Asanovic... The Czechs were generally solid and unspectacular, and a bit spawny truth be told. In these tournaments, there's always one side that loses their opening game and seems out of it, only to rally and ride their luck to reach the latter stages. In Euro 96, that was the Czechs. Nedved and Paddy became stars in that tournament. The Dutch were a disappointment when you consider they had the bulk of Van Gaal's brilliant Ajax side plus the likes of Bergkamp. Loads of infighting in the camp, and they soon looked like a team that didn't fancy it. I'd bought one of those pre-tournament guides and in it, they were saying that Zidane was capable of being the player of the tournament, and France were again a side to look out for. He didn't really do much, but Djorkaeff and Lizarazu (two players I hadn't heard of) were outstanding. The bulk of that side went on to win the World Cup in 1998. Germany were Germany. Solid, organised and efficient, and clinical when they needed to be. It was a much younger squad than the one they'd picked for the 1994 World Cup. Apart from a couple of England's games at Wembley, the best matches all seemed to be at Anfield.
  3. MASH is rated as one of the greatest ever but I don't think I've ever seen an episode. If I have, I can't remember it. I've seen the film though and that was ace.
  4. Trumo


    They've morphed into the 1976 East German synchronised swimming team. # Don'tcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me? # Er, no love, frankly I'd be very disappointed.
  5. Trumo

    TLW Deathpool 2020

    Michel Hidalgo, who managed the likes of Platini, Tigana and Giresse in the great France teams of the early 80s, has died at the age of 87.
  6. This. I never really got into Cheers either but it's obvious that it was very well written and brilliantly played.
  7. I liked what I saw of Arrested Development but like I said about Seinfeld, Frasier is sitcom royalty. I loved the fact they never had anybody play the Maris character because she's described in such a freakish way throughout that it would be an insult to any actress to actually portray her.
  8. Never watched Rules of Engagement so Happy Days gets the vote by default. It's probably better than I'm rating it but I never really got into it.
  9. Never really watched Phil Silvers. It was just him playing the Sergeant Bilko character as far as I know. Seinfeld is sitcom royalty.
  10. It's cooler to say that Curb... was better than Friends. That was definitely true in places, especially in the writing, but Friends has an enduring appeal and it was genuinely brilliant at times.
  11. Like most on here, the UK version of The Office is preferred to the US version. John Lithgow was brilliant in 3rd Rock..., and it was in the right TV slot back then (early evenings).
  12. It's Always Sunny... is better but Scrubs had some very funny moment too.
  13. Trumo

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Nil Vitalite Nisi Maxell.