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  1. Barrington Womble

    Ibrahima Konate

    Hahaha, you are genuinely comical.
  2. Barrington Womble

    Ibrahima Konate

    Of course it was the response you expected. The truth hurts. Gobble.
  3. Barrington Womble

    Ibrahima Konate

    We already know your job on the FSG payroll. Gobble.
  4. Barrington Womble

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    We've been brainwashed into this moneyball nonsense and to just accept we don't compete financially.
  5. Barrington Womble

    Ibrahima Konate

    The original story says nothing about negotiating, it's just RBL are the ones who've push the idea of a 40m release clause but the reality his summer is it is lower. We've done no negotiating at all.
  6. Barrington Womble

    Ibrahima Konate

    Of course he was coutonho's replacement. He litterally took his place in the side when he left.
  7. Barrington Womble

    VAR Thoughts?

    Is that given purely because his shirt sleeve is longer?
  8. Barrington Womble


    Got my 2nd jab of AZ yesterday. No big symptoms this time, not even a sore arm. I had a runny nose this morning which cleared up. And I've had a twat of a headache for most of the day, but I'm pretty sure that's because my day was shite.
  9. Barrington Womble

    Ibrahima Konate

    He was coutonho's replacement, just brought in early as we knew he was going. There was no waiting for a free as arsenal wanted paying out, so we did the next best thing. I thought it was too expensive, because he was a sick note, I couldn't understand why we were near him. I remember being rebuffed on here because we'd got a cheap deal.
  10. Barrington Womble

    Klopp: Keita substitution was purely tactical

    It is hard to know where the money is coming from when we've been skint after 2 CL finals with one being a winner in 12 months. Then we have a season and a third without crowds, it must make us double skint almost bankrupt. We shouldn't be skint - our wage bill is supposedly 300m, but we turned over 500m before the pandemic - so it's pretty hard to grasp as we've paid so little off the main stand, especially as we've not really net spent on players for years, so even if we have outstanding transfer debt, that should work both ways. If we miss out on CL too, fuck me - they'll need to make players redundant.
  11. Barrington Womble

    Klopp: Keita substitution was purely tactical

    They do a lot of man marking and so klopp wanted a player who can take players out of the game with some dribbling. If keita plays to his potential, it looks a master stroke. But keita did what he always does when klopp gives him some responsibility and shit the bed, so we didn't get from keita what he was there to do. Klopp was right to take him off. The idea klopp has thrown keita under the bus is just nonsensical. He's shown too much trust in him for sure and I am hoping the klopp has learnt from the experience and this will be the last we'll see if keita, but knowing klopp, keita will be the 1st name on the teamsheet for Saturday. Yes, loads of players were shit - in fact we didn't get one good performance from the other midfield 2 or his replacement. But klopp rightly picked the fella who's shown no history in turning around his performance once he's started badly - Gini and fabinho very much have. All that substitution showed is what a big job klopp has on his hands in rebuilding the midfield. From the 3 that won the CL & PL, Gini is as good as gone and we need to start planning without Henderson. Henderson needs to start taking the role around the squad milner has, never far away from the starting line up in some position or other, but not the guy who's in our best possible team - he can't be relied on any more to stay fit. Thiago has shown next to fucking nothing. Jones is still very raw, I like him, but he should be on the fringes I think for at least another year. Chamberlain and Shaq, they need to go. Milner, who knows, but we can't be pinning any hope to that fella no matter how great he's been. This summer is looking tougher and tougher as 2021 rolls on. Klopp absolutely needs to start building his 2nd team.
  12. Barrington Womble

    HFSG Out!

    Yeah, there's been a lot of the idea it makes you some sort of super red by how well you police people's behaviour. One of the things I've always found incredible is how many think that the whole world has an understanding of what happened that day. The whole aim of the smear and the cover up was to seep into the consciousness of the nation it was all our fault. It's not the fault of people who formed that opinion, it's the fault of the people who pushed the false accusations out there in the 1st place. There are obviously some exceptions to that, like twisted, bitter fans who just use it because they hate scousers, they know better but that's no fun to them. But a fella like wogan, he's exactly the type of person the SYP & government wanted to believe that original cover up. Without going in to my experiences that day, all I know is the massive admiration I have for all of the families who were able to fight for 30 years the way they did. I had years where I just wanted it all to go away because I knew I needed closure on it and for me it was just open wounds. I genuinely don't know where they found the strength.
  13. Barrington Womble

    HFSG Out!

    It's quite incredible isn't it. As for the HFSG - it's interesting they've called it a day. What started out as a group to help the grieving process obviously had its challenges when some of the group wanted to use the platform for justice and even though many went to the HJC, HFSG still remained more than just a group for people to grieve. I think it must be a genuine weight off them to feel like they can leave this behind and is a sign many have now found closure.
  14. Barrington Womble

    Naby Keita

    I don't know if you can say that is any more than a coincidence that he played both last night and villa. He played palace too. What's not a coincidence is he's given us next to nothing time and again and every time you feel klopp puts a lot of trust in him, he fails to deliver. All the midfield were shocking on Tuesday, but as you say, keita has nothing in the bank. He's no salif. If he out in half the effort salif did, he might be a regular in the team. That looks a bit like klopp thinks he can't to it in the league. I'm not convinced we're trying to play controlled possession, I think that's a byproduct of being fucking shit in midfield for months.