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  1. Yeah, that will be tough. I'm hoping the lads who there was talk about being back for tomorrow are actually back for that one. If we can get sub appearances for Darwin, Salah and Dom, we'll fuck them. For now to be honest, I just want to get through tomorrow, get a win in 90 and rest a few out against Southampton.
  2. Yeah. I have no idea how good Sparta are. But hopefully we can find a way to play a few kids and keep key players fresh for the league. We could have done with Southampton winning today so their focus was on automatic promotion rather than settling for the playoffs.
  3. Nice to see they listened to me. Now for jurgens reds to listen to me about tomorrow and just fucking win.
  4. Yeah it's hard to imagine what it'll do to us if it goes the distance. Let's hope we can get in done in 90. Does it? I think you end up in that vicious circle where the less players you have, the less you can protect the players in the red. The only thing that gets you out of it is less games. And that's not happening from here unless we blow it in the fa cup and uefa cup.
  5. I can believe they're both not playing, I would be just really worried if Nunez isn't even fit enough to travel. I thought when you heard ljinders yesterday (rather than just read his words) he sounded like they wouldn't play.
  6. If Nunez hasn't travelled, he must be proper fucked as you'd expect klopp to want everyone there even if they're not involved.
  7. He was boss then. He spoke through a translator, so when he was being a fucking bellend, the translator probably cut it out.
  8. It's alright that blood orange stuff. But I don't feel it for this time of year. You need a bit of sunshine and warmth. Wherever possible, it'll be strong, dank IPAs for me tomorrow. Although I'm more expecting shit lager in plastic cups.
  9. Honestly if they all get away with this, I think it's time to give up on the game.
  10. Is anyone watching football focus? I had it on in the background and wasn't paying attention when they were talking about Everton, but I thought they said something like "as expectations grow that they will win their appeal against the points deduction"
  11. Let's hope so. But that can still cause it's own chaos at ticket checks. My QR is identical now to what it was when I downloaded, it doesn't change like the latest Ticketmaster ones do. And it definitely screen shots.
  12. This looks way more positive for a season 3. https://www.radiotimes.com/tv/drama/kin-season-3-discussions-newsupdate/
  13. And they're closing the bar at 2. Apparently police orders are all those pubs for both clubs should be emptied at 2. Which is going to cause chaos if there's loads without ticket. Hopefully there won't be many of them. I'm more worried about what the touts will be circulating in way of forgeries. You can screen shot the QR from your wallet.
  14. Seems it's kavanagh, who despite being a manc, I think is probably the best out there at the moment. Brooks on VAR - hasn't he fucked us a few times? Referee: Chris Kavanagh Assistant Referees: Mark Scholes and James Mainwaring Fourth Official: Tim Robinson Reserve Assistant Referee: Wade Smith VAR: John Brooks AVAR: Marc Perry
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