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  1. Sorry to hear this. It sounds like she hung in for a lot longer than the time clatterbridge gave her.
  2. I've been to see my surgeon today for the results of my histology. All the results are back clear. There is every reason to believe I have a cure this time. I feel so relieved. So I just need to get sorted physically and crack back on with life.
  3. I'd take money for Jota now actually if it was on offer, but there's been no hint of it. I think he has had spells where he can show fitness though. Konate as I say, I'd get rid now and there was interest from PSG. Jones I think as an England lad and probably earning not all that, you'll find another English club for him in 12 months. I see your point about Maguire. Except they pay him 250k a week or something mental. It was mental when they signed him. We just don't pay those sorts of wages to players who haven't showed it here - the one time we did on thiago, it bit us in the arse. And for all you say there. We got thiago and chamberlain from those groups of clubs you list. At a time when we were supposed to be the smartest in the world at this shit. There's just no getting away from it, we need to be better at this.
  4. They're getting rarer at Liverpool that's for sure! I'm not sure that's true everywhere else - there seems clubs who do pretty well, clubs who are as bad if not worse than us. And actually if you have a good squad of players who aren't always injured, nobody should be getting near 60 games, because you can manage them. But for me that comes back to needing to buy the right guys, I'm not sure availability is as important to the process as it should be.
  5. The thing with those lads specifically you mention. So what if they train well? What does it really mean. Train well against who? It's barely a squad right now. And it'll be the same when we start playing matches state side, because all of the clubs will only have half squads, although obviously some will be better placed than others. The only thing you could probably get out of those lads is saying "go and find a club for the season", or "you can be in the league cup squad till Xmas, then maybe find a club". None of them should form part of our first team planning for PL and CL games. And that's what we need. We absolutely need a top centre back and number 6. For those like me who think we could do with a forward too because of the increased number of games and some planning for Mo to leave, there might be an argument that carvalho could stay. I've seen enough of him though to say it's not an argument I would make.
  6. No season is ever set in stone. Players right through the squad will vary their levels year by year. But there are just some obvious shortages for me. I can't believe Slot doesn't see it and needs to go to America with half a squad to get some sort of vision on the solution.
  7. As I'm making the argument for Slot watching videos, I'll bite on this. You might be surprised I actually kind of agree with you. He won't learn a fucking thing of real value off training videos. I also don't think he'll learn a great deal while in the USA to be able to allow us to start buying players when we get back, which is the current position of the pack journos. I think it's bullshit that's fed to them, they know they have nothing else to print, so they do Hughes's propaganda for him. I think Slot knows exactly what we need. I think so do our recruitment team. I think they both know, none of that is available at the prices we like to do business, so they find excuses, wheel it out to their mates around the club, and those desperate to believe the club do the rest. It's bullshit. We'll just do less than we need like we do every single summer.
  8. Are they all that well paid though? Most of our players come in on much smaller salaries and then get the big money on the 2nd contract. As I say, the example of Keita is a good one. There were offers for them. We just wanted more. In fact the same was true of chamberlain. I think most lads on their first contract with us could find clubs elsewhere in the PL or as seemed possible, the likes of PSG for konate this summer, but it seems we want to roll the dice again. Pepe left arsenal for free because he's fucking shit at football. You make a fair point about Tierney that he'll see his contract out, but arsenal weren't trying to shift him 2 years ago, they were still trying to magic him onto the pitch - same as we'll be doing with konate this season. My argument for Pepe stands for Drinkwater and Phil Jones too. Chamberlain, keita, thiago, matip, Jones and Jota are all good footballers if you can get them on the pitch. You can always find a mug, just like arsenal and munich did with us shifting chamberlain and thiago to us.
  9. We'll forget the legal side, you just make them available for sale, it's not issue. You just mightn't get top dollar, because they're proven crocks. But you'll always move them on because there's some fool who think they can fix the problems. That's a story as old as football. The other side of it does matter though. We still have 25 man squads despite these additional demands and games, so it's crucial you don't waste half a dozen of them as players who can't be available when you need them. There'll always be injuries, but there are some players who just can't get on the pitch because their bodies are not right for elite level football and the demands you talk of. There's plenty of players who manage it, you need to find more of them and it becomes more important part of the recruitment process. Take for example some of our recent crock issues: Chamberlain - known problems before we bought him, shouldn't never have been on our radar for that reason. Keita - not the same, so some bad luck, but by 3 years it was clear he was a waste of space. We got good offers for him, but not big enough for the fsg bean counters, we weren't willing to price in his injuries. We got 2 years of nothing. Hurting the team in the process. Thiago - a player who has carried injuries through his whole career. We should never have gone near him. A perfect example of a club thinking they can fix problems others have consistently failed to do ands buy them anyway. Jones - a developing player, it sometimes happens. This season is major, if he can't get through it relatively injury free, it's time to pack him off. Konate - barely kicked a ball for the 2 season before we signed him. Another who we thought would just get through his problems. We've played him once a week max for his entire career here and just about every time we try for more, he breaks down. Get rid. He's where keita was 3 years in. Jota - I'm not sure of his history before we signed him, but he's been consistently injured since he got here. He's in the Jones category, get over it or off you pop. Matip - again, I'm not sure of his record before he was here..and at least he was free. But he never showed capability of staying fit. He's gone, but every season his lack of availability hurt us. We needed to be more ruthless and replace him. So out of those players, for me there's some we should never have signed. There's some we should have got rid of earlier. There's some who should be in the last chance saloon but probably aren't. As a club we have to get better at this, it's one of our biggest failings and has fucked us 3 of the last 4 season.
  10. Obama hasn't endorsed her because he, like plenty of the party, are concerned because there have been no primaries and she was on the Biden ticket, if there was no race, it looks bad as a potential set up they worked all along to save her having a real primary race. The issue isn't Harris, it's how the process looks to the electorate. It's important to note, although it seems to have completely passed you by with your bizarre hate campaign, that the Dems have not chosen anybody yet. There may or not be a race to the DNC to be one the nominated candidate. If there's nobody willing to come forward you will obviously see quickly Obama and any of the leading dem figures who haven't backed her, will. But if there needs to be a race, well I'm sure plenty will keep their powder dry until the candidates are announced.
  11. Slot has already said he's been watching videos of training before he joined the club. Come on, how long klopp was here was a benefit, not a hindrance. He left behind a club in decent shape and a squad that needs just a little help. It's all well and good saying "it's euros year", but that applies to all clubs. As I said before, it hasn't stopped other clubs with new managers. I don't see what you think he can possibly gain from a few training sessions in person, he could get from watching many of our games and training sessions he has available to him. It's not like he's restricted to see what we can see on sky, he'll have all the angles, can see whatever he wants. Honestly, if you genuinely think he needs to see them to assess them, then he better not buy anyone, because he'll learn fuck all before the window closes, some of the players aren't back till the end of the first week of August. And there are certain players in our squad, like konate, Jota and jones, you don't need to see them, tbeir biggest weakness is their lack of availability. You don't need to see konate train to know he's carried injuries for most of the last 5 years. I don't see we have anyone who absolutely needs selling (unless contract situations or big offers come in). All the first team squad from last will get a crack. But then it's just a numbers and balance game. And there are gaps, both from the squad not being big enough last season and the pair who left. All this holding back is about is kicking the can and hoping we can get away without soending. They did the same last summer. Henderson and fabinho left and they did virtually nothing till the end of the window and picked up 2 players they could have bought and integrated months earlier and couldn't be more average if you tried., we didn't hold on to get the best talent. Integrating players is as important as anything Slot will do this summer. Well if he gets any to integrate. And the longer we give him to do that, the higher his chances of success. He's not choosing the players anyway, that'll be done by Hughes and his team.
  12. Someone mentioned earlier about The Bear being the most overrated show on TV. And it's something I broadly agree with. It's a decent watch, but it's talked about like it's revolutionising television and they're doing something ground breaking. I don't see it, it's just a standard work place drama - no different to watching High Laurie play House, but with better American accents and tomatoes instead of spilled guts. I have just put episode 1 of season 3 on. Fuck me, are they being their own hype. What type of arty shite was that? It was genuinely one of the worst episodes of TV I've ever watched. So bad, I've spent more time reading shite on here. I normally think this show is about a 7, maybe season 1 was a 7.5, but a fucking 0/10 for the start of season 3. I'm not sure I can be arsed going further. Jeremy Allen White needs to sort himself out or he's going to ruin when he plays Springsteen for me at this rate.
  13. To be honest, I really don't understand why you think this is all so difficult for us to do. We're not in some unique position, lots of clubs have new managers and do every summer and just get on with business. They don't need to see them all showering to decide if the squad needs additions. It is why we have data. It is why slot has been watching videos. It is why we hired him I assume, that he already had knowledge of our squad and had done his research. It all just smacks of the summer of Rodgers to be honest. Get a manager who is so delighted and surprised to be here, it's pretty easy to push him around.
  14. November till they get a new leader. Rishi being handcuffed to the right despatch box a little longer. BBC News - Conservatives launch plans to elect new leader - BBC News https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c6p24l5254xo
  15. Sure, but we're not a charity. If their bodies aren't up to elite level football, they need not being playing here. Being able to stay fit and available is as important as footballing talent.
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