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  1. Barrington Womble

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Hope you're right.
  2. Barrington Womble


    This is a piece from the guardian about this national lockdown. The highlighted piece sums up this entire crisis. Meanwhile in the 16 days since tier 3 was introduced new cases and cases per 100k in Liverpool are down one third. Does this not suggest tier 3 works?
  3. Barrington Womble

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Someone posted earlier apparently trump only has a 10% chance of winning. As a.sober reminder, I've just put on Fahrenheit 11/9 as I've never watched it. Within the first few.minite the mention the NY times on election eve had claimed he had only a 15% chance of winning.
  4. Barrington Womble


    The worrying thing though is loads of people think it's not really real. I had a meeting this week with a bloke in London..he's a smart fella. Got a masters from I think Harvard and since he's been in the UK has 3 more degrees from Oxford. He is absolutely convinced this is all a world wide government conspiracy in order to oppress society, get us all tracked permanently and reset world society. People believe all kinds of madness and can't see the obvious in front of their eyes. This fella is convinced this whole thing would be over if they gave everyone 1 vitamin D tablet per day. When I asked why don't they do it, his view is because they don't want to. When I pointed out trump might be really happy to have such a cheap silver bullet to win the election, he can't explain that! Sadly, people are mostly going to believe what they want to believe and will take their news source from the avenue that supports that point of view.
  5. Barrington Womble

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Could go on for ages. It depends how Tuesday goes. If biden has smashed it by Tuesday night/weds morning, well it would seem unlikely trump could fight it and would need to concede. Anything else could see it lasting ages as I think they have 2 weeks to count postal votes in some states and then the inevitable court battles while trump tries to invalidate as many democratic votes as he can. I think the electoral college is supposed to do the final confirmation mid december some time.
  6. Barrington Womble

    Virgil Van Dijk

    I think klopp likes to get them some minutes in this season to give them something to shoot for, I'm pretty sure he did it with Ings and chamberlain, but they were just run outs. I'm sure if the time lines are there we'll get him on the pitch, but I suspect the time lines aren't there. And as for the Euros, if he's fit and wants to go, stopping him will only fuck him off. We just need to work with the Dutch and make sure he's not overused.
  7. Barrington Womble

    US Election 2020 Thread

    My wow would be for the 4% of democrats who are voting for this orange gobshite!
  8. Barrington Womble

    Donald Trump

    Interesting you mention that mate. He's been spamming me for 12 months. Up until 23rd October his mails always said the contribution was matched (well the ones I bothered to look at). Since then, he's changed the phrase from match to this xxx% impact. Which obviously doesn't quite mean the same.
  9. Barrington Womble

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    WrigleyToffee eh. So I assume he's a Chicago blue championing the following of the Everton fan base? The main Liverpool bar in Chicago is run by an expat scouser who is a blue. Hes had it for years (I reckon I must have 1st gone there account 2002/3 andnhebhad it then) and it's not very far from wrigleyville. He let it become a Liverpool base and his bar has loads of LFC memorabilia because as he put it to me "you got to go with the money". Some other teams use the same bar as a base (west ham, man city & Everton, maybe a couple of others) and they have bits up. The only reason you'd know anything about Everton is the landlords own stuff behind the bar in his "side" bar not the main bar. I've watched a few blue games there and there's never more than about 5 or 6 blues in there. They've definitely got the smallest base of any side in that bar and it's their home. Liverpool fill the place (probably a couple of hundred before covid) and it's not their only home in the city. He's fucking mental that fella. Honestly, what type of cunt knows which school their players went to unless they're a local lad and it's part of their over played backstory?
  10. That'll probably be the next round now.
  11. Barrington Womble

    Donald Trump

    Donny has gone mad... He's up to 1000% matching now. I've had about 10 emails off the cunts today.
  12. Barrington Womble


    I reckon we're miles away from heard immunity. And as for how do we get out, Chris whitty has already said the current rules are unlikely to be enough, so there is not path. Hopefully looking at the last 2 weeks stats from Liverpool it's not unachievable.
  13. Yeah and it was a decent collection of O'Leary.
  14. Barrington Womble

    Donald Trump

    This is from a week ago.
  15. Tough one that. Had to do frank, but wish I'd done billy.