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  1. I have no radar for it at all, unless someone is screamingly obvious, I won't pick up on it. I've found out in the last couple of months that most of the bar staff in the pub I drink in are gay & I had absolutely no idea.
  2. I had an apple, I'm not feeling great.
  3. The Aviator has to be up there, he was superb in that.
  4. Apparently that Travis bloke who is dead but dances about like Mr Motivator is Cohle's Dad.
  5. They've got City away at the start of March, Chelsea away at the beginning of April then us at their swamp in the next game. Arsenal at home at the beginning of May. Every other game looks very winnable for them.
  6. That paper has become a parody of itself. What a load of fucking bollocks that article is.
  7. There's nothing superiour about using Google to find things out, most of us do it. Good advice though, noted.
  8. Do you know you have access to the most infunite source of information, jusr a click away though? You don't need to embarrass yourself by asking what everything is anymore & haven't for almost 30 years.
  9. I didn't even know that was still a thing. To be honest, I'm fairly happy as I am. A woman would only wteck my equilibrium. I'll never have to hear, 'Are you just going to sit about on the couch all day?' or "Can you turn that weird music off?' ever again.
  10. I think the whole #meetoo thing has fucked it, every bloke is a rapist now. I can't be done with Tinder and all that so am pretty certain at age 45 that I'll never have sex again. Let joy be unconfined.
  11. Nice one, thanks although I'll miss the Bob Marley guy.
  12. Who could have possibly foreseen this turn of events?
  13. You say that as if there was a problem having Robert Carlyle play a Liverpudlian or Stephen Graham do a prohabition era American gangster. Not forgetting Ray Winstone of course. I know a South African & apparently when Blood Diamond was on at the pictures there, they were all rolling about laughing in their seats.
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