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  1. He's making up for it with the amount of money he's pumping into the hipster fry up industry to be fair to him.
  2. Started watching Maniac last night (first two episodes), looks like another load of hyped up shite although I think it's quite short so I'll probably stick with it. Gabriel Byrne is looking old in it.
  3. The eggs look ok but the rest looks like the culinary equivalent of a wet weekend in Slough. £9.50? I would've put the bloody mary glass right through their face. Arseholes.
  4. Mook

    Drums, drumming and songs with drums

    It was a great documentary, I just feel like Marsalis got his way too much & a lot of great music was overlooked. I've tweeted Steve White about the programme today & he very kindly came back to me & said the decision was made to feature rock more prominately than jazz in this series which is fair enough really. I genuinely appreciate all his work.
  5. Mook

    Drums, drumming and songs with drums

    Aye, good points. I guess Buddy & a few others will appear in the final episode. Your post reminded me that I had a good moan about the Ken Burns documentary which brushed off the new thing & fusion like they didn't happen due to Wynton Marsalis being a traditionalist. Maybe I'm just a moany faced bastard.
  6. Mook

    Drums, drumming and songs with drums

    Yeah, it's odd that they keep referencing it yet nobody seems to talk about it properly. I'd like too see people like Kenny Clarke & Elvin Jones getting a mention, these guys changed the World. As I say, it's a very minor criticism, White knows his stuff & it's probably my favourite programme in the history of TV. I'd love to join in one of Juniper's chats with him, must be brilliant.
  7. Mook

    Drums, drumming and songs with drums

    The programme is amazing. Went to see a Steve White drum clinic about 15 years ago & he absolutely blew me away & he had Jim Kilpatrick in support. No mean feat. Only one thing about the programme pisses me off & it's that they sometimes speak a bit like jazz doesn't exist, like DJ Fontana & Earl Palmer were the first people to play drums, what about Baby Dodds & Gene Krupa? A minor irritation.
  8. When you e-mail someone asking for a postal address & they write it out in a line like, Mook Twatface, 28 Cunt Street, Bastardville, BD10 1FO. Instead of how an address should be written:- Mook Twatface 28 Cunt Street Bastardville BD10 1FO Does my head in.
  9. Mook

    The Commuters Rant Thread

    See this RMT industrial action on Saturday, how likely is it to go ahead? I've just got an e-mail about the trains I booked to come down for the game & things are looking pretty fucked.
  10. I'd quite like to go through a few of the Big Breakfast presenters. I seem to remember they had Jenny McCarthy presenting it for a week, getting to school was a struggle after wanking myself to death I can tell you.
  11. Zig & Zag would've been more appropriate.