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  1. Is it not fan-dabby-dozi? My kids call things 'dumb' all the time & it does my nut in.
  2. Off topic but it really annoys me when people say 'dumb' instead of 'stupid'. Another fucking Americanism. Dumb means people can't speak.
  3. My kids wete watching this shite the other day & there is loads of indoctrination going on. Really grim
  4. I assume you stand back, away from the bar while you do this though, as opposed to walking right up to it & expecting some cunt to explain how a pub works.
  5. It's worse in pubs, people who walk in & look at the bar person like they've got two heads. Total oddballs.
  6. Fucking knew that was coming.
  7. I just saw a video of Harris leaving a record shop & they asked her what she bought and it was Let My Children Hear Music by Charles Mingus. I like her.
  8. As far as blockbusters go, it was reasonably entertaining but it wouldn't make my top 200 films.
  9. Hmmm, we had a black male president and things only seem to have deteriorated. Truth is, you could stick Donald Duck in the White House and it would make fuck all difference, America is run by the gun lobby, the banks & weapon manufacturers. I'm not convinced wanting the supposed 'other side' to fume all the time is the solution either. Everything is so polarised and moronic now.
  10. Who could have possibly foreseen this turn of events.
  11. I'm not defending anything. My Dad's a pensioner so hardly likely to be going around throwing chairs at pub windows & my brother never left his house yesterday. Rangers have a right bunch of fannies following them as well. Most of the cunts I know who were there were in red. I had a look on Twitter and can't see anything, I was just wondering what pub it was. I know the Edinburgh mancs had a meeting thing at The Footlights.
  12. These Scandinavians have got VAR sussed, 'much better effort than the submissive crowds over here.
  13. Where did you see that? I know a few people who were there and I was in the town before/after the game & not seen anything. Not Kerrydale St was it? The city centre was swarming with smelly manc cunts yesterday, it was grim.
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