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  1. Mook

    Polo Shirts

    This is fucking brilliant, seriously strong acid some of those designers are on.
  2. Mook


    That's shite, tell him we're asking for him. I was in hospital with pneumonia last year & it's not pleasant.
  3. Mook

    Frank Zappa

  4. I want my membership back, this is a fucking disgrace this. What next, Mrs Browns Boys better than Alan Partridge?
  5. Mook

    Frank Zappa

  6. I have a feeling the pubs & restaurants opening again is some way off but aye, that first pint with my mates is going to taste fucking good whenever it comes. I'll be buying a new CD player too, mine packed in on Wednesday & I'll be going to the record shop to give them some support if they haven't gone out of business. I'm in the middle of moving house as well so that will be resuming as soon as possible.
  7. Mook

    Tory Liverpool fans

    I think this is correct although if you're a tory & support Liverpool, you're going to have to expect your political party (and your own fucked up views) to be getting a fair amount of stick from your fellow supporters given the city & the club's history.
  8. My missus is watching that Joe Exotic thing, I honestly don't see the attraction in these sort of documentaries, a load of halfwits having a dispute about nothing. Utter shite. 1/10. Ozark, watched the first episode of series three & thought it was a decent start. Going to watch one per night so it lasts us a bit longer during lockdown.
  9. Mook

    Neil Diamond

    Bollocks, I thought he was dead for a minute there.
  10. Mook

    The GF Parenting Thread

    Don't even fucking ask mate. And whatever you do, don't say his name three times into a mirror.
  11. Mook

    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    She's definitely off her tits on class As but aye, I'm quite happy for my kids to watch her programme all day.
  12. I think it's more that the name is very long & we're all lazy bastards.
  13. Biggest travesty since Scorsese not winning the best director Oscar for Taxi Driver in the post here.
  14. Mook

    Have a rant thread

    Your missus, pictured next week...