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  1. I never thought you would outdo your work in the music tournaments but this is incredible stuff. Bravo.
  2. Mook

    Underrated films

    Wow, thank you. I'll watch that this weekend.
  3. Mook

    Underrated films

    Anybody any ideas where I can watch Bang The Drum Slowly? I've been wanting to watch it for years but can only find Region 1 DVDs.
  4. '96 for me. That one hurt a lot longer than the two European Cup Final losses, I was sore all summer whereas I got over them in days. The '87 League Cup was another absolute cunt of a result to get over.
  5. I don't have a horse in this race but I would state that Beverley Hills Cop 3 is in the top 10 worst films I have ever seen.
  6. Mook

    Great Music Photos

    Steel Pulse doing some outstanding 1970s style trolling there.
  7. Mook

    Great Music Photos

    Buddy Rich
  8. Mook

    Great Music Photos

    Dr John looking out of his fucking tree.
  9. Mook

    Scottish Independence, yay or nay?

    Only a hundred odd years, centuries of violence, a Worldwide pandemic & the fact that the majority of Scots don't want independence separating the two issues.
  10. Mook

    Judy Murray could well be a serial killer.

    I'm somewhere between clinically fed up & homocidal at the moment so you could well be right.
  11. Mook

    Songs that sound like other songs

    The song from Footloose makes me so happy because every time I hear it, I'm reminded of this...
  12. Spot on, the first film was brilliant. The annoying kid renders the second one almost unwatchable.