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  1. Mook

    The Beatles

    This should be in NSFW tags, apologies...
  2. Mook


    Champ or someone would be better placed, I know as much about what's going on with Covid as my cats do & I'd happily never hear Sturgeon's voice again.
  3. Mook

    The Beatles

    I don't really have any beef with Yoko but her screaming goes right fucking through you eh. One of the great travesties that Dirty Mac recorded two songs and one of them has her screeching all over it. Also, I've been in that lovey dovey period with birds, where you want to spend every minute with them but when you're with your band writing, rehearsing or recording? No chance. She would be getting told to go shopping or something.
  4. Mook

    Steven Gerrard - Aston Villa Manager

    Someone at the BBC getting carried away with themselves...
  5. Mook

    Stop shouting shoot

    I don't suppose there's anything to stop you although I suspect the response wouldn't be so great these days. There's a quiet dignity in doing that as opposed to begging for a shirt on live TV.
  6. Mook

    Stop shouting shoot

    Agree on the pitch invasion stuff. I don't think the kids at the Porto game should be encouraged/applauded either. Next every 10 year old in the ground will think running on the pitch will get them a match ball & there will be people in the stand with those humiliating '*insert player* give me your shirt or I'll kill myself' banners.
  7. Mook

    Songs that sound like other songs

    Paul Weller is one of the worst going for plagiarism. Changing Man anyone...
  8. Fucks going on with Dopesick? We watched 6 episodes & I was enjoying it, went in to watch number 7 tonight, the option to 'continue watching' was gone & there are only 4 episodes available with another to be added each Wednesday. The whole 8 episodes were on there for about a week, did they (Disney+) fuck up or what?
  9. Mook

    Joni Mitchell

    No, she's not dead and this is fucking good...
  10. Mook

    The shitness of modern football

    All this over the top liberal stuff is only going to create more division & more working class people will move to the right. The people who come up with all this shite don't live in the real World but unfortunately those who are getting it rammed down their throat at every turn, do. The real World where paying bills & buying clothes for your kids are a lot more important than this gender pish, which in reality affects about 0.01% of the population. Player of the match? Fuck off.
  11. Mook

    The shitness of modern football

    The vast majority of people have shown they're happy to put up with VAR and have asked for this shite. I mean if we're happy to have the way we celebrate goals being completely ruined, what difference does a longer half time & some Superbowl style razzmataz make? The horse has bolted.
  12. Mook

    The Beatles

    The boy sorting the tea has a nice Fred Perry polo...