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  1. Is it me or it’s a very good first half ?
  2. Obviously we have missed Anfield’s atmosphere, You’re right, but we have also missed leadership on the pitch.
  3. Do we have 3 CB fit to play that way ? We need to control the midfield, how do we do that ? No idea
  4. Arnaud

    Liverpool 2 Aston Villa 1 (Apr 10 2021)

    The first 25 mn were good , Jota is really a great asset right now, he makes things happen, even though He’s not fit enough to last an entire game. We need Milner more, he brings agression and leadership, and we do need that don’t we ?
  5. Milner brings more intensity, some nastyness as well. And definitely some leadership on the pitch. He has to start against Real.
  6. I wish I had forget that a few times over the years
  7. Arnaud

    Other football - 2020/21

    Low is abysmal.
  8. Arnaud

    Ibrahima Konate

    Et oui !
  9. Arnaud

    Ibrahima Konate

    RMC have been broadcasting English football for years and they own a Radio which is about footie only.
  10. A bit of diary is better than no diary at all !
  11. Arnaud

    Ibrahima Konate

    Very reliable, especially on French players.
  12. Do like me, read the old fanzines, the diary ruled then as well.
  13. I guess Dave doesn’t really want to write it and we may not want to read it. Best stuff on here thought that diary, best stuff on the Internet.
  14. Arnaud

    Nike deal

    And we are the ones buying the kits, not the kids. No way I was buying them any kits this year.I could have bought them a fanzine though ....