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  1. RedKnight


    That people aren't outraged by the death total or aren't turning are the government is a damning indictment on people's idiocy and ignorance.
  2. RedKnight

    Board Games

    Played the first scenario of Arkham a few times now and feel like I've got the jist of it. Deeper learning of it will be a while.
  3. RedKnight

    Do you have your own space

    I've got a Coors Light neon bar sign if anyone wants to make me an offer. The brewery about, 14 years ago, gave it to me to decorate the bar and it came straight home instead.
  4. If you're under 30 then I think it's less likely. Over here? As you say, it's not part of the culture.
  5. Yeah, I don't disagree. I can't fault them for trying something different from normal but maybe not have three episodes of your TV show be about classic TV sitcoms. Hopefully it doesn't mean they're falling into the Netflix trap of not enough story for the running time.
  6. RedKnight

    How hot is your house ?

    My leccy is £35 a month and the gas is £12 a month.
  7. If you're not familiar with shows like The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Love Lucy, Bewitched and others then I'm not surprised. It was a lot of 'stuff' but no progression of plot and unlike anything Marvel has tried before. This wasn't meant to be their first effort though, that was Falcon and Winter Soldier but that got delayed and I assume it'll be a lot more straightforward. A wider point is these shows being called TV series when they seem to me to be extended movies and limited one and done series. There's no second series of WandaVision coming so maybe Disney+ movies are a better plan. Then we wouldn't get 55 minutes of classic sitcom parodies, with the '80s up next.
  8. RedKnight

    How hot is your house ?

    Does anyone read this thread title and read it in style of the Bee Gees 'How Deep is Your Love?'.
  9. RedKnight

    Smart tv's

    I'm not an AV expert but motion on the Panasonic has always been excellent for sport.
  10. RedKnight

    How hot is your house ?

    House has two zones so upstairs only comes on for an hour in the morning and night. Downstairs I have on with a 21c top that's on most of the day at the moment. Though the house holds heat quite well so by about 5pm the house is 20c for the rest of the day.
  11. RedKnight

    Board Games

    The tutorial vid was waaaaaay more helpful than the fucking rulebook. Feel like I'm getting somewhere now.
  12. Any kids who liked the MCU films is gonna have hit a brick wall pretty quickly with the first two episodes. If you're aware of the sitcoms it's parodying then it's quite clever but yeah, if this was a movie those eps would be 10 minute scenes maximum. Don't fall for the "our show is really a 6 hour movie" shite, Marvel. That path leads to the dark side.
  13. RedKnight

    Board Games

    I'd settle for understanding this right now!