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  1. Honestly, I don't have the energy to refute all of this stuff. I don't buy into the conspiracy stuff for many reasons but mainly because I find it all very tedious and boring. As for xenophobic, that's not what I said, nor what I meant, so don't wilfully misrepresent my view on that @lebronand stick that "your own kind" nonsense in the bin.
  2. You might want to wait until it's all out before rating that.
  3. The Uso match was a massive let-down. The Rock was surprisingly good given his age and lack of action.
  4. There was a fan and it seemed like he was after the ref.
  5. But members can't sit next to their mates who are season ticket holders. Look, I take your point. But when members on low credits are hosed for money for virtually no chance, and members on high credits are charged up front for effectively half season tickets with none of the benefits, I still think we get the raw deal. Plus we're left to the randomness of the queuing system to find out how much we pay. I can't miss a game without losing a credit. A season ticket holder can pass it on, through the club, as much as they want without any penalty. That's some bullshit.
  6. Turns out there's not a lot of top echelon managers out there these days.
  7. Said it for years. Not capping memberships is like printing free money for them. They could at minimum be transparent about the odds when you're looking to buy or renew your membership. Don't get me started on the penalties for members missing games whilst the gilded life of the season ticket holder means they can drop in and out whenever they please,
  8. Netflix taking all the WWE content from Jan 2025 will be interesting. Reckon WBDiscovery might want AEW on their Max platform too.
  9. Birmingham City. Pure irrational hatred of them. Others, I have one reason or another.
  10. Cardiff/Swansea games have instances of the fans having to go on official coaches from the home stadium, no matter what.
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