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  1. RedKnight


    Went to the Parc des Princes for the Wales R16 game against Northern Ireland. Liked the stadium, though it was hot and we won.
  2. RedKnight

    Rate your local chippy

    And they're right. Small menu, done right. Interestingly, or not, a lot of chippys in the valleys are owned by Italians. Loads came over early in the 20th century and set up ice cream parlours or chippys.
  3. RedKnight

    Rate your local chippy

    Shit chippys round by me as they also double as kebab shops too. Back home in bucolic south Wales, a chip shop is just for fish and chips and they are glorious. You want a kebab? Go the kebab shop. As it should be, mix and match almost always means weaker chips.
  4. RedKnight


    Properly bothers me that the Adidas badge and logo has the 'R' registered trademark above it when that's never been on a football shirt. Even more weird when it's a fake that they would add it.
  5. RedKnight

    Unsuccessful balloters / M&S Bank Arena

    Pre-sale was delayed. General sale is Wednesday now.
  6. RedKnight

    Geordie Arabia

    To be honest, the Saudi's could replace the seahorses (whatever the fuck they are) on the crest with the crossed swords of Saudi and there'd be a large portion of that clown fanbase defending it. So desperate to be relevant that they'd agree to anything.
  7. RedKnight

    You hate it, but everyone else loves it.

    We're very loosely applying the terms 'everyone' on this thread at the moment.
  8. RedKnight

    Geordie Arabia

    Guarantee they'll be looking to jib Castore as soon as possible. Wank brand.
  9. RedKnight

    Geordie Arabia

    Their useful idiot fanbase will pass that off no problem when really they should be fuming.
  10. RedKnight

    Nike deal

    Nah, I feel the same. Arsenal are getting loads of nice retro gear released too. Deeply frustrating that all we got was two home shirts and a couple of track jackets in our last 5 years with Adidas. It would be a licence to print money. Though I see loads in the blag club retro shirts these days, even the crap Reebok years sell well and that'll be all going direct to the club rather than a % to Adidas, for example.
  11. RedKnight


    The uproar if the club altered it isn't worth the hassle for them.
  12. RedKnight


    I'm 2800.
  13. RedKnight

    Unsuccessful balloters / M&S Bank Arena

    Cheers by the way, lads.
  14. RedKnight

    Unsuccessful balloters / M&S Bank Arena

    Tickets will be limited to two per transaction and fans must have their Supporter ID.