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  1. RedKnight

    Line of Duty

    There's certainly more drama in here about the quality of the new series than in the show. New series has been good.
  2. RedKnight

    Line of Duty

    I would have thought that's because he's putting up a front with the OCG and it's having a detrimental effect on his sanity keeping it all together and undercover. When he meets Steve all of the emotion and unravelling comes pouring out.
  3. RedKnight

    Star Wars

    I agree that working class/middle class kids can't get anywhere in the arts any more due to lack of funding and some decent working class actors have spoken out about it. Whether Rey is a male or female is incidental though and if we stopped watching stuff because there's posh people in it the no one would watch anything.
  4. RedKnight

    Star Wars

    Kit Harington is a very posh man is the point.
  5. RedKnight

    Star Wars

    Why do English 'posh' actresses being in films bother you? It's an odd line to take. Does Kit Harington being in Game of Thrones stop anyone enjoying the character of Jon Snow?
  6. RedKnight

    Star Wars

    Middle aged blokes complaining about women in films.
  7. RedKnight

    Star Wars

    Some of the replies in this thread today are
  8. RedKnight

    A view to the future - Marko Grujic (Part two)

    Forgot he was even our player.
  9. RedKnight

    Can: Training under Klopp was difficult

    Or put simply for what Paul really meant.
  10. RedKnight

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Leave No Trace - Low key drama with Ben Foster as an Iraq veteran with PTSD who lives a survivalist lifestyle in the woods of Oregon with his teenage daughter. Much like the director's previous film, Winter's Bone, this is a stripped down film with great cinematography and naturalistic performance; so much that Thomasin McKenzie's performance made me forget she was actress, she was superb. Very much the opposite of a flashy film, so it's not for everyone, but a small story told brilliantly. 9 out of 10.
  11. RedKnight

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    Rewatched it all from the start in the last few weeks. Can't wait for it, hope it can stick the landing.
  12. RedKnight

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Tag - Comedy with Ed Helms, Jeremy Renner and Jon Hamm based on an actual group of friends who've played a lifelong game of tag. It was okay, a couple of laughs in it but it was a little bit bland and suffered from that thing that a lot of recent US comedies do, which is do lots of near-the-knuckle jokes but then become really saccharine at the end. 5 out of 10.
  13. RedKnight

    Top 5 Liverpool kits

    There was no significance to the stars. They added them because they looked good; the fucking losers. Up there in lame with that daft 'Cityzens' nickname.
  14. RedKnight

    Banned from the Genting in Whitechapel?

    Ah okay. Point stands though, Liverpool has more than one casino.