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  1. can happen to the best of us suppose there is a kind of irony in getting tommeh kicked if twitter,and then echoing his opnion
  2. poor tommeh robinson. misinderstood again.
  3. the weird thing is,the police said,very early on, said they didnt think it was a terrorist attack.
  4. think she retracted,not sure if she has apologised? (but happy to be corrected) Riley also posted an apology over her tweet although she said her original message had been "misunderstood". "Just to clarify, my intention with this tweet was not to say this attack was caused by any ideation or to link it to Islamic extremism," she wrote.
  5. riley joining the esteemed company of tommeh,paul golding,hartley brewer and that clueless bint of twitter, corcoran so defo not a racist.
  6. 1 of the lads we know is a bloo and always talks sense, its pointless even engaging with them on social media.
  7. there is no argument salah has been a phenomenal striker, I was just pointing out the different standards afforded to each player, based on yesterdays game.
  8. 5 eps in..im assuming this gets better? its like a violent hollyoaks
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