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  1. https://x.com/PolitlcsUK/status/1814386224309649892/mediaViewer?currentTweet=1814386224309649892&currentTweetUser=PolitlcsUK
  2. Fog face goes all the way to America in trumps 'hour of need ' and he doesn't even see him. Scenes
  3. The following people are climate sceptics Julie Hartley brewer Lawrence fox Nigel farage Toby Young Donald trump The following people who think it's real The majority of scientists and experts Personally I'm torn.
  4. A newly elected pm undermining the judiciary Capital idea
  5. Makes a change graphs and pie charts in fairness
  6. it would be easy to miss that police road block in fairness
  7. toryism in a nutshell After 30 years as a tenants’ association campaigner on the Aylesbury estate, Jean Bartlett MBE is still at it. We’ve met often there over the years, and yesterday we talked over the programmes of the previous Labour era and hopes of a revival. The boldest was the new deal for communities that picked the 39 worst estates in the country and gave them a large sum to be spent by the tenants themselves, with genuine community power. Aylesbury got £56m promised upfront over 10 years – Jean talks of recruiting tenants who had never engaged in anything before, who learned about planning as they drew up a master plan together: “Some people like me left school at 15, married at 16, ended up getting degrees,” she says. “It enriched my life and all of us who got involved.” Findings from a final evaluation of the Aylesbury programme included a 7% drop in workless households, fear of crime cut by half and the number of Aylesbury pupils getting their 5 good GCSEs going up by 68%, to only just below the national average. It all ended immediately when the Tories came to power, “Like so much,” Bartlett says. They not only axed Labour programmes, but they didn’t want to know the facts
  8. Usual suspects blaming Muslims. It does feel like a tinderbox at times
  9. Yeah I'm just getting over it. Heard loads have had it in our work
  10. https://x.com/TimesRadio/status/1813968519215644900
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