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  1. Oasis - glad its just not me then. The Smiths - there is enough misery in the world without listening to their dirges. Led Zepplin - I've tried again and again, but dull.A few very good songs but so many crappy tales of hobbits and wizzards. Stairway to Heaven Aargh. Iron Maiden - just a noise Modern RandB acts. Any of them.
  2. Beno

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Did they find out if someone spat at one of them then?
  3. Beno

    Greatest Away Trips

    Those 85 semis were right up there as the worst trouble Ive seen. To say the Mancs got a pounding is an under statement. Liverpool fans were ultra violent and saw it as payback for the things that happened at Wembley in the 83 Milk Cup Final, roles reversed. County Rd was a war zone and any pub with Man U in was trashed and those inside got a kicking. They actually refused to leave the ground at the end and police had to force them out. Alls sorts of things were being thrown in the ground, golf balls with nails in broken bottles etc. The return leg at Maine Rd was worse. Cars were burnt, houses bricked and another load of Mancs were volleyed everywhere. Not our proudest moment in terms of fan behaviour, but unfortunately not our worst. That came a couple weeks later.
  4. Beno

    Other Football 2021/22

    May as well enjoy things right now cos with Saudi Arabia in the game, we cannot compete financially with them,City, Utd and Chelski all in the PL. Probably be a 2 horse race within 5 to 10 years between the oil states.
  5. Beno

    Digital tickets 21/22 season

    Maybe people are cottoning on to using barcode now, over NFC. Seems to work fine and 1st time.
  6. Beno

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    would taking drugs make you a better player and score goals like Sundays or read the game like VVD, or create chances like Trent and Robbo. Must be some wonder drug known only to Klopp.
  7. Beno

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    No sane person is going togo the ground and pay 2.90 for a shitty warm can of Carlsberg,having to queue 25 mins for it then drink it on a packed, dank concourse over having a decent pint in a local,albeit packed, pub.
  8. Beno

    Digital tickets 21/22 season

    So , after having to queue for 30\40 minutes at all the games this season, I waltzed right in yesterday with no queues. Didnt seem to be any of the mayhem from previous games. Looks like they may have done something to sort the mess out.
  9. Beno

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The last part of that Royal Blue Mersey article is just nonsense. 1.3 billion boost to local economy? 1.4 million visitors to the city? Create 10s thousands jobs? have they just estimated the fans who will attend the games in next 10 years and called them visitors. The jobs, tens of thousands? What does the 1.3 billion consist of.
  10. Beno

    Digital tickets 21/22 season

    Mines been updated now. Left it late and caused a bit too much worry for my liking.
  11. Beno

    Digital tickets 21/22 season

    Cheers for that. Not sure Im confident it will still work without the update, but I'll have to go foe it.
  12. Beno

    Digital tickets 21/22 season

    Might sound like a silly question,but when you buy ticket through your membership, does it update your Google pay wallet with seat number game etc. First 2 games I downloaded ticket from friends li st,via an email, and my NFC was updated with ticket information. my wallet now is only showing my membership code, no ticket information for tomorrow. Just wondering whst it should be showing.
  13. Beno

    Irritating celebrity fans

    Thought she was a real MP. See loads of proper tweets off her. Quick Google search says she is MP for Coventry South. Picture does appear to be her too, though I dont know whats fact or fiction on the interweb anymore.
  14. Beno

    Famous people you've met.

    Was in Jamaica in early 90s, all inclusive and pissed on red stripe every night. Stood next to Thomas Hearns at the bar one night and told him he was smaller than I expected,told me to fuck off and walked away. Next night Jim Brown (ex NFL superstar and actor, Dirty Dozen etc)was at the bar. Trying to remember who he was I asked him if he played Shaft. Told me to fuck off and walked away. Haven't wanted to talk to any celebrities since then, because they all appear very rude tbh.
  15. Beno

    Crappiest place you've been to in the UK

    Bangor in Wales I found to be a pretty miserable and depressing place. And as for The Cathedral, I reckon Craggy Island has better religious and historic buildings.