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  1. FrenchEyeGlass

    Aston Villa (A) - Tue 10th May (8:00pm)

    These fucking cunts will roll over and have their bellies tickled against City. Stevie can go fuck himself if they don't go there and give them the same game.
  2. FrenchEyeGlass


    Pretty sure I was about to book the same place!
  3. FrenchEyeGlass


    Just booked two rooms at the hotel below at CDG airport. $730 for two rooms / two nights (or 584 GBP). Not the best price but worth the sting!! https://www.hotels.com/ho131952/courtyard-by-marriott-paris-roissy-charles-de-gaulle-airport-le-mesnil-amelot-france/?display=description everything else is gone!!
  4. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Nat Phillips is a 60m player lad.
  5. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Tchouameni looks like a good prospect, but when it comes to midfield reinforcements Bellingham is the priority for me. They're totally different players but I just wouldn't want to lose out on the latter if we didn't have the funds for both. For me, we're entering a space where quality certainly beats out quantity. Here's how I read it: GK: Allison, Kelleher (-Adrian) RB: Trent, Gomez (+Noussair Mazraoui [Free]) (-Neco Williams, £20m) CB: VVD, Konate, Matip, Gomez, Rhys Williams (-Ben Davies, Nat Phillips, £30m) LB: Robbo, Tsimikas CM: Henderson, Fabinho, Thiago, Keita, Elliot, Jones (+Bellingham, £90m) (+Tchouameni, £40m) (-Oxlaid, -Milner, £20m) FWD: Salah, Mane, Diaz, Firmino, Jota (+Nkunku, £50m) (-Origi, -Minamino, £20m) That'd be a net outlay of £90m and I've done my best to stay conservative with figures. In order of priority, I would say Bellingham > Nkunku > Mazraoui > Tchouameni, only because: I trust Klopp to be able to coach any of our midfielders bar Elliot to be a semi-effective number 6 if Fab is out. But I don't think you can coach a player to be what Bellingham is We need a RB, and Noussair is on a free and being touted for Barca; I think he'd be a Tsimikas clone on the right side This season, Origi has 7 G/A and Minamino has 10 G/A. If we lose both (we will def lose Origi and I think Jesse Marsch will be in for Taki), we need another forward. Nkunku or Adeyemi could be options I think it's time to call the curtain on Adrian, Milner and Oxlaid. I'd rather we saved the wages because their contributions at this point are mainly non-football related. I know about 5% of the above is going to come true so I have no fucking clue why I just spent 20 mins writing all of that out.
  6. FrenchEyeGlass

    Mohamed Salah

    If Salah leaves, we won't see a transfer fee. He'll go after his contract expires and pocket it himself. It'll give him another season with the potential of winning trophies with us and he'll back himself to score another shedload, then walk into two or three big offers. We, however, need to plan for his replacement this summer.
  7. FrenchEyeGlass

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    It's patently obvious that we are not going to resign Salah on a new contract. There is no way the discourse runs this long if we were going to. We've been hoping he settles for our under-market offer (probably 300K a week plus bonuses) despite him asking for a pretty fair at-market offer (probably 400k a week). We're hoping lack of interest from the likes of Real et al makes him think it's best just to stay. Pretty dumb bargaining position because it completely discounts the likelihood that Mo could perform like a monster in the interim, which he has been. If I was Mo and this January passes with no contract, I'd run out my time and sign for PSG/Real/Bayern next year with a big fuck off sign-on bonus. With Klopp's departure on the horizon, I'm surprised he's even willing to commit his future. There's only one positive reason it drags this long, and that's if they want to keep the announcement shtum until Jan end so people don't moan about lack of transfers. But in all honesty, I think that idea is hopeful too. Look at what happened with Mookie Betts if you want to know how much FSG care about fan feeling. Mo is a Liverpool legend and we'd be in uproar if he left, but they truly won't give a fuck about any of that. They know we are a captured market. Regardless of what they do for our on the pitch aspirations, we'll never stop being fans of the club and hence we're guaranteed dollar signs. Klopp values club harmony, and I'm largely thankful for that. But I can't help but feel that he'd have a better squad and chance of winning things if he had thrown a few shots across the bow towards the owners over the past two years.
  8. please for the love of god let this be the last time we need to see james milner play in midfield for us.
  9. FrenchEyeGlass

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Slight typo mate, fixed it for you.
  10. FrenchEyeGlass

    Other Football 2021/22

    To anybody with basic cognitive function it's obviously a function of both. FSG and City Football Group are both cunts, just both a different flavour of cunt.
  11. FrenchEyeGlass

    Mohamed Salah

    Which other player in our team is in contention for the ballon d'or? Not a single fucking one, so how does it disrupt your wage structure? there is no equivalence between salah and anybody in our team, including virgil. Furthermore, we've just got everybody to sign a new fucking deal, it's not like we're at the risk of any of our big players from running down their contract soon. If you can't pay Mo Salah what he deserves, then it signals that LFC is not a destination for the world's elite players. As soon as you become elite, you become a bit too rich for our taste, so you can fuck off and win honors elsewhere, I guess.
  12. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Guarantee that's what's going to come in for Origi. Loan with option to buy. We'll reject it because we can't replace him in time and instead keep him so he can not get picked for any game ever.
  13. FrenchEyeGlass

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Something feels weird about this and last window though. Even for these tight cunts this is ridiculous amount of inactivity, and the news about edwards only adds fuel to the fire that there's something up. I wonder if they really pinned their hats on the ESL.
  14. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    It will at least be 1-2 months, it's a hamstring injury. They will delay the announcement until after the window closes, 100%. How fucking long does it take to do a scan nowadays?