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  1. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Thank fuck for that
  2. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Gotta laugh at all of this COVID bollocks, its like people are desperate for the next spoonful of bullshit to swallow they're that quick to repeat it verbatim. The owners bought an asset for circa $350m and it is currently worth $2.17bn. Please fucking read that until you fathom the gravity of it. It's not about profit (wealth is not only a function of cash, this isn't your current account), but even if it was, we're not even spending what we've fucking made over the last few years. Every year we're gushing at our financial statements proving how 'clever' our owners are when in reality it just makes us the dumb fucks, because none of those profits are being reinvested into our team. They bought a fucking football club, not a chippy. Investing in the playing squad is literally the primary operating cost of doing business and principal way of retaining the value of your asset. Put your hand in your pocket you absolute cunts. God bless Jurgen.
  3. FrenchEyeGlass

    Chelsea (A) FA Cup. 3/3/2020 - 19:75

    This isn't what I'd play (I'd go even stronger), but we should at least be playing something like this. Any weaker and I'd be quite dissapointed. I really want us to win the FA Cup after seeing them cheating cunts cheat their way to another trophy. Would mean three/four first teamers, two youngers, rest bench players. A fair balance of experience and youth. None of the other youngsters have made a case to be starters other than Elliot, who I'd bring on as first attacking sub if needed. Adrian, Williams, Matip, Gomez, Milner, Fabinho, Lallana Jones Minamino, Salah, Origi.
  4. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Who do we buy as a CB this summer who'd be good enough and willing to be fourth choice? By good, I mean notable better than Hoever and Sepp VDB. It's so difficult to buy for because if a player is as good as (or better than) Lovren, they'll likely be able to find first team football at another decent club. Coming in as 3rd choice...maybe. Coming in as 4th? Difficult.
  5. FrenchEyeGlass

    Chelsea (A) FA Cup. 3/3/2020 - 19:75

    He has to play somewhat of a strong team. We need to try and win this trophy and go for the treble. You don't get many opportunities to do that. Adrian Williams VVD Matip Robertson Fabinho Wijnaldum Jones Minamino Firmino Mane
  6. FrenchEyeGlass

    How old were you when we last won the league?

    I was 0 years old. Born in 1990. 30 years of hurt indeed.
  7. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    I trust Edwards will be able to get 25m for him. He's a first division starter in the bundesliga for the last two years. In today's market, 25m is more than realistic.
  8. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Edited... didn't realize that.
  9. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    For the fuck of it: Out 24m Shaq 12m Lovren 30m Origi 24m Grujic 19m Wilson Free Clyne 5m Karius 114m Total In Werner 40m (release clause is said to be 26m + bonuses up to 51m, so lets go in the middle) Sancho 110m Vinagre 20m Total 170m Net outlay 56-80m (depending on how inaccurate my numbers end up being) Resulting squad Allison (Adrian) TAA (Williams) VVD (Matip) Gomez (Hoever) Robertson (Vinagre) Fabinho (Gini) Henderson (Milner) Sancho (Oxlaid) Firmino (Keita) Mane (Minamino) Salah (Werner) (Addtnl Subs: Kelleher, Jones, Brewster, Elliott)
  10. FrenchEyeGlass

    Other Football - 2019/20

    madrid are fucking shite. fucking shite cunts.
  11. FrenchEyeGlass

    Other Football - 2019/20

    double denim cunts
  12. FrenchEyeGlass

    Other Football - 2019/20

    hahahahah fucking get in
  13. FrenchEyeGlass

    Shrewsbury (H) FA Cup - 4/2/2020 - 19:45

    They are literally not broadcasting it anywhere globally. They have refused to give any global broadcaster a feed for the match. They were all planning to show it (including here in the states) but the FA have pulled the plug. And we're the ones disrespecting the cup? Fuck right off.
  14. FrenchEyeGlass

    Shrewsbury (A) Fa Cup 26/1/2020 - 17:00

    Adrian Williams Matip Lovren Larouci Chirivella Fabinho Jones Elliott Origi Lallana