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  1. FrenchEyeGlass

    Arsenal (H) Premier League - 28/9/20 - 20:00

    For fucks sake. I hope Alli and Thiago are alright. I really want to batter these cunts, since they beat us last season and won the community shield they've been talking as if they have our number. If they arent fit... Adrian, Trent, Gomez, Virg, Robbo, Fabinho, Gini, Keita, Salah, Bobby, Mane. Wouldn't mind seeing Jones in over Naby either to be honest.
  2. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    The reason it might happen is because whilst he will ultimately want to go to Madrid, he'll be able to go there later in his career anyway. If he came here for 4-5 years, ripped the PL apart, he could move on to Madrid at the age of 26 which is when he'll be going into his prime. That also makes it more plausible of an investment for the owners. Sure, we might have to splunk some money to bring him here, but the amount we would eventually sell him on for at Madrid would break records. He's a pretty sound investment in that sense. Then again, all of the above could be and probably is bollocks.
  3. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    great point. either way I think there's definitely some fire to this smoke.
  4. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Bit odd for a chairman to feel the need to publicly tear down a sky sports headline about transfers. 95% of transfer stuff is complete fabrication. Have a feeling the interest (and bid) is real but was asked to keep under wraps to avoid any kind of bidding war. There's probably an inquest right now to figure out who leaked it.
  5. FrenchEyeGlass

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    For what it's worth and however much people value my experience on matters such as these, selling LFC would make absolutely no sense for FSG from an investment perspective. I do not anticipate them to sell us, barring a multibillionaire (sheik, oligarch, etc.) coming in with a $2-3bn+ offer. FFP being shown up as a facade would have really stung them as if it hadn't, it would have legitimized and ratified their management approach on a day-to-day. We are, as a club, a model example of FFP. However, that is small fry in comparison to where premier league football is going to go. The new models of content consumption and the inflation of the value of that content means we are literally nowhere fucking near the peak of the 'TV Money' we'll see. The China deal that's currently going tits up is a recent example, but the future is a Netflix-esque subscription model for the PL, which is already somewhat in play over here in the states with Peacock (exclusive rights to all PL matches). FSG are front and center as the owners of one of the two most marketable and successful football clubs in the biggest league in the world. In reality the owners have already generated about 70% of the alpha they'll see on their initial investment, so I understand why people may think they'll sell. They won't actively want to anytime soon though, because (i) that additional 30% is still real money that would be stupid to leave on the table and (ii) I believe they truly enjoy the vanity-aspect of being sports owners, and thus they do have a passion to be football club owners. But if somebody offered $2-3bn for Liverpool, I think they would sell and find another club to repeat what they've done here. FSG aren't here for the YoY profit (there is none in football), but the asset-growth over time. They want to win trophies, but they won't sacrifice the financial strength of their asset to do that. If their recruitment after Klopp leaves is not as brilliant as hiring him was (which, IMO, will be near on impossible), we will see us revert to what 28m net spend per season gets us - and it usually isn't back to back CL and PL trophy wins.
  6. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    That's brilliant. What a fucking negotiator we have in Edwards.
  7. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Holy shit, 41m for Jota?!
  8. FrenchEyeGlass

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    You're correct, but a large part of our fanbase were anxious because we heard similar last summer. We've had four pretty barren windows and every LFC journalist close to the club came out saying we'd have another. I'm sure you can understand that.
  9. FrenchEyeGlass

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    FSG really fucking nailed it with Klopp and Edwards (especially the former but Edwards is obviously incredibly talented). That is what I am most thankful to them for - purposeful and outstanding recruitment at a management level and having the foresight to recognize how invaluable that is. I would be surprised if anybody on here didn't think they were very shrewd. Also looks like they've released the funds for some of these players before we've brought money in. The fact that it seemed like they weren't going to do that was what angered a lot of fans I think. I'm sure we expect that money to come in pretty certainly now but I'm so happy we didn't fuck around with Thiago any longer. Thiago and Jota (or some other attacker for 30 odd million) will be paid for by Brewster, Hoever, et al. leaving (I think we will recoup a good amount in sales before the window closes), which will leave us with a fairly low net spend (and IMO lower than the 28m net we've averaged to date). That's totally fine with me, if not ideal. I couldn't give a fuck if we spent 5m net as long as the manager is backed. We've now taken on the risk that we don't recoup that money - that is the kind of risk I feel the owners need help absorb. If we end up spending 50m net and make a small loss (as opposed to a 50m profit) this year - whilst we win the double on the pitch - they will be just fine. Ultimately I think a lot of us on here have a similar view but get bogged down arguing the toss over small details. Everyone accepts we are not ran by sugar daddys but we do want back the manager with reasonable investment (whilst remaining pruden). Maybe we should stop calling each other cunts (my bad @dockers_strike) and accept that we may have dissimilar views and opinions on the owners - its not the biggest deal in the world. We all just want us to remain successful is all.
  10. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Offloading some of our fringe players and buying an attacker would round this window out nicely. More great work by Klopp and Edwards to attract some of these players and get them on good terms. Likewise, both deserve credit for all the money we are due to bring in for our fringe players, as long as we can shift them.
  11. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    I don't think he was awful and its hard to judge anyone from that Watford team, but for me, the biggest thing about him is that he seemed to play in straight lines. I watched him a couple of times and was never impressed with his movement or guile, which makes him distinctly unlikely any of our front three. It's the same problem Origi has. The profligacy is also something that concerns me, Bobby misses enough chances as it is. The thing that I got about Werner was that he was a deadly finisher, same goes for Daka. I really hope we get somebody who just knows how to put chances away.
  12. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    I think I'd probably disagree with that, but no doubt Klopp knows far more than any of us! So to your point, maybe he is 'proven' in the sense that Klopp has observed up close how he'd perform in this league, particularly against the physicality of it.
  13. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    He certainly has raw physical attributes but there is absolutely no comparison between him and Mane when he signed for us. Mane was a far better player (albeit older, I believe) and had proven output in the PL. Sarr is some way off that. I feel like signing Sarr would be akin to signing Origi when he first joined. Hopefully he proves to have a much higher ceiling than him.
  14. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    I’m really not into Sarr. If it’s him or no one, fair enough and I’ll hope to be proven wrong, but I’m praying we go for Daka. If we want somebody more raw, id still prefer Doku.
  15. FrenchEyeGlass

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    I think a lot of us said at the start, a brilliant window for us would be a backup LB, an attacker and Thiago (in that order of importance IMO). 2/3 done, which is absolutely brilliant. Patson Daka and #20 / #7 here we come. With Brewster gone to cover Thiago (which was unexpected), I hope we can shift Grujic Wilson Karius Shaq and co to pay for the attacker. There’s at least 40m between them, right?