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    Go for your life mate. He’s a full-scale domestic abuser and has been for some time. You don’t need to be Alan Turing to crack that one.
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    * Utter cunt.
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    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Ha ha ha!!
  5. Dr Nowt

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    In my opinion we need to move on Origi, see if Curtis can take the role as Sadio’s understudy, strongly consider replacing Keita, keep Minamino purely as Bobby’s apprentice, stop playing any of Ox/Minamino as wide forwards and instead buy a 3rd player for those positions who can replace Mo/Sadio for minutes at the end of games, in cup matches and when they’re unavailable/run down/off form/in danger of being run into the ground. I don’t think these are controversial/insightful points, or bear repeating all day every day. Doubt there is an LFC fan on earth who thinks the current squad options behind the two wide lads up front are good enough. With that said, the young lads coming through were never going to be asked to both break into one of the best teams on planet earth while they’re establishing themselves, at the same time the club is trying to prise the fingers of a Silverback gorilla off it’s throat and dispel a 30 year gypsy curse. It’s gone. It’s lifted. They now don’t have to come on in games where one mistake might throw away the points which mean we don’t finally get the holy grail over the line, etc. The environment they’d be getting minutes in, while still immensely pressurised and challenging, relatively became more forgiving by orders of magnitude the instant that final whistle went at Chelsea the other Thursday. It might prove to have been as significant to the immediate, individual careers of some of these youth lads on the cusp of the first team as it was to the rest of the club in other ways. I’d be surprised if they aren’t now blooded at an accelerated rate to what we’ve seen previously. Nobody wants to be following United, but we can see the blueprint for it there. Break the long title drought, lift that suffocating pressure, bring through a crop of youth players who are bound to the club and what it means and keep that band of brothers things going on into the next great team being built. We literally all want that extra top class addition in the front 3, but this past two summers isn’t some oversight or afterthought or piece of rationalisation/being a company man, FSG-stooge from Klopp. It’s part of the masterplan and why he’s signed on for another few years to oversee them and this next phase of the process. Soak it up and enjoy it. We have a genius at the helm and while we won’t win every title and european cup in the coming years, we’ll be right in there challenging for most if not all of them and it would be a surprise at this stage if we don’t win more of both.
  6. Dr Nowt

    The Ailment thread

    Took a call off my clinical team yesterday, saying there’s a new national board being set-up with a view to improving patient outcomes/experiences in terms of interactions with their clinical teams/inpatient care. Will include/feed back to clinical directors, NHS executives, senior medical staff, etc, so they want regional patient representatives. Asked me if I’d consider being the patient rep for my region, providing observations via Zoom/physical meetings to the above people on what changes should be made to improve the lot of patients accessing these services. What works well, what is terrible, etc. They’ve said they want brutal honesty, so should be fun finding out how much that’s genuinely the case (constructively and in good faith). They said it’s a fairly low commitment in terms of monthly hours, but you will be compensated for your time and expertise. Completely out of the blue, never even heard of it much less spoke to anyone about it. Was literally sat about on Monday scratching my head about finding another voluntary role supporting people managing serious illness as I’m rusting atm, but as if one will just drop out of the sky into my lap, then this appeared in exactly that manner inside 48 hours. 2020 is fucking mental. About 5 years worth of content packed into 6 and a bit months, so far. Apparently it came up to my team and they unanimously put my name forward out of x hundred patients. Fucking made up...subject massively close to my heart and an area I’ve wanted to get involved in and have some input to for time. Just have to work out how to embezzle a large quantity of both the NHS budget and all their Pethidine stocks, before overblowing and leveraging the true nature of the role to get scores of nurses into bed like a wheezing grifter.
  7. Dr Nowt

    8/7/2020 Brighton (A) Premier League 20:15

    Listening to Martin Tyler reminds me of that Irvine Welsh novella ‘The Acid House’. There’s a chapter called ‘Christmas With Blind Cunt’, about a visually-challenged, tedious know-it-all, who sits right up at the bar and is permanently smugly correcting everyone else in there with pedantic snides, while they’re minding their own business and talking privately. In the finish, two of the bar regulars are walking home in a blizzard when they find him lying in the snow bleeding from the head. Instead of helping or calling an ambulance, they look at each other conspiratorially, loot his wallet, kick him in the face and cover him with snow. He then dies. Hope this helps.
  8. Dr Nowt

    Liverpool 2 Aston Villa 0 (Jul 5 2020)

    Can certainly see that, mate. I think the issue is one of where we are blessed with depth and where we aren’t, though. In the wide forward positions we aren’t just short of the same quality in reserve, we lose our entire attacking shape and the overall cutting edge of the team. I’d be up for seeing Trent tried out in right midfield once or twice when Mo and Sadio are available. When they’re not, I’d keep the midfield as is and try to mitigate the huge drop-off we experience recycling the same tired old options in their place. Especially for Mo. I actually think Minamino could come to be seen as an incredibly astute signing at £6M, if he’s just used as Bobby’s back-up and apprentice. That’s what he is in reality. Keep shoehorning him into the right forward position when Mo’s out and we risk squandering him. It’s ironically what Brendan did with Bobby when he got here.
  9. Dr Nowt


    Scientists have definitively confirmed how immunity works around Covid this morning? That’s incredible news. The most important breakthrough so far. Could you point me to the study which clarified the details on this please mate, I have a few plans to base around it.
  10. Dr Nowt

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Klopp clearly likes and respects Lallana hugely, but he’s not a man who appears to view the club’s money as charity. Sometimes the phrase “He spends LFC’s money like his own” gets used about Jurgen, but I have a suspicion he spends every last quid of the club’s money far more carefully, through a sense of duty. I don’t doubt he’d spend his own money to do something out of respect for Lallana, because he’s a class act. If he’s using finances he’s currently telling people are scarce to keep him around when he’s not going to play any minutes though, we won’t get clearer evidence of the stuff coming out of the club re players many fans don’t rate highly - Mignolet, Moreno, Lallana, Lovren, Ox, etc - being equally important to our successes, because of their high standards of professionalism behind the scenes and the daily intensity/quality of training.
  11. Oh yeah, I’m sure I wouldn’t want to watch the whole lot. That little sketch is fine standalone for me.
  12. Dr Nowt

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    The last time I drank Stella was on an empty stomach at a work do, Christmas '96. Wasn't my intention. My bus got me there a fair bit early so I had a couple of pints on my own. Our food then took literally hours to arrive, so several more before eating anything. Fatal. I was working for Next as a Xmas temp. My boss at the time thought he was Bob Mortimer. Sat lording it at the head of the table, lapping up the tiny bit of power and interest it gave him from temp girls half his age, pretending he couldn't hear them and leaning in close as he could for every word. Openly dismissive of any younger lads though, oddly enough. At one point some water bombs came out from somewhere and he said that if anyone threw one at him they'd get punched in the face. I exploded one directly onto his glasses probably less than 3 seconds after he said that. He didn't punch me, but did inform me he'd be immediately relieving me of my duties. I threw chicken fajitas all over him at that point. I was 19 and definitely being an absolutely horrendous fucking tit, so I've never drunk Stella again. Ever. Better to burn out than to fade away though. Smug little herbert.