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  1. Dr Nowt

    Small pleasures?

    Have you got onto Winter Walks on the iPlayer, Cath? That's a Small Pleasure with a cup of coffee and is a nice way to fight off the COVID blues of having to spend too much time indoors.
  2. Dr Nowt

    US Election 2020 Thread

    It's always the one's you least expect, eh.
  3. Dr Nowt

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Sack Rudy for being unloyal - disloyal. And for joining in fun in a way that excludes his employer. And sack him for being an absolute idiot and inefficient.
  4. Dr Nowt


    Most excess deaths in the UK since World War 2. Hell of a flu season.
  5. Dr Nowt

    Glasgow Celtic.

    Or this fella.
  6. Dr Nowt

    Glasgow Celtic.

    Ace. I see Malky Mackay is on the list. Him and Vincent Tan would make for a great odd couple style buddy movie dream team.
  7. Dr Nowt

    Glasgow Celtic.

    Neil Lennon will soon be receiving his UB40.
  8. Dr Nowt

    Social faux pas?

    A near miss this weekend. A good mate of mine’s mum has just fallen down the stairs and died. She suffered horrendous injuries and I’m genuinely upset for him and his family, brutal stuff. That didn’t stop me thinking ‘Fucking hell, must have sounded like Eastenders had just finished’ as he told me. Thankfully managed to filter the thought and not share that nugget with him as I provided my sincere condolences.
  9. Dr Nowt


    They’re just asking important questions.
  10. Dr Nowt

    US Election 2020 Thread

    She's got this year's Darwin awards absolutely sewn-up.
  11. Dr Nowt

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    Let the malingering cunt rot in the reserves with Nabil El-Zhar and Charles Itandje.
  12. Dr Nowt

    What are you most looking forward to in 2021

    Definitely up for that mate. I’ll bring my stethoscope.