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  1. Dr Nowt


    Commemorative baskets are available for a mere £19.99.
  2. Dr Nowt


    Can confirm Anies (aRdja) is a genuinely lovely fella in real life, with much of how sound he is totally lost in the tone of electronic communications. If anything he gets way too much shit on here from a group of people who obviously dislike his posting style and want to give it to him all the time, but to be fair really isn’t helping himself on this one by making himself look a bit of a tit. Can confirm Rico is a genuine cunt in real life, with much of how dreadful he is lost in the tone of electronic communications. If anything he doesn’t get enough dislike or credit for the fact it’s not an act but a sincerely held, lifelong vocation. Needs to up his game and start actually bumping a few of the older forumites off. Can confirm I was sending Anies messages about Rico showing himself up, while also sending Rico messages encouraging him to go for Anies’ jugular now he’d exposed it. Since The Thriller In Berliner fell apart, times have been hard for those of us who sponge off the online spats of other men like vampires for our very lifeblood. My suggestion for Zoom-based physical challenges to establish primacy among those with online grudges stands. The PPV bar will be set at £29.99, which basically only gets you a few pints and a chicken in a basket nowadays.
  3. Dr Nowt

    Best crisps: The return

    She was, as James Woods said of Kim Basinger in The Getaway remake, “a stunningly healthy young woman”.
  4. Dr Nowt

    Best crisps: The return

    Rules are rules. The group voted her down so she had to go.
  5. Dr Nowt

    Cancel Culture

    A fair partial retraction in full. Good man.
  6. Dr Nowt

    Cancel Culture

    Please tell me this comment is dripping with a quantity of irony which would be described as “lashings”, if it were butter being spread by a middle-class cliche? Please Stronts. You can’t limbo dance under the actual ground. Please.