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Crystal Palace (A) Premier League 23/11. 15:00

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Only reason the wife sometimes watches is that she have a thing for Bobby. Wondering If I need to grow a little mouctache and giving it the old western movie look.

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    • @zigackly would like where we are now, I'd guess.        
    • Loads to get through as there’s the weekend game plus a full midweek schedule to cover. Ideally I’d like to just skim through everything else and spend the whole article discussing Everton shitting the bed against Newcastle, but I’m a pro so I’ll resist the temptation and stick to the usual format.   So, where to start then? May as well kick things off with the second funniest thing to happen this week. The Etihad. City against Palace. Pep vs Roy. Roy actually coming out of it winning on points. Again.   It’s mad how much trouble his Palace team have given City over the last few years. Other than us, they’ve probably done better against City than anyone.   Maybe that’s why Roy was so offended when he was asked what he can learn from Guardiola. “How to lose” was his somewhat bizarre, hilarious and completely unwarranted response. I have no idea if he meant to say that or if he was trying to make a different point, but it was fucking funny nonetheless. Only David Moyes has a bigger distance between opinion of ones own abiltity versus actual ability.   I’ve been saying it all year. Palace are a bottom six team at best but somehow they keep getting results they shouldn’t and more often than not they look dreadful in doing so. Add this one to the list.   Having taken the lead completely against the run of play (through Cenk Tosun no less! Bet that went down brilliantly across the park) they held out for a long time. They even survived the award of a penalty which was then correctly overturned by (Li)VAR(pool).   Just as it was beginning to look like they might pull off another shock win, Aguero popped up twice in the final eight minutes. That looked to be that. Except it wasn’t. Deep in stoppage time Zaha escaped down the left, drilled in a low cross and there was Fernandinho to blast it past his own keeper. Too fucking funny.   Speaking of funny, that stoppage time winner from Newcastle at home to Chelsea was comedy gold. Not just because Chelsea lost with the last kick of the game. Obviously that’s enough to make anyone smile, but it was what followed that was so hilarious.   Hayden scored (look at that Kepa loser trying to keep it out though) and ran to the corner to celebrate. Matt Ritchie followed and - as he’s known to do - booted the corner flag. Except this time the corner flag took off and torpedoed into the crowd, where it hit some baldy arl fella in the bollocks and prevented him from celebrating.   It’s a sign of me getting old that my take on this is that while it’s side splittingly funny because it hit him in the nuts - and people getting hit in the nuts is the funniest thing in the world along with farting - I couldn’t help thinking what if it had hit him in the eye? I can’t believe I’m saying this, but “pack that in, Ricthie. You could take someone’s eye out with that”. Yep, I’m now officially old.     This is just a teaser, click to view the full article   Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here. 
    • And speak for yourself. I could have bust a hole through a car windscreen.
    • The Everton semi and the League cup final were great occasions, I was thrilled when Kenny was appointed and felt on top of the world when we beat Chelsea and beat United 3-0. Fulham away 5-2 was great too, as was hammering Everton at home but the 11/12 season was generally grim. Both cup finals were non-events in terms of our style of play, we were going nowhere but backwards and lost at home to Wigan and West Brom (as well as others).    The parallels with OGS are obvious - huge bounce when he is appointed on a caretaker basis, an initial desire to play attacking football in the traditions of the club and a subsequent falling away immediately upon being appointed full-time. I almost posted that the difference was the two cup finals, but they could still technically manage that this year. From out point of view, Utd getting to one or both cup finals and losing would be sweet because it would enhance the  prospects of them keeping hold of a man who is not qualified to manage a modern premier league football club. Sadly, that is precisely the situation in which Liverpool FC found itself in the summer of 2012. I argued at the time that FSG didn't have the moral authority to sack Kenny, but it was difficult to argue with their decision from any other point of view, irrespective of the merits of his successor.    In my opinion your argument is precisely the kind of point that Ole's supporters will be making - harking back to the PSG game, or the day they beat City and extrapolating away from good performances that they have a good manager. It's heart over head. To my mind it kind of proves my point.   
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