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    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    "Fool me once, shame on...shame on you. Fool me—you can't get fooled again.'" -George W. Bush
  2. Saucepan

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    I made a Bingo board so we can keep track
  3. Saucepan

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

  4. Saucepan

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    What worrying here is what`s still to come, and the fact that nobody seems to really know. This has to be some kind of bigger-picture "power play" and I think it`s only a first step in some kind of calculated turnover of the whole fucking game. How and for what is what`s interresting, Super League for me seems like such a bad fucking idea that it has to be some kind of red herring or distraction. Both UEFA and FIFA are a bunch of corrupt shitbirds and the fact that I`m on their side for once is really really scary. I don`t know, I just don`t get it. For all 12 of these clubs to give it their backing, knowing it would blow up in their face, is beyond baffling.
  5. Are there any thieving buggers about?
  6. Saucepan

    Loris Karius

    Both him and Mignolet were stady having atleast one Cock-up each fucking game they played. Each game I was just waiting for it to happen, hoping that it wouldn`t cost us the game. I feel sorry for the defenders having to play With one of these two clowns behind them, just knowing each time the keeper has to kick it past the halfway line you never know just what the hell will ensue.
  7. Saucepan

    Coutinho’s replacement...

    Juve can have Emre Can now id we get Dybala at a discount
  8. Saucepan

    Coutinho’s replacement...

    Gary Goal on free would be a bargain, especially if he’d be willing to sign this window
  9. Fuck them other two stooges and give Ward the starting job from now on,
  10. Saucepan

    Relegation wishlist

    Don`t really care who gets relegated. But I`ve always had a weak spot for Leeds and want them to come back to the PL
  11. Saucepan

    Trent Alexander-Arnold

    Why the 66 jersey? Is he a devil worshipper? Black Metal fan? Maybe a childhood dream of his to drive down Route 66?
  12. Saucepan

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    If there`s a world class player in him still, Klopp will find him. £40mill?, yeah sure whatever, the prices just up and went crazy at some point this transfer window...