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  1. wirralred

    Liverpool 0 Manchester United 0 (Jan 17 2021)

    I feel like we got to rub their noses in it when we beat them at Anfield last season. Also, winning the league was the only good thing about 2020. Imagine lockdown without that joy.
  2. wirralred

    Rafa's parting gift to Ferguson...

    I know we wont throw the game but if it 'looks' in any way that we didn't try to win (like some fans are asking for) then the accusation will always be leveled at us. The Sunderland players wont be thinking they have upset their own fans if they beat United so no reason for them not to try except they have nothing to play for.
  3. wirralred

    Rafa's parting gift to Ferguson...

    This has been a nightmare season for us and we all would like to forget it as soon as possible but in years to come it could also be remembered as the season were Liverpool threw a game to stop ManU winning the league. Being tarnished like that would be shameful. Could even make us less attractive to investors. We simply have to go out and try to win against Chelsea and see what happens. This doesn't mean Rafa has to play a full strength team if he wants to rest players for the Europa final should we get there - we will probably rest players at Hull as well but then no-one will question that.
  4. Hi, I'm looking to buy the home kit or at least the top for my son's birthday. Trouble is I can't find it anywhere for 5-6 year olds. In JJB they only have the black away kit in his size and even on the official site they don't seem to want kids to wear the home kit. I suspect this is some marketing thing - maybe because we are getting a new kit next season (I think?). I have a looked on the internet but they seem to be out of stock for his size. I would like to put his name on the back too so second-hand no good. Can anyone help please? thanks, Kev
  5. wirralred

    West Ham match boycott

    I'm a season ticket holder and will give it a miss. I know another 3 season ticket holders not on this forum who would miss it too. It's a great idea. Nice one.
  6. wirralred

    Carragher Joins Talksport for the World Cup

    I used to be fairly addicted to talksport even though I felt it was rotting my brain with the same obvious statements from the presenters and the callers. It started to get on my nerves after the trouble in Athens and then after the Arsenal game when Adrian Durham (who else?) said that Liverpool fans had rushed the turnsyles at the Emirates - Ian Wright (who I really liked on the show) said 'thats what Liverpool fans do'! I was so dissapointed that he was towing the line that we are all hooligans that I didn't bother with talksport anymore. Really miss Hawksbye and Jacobs though - they were funny.
  7. wirralred

    Rafa- it's time to go

    Keane - fair enough but I think of Babel, even at 12M, as one of his cheaper gambles. Sad to say but I was thinking 15M+ as the big money buys - the ones that Fergie and Chelsea can afford more of. We finish in the top 4 because we (before City) are still one of the top 4 richest clubs (forgetting the debt we can still spend more that Villa etc). There's only really Wenger who has shown how to still get to the title but even back then they were only chasing Utd but even Utd seem to have got richer with the stadium capacity and owners who haven't turned out so bad afterall. Currently money is dictating where the title goes.
  8. wirralred

    Rafa- it's time to go

    I think Rafa has proved, so far, that his big money buys are usually spot-on but he has also proved that most of his cheaper 'gambles' are just not good enough for the Premiership - never-mind a team going for the title. With this in mind I'm sticking with him until hopefully, one day soon, we get owners with more cash for him to take less risks with. Obviously, this might never happen but as others have pointed out getting rid now could possibly set us back years in terms of rebuilding, so lets see where we finish this season. If we we got mega rich and he still didn't challenge I'd give up on him to.
  9. wirralred

    Gerrard Song Tonight

    I thought the lack of singing from us in the Kop was poor to be honest. I sit about 2/3rds up on the left and for the last few seasons I've noticed that even when we (on the left) bother to sing we are out of sync with those in the middle - even singing YNWA. It's almost like we need a conductor! I'm hoping that something is done to allow the singers to be in the middle if and when we ever get a new ground. It's embarressing letting fans of the smaller clubs taunt us into singing.