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  1. In part, he's just playing shop steward for BAMEs.
  2. Rotpeter

    Annoying Americanisms

    Means sweaty. Happens if you routinely eat too many donuts.
  3. Wonder if it gets to the point of extending someone like Lalanna for another year.
  4. Like you say it's probably on balance the best the PL can do. Likewise Rose has probably articulated his concerns as best a straight-talking yorkshireman can.
  5. I'm pretty sure we'll be stuck w/him and Lovren. Pity.
  6. Rose is moaning about the fact the PL have only worked out restart through phase I. Questions about later phases have been met with we'll work it out when we get there. So, some, feel like lab rats. To me that's down to the PL not Rose. At the very least they could have come up with more re-assuring bullshit.
  7. Rotpeter

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    plans to make Everton its global flagship club.
  8. Rotpeter

    Expanding your vocabulary

    FYI. That's the worst definition ever. Invest in a real dictionary.
  9. Rotpeter

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    Unless you pay them to tell you it's that simple.
  10. Rotpeter

    Faith and Religion

    Well i assumed "you lot" was revenge neggers. Who knows, maybe SD heads a crack team of regime change operatives from the DHSS?
  11. Rotpeter

    Graeme Souness the Player

    Rafa said the same.
  12. Rotpeter

    Faith and Religion

  13. Rotpeter

    Faith and Religion

    Fucking liar. You are an anti-revenge-negger and you know it.
  14. Rotpeter

    Faith and Religion

    And if you start sounding like a bigot, people will call you out. Deal with it.