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  1. Rotpeter

    When is Violence Justified?

    A Full Toss then.
  2. Rotpeter

    When is Violence Justified?

    Overarm or Underarm?
  3. Rotpeter

    A sugar-free lifestyle - is it possible?

    It's pretty easy; if you avoid processed foods. I found after not very long you get a much better appreciation for natural sugars and wouldn't want to go back to the industrial food items whose taste is dull and flat by comparison.
  4. Rotpeter

    Christchurch Mosque shootings

    Ah, the 2nd most popular theory among those types.
  5. Rotpeter

    Christchurch Mosque shootings

    The 'goto' theory of people with tiny penises!
  6. Rotpeter

    Two Songs, One Title

    The Cure - Forever The Cure - Forever
  7. Rotpeter

    How does your garden grow?

    Liquid copper fungicide does for snails, where I am. I'm sure there's better, but it works almost as well as picking them off!
  8. Rotpeter

    Leicester (H) 30/01/19

    The bums, they are asqueaking!
  9. Rotpeter

    Another School Shooting

    You are "The Underground Man" and I claim my $5.
  10. Rotpeter

    Bournemouth (A) 8/12/18

    Clyne is injured.
  11. Rotpeter

    How does your garden grow?

    In almost all cases, stuff I've bought mail order has been far superior to store bought stuff.
  12. Rotpeter

    How does your garden grow?

    Successes: Banana, Carambola, Okra, Eggplant, Anaheim, Ancho and Wax Peppers, Mustard Greens. Fails: Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Strawberries, Zucchini. All to disease. Oh, and the sweet potatoes the dog ate. Too close too call: Watermelon, Seminole Pumpkin (melonworm bastards), Everglades Tomato (seem almost impossible to germinate), sweet Peppers, paprika, Cayenne Guava (should be soon now) On Lemongrass, I'd always heard about it in a sub & tropical context. Are you sure it's zone appropriate?
  13. Rotpeter


    I iinstalled recalbox, last week. It was a simple bootable linux image which runs on the PC. Seems to emulate just about everything, NES, SNES, Spectrum, Arcade Machines etc. Costs nothing, took 10 mins to install and configure + recognises my PS3 controller on the PC. Off for a game of Defender!