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  1. Corona most at risk 1 NHS front line staff 2 Over 75's with underlying conditions 3 Relegation threatened football players
  2. German league returns this weekend Spain and Italy plan 12+13th june And your telling me the so called greatest league in the world cant organise themselves to re start because of neutral venues and relegation etc
  3. Once the goverment says its ok to play hard to see how it does not return.The cancelled leagues been done by their goverments
  4. This is the new world we are in now till a vaccine is found wont be fans in ground.Playing in june will be the same as in November,pundits,players and fans need to recognise this new reality if you cancel this season then you need to cancel next one too as there wont be any change in circumstances.The disease is not going anywhere football along with rest of society is going to live with it till vaccine found.The country prob next month will start to go back to work with disease around.
  5. Nail on head, Durham and his station are bellends but he is right there,Until there is a vaccine there wont be fans and playing behind closed doors will be new norm.I dont expect to see fans at grounds anytime this year .The ironic thing is football needs to play out rest of this seasom as a template for next
  6. That makes no sense what if rest of league play on ? although we could actually not kick a ball and put feet up watch rest duke it out and still win the league
  7. Right desicion its never too late to do the right thing although you have to wonder who thought taking money from public purse in the middle of a pandemic when your buisness makes millions in profit was going to sit well with fans.
  8. Shocking and disgraceful that are you telling me a billion pound industry cant look after its least payed staff for a few months without resorting to the public purse shame on FSG.
  9. "extended indefinitely" is key point season will get finished before next is the only way to resolve issues from non league right up to prem league
  10. I really dont see how they void this season it will be a financial and legal shite show of epic proportions.there is no way next season would even start with all the legal stuff and pryramid system of the english game would collapse.The euros will get moved and rest of domestic games will be played out this summer.
  11. We will be the champions i have no doubt about it you cant just void the season its a billion dollar industry i suspect there will be a suspension and league will be allowed to finish with euros cancelled in summer
  12. This rarely do teams win league and champions league in same season can live with the league
  13. have to be ruthless at this level simply not taken our chances ffs
  14. Do away goals still count in extra time ?
  15. i wonder if its tactical from jurgen does it for Holland though