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  1. Every team plays better football than England apart from maybe Scotland
  2. Its shite for Trent being the scapegoat now but he does not want to anywhere in this team when it inevitably goes sideways in the later rounds its got a Bellingham sized scapegoat written all over this tournament
  3. england will go out to the 1st decent team they meet in the knockout stage on this showing
  4. didnt realise england were that boring
  5. its really not helped when the manager sets up the team like a league2 team coming to anfield for a cup tie
  6. agree with this its harsh on Trent but he is a passenger out there and get Foden back in the middle
  7. Trent does look lost there but is not helped by Southgates shite tactics
  8. Just seen our and the cheats run in Slott can go this summer
  9. Was hoping the Twitter talk about him going to ManU was true
  10. That’s looks a pen there
  11. A descent manager would take Kane off and put someone with pace up front
  12. Didn’t realise Harry Kane was playing
  13. Been vey meh about this tournament but Trent in midfield has pulled me back in will be interesting to see how he gets on there
  14. I really hope Alan is ok the greatest defender I’ve ever seen in a red jersey a thoroughbred at a time of donkeys
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