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  1. Fallen Angel

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I've been too busy searching for my saw to read all that. Seeing I'm a 'saw loser' I assume I lost one somewhere.
  2. Fallen Angel

    Life after Jürgen

    No shouts for Stevie G then???....just asking....
  3. Fallen Angel

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

  4. Fallen Angel

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    https://mobile.twitter.com/efcnewstadium Design leaked................................apparently. Some redtops also running it now.
  5. Fallen Angel

    Man Utd fan in peace

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/96-Reasons-to-Support-Manchester-United/182899108512824 Just had this sent to me today. I am not sure if you can open from here as you may need to be signed in first. Sick fucker even has a collage of photographs of Hillsborough 96. Thankfully no-one has 'liked' this page above the headline - '96 reasons to support Manchester United.' Of course it is no not all of them, but as someone said above, it is pathological with Man U fans
  6. Fallen Angel

    IF Kenny is binned

    Interesting post. My thoughts: 1. I think he will be here next season 2. I think he has demonstrated this season that the game tactically has moved on to another level and he is still setting us up to play like we are still in 1990. Add to this his transfer record has been shockingly poor; anyone who thought Downing was going to transform us is completely deluded. Add Henderson, Adam, and Carroll to that and you see the roots of our disastrous season. Economists speak of an 'Opportunity Cost' the forgone alternatives of your purchasing decisions. It is here that the real cost of this appalling judgment lay, we could have signed a World Class striker for 35 million, and instead we opted for a work in progress. I could go on. 3. Not based on sentiment? Really? In that case Hodgson should have been given 2 full seasons minimum with the full support of the club and the fans. Any other manager of LFC with this season would not be here next season, the only thing that will keep KD in position is pure sentiment and fans blind hope that he won’t fail. Keep him, and I believe next season will mirror this. His rumoured transfer targets (Bent, Dempsey, Moses) hardly inspire confidence that we will be back challenging. Buy mediocre players and you will have no more than a mediocre team. For the club to move forward, sentiment needs to be replaced with ruthlessness.
  7. Fallen Angel

    Liverpool Vs West Bromwich Albion

    Cheers. I am very aware what out situation was but the fact is we did spent shitloads, predominantly paying top prices for extremely average players. Whether we can afford that is another debate all together. We certainly can not afford to make the mistakes that those clubs with higher revenue streams can, and recent transfer dealings have been abysmal. Regarding goals, we failed to get the ball over the line as the players are wasteful. It is not luck, it has been going on all season. One of the reasons is by the time we have got the ball into the box the build up play has been so slow that opponents have got players back in numbers to tackle and block. That makes us easy to defend against and results in a lack of goals IMO.
  8. Fallen Angel

    Liverpool Vs West Bromwich Albion

    Can't believe people, including KD, are STILL trawling out 'just a bit of bad luck' line. Whist that rationality remains dominant, LFC will remain a mid-table team making shoddy excuses for its failure to do better. As someone above pointed out, we fail to score because, in spite of the possessions, the approach play is slow, ponderous, predictable and painfully easy to defend against (Suarez excepted). It is not bad luck that we wasted a king's ransom on aggressively mediocre players, it is bad judgement - pure and simple. The buck stops with KD, he chose the players to buy, chooses who will play and how (no Sterling again even on the bench, in his position I would be drafting my transfer request instead of this). Sadly it is not happening on the pitch so the excuse making ensues. KD is a time-warp manager, stuck in the philosophies of the 90's. Any other LFC manager with his record this season would be gone with the full support of the fans. In this case, too many fans remain in the time-warp with KD, sentimentality ruling the head. If KD remains in charge next season will be a mirror image of this...
  9. I did not want to start a new thread for this but it is somehow related. Late in December I wrote to the FA and asked the, simply, why Suarez was banned for 1 game for making an obscene gesture whilst both Rooney and Cole were not even charged for essentially the same offence. The reply I got today makes interesting reading, especially regarding Rooney which I have highlighted below: Thank you for contacting The Football Association. Supporters often compare incidents with others and ask why the same actions are not taken? Each case is judged on its own merits and therefore cannot be compared. The same criteria is applied in each alleged case and judged on the available evidence. With player gesture towards the crowd, there is a potential of incitement and as such there is a responsibility of all participants to refrain from inflammatory actions which could lead to crowd problems. Taking all this into consideration, the Football Association deemed that the behaviour of the player in question was not deemed to have been a breach of conduct. The Luis Suarez charge is similar to the punishment handed to Stephen Carr who received a one match ban and fine for a similar incident following Birmingham’s match against Aston Villa at Villa Park last season. The Football Association takes its disciplinary procedures very seriously and judges each investigation on its merits. The same criteria is applied in each alleged case and judged on the available evidence. The Wayne Rooney incident was investigated and television footage was obtained and the Match officials consulted. The evidence was clear that the player had not made an offensive gesture to Chelsea supporters but had in fact made a gesture of “keep your eyes open” to an assistant referee. The Ashley Cole allegation was also fully investigated and following further investigation and correspondence, The FA was satisfied that there was insufficient evidence and no further action was taken. On what planet does putting two fingers up to the crowd equate to a gesture to keep your eyes open to the ref? The latter surely would involve raising two fingers to the eyes not the chest? The FA are making this up as they go along...
  10. Fallen Angel

    Man city 3rd Jan

    Chances were not put on a plate for him as he is strolling around 20/ 20+ yards away from the goal when the ball is getting crossed in. His positional sense in devastatingly poor, never attacking the space in the box and making himself available. Additionally, he has been in the pocket of every Centre-half he has come up against in pretty much every game he has played. Weak in the air, clumsy on the deck, no pace and no positional sense.
  11. Fallen Angel

    Man city 3rd Jan

    Essentially our starting 11 is wrong, setting up to contain Citeh and play of the break, get to half time no more than 1 down and then bring on the goal scorers. When the mistakes come, there is no-one on the park capable of creating or putting away a chance until you make subs. The possession means nothing as we create little with and have no-one playing who is a regular goal threat (especially Carroll). You get something out of Citeh by putting them on the back foot, try to contain them at home it is only going to end one way. Need Gerrard, Bellers and Maxi all on if we are going to get anything out of this.
  12. Fallen Angel

    We Have To Accept Some Harsh Facts

    Seriously we have been massively found out. Some were saying in the summer the signings were poor only to be drowned out by people saying ' they haven't even played a game for us yet....wait until ten games into the season etc...' So here we are 11 games in - out of the title hunt a month ago and no serious chance of CL football next season. Now in sixth place which is about the right level for that squad of players - mediocre players. Take Suarez out of that team and it becomes a bottom-half of the table squad. And he will be out of his own volition soon enough. With the money to invest some people in the club decided 72 million on Carroll, Henderson and Downing was what was required and a good investment. Those decisions have now been proven to be woeful and the opportunity gate-crashing back into the elite was squandered. Some people within that club have a lot of answers to give.
  13. Fallen Angel

    Liverpool v Man Utd, Saturday, 15 October 2011

    Just spotted the flaw in your theory... :whistle:
  14. Fallen Angel

    Steven Cohen - just received this.

    Just sent from me also. Shouldn't this have a new thread of its own and get it across to other forums / facebook / twitter etc also?
  15. Fallen Angel

    STOKE (A)

    Exactly. Why the clamour for AC? Against Arsenal, Vermaelen (some 5 inches shorter) had AC in his pocket the entire time he was on the park. Against Sunderland he failed to get out of Wes Brown's pocket the entire game. Shawcross is stronger in the air then either and AC has failed to dominate in the air during any game he has started for us. We beat Stoke by playing to our strengths not theirs, fast movement, with incisive passing on the ground, with Suarez running them ragged. Starting AC will be a massive error.