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  1. AdamD

    Trent Alexander-Arnold

    Been watching footy for 50 years and the best right back I have seen. His passing today and his energy was unreal
  2. AdamD

    Peter Beardsley

    Enjoyed hearing Barry Davies commentary! not fucking Jimmy Hill though
  3. AdamD

    Other Football 2021/22

    Don’t forget Kanes fucking kung fu both feet off the ground challenge
  4. We look knackered. Tired bodies and minds make poor decisions leading to mistakes and a below par performance. End of.
  5. AdamD

    Ace Footy Shirts

    Peru 1978 as worn by Teofilio Cubillas
  6. AdamD

    Man City 2 Liverpool 2 (Apr 10 2022)

    Great to have your match reports again Dave. A few things came to mind watching the game. Firstly Klopp got the selection wrong. Fabinho is getting stick for having a bad game which is true but we have always been good at defending from the front and not playing Bobby was in effect taking away our best defender up front. This meant that City could play thrrough and get the ball in to KDB who killed us with his ability on the ball. Secondly Ali all round game is very good especially positionally and shot stopping but his distribution is his weakest part and his calmness with the ball at his feet borders on lackadaisical which puts others under pressure. City have sussed thsi and they play the highest of high presses against us. It wouldnt harm for the first 10 minutes having played around at the back one or twice to then put your foot through it rather than getting stuck in ever decreasing circles which leads to a turnover in a more dangerous place. On a more positive note going forward I though we looked dangerous throughout the whole match and they were very wary of us so the key has to be to get more possession and move it forward quicker against these.
  7. AdamD

    The Boot Room Boys (BT Sport doc)

    Yeah a lot of stuff we have seen before but loved the music and some of the one liner put downs between the ex-players. Genuine warmth came through and not sure you would get that in any other club. To me that is why Klopp loves LFC so much especially as he keeps helping write new chapters.