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  1. You're right - just saw a view from behind the goal for the first time, and he could have done better. Still doesn't excuse Milner, Wijnaldum and Matip for their failures to prevent the guy even getting a shot in.
  2. DaveT

    Premier League Round Up (Nov 3-5 2018)

    Probert was obviously in a difficult position. Do the decent thing and get marked down by some anonymous unaccountable PMGOL no-mark. Or follow the letter of the law and risk public opprobrium. Funny how these guys choose to follow the letter of the law in certain instances like this,or the ball being 5mm outside the quadrant at corners, or balls rolling ever so slightly,barely discernible to the naked eye, at free-kicks, but blatantly ignore it when it comes to,say, clear fouls on Mo in the box, or the opposition grabbing 15 yards on a throw-in at Anfield, as happens regularly...... or Ramos throwing an elbow (yet again) in an opponent's face.
  3. Perfect storm last night. Complacent team selection. Complacent attitude from players. No balls when the going got tough. Missed chances. Some bad luck. Ref who tolerated Mane getting clattered from behind multiple times and fell for all the Red Star 'injuries'. A bit like global warming, these storms are coming along a bit too often. Rotation is necessary - but Lallana and Sturridge (Slow and Slower) in the same starting eleven, against a team that's going to run around like maniacs, fired up by a rabid crowd and who are going to rough you up a bit? Play one of them, not both, at Anfield, against Fulham, if someone else needs a rest. When you've got a fight on your hands, you leave those two on the bench. Fabinho might have struggled a bit against Arsenal (other than VVD and Gomez, who didn't?) but he'd have at least thrown a few tackles in last night. I don't go along with the Alisson criticism. The guy leathers it, don't know if anyone's going to stop that. 2nd goal is obvioulsy on Milner, then Gini and also on Matip who fannied about like a fairy instead of closing down the space and throwing his body at it. Mtip started off well enough at the club, but he's just not strong or aggressive enough. And Lovren - how often is he 'ill'?! Hands up anyone who thinks we've a chance of winning in Paris, or even beat Napoli by 2 clear goals? Desperate to be proved wrong here, boys.......
  4. DaveT

    Liverpool 4 Cardiff City 1 (Oct 27 2018)

    Good stuff, as ever. The offside thing is just a joke. There was an identical situation at Old Trafford yesterday - through ball, Lukaku miles offside (of course), but Gomes I think, gets a toe on the ball but not enough for it to stop Lukaku getting onto the through ball. Offside given. No idea what the difference between that and Cardiff's goal was.
  5. I don't get the 'lucky' penalty stuff. The Mane challenge is a foul anywhere else on the pitch. Having just seen replays on tv, it's a straight arm block across Mane's throat/jaw. The 2nd is maybe a bit harsh - except how many dodgy handballs have been given against us in recent times, both legs against Roma to name but two. I'm still amazed Oliver didn't penalise Milner last Saturday. I'm a bit worried about our lads coming through the return unscathed, this lot are a nasty shower of bastards, especially when things aren't going for them.
  6. DaveT

    Youth Team/Cup

    Just when you think there can't be a worse referee on the planet than Kevin Friend, along comes this joker. Utterly clueless from the first minute.
  7. DaveT

    Chelsea 1 Liverpool 1 (Sep 29 2018)

    Good stuff, as ever. One reason I still wouldn't start with Sturridge is that when Bobby is around, nobody e.g. Jorginho, can relax and pick out his passes - unlike what we saw last Wednesday when Fabregas had all the time in the world to dictate play, as Danny just doesn't do that pressing. Another big difference from last Wednesday was that we weren't up against 12 men (Kevin Friend, I'm looking at you, you cheating twat). Marriner did ok, but the foul he gave against Mo which led to their only big 2nd half chance was a joke - we should have had possession in a dangerous areas, instead, Kante's quick thinking and our whole team's paralysis at such a dopey decision resulted in Hazard's one-on-one.
  8. DaveT

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 21-22 2018)

    'I was slobbering like Harry Kane.'. Brilliant.
  9. Think I hate Ramos as much as you, Dave. In fact I was musing with a mate about the possibility of starting a crowdfunding thingy to pay for a contract on him. Only joking....... Or was I? With you on Klavan, too. How many games in before we see Philips and Fabinho as our only two options at CB? Philips has come on a lot in the past 12 months but he'd get destroyed in the PL. Didn't cover himself in glory for the u23s last night exactly.
  10. Missed the England game, preferring to spend a sunny afternoon at the Chester Swansway stadium. There were quite loud cheers when the two England goals were announced over the PA system - however, there was more than a smattering of boos when Delle Ali was confirmed as scorer of the 2nd!
  11. DaveT

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Days 15-18)

    Bizarrely (or maybe not), Danny Murphy spent the whole of the France game bigging up Otamendi. Well and truly lost the plot, that lad.
  12. DaveT

    West Brom 2 Liverpool 2 (Apr 21 2108)

    I thought Klopp was right in is comments about the pitch - but not right to mention it in the interviews. It was counter-productive. Small-time teams like this lot will always do whatever necessary to gain advantage. Wish he'd gone to town more about the appalling refereeing performance. Nobody's even mentioned the shocking tackle by Rondon on Ings in the first half - it was an absolute minimum of a yellow, arguably a red. I've got a freeze frame of it, both feet off the ground - therefore not 'in control' as per the convention, with one boot about to make contact near Ings's knee. He merely got a talking to,ffs! The Hegazi ruling is beyond satire. At least it means he'll be available to kick and elbow Harry Kane in a couple of games time.
  13. It's really hard to comprehend such an awful refereeing performance. Most of the current bunch are admittedly poor, but the level of ineptitude we saw today is hard to fathom - especially when it was all in one direction. We've all seen games where refs get nearly everything wrong, but in both directions. Was it cowardice? - scared to give a decision against the home team. West Brom's hardly an intimidating place! Incredible that the only card shown all day was (rightly) to Moreno. I know it's a bit tin-foil hat, but you sometimes wonder what's really going on. Nowhere near enough accountability.
  14. If Mo's goal was offside, about a third of City's and half of Spurs' goals this season would fall into the same category.
  15. Great stuff as usual. Don't think anybody would be surprised to hear that the ref who gave the dodgy penalties was......... Craig Pawson. (First one wasn't dodgy it was just blatantly wrong). Sorry, Dave, but I think he's worse than Bobby M. He's a total 'deer-in-the-headlights' ref - knows something has happened, (e.g. Calvert_lewin has just gone down again), but hasn't a clue what is was and just guesses.