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  1. So, City contest that the regulations designed to try (in vain) to make the PL more competitive are....... anti-competitive. They want to overturn rules that they signed up to, PSR and APT, want to change the constitution ie majority voting, and are suing their own governing body. They want a Cheats Charter, basically. They really need fucking off. It the PL and the other clubs don't stand up to this we might all just as well pack our bags and fuck off home.
  2. I didn’t watch them that much, but the only time I saw them deviate from their normal style was, interestingly, at Anfield when they went long every time rather than playing out from the back.
  3. Yeah, except they would adapt, they’re both way more intelligent than Kompany.
  4. Will City fans even detect the massive dollop of irony in the article?
  5. That would be the ideal scenario for us - he gets the recognition but then gets the summer off to refresh for next season. Same with Curtis.
  6. I was the same as Dave - not especially emotional at the time, mainly because Juergen turned it into a celebratory and forward looking occasion. That's the power of the man. However, watching it back yesterday on tv, I had to turn it off, I was a quivering wreck as it all really sank in. The word legend is used far too often these days, but it's fitting for him. As for the match - not really important of course, but for what it's worth, the Semedo tackle was right in front of me and I called red card straightaway. It shouldn't have mattered either way as he should have already been on a yellow for hacking down Gakpo after about 15 minutes. Kavanagh was on the beach already, failing to book a Wolves lad for booting the ball away then gesticulating wildly at him. 2nd half was frustrating as we should have been had a hatful..... but ultimately, the day was about Klopp and the other departees. Good luck to them all.
  7. Yeah, just saw this summary in a comment s section elsewhere, confirming Guardiola was already there while they were still cheating and being obstructive… * 54x Failure to provide accurate financial information 2009-10 to 2017-18. * 14x Failure to provide accurate details for player and manager payments from 2009-10 to 2017-18. * 5x Failure to comply with Uefa's rules including Financial Fair Play (FFP) 2013-14 to 2017-18. * 7x Breaching Premier League's PSR rules 2015-16 to 2017-18. * 35x Failure to co-operate with Premier League investigations December 2018 - Feb 2023.
  8. I'm pretty sure a large number of the charges for obstruction and failure to co-operate relate to the period since Guardiola signed. He'd surely know that kind of stuff was going on. The cunt.
  9. Knowing our luck - and the way PGMOL and football politics works - Wolves will get a couple of outrageous ref/VAR decisions in their favour on Sunday. Hope we score more than enough to offset that happening.
  10. The frustration is that VAR should have led to all three of those incorrect onfield decisions being overturned. But it did not. The Diaz one was down to ineptitude/pathetic communication/jetlag following a lucrative away day in the UAE. The Odegaard one - well, who fucking well knows why that wasn't overturned. The Doku one - for whatever reason (he's not accountable), Atwell lied that Doku got the ball first and hid behind some bizarre word play to avoid contradicting his mate. The same Atwell who, at Goodison, failed to overturn Taylor's incorrect decision not to give Forest a pen because Young got the ball first - which replays clearly show he did not. The culture of PGMOL is as big a problem as VAR, because that's a large part of why VAR is so awful in the PL. Dishonesty (to cover for their mates), ineptitude, inconsistency, cowardice, lack of accountability, tolerance of conflicts of interest, and in some cases fairly blatant bias are all characteristics of the current PGMOL culture. I'd be very happy to see the back of VAR - like others, I hardly celebrate when we score but take a breath whilst they look for reasons to disallow it, followed by a muted celebration IF it's given. Without it, we're totally at the mercy of the likes of Taylor and Tierney. It's depressing whichever way you look at it, and I wish I could walk away, but I'd just find that impossible (and the wife would be pissed off if she didn't get a break from me every now and again).
  11. Need an upgrade on Endo and use him to come on late to help close games out. Mac Allister isn’t quick enough for that position and again tonight looked goosed after an hour.
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