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  1. We would not be unbeaten in the league without him. Hope He’s back as soon as indicated.
  2. Tarwater

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Well, Chelsea has, it seems, just secured a deal for Ziyech, so that probably puts them out of the running for Sancho/Werner...
  3. Whisper it, but Fat Jon Moss had a good game.
  4. Tarwater

    Your Top 5 Favourite Comedy Films of All Time

    The Big Lebowski There’s Something About Mary The ‘Burbs Anchorman Hail The Conquering Hero
  5. Starship Troopers Starship Troopers Starship Troopers Starship Troopers Lifeforce (for obvious reasons)
  6. Tarwater

    Wolves (A) Premier League 20/1/2020 - 20:00

    Twitter stirrings. Hopefully nothing in it...
  7. Tarwater

    Wolves (A) Premier League 20/1/2020 - 20:00

    Rumours about Van Dijk injured. Hope fucking not.
  8. Tarwater

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Firing someone on those grounds should actually have consequences for his employers. Ridiculous and cowardly from Mike Riley’s bunch of spineless buffoons.
  9. Tarwater

    Salzburg (A) Champions League - 17:55

    Excellent. Happy to be wrong.
  10. Tarwater

    Salzburg (A) Champions League - 17:55

    Keita will cost us. Really hope I’m wrong.
  11. Tarwater

    Other Football - 2019/20

    That Mooy at Brighton has an uncanny resemblance to Howard Webb. #allbaldiesarealike
  12. Tarwater

    Liverpool 2 Brighton 1 (Nov 30 2019)

    Excellent report, not least because they are my thoughts exactly... We should have enough clout to -at least informally- demand that Atkinson is kept well away from our games. It’s reached a point where his actions are no longer merely suspicious. The not awarded penalty for Keita was the action of a ref who had pretty much decided on not giving us anything, for whatever reason. And he has certainly continued in the same vein this season.
  13. I actually think we should formally ask for Martin Atkinson to be banned from our games. Yeah, I know, Everton-behaviour and all that, but tonight he surely knew exactly what he was doing fuckng us over. You could see he communicated something to the Brighton-player just before blowing the whistle, with Adrian all over in the corner. There’s no way an unbiased ref would behave like that.
  14. This is what happens when you try to fuck a stranger in the ass!
  15. Tarwater

    Liverpool 2 Genk 1 (Nov 5 2019)

    I actually like all our players, and, yes, that includes Lallana, Lovren and certainly Henderson, but I just can’t seem to warm to Keita. He actually irritates me to the extent that he might just as well play for an opponent team. I guess most of that is due to disappointment, as I was so certain he would be absolutely ace based on what I saw of him in Germany.