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  1. Tarwater

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Is that Derek Jacoby?
  2. Tarwater

    MK Dons (A) Rumbelows Cup 25/9/19

    Milner and possibly Gomez the only senior players to come from this with any honour. I’ve never really had anything against Lovren, but he’s been atrocious. Lallana much too pedestrian and loosing the ball too easily. The best I can say of Keita is that he has not injured himself. Ox should do - and be - better.
  3. Tarwater

    Champions League - 2019/20

    Bit surprised Ki-Jana Hoever is not in the squad, neither a- or b-list. Hope it’s not an augur of trouble brewing. He seems versatile - and talented - enough to warrant inclusion.
  4. Tarwater

    VAR shit show 19/20

    He was clearly clipped at least two times.That can not under any circumstance be called a dive. He also jumped up without asking for a penalty before the goal had been scored. This is all on Friend.
  5. Tarwater

    Burnley (A) 31/8/19 Premier League

    I really liked how Milner noticed what was happening with Mané and changed seats to get next to him to calm him down. I also think that without Firmino’s social skills, we would struggle to keep the same unity in the squad.
  6. Tarwater

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Is it just me, or did Hodgson look gutted when Palace scored?
  7. Tarwater

    Stranger Things

    I think this season finally made me realize that Stranger Things is a children’s show. Three first episodes are just one music video after another, interaction between «the kids» cringeworthy and the themes we’re supposed to care about are just very immature and infantile. Entertainment value bit better towards the last few episodes, though.
  8. Tarwater

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    That Kouyatè really is quite bad, or just doesn’t’ bother at all. He makes making no effort seem effortless.
  9. Tarwater

    Southampton (A) 5/4/2019

    Hendo really turned it around for us. Firmino did so many important clearances and showed great vision to play Hendo on goal.
  10. Tarwater

    Last 8 Draw

    Barca in the semi.
  11. A bit strange to say he just about holds his own after tonight’s frankly very, very good performance.
  12. Fabinho and Henderson best players on the pitch. Salah disappointing, but at least more involved than Lewandowski. Origi managed to not do anything in his 15 minutes, as per usual.
  13. Tarwater

    Bournemouth (H) 9/2/19 - The Match Thread

    And we’re going on another «training camp» after Bournemouth, this time to Spain, so just in time to come back shit again for Bayern and United.
  14. Origi, though, has been unbelieavably horrible. Keita and Shaquiri as well.