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    Nathaniel Phillips

    @m0e My imac died (again), As its a nine yr old computer now l don’t think l can be arsed trying to fix it again so l’m looking at getting something else, possibly a new mac mini. So, no gifs for the foreseeable unfortunately.
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    Diogo Jota

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    Philippe Coutinho

    Dug out a couple of gifs from the Dortmund and manc games...
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    Nintendo Switch

    Heads up for anyone into racing games, Monster Energy Supercross 3 is on sale atm. Down to £12.49 from £49.99. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch/Monster-Energy-Supercross-The-Official-Videogame-3-1706864.html
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    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    Don't blame you, its a tough watch this.
  7. Caramac

    Everton (H) PL - Sat 20th Feb 2021 at 17:30

    Had to slow it down a bit, but here it is..
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    RB Leipzig (A) UCL - Tues 16th Feb 2021 at 20:00

    An ugly brawl kicked off in the dressing room. Shaqiri kicked seven bells out of the lot of em.
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    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    So very sorry for your loss mate. Take care.