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  1. neko

    Happy Canada Day!

    Off to Ontario tomorrow to celebrate - woot ! It's pissing down here in Vancouver, and 30C at our property. Our immigrant cat Furnando a couple years ago....kids drew the chalk flag for him.
  2. neko

    Formula One...

    I had a bit to drink last night, but still stand behind my opinion. The modern cars look like fancy running shoes/trainers - and the roll bar across the front ? Hideous. Adrian Newey's book is a good read.... https://www.waterstones.com/book/how-to-build-a-car/adrian-newey/9780008196806
  3. neko


    Love Lafayette Park. I use it as a student drafting assignment at school. We should have a whip round and buy downtown Detroit.
  4. neko

    Formula One...

    Michael Shumacher...what a cunt.
  5. neko

    Formula One...

    This is a real F1 car. For sale as well.... https://www.artandrevs.com/car.php?id=548
  6. neko

    Formula One...

    This can't be the only F1 thread, as I'm sure I would have posted before what a wank sport it now. There has never been another sport that has destroyed itself so completely. I used to get up at 4:00am to watch races. Never missed a race in 20 years. Went to the Canadian grand Prix twice and Spa once. Always wanted to be a designer like John Barnard or Adrian Newey. Even insisted on having the title 'Technical Director' for my former Spitfire design company. Now you couldn't pay me to watch it. No energy, no real personalities. Terrible rule changes, shitty locations all for $$$. It's garbage.
  7. neko

    Formula One...

    Even better....I still have a Goodyear poster from that race congratulating Nigel.
  8. neko

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

  9. neko

    Neco Williams

    I like the look of this cat.
  10. I grew up with someone named Curtis Hunt. Almost made it to the NHL as well. Edit: just googled him. Now manages WHL hockey team... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curtis_Hunt
  11. neko

    Least Favourite Food Regions?

    Canada has Cheezies as well.