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  1. neko

    Resilience (The ability to bounce back)

    Hey ! Get your own gimmick, buddy.
  2. neko

    Geordie Arabia

    I wonder what would happen if Newcastle showed up to an away fixture and the stands were full of people wearing Jamal Khashoggi masks ?
  3. neko

    Cat Pics

    I'll give you a rep if you adopt him
  4. neko

    Cat Pics

    Classic kitten combo right there - beautiful ginger and tuxedo.
  5. neko

    Cat Pics

    It likes Microsoft / Windows 10 ? Or the treats on the shelf ?
  6. neko

    Cat Pics

    Speaking of which, not sure if this ever became a world-wide sensation, or just Canada...
  7. neko

    Cat Pics

    You seem to possess some form of attraction for cats, AoT...that can only be a good thing. Cute cat. I'm sure he'll be back.
  8. neko

    Google Maps Co-Ordinates

    Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario.... https://goo.gl/maps/Y31uhcoDBRdMV7VF7 https://goo.gl/maps/vwWbLiwNn4nV7Myj8 Plan on spending a fair bit of time around these parts. It's also famous for the Canadian painters, the Group of Seven. Have a look at some of the other google pics in the same area. Stunning scenery.
  9. don't forget the one that would have topped them all....
  10. neko

    Cat Pics

  11. neko

    Road Cycling

    Absolutely pouring with rain all last night and this morning before my daily 40 minute commute to school. Not happy about riding in that kind of weather, especially because I'll have to ride home with wet clothes. Really hate driving though, so I got all geared up for a total soaking, open the garage door and it miraculously stopped raining. Rode all the way in and it started raining again just as I arrived to school. Must have been how Eisenhower felt on the eve of D-Day, having to make the decision to go ahead with the invasion in bad weather. Clearly someone was on my side this morning.