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  1. neko

    Cat Pics

    Sorry to hear about Rui, MR. It's been a week since Furnando died, and I'm only just getting back to some sense of normal, but it will never be the same around here. It's cliched, but try to think of the all the good times. Don't focus on the tragedy, or it will eat you up.
  2. neko

    Cat Pics

    I'm utterly heart broken today. My best buddy Furnando died in my arms after a heart attack. He had been under the weather of late, but wasn't expecting that. It's devastating. He was such a big part of my life the last six years since we brought him to Vancouver from Mexico. Slept with my every day, on my lap every day, napped with me every day. Such a beautiful, gentle cat. Now he's gone. Absolute shit.
  3. neko

    Cat Pics

    better without sound on... knuO3s3.mp4
  4. neko

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    Just saw this post. Pretty grim, isn't it ?
  5. neko

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    How are you coping with the rising costs of materials in the emerald isle, Carradona ? I just got a quote for the steel work for a simple garage design. Steel prices have doubled in the last year or two. It's now going to be all wood instead.
  6. neko

    Cat Pics

    Tabitha (three-legged monster) likes plant pots as well. She used to hang out in the sink as a kitten.
  7. neko

    Cat Pics

    I've grown cats like that before. My namesake - Neko. Greatest cat of all-time.
  8. neko

    Has lockdown fucked people up?

    My opinion on the state of the average 18-20 year old college student can be backed up with some shocking statistics, as I'm responsible for admissions and managing our program. Before pandemic the failure / dropout rate was around 10% (it's a tough program). This last year it was 23%. Average marks for students dropped about 5% (that's a lot). You could tell that many of them were just not prepared at all. Not entirely their fault, of course. It is/was an unfortunate blip, not a generational trend. Our students are usually like a well trained group of Marines. This year more like Russian conscripts.
  9. neko

    Has lockdown fucked people up?

    Absolutely, yes. On a personal level, I've probably become more of an introvert, if that was even possible. Very little socializing, no travel, can't even be bothered to go grocery shopping. Also much more frustrated and angry in certain situations, like I'll mention now... As an instructor teaching young adults, I am horrified at how (in general) the last two years have destroyed a generation of their basic skills and responsibilities. I'm not sure what most 18 - 19 years old were doing the last couple of years, but it wasn't homework. At that age, kids need to concentrate and focus, but I don't think they had anyone pushing them. Now at college, I can't seem to get through to them at all. Deadlines are mere suggestions. Putting in the proper effort seems too much work for many of them. I can hardly get 40% of them to attend class regularly ! As S31 said, interesting times ahead. I fear for the future more than ever.
  10. neko

    Cat Pics

    Cats or cars ?
  11. So, the rail lines are under maintenance/construction ?
  12. Can someone explain to me why there are no trains between Liverpool/Manchester and London right now ? Sounds really stupid to play at Wembley.
  13. neko

    The Model Building Thread

    Bought this today. Hope I can keep it afloat <sniggers>
  14. neko

    Flying. Everything planes.

    Here's a google view of the Lancaster that still flies.... https://goo.gl/maps/P5xScKDT5Bpw9WNG9
  15. neko

    Flying. Everything planes.

    Canada has 8 or 9 Lancasters, but only one that flies.... https://www.warplane.com/aircraft/collection/details.aspx?aircraftId=4 You can buy a flight $$$