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  1. I remember back in the early 90's when I was riding around the UK. I told my aunt and uncle, who I was staying with in London, that I had gone to Torquay to see the Fawlty Towers hotel, and was surprised that it was not at all like the show, and that nobody seemed to care about its history. They thought I was an idiot for wasting my time. Fast forward a few years, when they came to visit Vancouver, they were desperate to go to Seattle and see all the Frasier locations. Oh, how I laughed. I think Frasier is more highly rated by the English than Americans.
  2. some good ones in there, but you missed one really big one....
  3. voted for sunny, obviously, but what's the cut off age for being an old fart...asking for a friend.
  4. ha - you're right ! but you get my point. cat stepped on my keyboard before i finished my last post....you can't judge it on a few moments out of context.
  5. tough crowd. assuming you have a bit of spare time, why not give it a try ? it probably does take a bit of time to warm up too. first episode i saw was the high school reunion.
  6. strange thing is, without danny devito, i'm not sure the show would have survived one season. not that the writing or acting isn't great, but frank is what brings it all together....
  7. neko

    Cat Pics

    those are great, thanks
  8. neko

    Cat Pics

    your cat plays in a band ? cool. seems a good time to re-post....
  9. neko

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    You've already figured it out...impressive. My friend has a drug runner type of boat in the marina there. We've gone over to the dark side a couple of times, but all they seem to sell is fudge. Another brilliant idea.