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  1. remember kids - spay and neuter your parents.
  2. neko

    Donald Trump

    This is crazy - someone traveled back in time to write this show.... In this 1958 episode of the CBS series Trackdown, a con-man named Trump arrives at a western town to warn of doom and offer protection by building a wall.
  3. neko

    The Best A Man Can Be

    cool - who doesn't like being lectured to by a multinational razor blade manufacturer.
  4. neko

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Someone on here once said he looked like a middle-aged lesbian, and I've never looked at him(her) the same since.
  5. I'm not usually wrong about QB's, but Mayfield really is going to be a star. I was happy to see the Browns do well this year, and they should continue to get better. I watched less football (NFL) than ever before and I blame it on the terrible rule changes/officiating and also the politicalization of the game. I look in the stands and I see 90% Trump supporters. Not to mention the owners.
  6. Living some 7,500 km from Liverpool probably means I'm never likely to be part of the inner circle of top posters, but some day it would be nice to meet up with everyone. On the other hand, they say you should never meet your heroes.... Been a tough year for me, so looking forward to a new year. All the best to everyone....and their pets.
  7. neko

    Solar panels

    Canada, eh.
  8. neko

    Solar panels

    Our city started a really brilliant way for the average homeowner to invest in solar energy. Rather than try to convince people to install the panels on their own, they are building their own solar farms on city property, and residents can buy panels that are connected to the city grid. You make back your money in reduced bills or even selling back power to the city (if you bought enough panels). No need to do any work, or install any panels on your own....I think it's quite genius.
  9. neko


    Was Fabinho meant to start yesterday, or did that only happen because of the injury to Milner ?
  10. neko


  11. neko

    Cat Pics

    Of course Mo Salah would be a cat person... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-46356719
  12. neko


    Horrendous video that, but thanks for posting RS.
  13. neko

    Donald Trump

    Almost snorted water out my nose....