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  1. Of course I was going to watch "don't f*ck with cats" at some point. Totally forgot about Luka Magnotta....what a horrible fucked up individual. Didn't really make for great viewing, but the message at the end is a powerful one. Maybe it's time to turn off the internet and stop feeding all this madness.
  2. neko

    Cat Pics

    serious though - if it's just coming in for food, try putting it away after feeding ?
  3. neko

    Cat Pics

    you don't - congrats on you new cat. he chose you.
  4. neko

    Cat Pics

    I've watched this 50 times in a row...
  5. Shit - I really liked the first two episodes as well, and was looking forward to the last two.
  6. neko

    Happy New Year

  7. neko

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    very early contender for post of the year
  8. neko

    Other Football - 2019/20

    I have a subscription to DAZN as well. Well worth the $150 annual fee for all the soccer and NFL coverage. My only gripe is with the rewind/fast forwarding, but the streaming has been good. I'm just about ready to cut the cable as well.
  9. thanks - i only worked on the show for a few weeks, but there was a lot of talent and money around there. here's a pic of the set...
  10. Glad someone enjoys it - I designed the Jupiter 'sailing ship' and a few other minor things in the first two episodes. I spent weeks designing that mast and the rotating/locking base. When you pause/slow it down I can see my design, but it actually doesn't rotate when the mast is raised. I think it was a real hazard for the actors to lift on location.
  11. neko

    The Foodie thread

    The chicken head garnish is a little off-putting, unless you're trying to go vegan.
  12. neko

    What did you get for Christmas?

    right. i could have made all your dreams come true if you wanted 3D models.
  13. neko

    What did you get for Christmas?

    syphilis sounds nice, but what do you mean by 3D models ?
  14. neko

    What did you get for Christmas?

    couldn't resist.... 1:200 (or about 4'-6" long) plan on spending a few years of retirement building it.
  15. neko

    Alternative Christmas Dinner

    . merry christmas