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  1. neko

    New site feedback

    month, day, year ?
  2. neko


    Nice....love property shows. I'll post a video for you, and get you off the hook....
  3. neko

    The English Language - Pet Hates

    'Softwares'. No need for the plural - it's software, whether you're talking about one program or a hundred.
  4. neko

    Buying a house

    I'm blown away by these stories. When you make an offer to purchase here (Canada), it is a legally binding contract. If the buyer or seller pull out without just cause (like entertaining higher offers), there is a financial penalty to pay, whether from a deposit on the purchase or suing in a court of law. Allowing the seller to continue to market the property after an agreement has been reached is absolute insanity.
  5. neko

    Site issues

    Oh, you're definitely not alone on that one. Try searching for 'music that sends you into a homicidal rage'....
  6. neko

    Site issues

    this wouldn't have happened if 'titty city' was still around.
  7. neko

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Phillips or Robertson ?
  8. neko

    It’s TheBitch’s Birthday

    I'd rep everyone if I ever got a birthday thread. sniff.
  9. neko

    Loris Karius

    I might offer a different perspective on this whole 'Hating Loris' thing. After the final, I felt quite sorry for him. Living thousands of miles from Liverpool, I'm not nearly as emotionally attached to the team as most here, so I wasn't looking for an outlet for any anger/frustration. I understand the backlash, but I thought Karius needed support and the opportunity to redeem himself to the fans, on and off the pitch. He appeared to be broken. He wasn't perfect before that game, but I felt that if he wasn't completely broken after his blunders, he should get another chance to prove his worth. After watching that video of him prancing around LA (or wherever) I completely lost all sympathy for the man. As others have said much better, it just shows poor judgement and a lack of remorse. You have to be pretty clueless, self-absorbed and out of touch, if you can't see how that would turn anyone (and everyone) against you. It did for me. But then, he probably doesn't care.
  10. neko

    Cat Pics