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  1. neko

    Upcoming TV Shows

    I worked on the show as a set designer - I think it will be an interesting series and better format than a two hour film. I'm also back in love with the 'mature' Jennifer Connelly.
  2. neko

    Norwich (H) 9/8 Premier League

    You know - I might just meet you there. I have a dentist appointment just a block or two away at 11:00 and I was hoping to find a place downtown to watch rather than skytrain home to watch.....depends on how my mouth feels after.
  3. neko

    Do you like looking at maps?

    how many people have been shot near you ? (USA only obviously) not sure if the map is shaking for everyone else, but still kind of cool... https://www.thetrace.org/features/gun-violence-interactive-shootings-map/
  4. neko

    Career Change

    Congratulations Professor Dangerously. Welcome to the world of academia. Hope your liver is in good shape.
  5. neko

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    oh, nice idea...i'll take the Canadian winter league.
  6. neko

    How does your garden grow?

    Fuschias and Hydrangeas tend to prefer part-sun to shade. Definitely not full sun in a pot that may not get watered. Perhaps a tall grass ? Usually drought tolerant and low maintenance.
  7. best birthday i've had since i was a kid.
  8. neko

    William Shatner

    I might be late to the party with this, but it's brilliant...
  9. neko

    Cat Pics

    Nice pride of house tigers you have there, Leyton in German you can call cats ‘Stubentiger’ which means ‘living room tiger’
  10. neko

    Cat Pics

    it's the weekend....
  11. June 1st is my birthday. I'm expecting a very big present.
  12. neko

    Social Media and Mobile phone usage

    naw - just an introverted academic. i don't need it for work, and i'm already married.
  13. neko

    Social Media and Mobile phone usage

    Never had a mobile phone and never will. There are times I wish I had one, and i'ts getting harder to function in today's society without one, but I like being disconnected and unavailable (or shall I say focused and engaged). Mrs. Neko is the same, but she has one at work.
  14. Don't know why, but really made me laugh... Sorry - can't seem to embed the video. https://i.imgur.com/XSq0zEx.mp4