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  1. DalyanPete

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Imagine taking lads who are relegation fodder and thinking you're going to be moving up the league Am I missing something here? Looks like it was today? The Shaq ends up with European and English titles, Mbappe loves us so I don't see his reasons other than being a cunt.
  2. DalyanPete

    The Nostalgia Thread.

    Ask the shite, pretty sure it will be another of there first to do something
  3. DalyanPete

    Random Football Observations.

    Yep, born to be king, fuckin love him
  4. DalyanPete

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Don't ever let the truth get in the way of the chance to spin shit that fits their agenda
  5. DalyanPete

    On this day...

    Ha ha, trying to find booze? Remember texting my mate to bring some lager as we got told alcohol free only at ground. Prick didn't so I had to share mine.
  6. DalyanPete

    On this day...

    Yep, cab from Nogsy, Standard in the village please mate.
  7. DalyanPete

    On this day...

    Monday 23 may in Sportsman in town before doing the train journey, "we're on our way to Roma" one of the best songs thought up. Back Friday and complimentary tickets for Tommy Smiths testimonial. What a week. At 25p for a bottle of wine in Rome it was easy to see how so many slept through the game. My best mate still thanks me now after running him round a fountain to sober him up, he chose wine. Oh, saw the colleseum as we went past on a bus. Train journey back and everyone was buying soft drinks, fools! I bought lager, knew it would be a long journey.
  8. DalyanPete

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    How has he managed to say that without mentioning us?
  9. I'm with you on this, never seen him play and he's shite. Then I read he scored a hat trick, fuck me sign him now. Yanks in or out? Not decided yet
  10. DalyanPete

    Death Row Last Meal?

    Funny as fuck fella! I was on holiday in Turkey a few years ago and had soup of the day which is generally Tomato, fuckin cheese in soup, dirty bastards.
  11. DalyanPete

    Death Row Last Meal?

    Fuck me, we've become a bunch of tarts.
  12. DalyanPete

    Death Row Last Meal?

    Ah, sorry. I don't eat stale milk so wasn't arsed. To me it wasn't a contest.
  13. DalyanPete

    Death Row Last Meal?

    Really? Sausage, bacon, egg, toast, potato cakes, plum tomatoes versus crackers and cheese..... Before you die? I reckon when you got to the pearly gates god would give me a free pass and say, whoa, hold on there girlie, where you going? And I know it should be on GF but again on turkey curfew... My question, "did you not think some of the violence in that book we read was a bit over the top?" Answer, " I never fuckin wrote it!" I could also give give you ... Ooooh, I couldn't cut my wrists, oooh I'd die! I rest my case m'lud. Maybe the curfew is taken more seriously here and is getting to us!
  14. DalyanPete

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Oh for fucksake Them scousers again
  15. DalyanPete

    Death Row Last Meal?

    I asked my missus last week, curfew talks and that. I said, full English, she said.... . Crackers and cheese. Conversation finished