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  1. I wished Fat Sam, Colin wanker, big fat head, Woy and the like where as passionate about the cheats as you are Dave. Those fuckas licked their arse and gave up 6 points that usually ended in a relegation fight/relegation.
  2. Now there's a wank I didn't have in the bank. Would downloading on Spotify work work as well?
  3. When Diaz broke for the first chance I was thinking, just Usher it! Don't know where that came from, must have read it somewhere. Think you may have mentioned this point before? When managers leave they rarely leave the club in a good place. But fuck me Klopp will leave us in an position we could only dream of. Everything he's done will leave us in a great position going forward. The kids coming through makes the future so bright.
  4. Red card will bail them out second half. No way the PL’s number 1 tv subscriber base will suffer the indignity of being beaten by Luton at home. The Blue Watch Player Valuation: £10m Yesterday at 9:01 PM New Add bookmark #79,916 Doped up to their eyeballs. If even that isn’t enough, a friendly ref bails them out. A sickening organisation. Yarrgh Player Valuation: £70m Yesterday at 9:04 PM New Add bookmark #79,917 Phew! Breathing more easy than a rs player after a half time inhaler. heatmeiser House of Correction Forum Supporter Yesterday at 9:30 PM New Add bookmark #79,920 Here goes the gurning chemist fist pumping to every stand after beating the mighty Luton Town FC "just get down the tunnel" eh Jamie No idea where this number of fouls = cards has come from, but it seems to be a new narrative from the shite. They must go through hell watching us. Put Netflix on ya silly cunts.
  5. 007. Road to a million. 7/10 Really enjoyed this especially as it's full of Bond music. They certainly make them work for the cash. Must have been a lot of training to do some of stuff on mountains and well edited to not show how much support and emergency people were involved.
  6. Agreed, what a twat the old fella is.
  7. Think that would depend on would he want to bring some of his own players in to suit his style of play. From a business sense I don't think there's much wrong with the squad at this moment, especially with the young talent coming through. I get that FSG are mingebags but Klopps got it spot on with the youth integration. If there's no opportunity for progression no kids will want to come here.
  8. Judge in the Trump fraud case when asked about the shite. "Their complete lack of contrition and remorse borders on pathological," Judge Engoron wrote in an at times scathing 92-page decision
  9. Have you ever thought of becoming a journalist? Those three words are descriptive, insightful and could be used as a question anywhere in the world... "Who or what am I describing?" Brilliant!
  10. Ha ha, sounds about right! I can't be arsed with the markets now. I have bought tee shirts, 3 for £10 all different sizes when you try them on later. They do make some nice stuff here but quality control is shit.
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