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  1. LFC 6 Times

    Andrew Robertson

    Yeah, I’m a tit.
  2. LFC 6 Times

    FIFA Club World Cup 2019

    Never won this before and you get that boss badge on your shirt for winning it, yeah it’s somewhat tinpot but would be nice to win and would boil a bit more piss.
  3. LFC 6 Times

    City (H) Premier League - 10/11/19 - 16:30

    Keita played against City at home from memory. Can’t actually believe how good chamberlain looks, get him in the side.
  4. LFC 6 Times

    Genk (H) Champions League 5/11 - 20:00

    Give Ox, Keita, Divock and Milner a start.
  5. LFC 6 Times

    Aston Villa (A) 2/11/19 - Premier League 15:00

    I’m absolutely in love with these side, run out of superlatives for them. I doubted them today in the second half, the narrative was there unlucky with Firmino goal, just one of those days. But fuck me these lads weren’t having it, an absolutely extraordinary group of individuals. Andy Robbo and Sadio Mane, lads love you more than my family. Absolutely buzzing and just to see City’s reaction, fuckers acting like they’d won the World Cup, have it Pep you bald cunt.
  6. LFC 6 Times

    Aston Villa (A) 2/11/19 - Premier League 15:00

    Look a reasonably competent bunch but we’re absolutely mustard, we’ll beat these by 3 or 4. Having Mane and Salah in the same team is almost unfair.
  7. LFC 6 Times

    Aston Villa (A) 2/11/19 - Premier League 15:00

    Remember beating these 2-0 in 2015, got oals coming from Borini and Lambert, Christ!
  8. LFC 6 Times

    Arsenal (H) 30/10 League Cup 20:30

    That’s the most fun I’ve had watching a game of footy, absolutely bonkers. Had everything, great moment for the lads. Thought we were fucked with kelleher in nets, kid game up with a cracking save. Divock Origi is the best man on earth, comedically unphased by things, go ‘ed lad.
  9. LFC 6 Times

    Arsenal (H) 30/10 League Cup 20:30

    Divock is such an iconic character, best cult hero ever.
  10. LFC 6 Times

    Arsenal (H) 30/10 League Cup 20:30

    Great dive by Elliot.
  11. Still excepting Suso to finally have his break out season for us. Remember watching videos of him on YouTube in awe, just cannot fathom how he didn’t make it here.
  12. LFC 6 Times

    Spurs (H) Premier League 27/10/19 - 16:30

    Absolutely enormous Win for us. I absolutely adore this team, we are absolutely relentless, this is as good as it gets lads, saviour it. Fair play to hendo, I’ll admit I didn’t want him to start but that was a cracking finish, he needed that. Mo cool as fuck.
  13. LFC 6 Times

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Am I the only one not remotely arsed about Chelsea? They’re in a decent run of form, beating teams you’d expect them to beat. You’d think Chelsea are relying on these talented young players that they’ve stockpiled for years and regularly farmed out by design.
  14. LFC 6 Times

    Spurs (H) Premier League 27/10/19 - 16:30

    Play regular 11 with Keita in for Henderson.
  15. LFC 6 Times

    Genk (A) Champions League - 23/10

    4 magnificent goals, delighted for Chamberlain, huge moment for him personally after the injury to reintroduce himself, both cracking goals but, fuck me, that 2nd is something you see out of a football film or something, absolutely breathtaking. Mane’s goal was brilliant as was Mo’s, reminiscent of rolling slab head at home to Leicester 17-18 season. Keita was boss. Good win, onto weekend.