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  1. LFC 6 Times

    Alberto Moreno

    A good footballer as he showcased for us at times also in training clips he was technically excellent, as others have alluded to just zero positional or defensive awarness. He will do well at Villareal, would be an excellent Wing back I always thought.
  2. LFC 6 Times

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Im in love with Virgil. I had decided I was too old to ever idolise or worship a footballer ever again but Virgil has made me reconsider that. What a fucking man.
  3. LFC 6 Times

    2018/19 Season Report Card - Virgil Van Dijk

    I’d nearly go as far as saying it’s impressive to misspell his name after 19 months at the club where he’s been our best player.
  4. LFC 6 Times

    2018/19 Season Report Card - Roberto Firmino

    Agree with a lot there, Firmino was biggest victim of Klopp switching systems, Bobby was pulled all over the place often in game, glad we’ve gone back to 17/18 template, never liked Mo centrally or Bobby fucking around on the wing or in the 10. Boss player, boss personality but definitely need more goals out of him, should be looking for 20+ from Bobby next season.
  5. LFC 6 Times

    2018/19 Season Report Card - Mohamed Salah

    He had two spells where his confidence was shot, early on in the season after first international break and then the 5-6 before burying against Southampton, a what a fucking goal it was too, one of my favourite moments of the season. He’s just a phenomenal player, 27 goals and you can genuinely feel and say he underperformed speaks volumes of his quality. 30+ next year.
  6. LFC 6 Times

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Marco Reus is the perfect player for our squad right now. Dortmund have spent big this summer, Hazard and Brandt have been brought in and Sancho is staying. The infamous “Sign Reus” shouts make perfect sense right now. He was phenomenal last season for Dortmund, so wouldn’t come cheap. I’d say maybe £50-55m region. But he has everything we’re looking for, world class ability, arguably superior to Bobby and on par with Mane. He’s versatile, can play across the front 3. Would he particularly good option in the false 9 position. He has worked and flourished under Klopp. His fitness record would mean he would be happy to be a rotation player. In short he’s fucking boss, one of the few players out there that could seamlessly fit into our front 3.
  7. Best video on the internet. Cant watch without a big stupid grin on my face https://twitter.com/Kloppholic/status/1140175308248813570
  8. LFC 6 Times


    Fuck off Tony you cunt
  9. When Red Star beat us 2-0.
  10. Pogba is a fucking shite player. The narrative that he has endless talent is laughable, fucking chancer.
  11. LFC 6 Times

    Football opinion amnesty thread

    We’re fucking boss and we’re going to sweep all before us in the coming seasons.
  12. LFC 6 Times

    2019/20 Fixtures

    38 wins there.
  13. LFC 6 Times

    2018/19 Season Report Card - Divock Origi

    You have to imagine he’ll massively kick on from here, a real cometh the hour cometh the man character. He will never doubt himself again and will forever be a part of Liverpool folklore. Divock’s real problem was ability to completely disappear and his indecision, we saw none of that last year I think the pennies dropped and he’s worked out his game. He’s a great finisher, fast as fuck, big and strong and clearly has a massive set of bollix on him. 100% keep.
  14. LFC 6 Times

    The "Bobby" role and who could do it

    Dybala and Greizmann